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Can You Help America?
Self ^ | 11/30/2002 | B4Ranch

Posted on 11/30/2002 8:03:21 AM PST by B4Ranch

Can You Help America?

Are you willing to give five minutes or more of your time to think about a solution to a very costly problem that exists in every State in the Union?

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh on TV or on his radio show, you will hear him discuss how dumb and ineffective Democrats can be. He has been saying that the Democrats are only good at whining about problems, not at fixing problems. Rush says the Republicans are the only party that actually fixes problems. Do you believe this? is overflowing with Republicans isn't it? I propose that the Republican FReepers attempt to find a solution to this major problem and demonstrate to America just how effective Republicans (and FReepers) can be.

In the early 1960s, approximately 62,000 illegal aliens came across the Mexican border, and the INS considered this notable and worthy of action. Now, in the first decade of the 21st Century, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens enter the United States across the Mexican border each year and the INS declares the problem too big to tackle because nothings stems the tide. Federal immigration laws state that sneaking into America without going through the INS Border Patrol stations is illegal. Hiring an illegal alien is illegal. Sheltering an illegal alien is illegal. And keeping knowledge from law enforcement as to the whereabouts of an illegal alien is illegal. With Agenda 21, the politicians are looking at every way possible to give those who break these laws a pass by granting amnesty and American citizenship to illegal immigrants. Agenda 21 means effectively removing the borders between Mexico and the US. NAFTA just opened our roads to tractor trailers from Mexico. This situation will become much worse.

This problem has been ignored in just about every city and county in America while costing exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars, spent on social welfare and the education of illegal aliens. Ignoring this problem also comes with the cost of an increasing crime rate resulting in too many American citizens being victims at the hands of illegal aliens. Governments at all levels, federal, state and local are not protecting America's federal nor State sovereignty,. nor are they protecting American citizens.

Why should you and I support a federal lawbreaker in our State? So an incumbent politician can get reelected with their illegal vote? I don't think so!

Matricula consular identification cards are solid identification of an illegal allien. If you can't show a birth certificate, a Visa or a green card then you are an illegal alien who has broken our immigration laws. They must leave America and reenter within our laws. We shouldn't have to amend our laws to accommidate lawbreakers! What example does that set for those who are attempting to enter America legally? Much more important: What example does this give our children? That breaking the law can be a rewarding act? If our immigration laws carry no penalty for being broken, why should bank robbery, or molesting children be punished? Do we make our laws for them to be ignored by aliens and politicians? Is a vote more precious than our standards and ideals? Our politicians must believe so, judging from their responses.

The words "protect the people" are found in virtually every Oath of Office taken by elected and appointed officials in the US, including the police chiefs, mayors, county sheriffs, state legislators, governors, congressional representatives, and senators. Sadly, not one of these officials on the public dole is taking their Oath of Office seriously when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration.

The Supreme Court of the United States has wisely ruled that the Feds cannot force state, county or city law enforcement officers to enforce federal laws (including immigration laws), and our local and state officials use this as an excuse to turn their heads on the problem of illegal immigration while our communities slide steadily downhill. Government officials continue to demand higher taxes to keep the illegal immigration problems under "control" yet we can only sit back in wonderment as they pay lip service to the problem while actually enacting legislation and policies that encourage people to emigrate to the US illegally with promises of social welfare and education benefits.

Being an American is a primarily a state of mind for all of us - being a proud American is based on the idea of freedom and self-reliance. We are all immigrants from one country or another, and we (or our forebears) became Americans by consciously subscribing to these ideas. We came here legally, we obey the laws and we promote the idea that others obey the laws in the same way. Are we supposed to sit and wait while the political class comes up with the politically correct so-called solutions that fail to keep America strong and our families safe?

How many foreign college students choose each year to stay in America rather than obey the conditions upon which they entered America? How many older vistors choose to stay at the end of their vacations? How many deported criminal aliens return using a different name? How many Muslims are in America illegally studing our open way of life, just waiting for an opportunity to repeat 9/11? I am sure we have illegal aliens from every country in this world enjoying the American lifestyle, helping to bring us down to a third world power. We aren't too far from becoming the country that these people left. The American culture can only absorb so many new residents each year without radical changes. We have passed that number. We must act now before the policical leaders offer them amnesty and permanently defeat our way of life. The time has come to stand up and fight for what we believe in. The Constitution will become wastepaper. The Bill of Rights will become a memory. Our flag will become a symbol of defeat.

If you have listened to Rush, you know the truth of his broadcasts. If you haven't listened to him, here's an opportunity for you to show how good FReeper Republicans can be at finding solutions to our nationwide illegal immigration problems.

So tell us, what should be done to fix the problems of illegal immigration in your community?

#1. Should we acquiesce and allow the illegal immigration to continue while waiting for the elected officials to address the problem in a substantive way?

#2. Should we wait for Federal legislators to compromise our security and way of life by resolving the problem in a manner that is politically correct and acceptable to every nation in the world?

#3. If we continue to send snail mail and email letters to your local and State leaders. Will the roar be ever loud enough to be heard in the highest offices? What will their response be? Submition to illegal immigrants who want to change America forever?

#4. Should we wait until you fly off the handle and lash out at an illegal alien, surely resulting in legal problems that will further harm your family and ruin your life's ambition to be a good and loyal American citizen?

#5. Should you ignore the illegal immigration problem and hope it will go away before it gets much worse?

What should YOU do?
What should WE do?

It is time to stand together to correct this problem. You are the leader in your family. Your kids look to you to protect them. If you don't help us now, will your children be able to look at you with pride or shame in five years. It's your freedom and your way of life that is up for grabs.

It's your choice, you decide what to do before it is too late.



The new way of life

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To: B4Ranch
Sure! thanks! :)
651 posted on 12/05/2002 7:30:23 PM PST by MistyCA
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To: B4Ranch
I would support groups like Ranch Rescue....they are citizens who guard the border. You can find out more at:
652 posted on 12/05/2002 7:46:53 PM PST by underdog
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To: stalin
Mexicans came with some of the territory of the USA just like the Indians did. They are Americans. Thats what they tell me. As for illegal border crossers, Bush knows what they are costing this country.After being governor of Texas how could he not know. Can you imagine trying to navigate all the politics involved, all the special interest, Nov.elections and trying to stem the flow of illegals. He stated clearly that he is against Illegals and plans to tighen up the borders. The White House hears from me on a regular basis concerning this. I am all for putting pressure on all politicians concerning our borders. I am not for blaming one person.
653 posted on 12/05/2002 8:46:48 PM PST by dalebert
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To: stalin
And its not just hispanics. Have you looked around you lately. Immigration needs a big overhaul. People come here from all over and qualify for every social program you can think of and every kind of government grant. There are not enough taxpayers to pay for it all. We need to start asking for all our money back if the government does not put us(tax payers) first since dipping into our pockets is all the politicians want to do.
654 posted on 12/05/2002 9:08:39 PM PST by dalebert
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To: B4Ranch
Try getting your congress person to defund this group.

Congress is still giving them our money. And bragging about it.
655 posted on 12/05/2002 9:13:42 PM PST by ohmage
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To: dalebert
Actions speak lauder than words.What he 'states' is irrelevant. You're right he know what they are costing us but clearly cheap labor a Mexican votes are more important to him. He might as well be a Mexican agent.

I'm not blaming one person. I said that if you want to alleviate this problem never ever vote for a politician from on of the Mexican states ; CA TX NM AZ. They will never even begin to fix this problem. You might as well ask Mexico to fix it.

A few Mexicans came with some of the territory , very few. They mostly went home after we took that part of America because they had no choice. It's time to do that again. 99.99% of them are here because they or their ancestors came here illegally.
656 posted on 12/05/2002 9:52:25 PM PST by stalin
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To: dalebert
They buy votes with our money and they raise campain contributions by paying out our money to the people that bribe them with soft money. They aren't going to stop until we stop voting for people that do that.
657 posted on 12/05/2002 9:54:50 PM PST by stalin
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Comment #658 Removed by Moderator

To: stalin
I stil hope you take the time to consistantly contact your congressmen and the White House concerning this.Getting 99% out of this country is rather unrealistic without a blood bath. A few days ago I heard some idiot say that the reason most hispanics don't use banks and carry so much cash is they don't trust the banking system. What a crock.
659 posted on 12/06/2002 6:18:41 AM PST by dalebert
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To: dalebert
How about Letting GW and his boys have a little time
to fortify the Borders with the new Homeland Security
measures he just received from the Hill.

The Reserves have been placed on notice of a large
call up and that will free up the man power.

Then once we have that under control, I have reason to believe that the Illegals that are rounded up over the next year and a half will be ousted.

Lets not start a riot before the troops are in place.

Ops4 God Bless America!
660 posted on 12/06/2002 8:22:24 AM PST by OPS4
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To: Rytwyng
That's a good point! That might work for a while, but what happens if the US turns into another country where only the straight-white xxx are a minority? Our government could very well be controlled by people from a third-world who runs this country (whatever it might be at that time) the way they are use to? Paranoid thinking? Maybe! But many people in the US never thought 9-11 could have happened.
661 posted on 12/06/2002 8:54:09 AM PST by beachn4fun
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To: dalebert
politicians don't care what you say anymore than voters should care what they say. They only care how you vote just like voters should only care how they vote.

The only way the voters are going to start to correct this problem is by not voting for anyone that doesn't DO something to stem the tide of illegals.

Noo one from the Mexican states of CA TX AZ or NM are going to ever do anything meaningful to fix this.

The only way to fix it and still somtimes vote for people from the Mexican states is to give them large soft money contributions. That's not going to happen from private individuals. That's not going to happen from companies either. We just can't vote for them until they get the message. That would only take one election cycle.

I understand that I'm being a too strident about sending them home again. That's not going to happen either. plenty of them have become Americans over the years. I wouldn't send them back even if I could but I would send home the 20 million or so that have come over recently.
662 posted on 12/06/2002 9:32:43 AM PST by stalin
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To: OPS4
Please ; they've had much more than enouph time. They never intendend to do anything about the Mexican invasion. They still don't.
663 posted on 12/06/2002 9:36:24 AM PST by stalin
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To: beachn4fun
People wouldn't tolerate it. Once one state had been lost (probably California will be first), secessionists everywhere of every stripe would be greatly emboldened, and US would fragment into several nations, just as the Roman empire eventually did.

The fragmentation would almost certainly occur along ethnic lines; "white" nations would probably arise in the Pacific Northwest and the mountainous, still-heavily-white regions of the old Confederacy. Possibly a Mormon theocracy would arise in Utah.

The lowland South would probably see a black nation, and the native Hawaiians have been talking about independence for some time now. And, of course, Mexico would probably regain much of the Southwest.

Border warfare would be very ugly. Just think Balkans on a continent wide scale. Possibly the worst of it would be Utah vs Aztlan, as the Mormons are (a) demographically expanding, unlike most whites, (b) very, very heavily armed, and (c) living on a piece of land that the Reconquistadores would very much like to reincorporate into Mexico.

Pray it doesn't happen. But brace yourself. Liberal race baiting may yet bring it about.

664 posted on 12/06/2002 9:40:00 AM PST by Rytwyng
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To: rudeboy666
So what happens when a Vietnam veteran with a purple heart gets arrested in a raid because he looks 'Mexican'?

Arrested by whom and if you're the person, then freep mail me.

665 posted on 12/06/2002 7:13:41 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: stalin
If no one from Mexican states is going to fix this why would anyone from the other states do any better. What would make it a real issue to them? What makes you so sure non mexican state candidates would do any better. They all promise anything to get elected.
666 posted on 12/06/2002 9:03:13 PM PST by dalebert
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To: B4Ranch
Can't go to bed with this website on 666
667 posted on 12/06/2002 9:37:52 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: dalebert
Because they don't have as many Mexicans in their state. In the mexican states politicians can't get the nomination without doing what Mexicans want. They are the swing voters because they are conservative in family values yet liberal on socialism. Even thought that vote mostly democrat now Republicans see the future and are kissing Mexican booty big time. Both parties will do whatever the Mexicans want them to do.

CA is even giving undocumented illegals ( Mexican only ) drivers licences now. CA TX NM and AZ are lost to the USA.

To get them back we need politicians from both parties from the other 46 states to do battle with the politicians from the Mexican states. That is the only way we are going to start defending our border again.
668 posted on 12/07/2002 11:09:29 AM PST by stalin
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To: stalin
why cant any US citizen simply make a citizens arrest, and toss em back over the fence?
669 posted on 12/07/2002 11:11:36 AM PST by TaxPayer2000
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To: TaxPayer2000
If that were allowed we would have millions of volunteers out there doing just that. I'd be one of them.

Unfortunately with a citizens arrest you can't even touch the person that you are supposedly arresting anymore.

Pretty stupid huh ?
670 posted on 12/07/2002 11:17:07 AM PST by stalin
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To: stalin
I think you will have to add a few more states to your Mexican catagory. I have heard stories about Ark, OK, LA, FL, ect......Are these so called Mex states not to want representation since they are a lost cause? I am in Texas, does that make me no concern of the rest of the nation? What makes you think non Mex state candidates give a hoot about illegas? Whats it to them?If we do like you say then no one will fix the problem. Now get on your soapbox and explain this.
671 posted on 12/07/2002 2:39:26 PM PST by dalebert
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To: TaxPayer2000
why cant any US citizen simply make a citizens arrest, and toss em back over the fence?

Because our laws ssay that if we as citizens arrest someone , we must turn them over to our LEO's for trial. We do have the power ot arrest but not the power to be judge and jury.

672 posted on 12/07/2002 4:53:18 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: stalin
Unfortunately with a citizens arrest you can't even touch the person that you are supposedly arresting anymore.

Yes, you do but you must turn them over to the closest LEO.

673 posted on 12/07/2002 4:54:56 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: stalin
Sorry, meant to include this with the previous answer. Think "Bounty Hunter".
674 posted on 12/07/2002 4:56:10 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: Amelia
You might better quit buying vegetables.

Didn't our mothers and grandmothers can vegetables when we were little? (presuming you are over 50)We can now by canned vegetables all winter long. Fresh salad isn't a must in February.

675 posted on 12/07/2002 5:22:13 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: dalebert
The Mexican states wont do anything. It will only get worse if they get their way.

The only way the Mexican states will do anything is if people stop voting for candidates that wont do anything to solve the problem. Both republican and democrats in those states have proven over and over again that they will try to pry the border open even more and give the illegals legal status.

I hope that the non-Mexican states get the message before it's too late but I doubt it. You're probably right about them not caring either but if we vote for anyone from the Mexican states then we can be sure that nothing will get done.

676 posted on 12/07/2002 7:09:14 PM PST by stalin
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To: B4Ranch
Maybe it depends on the State. When I was a security guard in CA we were taught that we could only make citizens arrests because private security guards have no power other than a regular citizen.
Then to my surprise we were taught that it is illegal for us to use any force accept to defend ourselves or others. We could not hold them until police arrived unless they were violent. We could only call the police and wait for them. Of Course we completely ignored that rule by always saying that they appeared to be violent.
677 posted on 12/07/2002 7:16:24 PM PST by stalin
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To: stalin
Maybe we need lobbyist to handle this. I know I give a lot to NRA. I could give more to a Pro American Anti Illegal Organization. That seems to be the only way to have a strong voice. You have to be careful not to make these things look racist. I would just like to see the laws we already have enforced.It would be a start.
678 posted on 12/07/2002 8:29:19 PM PST by dalebert
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To: OPS4
Great I idea.lets just wait and see what happens. I am just trying to get a handle on Stalins "don't elect anyone from a border state" train of thought. It seems to me that a really ticked off border state candidate is just the ticket. And of course we all have to be just a little realistic like our president. I am hoping without Gridlock Daschle things will move a little faster.
679 posted on 12/07/2002 8:46:02 PM PST by dalebert
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To: dalebert
That's a good idea. We need a PAC that can lobby pay soft money bribes and run TV commercials. You know that they would get sued out of existence for seeming to be racist though.

Enforcing the laws is the responsibility of the executive branch. With a Republican in the Waite house our voice should be heard with more power. Unfortunately he is from a Mexican state. If Republicans saw a 5% fluctuation among core republicans they would do something immediately.

Blind loyally even when your representatives are clea going against the best interests of the nation is a bad thing. This issue is vital to national security and well being. If Bush sees it as an issue that he's got to do something about or loose 5% of Republicans he would tighten the border tomorrow.

If he sees soft money that would other wise be going to him being used to run ads against his kiss Mexican booty policy that policy would change overnight.
680 posted on 12/08/2002 9:27:34 AM PST by stalin
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To: MistyCA
"It's only when we don't mean to win that we fail to do so."

These really are words of wisdom, I hope you know. If only we as a people would regain that will to win; the will to be great and do great things.

I heard a quote on tv once that characterizes the American spirit - it is: 'One characteristic of a true American is where he is able to take an idea from the conception stage - with no help- and by the seat of his pants with trials and tribulations somehow make it work.' That's not exact but pretty close.

Sorry to get off topic, but this is exactly why Ronald Reagan was a great president. He gave us a sense of possibilities; he instilled in us the will to win.

681 posted on 12/08/2002 12:15:41 PM PST by Paulie
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To: Paulie
Oh's called "vision" and "determination". The American spirit is comprised of both. Thanks for your observations. I think the subject deserves some "off-topic" time. :)
682 posted on 12/08/2002 12:33:46 PM PST by MistyCA
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To: stalin
Well I am for it. I do get replies Bush concerning this. He is going to add 2,000 more agents and new equipment and there has been mention of national gaurd to kick it off.Bush says he does not want illegals and people should not break our laws. I hope everyone will contact the White House and let the President know what they think. I have sent the articles and even a few threads from chats concerning illegals & immegration and the problem it is causing this country.There are other issues I would rather work on but this is the most important. Its not just the security of the country that is at stake. It is dragging the quality of life in this country down to 3rd world status,depleting our resources and taking a lot out of my pocket book. It increases the crime rate and does great damage to the quality of education in this country. Getting conquered from within is just as bad as terrorism. In fact I consider it terrorism.
683 posted on 12/08/2002 4:45:53 PM PST by dalebert
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To: B4Ranch
Because our laws ssay that if we as citizens arrest someone , we must turn them over to our LEO's for trial. We do have the power ot arrest but not the power to be judge and jury.

What if on the way to our LEO's I decided to buy a pack of smokes, in say, Mexico, then I have a change of heart and let the guy go

684 posted on 12/11/2002 4:30:54 AM PST by TaxPayer2000
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To: TaxPayer2000
Sounds good to me!

Can You Change America? Part 2

685 posted on 12/11/2002 6:47:48 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
If you want a good example of the need for a stronger immigration policy that the libs will understand, suggest to them that the Indians (Native Americans to those of you in Rio Linda)would have faired much better had they had a strong immigration policy as far back as the 1400's.
686 posted on 12/14/2002 10:14:05 AM PST by Lawgvr1955
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To: Lawgvr1955
I think that might carry some weight!
687 posted on 12/14/2002 11:55:51 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
688 posted on 12/30/2002 8:13:34 PM PST by jack22
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