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Can You Help America?
Self ^ | 11/30/2002 | B4Ranch

Posted on 11/30/2002 8:03:21 AM PST by B4Ranch

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To: RnMomof7
I keep hearing this trucker argument brought up like it is some sort of major give away or 180 degree policy change. It is just not so.

The initial problem with Mexican trucks had nothing to do with drugs or commerce. It had to do with the DOT.

The Dept. of Transportation alerted the Administration, during the clinton years, that the Mexican trucks were not following U.S. regulations regarding safety inspection, tire regs, driver logs and even cleanliness. This was argued for months and finally the call was made to stop the trucks from traveling across the U.S. They instead were made to drop their loads, an American truck would finish the job.

They were to do this until Mexican authorities instituted safety protocols on their end and had the situation of unsafe trucks under control.

I suspect that we have received assurances that they have done just that. I do not know that for a fact, as I have not spoken to anyone in the industry recently.

As this other stuff is just plain B.S. and hyperbole. IMHO

641 posted on 12/04/2002 9:41:36 PM PST by Cold Heat
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To: RnMomof7
Old pdf from DOT web site......

The unfettered use of U.S. highways by mexican truckers will gravely endanger motorist. By the drivers own admission they can not afford to repair the problems their trucks currently have. The U.S. trucking industry is already fruat with its own problems and truckers operating in violation of state and federal laws. To state that these drivers could operate on our highways without fear of prosecution or impound of thier vehicles is rediculous. How many motorist must pay with thier lives before we realize a mistake was made. If the mexican trucking companies would like to operate in the U.S. we should require them to maintain the same safety standards as are require by our own companies. If and only if they meet these standards should they be allowed to travel in the U.S. We should not trade the expansion of the mexican economy for the safety of U.S. citizens.

642 posted on 12/04/2002 9:49:54 PM PST by Cold Heat
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To: RnMomof7
The controling interest is a European market type government with pesos and dollars and open migration .Any fool could see the problems..any fool but the Bush guys that is..

I suppose you are calling me a fool in this statement. Well, so what!

Just who is being foolish?

It seems that some on this forum jump at every falsehood spread by the democrats and liberal media writers that criticize Bush and his administration for any reason, no matter how false these reasons are. I do not, so that makes me a fool! LOL!

643 posted on 12/04/2002 10:22:45 PM PST by Cold Heat
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To: wirestripper
INS lacks proper checks on aliens
Jerry Seper
Published 12/5/2002
Millions of illegal aliens armed with bogus documents enter the United States each year through the nation's 300 ports of entry because of inadequate screening methods by federal immigration officials at the country's airports and border checkpoints, a little-publicized study says.

Commissioned by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, the study concluded that between 2.95 million and 5.45 million illegal aliens cross undetected every year into the country through guarded ports of entry — with about one in every nine illegal aliens being detained.

The total does not include an estimated 3 million to 5 million illegal aliens who annually cross into the United States through unguarded areas along the border.

"A fair number of people are crossing into the United States each year, much higher than anyone expected," said Palmer Morrel-Samuels, a former University of Michigan research psychologist who conducted the four-month study for the INS. "The problem is dramatic and will continue, since the priority on stopping illegal immigration has been low.

"The solution will require a fair amount of time and resources," he said, adding that the study also put to rest a common perception that terrorists sneak into the United States through unguarded border areas with only what they can carry.

"This study suggests they did neither," he said. "It suggests they came into the country carrying all the bags they wanted and presented documents to INS inspectors, who looked them over for about a minute and then said, 'Welcome to the United States.'"

The study said INS inspectors typically spent "a minute or two" examining passports, visas or border-crossing cards before granting admission to a noncitizen traveler during an initial review process. It said random backup checks by the agency to evaluate the inspectors' accuracy showed that the inspectors had a "very low" rate of success.

Mr. Morrel-Samuels said the study involved a check of individuals who already had been approved by INS inspectors for entry. He said they had presented passports or border-crossing cards and had been welcomed into the United States. After the individuals presented their documentation, Mr. Morrel-Samuels and others who worked with him asked for a "secondary, far-more-rigorous interview that lasted 20 to 30 minutes."

Although the study made no specific recommendations, Mr. Morrel-Samuels said INS personnel have to be moved from inspection lanes to desks where they can have immediate access to computers with databases to check those people seeking to enter the United States. He said his secondary inspections found several people with forged documents and criminal records.

"Today's problems and today's solutions call for more modern methods," he said. "The decision to allow someone entry into the United States should not be a judgment made in a minute or two and based largely on intuition."

While the study concluded that a relatively small percent of travelers were improperly granted entry at each of the ports of entry, it said that when compared with the "actual number of travelers, rather than the proportion, the picture is more sobering."

It said the INS "missed several million inadmissible travelers" because of existing screening procedures and, as a result, between 2.95 million and 5.45 million illegal aliens who should have been denied entry were allowed into the United States.

INS spokesman Russ Bergeron referred inquiries about the study to other agency officials, who did not return calls for comment. He said only that the lengthy study concluded that if the INS had more time to spend with those people trying to enter the United States, more illegal aliens could be identified.

Mr. Bergeron said the study had been shared with some news outlets, although he did not elaborate.

But Mr. Morrel-Samuels, president of Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment Inc., said the study found its way only into an obscure trade journal and was never released to other news outlets despite several requests he made of the agency to do so. He said, however, that the INS should not have been "embarrassed" by the findings, because "immigration control has never been a high priority and INS has never had the necessary resources to do the job."

David Ray, spokesman for the Federation of American Immigration Reform, said the group obtained a copy of the study after being told by Mr. Morrel-Samuels of its "shocking findings." He said the INS had refused to make the document public.

"INS sought to hush the study because the agency didn't want the public to know how vulnerable we are," Mr. Ray said. "The report highlights the need for strong entry controls and real interior enforcement so that illegal aliens in the United States can be found and deported.

"The study shows that millions of illegal aliens are walking through our front door every year, whether at a port of entry or illegally jumping a fence," he said.

More than 500 million travelers enter the United States yearly at the country's established ports of entry after a brief interview with an INS inspector, the study said. It found that 47 of every 5,614 travelers were erroneously granted entry and that the INS intercepted between 9.3 percent and 16 percent of those attempting illegal entry.

"Research suggests that illegal immigrants constitute a surprisingly large portion of the current U.S. population, a trend with important political, legal, clinical, cultural and occupational ramifications," the study said. "But despite considerable interest, no one has a precise measurement of how many illegal immigrants enter the United States annually by evading detection at an airport or traffic checkpoint."

The study included random checks at 20 ports of entry. High-volume ports were sampled five times a day, low-volume ports once a day, and intermediate-volume ports were sampled three times a day. Every inspection lane at every minute of every hour when the port of entry had sufficient staff and a sufficient volume of travelers was included in the sampling frame, it said.

"Although there is much the current work cannot tell us, there is a good deal it does allow us to specify with a fair degree of precision," the study said, adding that the information collected showed that "enhanced vigilance" at the country's established ports of entry was associated with "better training, stronger organizational commitment and higher levels of employee motivation."

Copyright © 2002 News World Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

644 posted on 12/05/2002 3:48:59 AM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
Step 1 -- Build duplicate of Great wall of China on our south border starting 1/4 mile off CA coast and ending 1/4 mile off TX coast. Make the rails of the wall top 10 feet tall.

Step 2 -- Start shipping all dog shelter animals in USA scheduled for death to the wall and let them loose on the top.

Step 3 -- Install automatic feeders/watering systems to keep dogs above stavation.

Step 4 -- Give all land 1 mile north of border to Farmers, Livestock breeders, etc and let them use deadly force to "protect" their land, investments and crops.

645 posted on 12/05/2002 8:09:29 AM PST by JHrules
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To: dalebert
come on ! why do you think that he's not doing anything to stop the flood ? He postponed the amnesty deal for now because of people like us but it will be right back on as soon as he can pull it off. He kisses Mexican booty as good as anyone.

Sure , many
Mexicans ( we aren't talking about all hispanics here ) want the border closed to. It's not good for them either now that they got theirs but the vast majority want to keep it open so they can go back and forth easily and get their families here that haven't yet made the crossing.
646 posted on 12/05/2002 3:27:09 PM PST by stalin
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To: JHrules
just #4 would do the trick for the most part. I'd volunteer to man a post a few weeks a year. Unfortunately some enterprising "farmers" would just start charging admission.
647 posted on 12/05/2002 3:30:57 PM PST by stalin
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To: B4Ranch
This one is pretty Cool! hehehe From the Drudge Report Talking Presidents
648 posted on 12/05/2002 4:56:16 PM PST by steplock
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To: MistyCA
"...took his little kid to pee on the planter right in front of me".----
-----There are more than a few Jamaicans who regularly do this on the shrubbery in front of the OTB in Nanuet New York
(Rockland COunty). When someone notices them, (which is inevitable) they've been known to mutter something about the bathroom inside the facility being "dirty". During the race broadcasts inside they regularly make a group noise(usually about 10-12 of them) which is so deafening all during the course of a televised race that all the native patrons can do it look at them and grimace. These are things we live with on a daily basis, alas. The most any of the managers of the facility can do is announce over the PA to keep the noise down. It worked for awhile, but it seems they've given up trying to control it, or them.
649 posted on 12/05/2002 6:18:27 PM PST by willyboyishere
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To: MistyCA
Hey! Can I borrow your ping list?????

MIsty, I missed this. I started out going state by state then remembered the membership list. I've got that all preped if you still want it.

Ask tomorrow , okay?

650 posted on 12/05/2002 7:07:07 PM PST by B4Ranch
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To: B4Ranch
Sure! thanks! :)
651 posted on 12/05/2002 7:30:23 PM PST by MistyCA
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To: B4Ranch
I would support groups like Ranch Rescue....they are citizens who guard the border. You can find out more at:
652 posted on 12/05/2002 7:46:53 PM PST by underdog
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To: stalin
Mexicans came with some of the territory of the USA just like the Indians did. They are Americans. Thats what they tell me. As for illegal border crossers, Bush knows what they are costing this country.After being governor of Texas how could he not know. Can you imagine trying to navigate all the politics involved, all the special interest, Nov.elections and trying to stem the flow of illegals. He stated clearly that he is against Illegals and plans to tighen up the borders. The White House hears from me on a regular basis concerning this. I am all for putting pressure on all politicians concerning our borders. I am not for blaming one person.
653 posted on 12/05/2002 8:46:48 PM PST by dalebert
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To: stalin
And its not just hispanics. Have you looked around you lately. Immigration needs a big overhaul. People come here from all over and qualify for every social program you can think of and every kind of government grant. There are not enough taxpayers to pay for it all. We need to start asking for all our money back if the government does not put us(tax payers) first since dipping into our pockets is all the politicians want to do.
654 posted on 12/05/2002 9:08:39 PM PST by dalebert
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To: B4Ranch
Try getting your congress person to defund this group.

Congress is still giving them our money. And bragging about it.
655 posted on 12/05/2002 9:13:42 PM PST by ohmage
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To: dalebert
Actions speak lauder than words.What he 'states' is irrelevant. You're right he know what they are costing us but clearly cheap labor a Mexican votes are more important to him. He might as well be a Mexican agent.

I'm not blaming one person. I said that if you want to alleviate this problem never ever vote for a politician from on of the Mexican states ; CA TX NM AZ. They will never even begin to fix this problem. You might as well ask Mexico to fix it.

A few Mexicans came with some of the territory , very few. They mostly went home after we took that part of America because they had no choice. It's time to do that again. 99.99% of them are here because they or their ancestors came here illegally.
656 posted on 12/05/2002 9:52:25 PM PST by stalin
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To: dalebert
They buy votes with our money and they raise campain contributions by paying out our money to the people that bribe them with soft money. They aren't going to stop until we stop voting for people that do that.
657 posted on 12/05/2002 9:54:50 PM PST by stalin
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Comment #658 Removed by Moderator

To: stalin
I stil hope you take the time to consistantly contact your congressmen and the White House concerning this.Getting 99% out of this country is rather unrealistic without a blood bath. A few days ago I heard some idiot say that the reason most hispanics don't use banks and carry so much cash is they don't trust the banking system. What a crock.
659 posted on 12/06/2002 6:18:41 AM PST by dalebert
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To: dalebert
How about Letting GW and his boys have a little time
to fortify the Borders with the new Homeland Security
measures he just received from the Hill.

The Reserves have been placed on notice of a large
call up and that will free up the man power.

Then once we have that under control, I have reason to believe that the Illegals that are rounded up over the next year and a half will be ousted.

Lets not start a riot before the troops are in place.

Ops4 God Bless America!
660 posted on 12/06/2002 8:22:24 AM PST by OPS4
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