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Juan Williams: Palin can't stand on intellectual stage with Obama ^ | 12/26/2010 | Joe Newby

Posted on 12/27/2010 6:14:26 AM PST by FredJake

While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams slammed Sarah Palin's intelligence.

"There's nobody out there, except for Sarah Palin, who can absolutely dominate the stage, and she can't stand on the intellectual stage with Obama," Williams said.

Since becoming John McCain's Vice-Presidential running mate, the left has repeatedly used this line of attack. In fact, a Google search on the term "Sarah Palin is stupid" returns over 67 million results.

Apparently, the prospect of Sarah Palin running for President in 2012 has liberals doing everything they can to denigrate the former Alaska Governor before the primary even begins.

Has Sarah Palin made mistakes? Sure. She is, after all, a human being - contrary to what liberals would have us believe.

But compare her mis-steps to the man Newsweek once called "God of All Things".

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin listed several gaffes Obama made during the 2008 election. Among those gaffes:

* Last May, he claimed that Kansas tornadoes killed a whopping 10,000 people: “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” The actual death toll: 12.

*Earlier this month in Oregon, he redrew the map of the United States: “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

In 2009, John Hawkins spelled out ten of the young Administrations biggest mistakes to that point, including:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: savage woman
Can't agree more with that. I am not sure what people want. In my life, I do not want Socialism with its engineered social behavior. The media does not inform people but tries to mold certain ideals in their minds. I have been told that I just don't like change. And, then they add how times have changed since the fifties toward blacks. Seems all arguments begin and end with race.
161 posted on 12/27/2010 9:16:37 AM PST by Bronzy (We Remembered In November.)
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To: Bronzy

I get in and out of an argument on race, by saying I’m an honest person and I am not racist. Because honesty is high on my list, I like you also see the media as the corrupt story of lies. They are the biggest problem that we have right now.

162 posted on 12/27/2010 10:14:03 AM PST by savage woman
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To: luvbach1

Advanced search; Obama is a Muslim
About 20,300,000 results (0.24 seconds) 

163 posted on 12/27/2010 10:50:56 AM PST by itsahoot (We the people, allowed Republican leadership to get us here, only God's Grace can get us out.)
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To: Logic n' Reason
Perhaps you missed the main point of my post:
What (documented) degrees does he hold and from where? What were his (documented) grades in said schools?

Occidental College, 2 years, no degree
College spokesman Jim Tranquada said privacy rules forbid releasing grades, but that Obama left in good standing.

Columbia University
Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations
Graduated in 1983

Obama attended Columbia School of General Studies. If a General Studies student completes enough courses, and/or has other credits from elsewhere accepted, a student can receive a degree. People confuse Columbia University, Columbia College, and Columbia General Studies. A big university system has many different schools and colleges attached.

Of course, what Columbia University will not release is exactly what Obama actually did while in their General Studies degree program.

Harvard Law
Juris Doctorate (J.D.)
Graduated in 1991, Magna Cum Laude

He supposedly received his Juris Doctor law degree, magna cum laude -- though there are no records available to validate this assertion

Of course, those (of you) with an unreasoning, viceral, unthinking hatred of the little tin god will never accept any type of "proof" whatsoever of his educational background or accomplishments in that regard.

My alleged "hatred" of the poe is NOT unreasoning or unthinking -- and assuming you meant visceral -- it may very well be based on instinct rather than intellect, if indeed intellect is what produces the fawning reports of his superior intelligence and oratory skills. Observing the systematic, complete and utter destruction of our country provides all the reasoning and thinking I need in which to base my opinions.

It is a fallacy to state that some will never accept proof of his educational background and/or accomplishments. However, your any type of "proof" will not fly. The fact that someone, somewhere, at some point in time said he was a genius, or has degrees from x, y and z, hardly qualifies as proof. SHOW ME the transcripts...the diplomas...the actual long form birth certificate.

Pap sounds like a brilliant man schooled in the REAL world.

164 posted on 12/27/2010 11:14:13 AM PST by Just A Nobody ( (Better Dead than RED! NEVER AGAIN...Support our Troops! Beware the ENEMEDIA))
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To: The Shrew

That wouldn’t shock me at all.

165 posted on 12/27/2010 11:16:27 AM PST by WKUHilltopper (Fix bayonets!)
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To: FredJake
166 posted on 12/27/2010 11:19:41 AM PST by Just A Nobody ( (Better Dead than RED! NEVER AGAIN...Support our Troops! Beware the ENEMEDIA))
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To: cc2k
This is not a video, but it is a well known, well documented, widely dispersed photo of the now infamous crotch salute during the campaign 2008. It did not, and does not have anything to do with the military and/or saluting. IIRC, the national anthem was being played or the pledge was being recited.


167 posted on 12/27/2010 11:47:21 AM PST by Just A Nobody ( (Better Dead than RED! NEVER AGAIN...Support our Troops! Beware the ENEMEDIA))
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To: Just A Nobody
I will admit it, you are correct and there are a couple from the campaign where he actually should have been saluting the flag but wasn't.

I had forgotten about that one. Yes, that was a campaign stop. Seems like it was during the national anthem or pledge of allegiance but I am not 100% certain on that. It seems like there was another situation where an interviewer talking to him at the time. They were both ignoring what was going on around them. That's no excuse for being disrespectful.

There have been several other "return of the crotch salute" emails or blog posts with photos of Pres__ent Obama. One claimes to be at a Ft. Hood ceremony, another at the tomb of the unknown for veterans' day. Those are the ones that when you research the actual events, you'll find that the time when others are saluting and Obama isn't, it's actually when "Hail to the Chief" is playing. And at those events, Obama actually did salute and show appropriate respect for the flag, the pledge and the national anthem.

Again, I don't support Pres__ent Obama or his policies in any way, but I also don't like dishonesty from either side. He's bad enough when you tell the truth about him.

168 posted on 12/27/2010 12:26:34 PM PST by cc2k (I won't vote for someone with "experience" doubling the size of their government agency in 10 years.)
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To: NorthStarStateConservative
he lacks any deductive reasoning skills. It comes from living a sheltered life that is atypical of an american yyouth. While most kids his age were skateboarding, fixing cars and bikes, surfing or shooting pellet guns at pests...

He has the deductive reasoning skills he was taught, which he cultivated, to become what he is today.

...he was being shuttled between a bunch of rich, self loathing ivy league white liberals and muslims in, being taught all sorts of amazing things.....

Yes, all things communist! The communists knew who this buffoon was in 1992.

169 posted on 12/27/2010 12:33:35 PM PST by Just A Nobody ( (Better Dead than RED! NEVER AGAIN...Support our Troops! Beware the ENEMEDIA))
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To: Just A Nobody
If that anecdotal reference was true, then that's probably why he is such a failure with the American people. He never lived the life of a real American boy and can't really connect with the American people. The Soviets keep on trying to infiltrate the country any which way and they almost always fail on the culture aspect. For example, this Russian guy actually thought that the Carolinas, the Virginias and Tennesee had anything culturally in common with the Eastern seaboard.
170 posted on 12/27/2010 1:47:42 PM PST by NorthStarStateConservative (I'm just another disabled naturalized minority vegan pro life conservative.)
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To: FredJake

I have 2 liberaltarian (not a spelling error) that have fallen for the Palin is stupid meme. I got America By Heart for Christmas and have enjoyed it immensely. One of them read a little bit of it and then all he could talk about was how stupid she was because she wrote a book of essays. Sometimes it seems that PDSers will never give her a chance they just want to hate on her. It’s unfortunate, but I can’t wait to see their heads explode when she gets the Presidency.

171 posted on 12/27/2010 6:01:29 PM PST by erod (Unlike the President I am a true Chicagoan.)
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To: erod; onyx; potlatch; devolve; ntnychik

172 posted on 12/27/2010 6:11:52 PM PST by PhilDragoo (Hussein: Islamo-Commie from Kenya)
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To: Just A Nobody

Bush never defended himself we all know Bush made mistakes but he wasn’t stupid. But by not combating this myth, Bush allowed people to believe it. Palin is more like Reagan shell take them on gracefully and with humor, it won’t stick because Sarah’s a fighter.

173 posted on 12/27/2010 6:11:54 PM PST by erod (Unlike the President I am a true Chicagoan.)
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To: FredJake

I’ll bet that williams cheered when OJ got off, too.

174 posted on 12/27/2010 6:14:51 PM PST by bannie (( ))
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To: FredJake
What evidence has there been that Obama has a functional intellect?
175 posted on 12/27/2010 6:16:28 PM PST by A CA Guy ( God Bless America, God bless and keep safe our fighting men and women.)
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To: PhilDragoo

That about says it all, nice tag line too. ;)

176 posted on 12/27/2010 6:19:21 PM PST by erod (Unlike the President I am a true Chicagoan.)
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To: FredJake

I’d love to see both Palin’s and Obama’s IQ scores.

Just because she’s not an intellectual, that doesn’t make her unintelligent. And just because he is a (pseudo)intellectual, that doesn’t make him intelligent.

She seems to have a far better grasp on ideas and common sense than he does.

177 posted on 12/27/2010 6:22:21 PM PST by NYC GOP Chick
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To: potlatch; PhilDragoo; ntnychik; MeekOneGOP



Obama is a Muslim


Nov 10, 2010 ... Halfway through his term, the percentage of Americans that believe Barack Obama is Muslim continues to grow.


Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Thinks Obama Is Muslim, Survey Shows ...
Aug 19, 2010 ... The increase in people incorrectly thinking Obama is Muslim has occurred over
the last couple of years, and the poll was taken before the ...

20% x 308,000,000 US population = 61,600,000 Americans think Obama is a Muslim

- and the number is increasing at lightspeed.....


178 posted on 12/27/2010 6:40:11 PM PST by devolve (. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SUSPICIOUS MIMES . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)
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To: cc2k

And it was that exact picture for which I was referencing.

179 posted on 12/27/2010 8:58:05 PM PST by fieldmarshaldj (~"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Amber Lamps !"~~)
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To: killermosquito

The most intellectual President we have every had was Woodrow Wilson. However, his 14 points have to be the most impractical agenda ever to be issued by an American President. Theodore Roosevelt was shocked by their naivete, because most of them were either fatuous or mischieveous.If Charles Evans Hughes had been elected President in 1916, matters would have been in much better hands.

180 posted on 12/27/2010 11:22:00 PM PST by RobbyS (Pray with the suffering souls.)
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