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How and When America Lost Its Way: Corporate America No Longer Represents “We The People” ^ | October 9, 2010 | Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.

Posted on 10/10/2010 2:46:26 PM PDT by Daniel T. Zanoza

Editor's Note: Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. is a frequent contributor to Rapacki is an independent intelligence analyst. The head of SENTINEL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, LLC, Rapacki receives and disseminates critical intelligence and policy information from and to law enforcement, intelligence and homeland security officials, and government and community leaders; Rapacki is the author of dozens of white papers, bulletins and briefings, and he is frequently called on to share his expertise with public and private security directors and organizations.

A History Lesson: How Elite Replaced Founding Fathers' Grand Vision Of A Republic With Corporate America by Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D.


Our country is a Corporation just like any other with its own set of accounting and rules and policies invented and then decreed to those not in charge; namely, WE THE PEOPLE.

A clock is ticking and a vast majority of Americans can hear it, but are not quite sure what will happen when the clock strikes the proverbial midnight. There is growing anger masking fear; there is disbelief, mixed with a growing sense of loss; there is stunned silence at the lack of response from every branch of government and from those who are to serve as the Representatives of the People. No longer, it seems to a growing majority of Americans, is the United States Government working for the good of the People; for that matter, even for the good of the Nation!

We all are acquainted with the shouts from citizens of absolute frustration and anger rising to the point of “demanding” STOP the spending, STOP the laws arresting personal freedoms, policies that fly in the face of common sense and good will, and a government recreating itself into something the citizens of this Nation can’t recognize. Even the explosive issues surrounding the eligibility of Mr. Obama to serve as president are totally ignored, and those leveling such serious charges are held up to ridicule, threatened by government agents, not permitted in the courts so the issues can be heard, not even granted access to the Congress of the United States as prescribed by the Constitution for the United States of America to address such a weighty and sobering complaint and charge.

Mentioned below is a startling yet fascinating set of facts and citations depicting the legal description of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. The preponderant majority of citizens have no idea the UNITED STATES in reality is incorporated. So…besides the Constitution for the United States of America signed by the Founders, much of that hallowed document has been substituted and there is a corporation in effect that complicates many areas of our life with no one discussing this. It is the proverbial 1-ton elephant decaying in the living room. No one wants to go in there, so the rest of the house is used without ever mentioning that room! The U.S. Corporation owns the 100-square mile radius known as Washington, D.C. The U.S. Corporation also has sway over territories of the UNITED STATES. The states, however, are sovereign and NOT owned by the corporation; hence the 10th Amendment is a critical legal document of its own, granting such powers and sovereignty not assigned to the Federal Government, to the states. The Founders were far more brilliant than people give them credit. The Founders feared a centralized, all intrusive, all powerful, militant, oppressive government. The Founders promoted and died for, among other hopes and dreams, a government shared and responsive to the will of the people – a government Of the People, For the People, By the People.

There is a corporation at work in this country that is the country! It is not responsive to you or me.

Corporate Description:




Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE




City: WILMINGTON County: NEW CASTLE State: DE (Delaware) Postal Code: 19808 Phone: 302) 636-5440

D-U-N-S registered Number: 03-360-9418

Company Name: Government Of The United States

Mail Address: 6825 16th St. NW Washington, D.C., USA 20306-0003

County: District of Columbia

MSA: Washington

Country Phone Code: 1

Phone: 202-782-2787

Location Type: Branch

Subsidiary Status: Non Subsidiary

Plant/Facility Size: 41,700 Sq. Ft.

Ownership: Private

Prescreen Score: Low Risk

Global Ultimate Parent: Government Of The United States

The U.S. Capitol Washington, D.C., USA 20515-0001


Global Ultimate Parent: D-U-N-S registered Number: 161906193


THE U.S. CORPORATION HAD ITS ROOTS, of (1871) and started with:

Gettysburg Address in 1864, and the Incorporation of the District of Columbia by [(Presidential, martial law)] Legislative Act of February 21, 1871, under the Emergency War Powers Act and the Reconstruction Acts. Then reorganized June 11, 1878 - - 16 Stat. 419 Chapter 62.

A “Corporation” with a legislature was established, with all the apparatus of a distinct government created (Incorporated) by (Presidential) Legislative Act, February 21, 1871, Forty-first Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, page 419:

On June 20, 1874, the President with advice of Senate abolished and replaced the 1871 government with a commission consisting of three persons. 18 Stat. at L. 116, chap. 337. A subsequent act approved June 11, 1878, (20 Stat. at L. 102, chap. 180) was enacted stating that the District of Columbia should ‘remain and continue a municipal corporation,’ as provided in 2 of the Revised Statutes relating to said District (brought forward from the act of 1871).



Corporate Officers:

“…But by the Act of June 11, 1878, (20 Stat. chap. 180), a permanent form of government for the District was established. It provided…and that the commissioners therein provided for should be deemed and taken as officers of such corporation.”


In UNITED STATES CODE, Title 28, Section 3002 Definitions, it states the following:

(15) “United States” means –

(A) a Federal corporation;

The new “United States” includes States such as District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands. It does not include the 50 states united. i.e., Title 26 Section 7701 Definitions (a) (9) and (10) 42 U.S.C. 405 (2)(c)(vii)

All titles of the United States Code (USC) are strictly meant for the United States and none of the 50 states of the Union. Each of the 50 states has their own constitutions and laws. See HEPBURN v. ELLZEY, 2 Cranch, 445, 452, and JOHN BARRON v. THE MAYOR AND CITY OF BALTIMORE 32 U.S. 243 (1833). These last two cases clearly state that the United States is not the 50 states of the Union.


I intend to follow this briefing with additional materials that will shed light on several matters connected to the battle for the soul of America. Our country was never intended to become what it is today. A brave experiment in creating a Republic lasted a short while and was unceremoniously dumped in exchange for a mechanism that benefitted the few, not the many, as envisioned by the Founders. This insidious mechanism has steadily covered the “shining light on a hill” to the degree America today is in much darkness. The Founders would be incensed, and I think would not hesitate to once again pledge their lives and their fortunes to restore America to that great experiment of government Of the People, For the People, By the People.

The frustration many people have experienced petitioning Washington, D.C., attempting to be heard in the halls of the judiciary around the country, as well as the halls of Congress can be traced to the set of rules in play today by a government that has built a strong and corporately legal wall virtually shutting itself off from the People. The People on the other hand are still functioning as if the original Constitution for the United States of America was in play…and it is not, except when it is brought out by the elites and “used” to further their own cause(s). Just as quickly, it is wrapped up and stored away.

The insidious on-going game is not a Republican or a Democrat Party tug-o-war. Both parties are actively involved with this corporate shuffle. The need for strict Constitutionalists who demonstrate a healthy respect for the sovereignty of mankind, and this Nation, has never been in greater demand. Let’s pray we find them, elect them, and then hold them accountable; for the hour is very late and the clock is about to toll midnight.


TOPICS: Business/Economy; Government; History; Politics
KEYWORDS: corporateamerica; districtofcolumbia; foundingfathers; wethepeople

1 posted on 10/10/2010 2:46:32 PM PDT by Daniel T. Zanoza
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To: Daniel T. Zanoza

I don’t want “Corporate America’’(whatever the F that is) representing “We The people’’. What I want “Corporate America’’ to do is do it’s job providing me and every other America good products/goods/services at competitive prices and good service. I don’t need ‘’representation’’ by “Corporate America’’.

2 posted on 10/10/2010 2:50:35 PM PDT by jmacusa (Two wrongs don't make a right. But they can make it interesting.)
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To: Daniel T. Zanoza

There never has been a time, since the passage of the Bill of Rights, when people’s right to associate was not enshrined in law. Corporations are just a form of association. So, what is “corporate America,” if not an invented phrase intended to mislead and arouse uninformed people?

3 posted on 10/10/2010 2:51:43 PM PDT by Tax Government (Democrat: "I'm driving to Socialism at 95 mph." Republican: "Observe the speed limit.")
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To: Pontiac

Bump for later

4 posted on 10/10/2010 2:55:32 PM PDT by Pontiac
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To: Pontiac

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros

5 posted on 10/10/2010 2:58:25 PM PDT by stocksthatgoup
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To: jmacusa

Its the corporate association with government that concerns me.

In Michigan and elsewhere, the legislature mandates production cuts on energy producers. This in turn creates an artificial increase in demand which leads to higher prices. With their production cuts comes a decrease in overhead costs. Add in the carbon credits they sell and these companies are doing pretty good under this kind of system.

Mandating the elimination of incandescent light bulbs has actually worked out pretty good for the big players like GE. EPA regs make it cost prohibitive for them to produce CFLs in America so they close a plant, sell the resulting carbon credits to China and move there.

6 posted on 10/10/2010 3:21:40 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))
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To: cripplecreek

There you have a point. But in general life in America works just fine when folks go to work in “Corporate America’’ and everywhere else and we do our jobs and get paid and put the money back into the economy.

7 posted on 10/10/2010 3:26:23 PM PDT by jmacusa (Two wrongs don't make a right. But they can make it interesting.)
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To: Daniel T. Zanoza

>>No Longer Represents “We The People”<<

How and when did America lose its way on basic grammar?

8 posted on 10/10/2010 3:27:48 PM PDT by FelixFelicis
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To: FelixFelicis

Ever since we decided to leave no child behind but wait for him/her to catch up whether it is able or willing to or not.

9 posted on 10/10/2010 3:36:42 PM PDT by 353FMG (Unless stopped, ISLAM will be the end of America.)
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To: jmacusa

At some point the carbon credit scam is going to collapse which will be painfull for some but good overall. However on the most basic level you’re correct. Better the so called “corporatism” paying the people to pay the bills bills than slavery to government.

10 posted on 10/10/2010 3:39:19 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))
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To: cripplecreek

The phrase I believe you have in mind is “regulatory capture.” The less we regulate, the less reason corporations have to buy and sell legislatures and government agencies. Zero regulation is not enough, but we’ve gotten to the point where the gov buts in when it shouldn’t. Right now the Feds tell manufacturers how many gallons a toilet should flush. That (and many other laws) is crazy.

11 posted on 10/10/2010 3:42:12 PM PDT by RKV (He who has the guns makes the rules)
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Well said. Government makes slavery the more attractive option to business. Government also has a bad habit of costing business money as a means of punishing them or extorting their compliance.

I guess seeing both sides of the situation is a conservative thing.

There was a company here in Michigan that was going to build a clean coal fired power plant. They spent millions, scouting locations, paying for environmental impact studies and a boatload of other costs. This went on for several years with the state and feds coming up with new demands all the time. This spring, the company was told that their permit would be denied due to a lack of demand. Just a few days later they turned around and approved a wind farm despite the lack of demand they cited as a reason for denying the clean coal plant.

A few years back, a minor gasoline spill cost us the main pipeline down the center of the state as well as the big refinery that fed it in Alma. They were harassed into shutting the line down permanently despite they fact that the line was undergoing a major overhaul over its whole length.

The more recent Embridge oil spill is a different situation. There are some obvious problems with they way they dealt with problems but nobody is talking about the fact that the state hasn’t had the required state inspector on the job for several years. (A state inspector might have spotted problems and required that they be fixed.)

12 posted on 10/10/2010 4:01:02 PM PDT by cripplecreek (Remember the River Raisin! (look it up))
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To: cripplecreek

Never forget that at the heart of all the’’ anti-corporate’’ bs lurks Marxism and anti-capitalism.

13 posted on 10/10/2010 4:02:07 PM PDT by jmacusa (Two wrongs don't make a right. But they can make it interesting.)
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To: Daniel T. Zanoza

One of the things people always leave out of articles like this is the role government played. With FDRs big deal the government began to increasingly play the role of nanny. Because so many people had gone through some tuff times they allowed the government to begin to put in place “safety nets”.

Once that happened, it was a natural evolution of events that began to allow government to place restrictive regulations on business which began to make it difficult for small businesses to begin or grow. No longer were they able to begin a business without the government looking over their shoulder with control over how that business could run.

Once government began influencing the way businesses could be run they gained more and more power which allowed more and more payoffs by the bigger businesses to influence legislation. I could go on but that was the beginning of the end for free enterprise without intrusion.

14 posted on 10/10/2010 5:08:15 PM PDT by CynicalBear
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To: CynicalBear

It actually started with canals and railroads.

15 posted on 10/10/2010 6:37:13 PM PDT by AceMineral (Clam down!)
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