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To: Windflier
The federal government is in a state of treason to its citizens. One of the few enumerated duties that the Constitution sets forth for the federal government, is that of protecting American citizens from invasion. They have clearly failed in that primary responsibility.

We aren't facing a real invasion. We are facing piss poor border control and piss poor immigration control. Even though we can justifiably argue that our government isn't enforcing immigration laws, in reality we always face having law enforcement and prosecution being limited by resources, and allocating those resources is the responsibility of congress and using those resources within the discression allowed by congress is the role of the executive branch.

Congress has a long habit of talking tough on some topics, passing laws that should help address the issues, and then underfunding them because while they want to appear tough on the topic, the issue doesn't have enough priority with them to actually get fully funded.

It's irritating as hell that they do it, but it is completely within their constitutional authority to do it. It's not treason. It's not unconstitutional. It's not illegal. It's political. For some of them it may be an act of dishonesty. For others, it's just a matter of dealing with unlimited desires and limited resources.

The American people’s right to self-defense supersedes the Constitution and every local, state, and federal statute. I think you understand that our rights are NOT conferred by the state, but by the Creator.

Pulling these small number of troops that weren't doing a whole hardly interferes with our right to defend ourselves. It may make a relatively small number of people less safe.

I would greately prefer our government put a more sizable force along the border with rules of engagement that actually allowed them to be more effective. Even better would be to increase the size of the border patrol and borrow from other federal law enforcement agencies, since most of the problem is a law enforcement issue, not a military one, and it is better that our military not be used for law enforcement.

However, too many of our politicians either don't want to deal with the immigration issues, or don't consider it a high enough priority. They also can't really deal with the smuggling issues without addressing the immigration issues, and the smuggling issues apparently haven't raised the stakes enough to get them to do something about it. They haven't raised the political stakes enough. We can get pissed off all we want, but we must be in the minority, because the politicians who refuse to address the problem are still in office. As long as they remain there, then it obviously isn't important enough to enough of the American people.

We have to vote them out of office. Irate rants about how we must arm ourselves against the problem aren't going to solve the problem, and advocating armed insurrection against our government does start to border on treason.

We do have a right to freedom of speech, but such words can come back to haunt you, so be careful of how you say things. I don't think you stepped over that line here, but I've seen enough others that have. I'm not suggesting anyone stop opposing how the government is handling immigration, or even stop being really, really pissed off about it.

The only way we are going to cause change however is to change the politicians, or to make it obvious to them that if they don't change the laws and allocate the resources, they will be replaced with someone who will.

34 posted on 11/19/2010 2:29:05 PM PST by untrained skeptic
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To: untrained skeptic; dragnet2
We aren't facing a real invasion.

I beg to disagree. It's been well-understood for over two centuries, that America is impervious to military invasion, which is why we've never seen it tried.

On the other hand, if you were an enemy state with the long-term goal of bringing the US down, you'd have to adopt an asymmetrical, unconventional style of warfare to get the job done.

Simply displacing, and eventually outnumbering the citizens of the United States with your own people would certainly serve, if this was your purpose.

The point is, the US is being taken down by illegal immigration, whether by design, or by happenstance; ergo, what is occurring can absolutely be defined as an invasion.

We are facing piss poor border control and piss poor immigration control.

Yes, we are, and this is an extension of the treason I mentioned in my last post. It matters not whether politicians feel that border security is a high or low priority. It's one of the few duties that they are directly tasked with, per the US Constitution.

For our government to fail in this signature responsibility, is a grave and serious betrayal of the public trust. Given the fact that Washington has the power to put a complete stop to this, yet has not, indicates that they have CHOSEN to shirk this responsibility. That is betrayal after trust, which is the very definition of TREASON.

I agree with you, that the best cure is to simply vote out the traitors in office, and if November 2nd is any indication of where we're headed, I'd say that they will be, in time.

It's my hope that after the lame duck session of congress, we'll see this issue addressed in a way that actually produces some concrete result. Perhaps a clarification of the 14th Amendment should be on the front burner. I think it should.

I'd also like to see something done to shut down illegal incursions on the border, whether by the border states, or by the feds. Actually, I'm all for seeing the border Governors use their constitutional power to call up the citizen militia to deal with the problem, if that's what it takes.

I fervently hope that more states pass Arizona-style anti-illegal immigration laws in the next two years, in addition to bills such as California's Prop 187 (denies gov't benefits to illegals). We really need to adopt that carrot-and-stick approach everywhere, to put a serious dent in illegal immigration.

35 posted on 11/19/2010 3:59:23 PM PST by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
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