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Some of You Tea Party Folk Think Perry’s the Answer? ^ | 27 August, 2011 at 00:23 | MarkAmerica

Posted on 08/27/2011 12:10:12 PM PDT by el_texicano

Looks Tough Firing Blanks

If you're a Tea Party member, or you have significant sympathies with them, I'd caution you against climbing aboard Rick Perry's TransTexasCatastrophe. The Media is doing everything possible to paint this guy as a bronc-busting, cattle-roping, Texan, but in truth, there are more than a few things you ought to know about him. He's no friend to individual rights, except in an election season, and he's not really the trend-setter he'd have you believe. His record on jobs isn't actually so swift as he'd have you believe, and he's got less in common with the average Texan than he does with the Wall Street types with whom he prefers to consort. He's no friend of Main Street, and he's certainly no friend to real entrepreneurs, and for all his posturing as one of us, he isn't, and it's been quite plain. Those of you from outside Texas can be forgiven for mistaking Perry for a conservative. It's assumed because he's a Republican, and he's from Texas, he must be. Let me now explain a bit of why this isn't the case.

Friday I heard the increasingly estimable Mark Davis claim that you shouldn't mind that Perry converted from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party because, as he points out, Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat too. Of course, this is a lie by omission, because what Davis doesn't mention is that it was a long stretch of years between Reagan's conversion and his arrival in California electoral politics. This isn't the case with Rick Perry. He was Al Gore's Texas Campaign Manager in 1988, and following the loss, immediately reversed course and ran as a Republican. I don't know about you, but despite Davis' rather disingenuous interpretation of Reagan's conversion, painting it as just alike, I'm inclined to believe he left some details out intentionally.

Rick Perry has been a regular guest on Davis' show on WBAP in the D/FW area for years, and to consider Davis anything like an objective or unbiased voice in this stretches all credulity. Frankly, I hope Limbaugh finds somebody else to be a regular fill in, because Davis is clearly in the tank for Perry, and it runs against Limbaugh's general premise that he will take no position in a Republican primary, except in general terms on behalf of conservatism.

You may have heard some of Perry's more recent statements about conditions along the Texas border with Mexico, and you might be inclined to believe Mr. Perry thinks more should be done. He even tried to repair his credibility on the issue by being broadcast on a live feed from a base of operations near the border for an interview on Greta Van Susteren's show. If you believe that stage-managed bit of theater, I'm inclined to let you know right now that he's relatively no more conservative in real terms than George Bush, which is to say on the matter of his statist, globalist reflexes, he's no conservative at all. I'd hate it if anybody else broke the news to you, because I believe bad news is best delivered by a friend. Check out the following video for where Rick Perry really stands on issues of the border:


I realize there's a tendency to overstate things in the name of supporting one's position, but it's really no exaggeration to suggest that Perry isn't really very close in his thinking to Tea Party Members, not when measured against what he's been saying since October 2010, but in what he has said all along throughout his career. He's taken money and support from La Raza, ACORN, and other groups that advocate spending tax-payer dollars for dubious programs and projects.

He's also a crony-capitalist. If you're like me, that's simply something you can't abide. I love the free market, but Governor Perry's revolving door between his staff and corporate boardrooms is a well-established phenomenon, and frankly, if you buy into his nonsense, he's going to wind up exploiting your good intentions too. Companies like Merck and Cintra are more his style, and his staff has reflected this over the years of his gubernatorial reign.

You've undoubtedly heard about the Gardasil flap, and likely been willing to dismiss it as a fluke. That would be a serious and potentially tragic mistake. The most ridiculously egregious thing he may have done in his tenure as Governor of Texas was the proposed TransTexas Corridor. You may have heard of it, but may not have any details, so let me expound on that for a moment or two. This was the project that first enlightened me to Perry's big government answers to all things. The upshot is this: It was to be a vast network of toll roads, but more, it would have included some form of light and heavy rail, pipelines, and all manner of things. On the surface, this might sound attractive, but as with any such project, the devil lies in the details.

The plan included 4400 linear miles of a toll road network, running parallel in many cases to existing Highways and Interstates already in existence. The corridor's right of way was to be a full 1/4 mile wide. Simple math tells you that even ignoring junctions and interchanges, this would have consumed 1100 square miles of Texas' territory. You might argue that while it's a lot of land, Texas is a big state. That's all well and good if the state already owns the land, but since it doesn't, it was going to acquire it by use of eminent domain. Again, you might argue that building roads is one function for which eminent domain out to apply, but once you look at the rules to be applied to this project, you might well conclude otherwise. Rather than basing their offers to property owners on free market value, they instead intended to limit it to "fair market value" as determined by a panel of cronies they would gin up for the chore.

This project actually proposed bisecting county and farm roads, and even property, dead-ending what are fairly important thoroughfares for the communities they serve. More, it would have bisected school districts and even towns along its path. Again, you might think that impossible until you understand that this was to be a closed system with few exits or on-ramps, only permitting access at major Highway and Interstate junctions. This threatened to destroy many rural communities, and they rose up against it. Once the details became clear to the public, it was quickly sent back for re-work, and eventually dumped.

Here were the things they didn't advertise, but you need to know. It was supposed to be operate by a concessionaire, Cintra, for a period of 50 years. It was going to employ tolls of roughly $0.26 per mile. A geographical understanding of the scale of Texas immediately prompts the question: "Who on Earth would voluntarily pay to enter a closed-system roadway at that cost over the huge distances in Texas, when a free parallel alternative is just a few miles away in the form of an Interstate, or Highway?" Good question, and the answer is: Almost nobody. So how did they intend to make this work? In 2004,TxDOT applied to the USDOT for a waiver so that they could charge a toll on the existing I-35. The first leg of the proposed TTC system was called TTC-35, the leg that would run from Laredo to an undetermined point on the Oklahoma border. In other words, it was a corridor to nowhere, but in order to get you to use it, they were going to toll the free Interstate and let it fall into disrepair.

Opponents at the time argued that the existing I-35 corridor could be widened, and this was met with a dismissive rejection by Perry's Transportation Commission. They said it couldn't be done in a cost-efficient way. Your confusion at this statement matches that of the average Texan who realizes that this couldn't possibly be true. How hard is it to add a few lanes here and there? Yes, you'll have some eminent domain issues, but nothing on the scale of what the TTC proposed.

They also promised it would promote economic development, but what they kept concealed for a while, until they no longer could do so under the law, was that because it was a closed system, Cintra, the corporation from Spain that would build and operate it, would also have exclusive rights to all concessions along its length. More, due to the limitations on exits and on-ramps, it could never be shown how this colossal highway system would provide any sort of economic boon to anybody, because you wouldn't be able to access most smaller towns from along its length. I'm sure you'll agree with me that the fact that one of Perry's top staffers was a former Cintra VP, and the fact that one of his own staffers had gone on to work for Cintra had absolutely nothing to do with Perry's TTC plans. Right?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you've fallen prey to the hype about Perry, you may be forgiven, particularly if you're not from Texas. You're not aware, as so many here, that Perry isn't the fellow he's now being portrayed to be. He's not a friend to the Tea Party, despite his seeming 2010 conversion, because much like his conversion in 1989, this conversion also seems to be one of convenience. I will assure you, this is most definitely the case.

Perry likes to put on an act about his conservative credentials, and his sympathies with the Tea Party, but if the truth is told, he's no more one of us than the man in the Moon. You might want to let your fellow conservatives and Tea Party patriots know it too: We're being hustled again.

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To: el_texicano

These smears from Palin supporters are so unseemly. If your candidate is so afraid of Rick Perry, why won’t SHE put her hat in the ring?

51 posted on 08/27/2011 12:36:15 PM PDT by OrangeHoof (Obama: The Dr. Kevorkian of the American economy.)
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To: shiva
Actually a lot of us at this site feel the same. A Romney nomination would be a disaster and would be gifting Obama re-election no matter what the polls say. When the real fighting beings Romney is a loser.

The real fighting will being when the MSM shifts from 'prop up the RINO and weakest candidate in the GOP primary' mode to 'campaign arm for Obama' mode. Just like they did with McCain in the last primary. When that happens Romney will just collapse.

52 posted on 08/27/2011 12:36:35 PM PDT by JosephSmithNAW
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To: stillonaroll; All

None of the current crop of candidates are up to the task in my humble opinion. Only one is the right candidate to take on Obama.

Sarah Palin

She is the only one who has demonstrated that she means what she says and the Liberals know it, the pubbie establishment knows it. And they are scared to death of her.

53 posted on 08/27/2011 12:36:39 PM PDT by el_texicano (Extremism in the face of tyranny is no fault, Moderation in the face of evil, no virtue.)
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To: South40
Rick Perry confronting the President with his written plan on securing the boarder. Haven't seen to many other folks take this remarkable step.

54 posted on 08/27/2011 12:37:11 PM PDT by Lazlo in PA (Now living in a newly minted Red State.)
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To: Lazlo in PA

Thanks for reminding me of that. I had forgotten.

55 posted on 08/27/2011 12:39:43 PM PDT by LegendHasIt
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To: MarkAmerica

You might want to add something about his anti-TSA-groping bill con game too.

56 posted on 08/27/2011 12:39:43 PM PDT by icanhasbailout (Theoretical Ideal Candidate for President 2012)
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To: South40

Is that a problem?

A man who knows we live in a big world rather than under a rock somewhere is required as President. Business makes the world go round. Anti business, anti capitalism is progressive, not conservative.

57 posted on 08/27/2011 12:40:40 PM PDT by bert (K.E. N.P. +12 ....Rats carry plague)
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To: magritte
"I also think Nikki Haley is possible, ..."

That would be a good pick, but I hear that Haley has said she does not want to be VP. It might have something to do with just getting elected Governor and feeling that she has more to do in that capacity before moving to the national scene. Then again, Perry said he would not run for President and apparently changed his mind.
58 posted on 08/27/2011 12:40:59 PM PDT by rob777
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To: magritte
...word around my street is that Giuliani has been hanging around auditioning as the New Dick Cheney.

Peas in a pod.

59 posted on 08/27/2011 12:41:12 PM PDT by South40 (Perry: There is a path to citizenship for ILLEGAL ALIENS who have served THEIR country)
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To: Bad~Rodeo
The bottom line is Obama HAS to go....vato

Here we go again. None of the current candidates are perfect so let's not vote for any of them.

Perry 31, Romney 20, Bachmann 14, Palin , Cain 9, Gingrich 5, Paul 4, Huntsman 2, Santorum 2

Let's cut the legs off of all of these candidates and let's end up with somebody like Huntsman who we can all agree to hate.

60 posted on 08/27/2011 12:42:59 PM PDT by oldbrowser (They're socialists don't call them liberals)
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To: bert

Bert, I’m as free-market as it gets. Problem is, Perry isn’t. Don’t confuse friendships with big corporations with capitalism. Lots and lots of corporatists out there. Perry’s one of them. Sorry, but saying he’s a capitalist is roughly on par with saying he’s a communist. Neither holds up to serious scrutiny.

61 posted on 08/27/2011 12:43:33 PM PDT by MarkAmerica (I support Sarah Palin because she supports me.)
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To: Conservativegreatgrandma
At this point, Perry is far more electable than Palin--that is not an anti-Palin statement. It's a reflection of poll after poll.

It seems that simply expressing doubt in Sarah Palin's ability to sweep the Republican primary and defeat Obama in a landslide of historic proportions is equated with "bashing" her.

Have you read the posts on here from Palin supporters? They're vitriolic. I don't like any of this. We all must come together after our nominee is chosen.

I don't either.

I see it like this: There's a certain element of posters here who believe Sarah Palin is entitled to the Republican nomination by virtue of being Sarah Palin. She can sit on the fence as long as she likes, it doesn't matter because as soon as she throws her hat into the ring the nomination is hers for the taking and nobody better stand in her way.

To these people, Rick Perry is a threat because he's picking up support from those who would've traditionally been in Palin's camp except not only have they gotten tired of waiting, they've started to question if Palin can actually beat Obama. They've demonstrated both a lack of patience and faith that has angered and unnerved this element of Palin supporters. Hence the childish backlash and the ridiculous hyperbole that's increasingly being posted here against Perry. Governor Perry was a solid conservative prior to entering the race. Now all of the sudden, he's as much as lefty as they come, as bad as Obama. Really?

As of now, I'm in the Perry camp. Is he the most conservative candidate? No, but I believe he is the most conservative candidate who can beat Obama. The second part of this statement is very important to me. But make no mistake, if Sarah Palin earns her party's nomination, I will support her enthusiastically.

My primary concern is watching a defeated Obama board Marine One on January 20th, 2013 and fly away forever. I will support whichever candidate I believe will make this a reality. Right now, I believe this candidate is Governor Rick Perry.

62 posted on 08/27/2011 12:44:33 PM PDT by Gena Bukin (Perry/Rubio 2012)
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To: bobk333; All
“It’s pretty much the RINOs, the establishment Republicans who want politics as usual and business as usual in D.C., who are supporting Perry.

Don’t let Perry fool you, people. He and his supporters are anti-Tea-Party and have been going around smearing Sarah Palin and everybody else associated with the Tea Party.”

God you people are boring. You're not even trying to make sense anymore. Everyone knows the Beltway types like e.g. Brooks, Noonan, Rove are not fans.

As to Palin, you're not really doing her a service, because I'm starting to hate all of you so much, I'm starting to hate her!

She endorsed Perry (when she didn't have to, there was someone else in the race besides Hutchinson who was to the right of Perry), so I guess that was just another mistake. Like McCain. Like Hatch.

I don't know if it's changed, but did you know w/in the year her approval rating IN ALASKA was lower than Obama’s? If it's better now, I bet it's because his went down, rather than hers up.

Again, I know you fanatics aren't going to listen to this, but this is a terrible way to win support for her. Ask, someone, anyone you know whose job it is to sell.

Encourage her to enter the race, then when she does, write threads about why she's better than Perry. If you care about her, YOU ARE MAKING PEOPLE HATE HER doing it this way.

63 posted on 08/27/2011 12:45:03 PM PDT by trickamsterdam (District: Red-light...)
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To: MarkAmerica

What Gardasil mandate? There was NEVER ONE! Mainly because in 2003 during the autism scare, four years before the USDA approved Gardasil, Rick Perry supported, got passed and signed into law legislation that allows parents to opt out of ANY IMMUNIZATIONS THEY DEEM DANGEROUS TO THEIR CHILDREN. All they had to do was a pick up a form at school, fill it done! They get to choose what immunizations their children get. My daughter opted out in 2003 and didn’t even have to pick up the Gardasil form. Your Gardasil krap is horse hockey!

The TTC was ordered by the US Congress in the 1990’s, NOT Rick Perry. It’s being built TODAY because the US Congress ordered it! We just hit some problems with the design of it and it’s been corrected and re-routed. By the way that SUPER HIGHWAY has been running from Laredo to Canada since 1950’s when Eisenhower built it!

I tout every bit of his actions as conservative.

I have worked with Governor Perry’s office on the many issues as a member of my county’s ad hoc commission on state issues, INCLUDING the TTC. And there’s not a blasted truth in any of your democratic propaganda.

64 posted on 08/27/2011 12:45:08 PM PDT by RowdyFFC
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To: DRey
They caught him saying under his breath as he walked off from one...”see ya, mother @#$#er.” It was a big deal that hurt him with conservatives, saying the “F” word. So that’s some of the ammo they use to say he’s really not a Christian.

Was this a different occasion than when he said, "Adios, MoFo"? Or was it just translated into English?

65 posted on 08/27/2011 12:45:18 PM PDT by Inspectorette
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To: LegendHasIt

I agree. My questions for all the Palinista’s is..since she is not running, who you going to support Myth Romney? Doubt it.

66 posted on 08/27/2011 12:45:36 PM PDT by DeusExMachina05 (I will not go into Dhimmitude quietly.)
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To: el_texicano

Nobody but PALIN. right?

You do realize you’re simply posting a single blogger’s opinion. Who cares?

Perry vs Barry


67 posted on 08/27/2011 12:46:05 PM PDT by wolfcreek (Perry to Obama: Adios, MOFO!)
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To: el_texicano

I am pretty sure that my loyalty will lie with Palin if she runs but Perry strikes me as much better than Romney.

One thing about Perry is that he couldn’t have gotten done what he did without a like minded House and Senate and we need to concentrate on sending a majority of Republicans to the US Congress this next election.

68 posted on 08/27/2011 12:46:20 PM PDT by tiki
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To: magritte

Marco Rubio:

‘On the honesty part, for example, he admitted, obliquely, that George W. Bush had raided the nation’s piggy bank and subsequently beaten the piggy to death. “I know that it’s popular in my party to blame the president, the current president,” Rubio said. “But the truth is that the only thing this president has done is accelerate policies that were already in place, and were doomed to fail.”

Rubio doesn’t want to blame Obama????


Rubio clearly said he wanted to phase out Social Security as something unaffordable, something that would bankrupt the nation and harm our children.

Then who is going to take care of our seniors?
Sure lots of places have no Social Security.
They’re known as Third World countries. You may have heard of some of them.. Somalia? Sri Lanka? Bangladesh? We should ask those countries how they take care of their elderly, yes?



69 posted on 08/27/2011 12:46:20 PM PDT by patriot08 (TEXAS GAL- born and bred and proud of it!)
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I get it now. Texas kids are stupid because of its governor. So, if murder rates are higher in New York, it’s because of Cuomo. And if people are fatter in Mississippi, it’s because of Barbour. Thanks for the enlightenment...

70 posted on 08/27/2011 12:47:26 PM PDT by bt1911
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To: RED SOUTH; South40; stephenjohnbanker
MORE PROBLEMS Perry’s coziness with Chinese and foreign investors exposes a huge weak­ness in his right flank—illegal immigration and open borders. Perry focused on the Chinese companies ability to create jobs in Texas........while national security experts concluded that the global telecom giant poses a potential cyber-security risk to the US military and US businesses. Three times since 2008, a US government security panel has blocked Huawei from acquiring or partnering with US companies because of concerns that secrets could be leaked to China’s government or its military.

“Perry’s ill-conceived “Trans Texas Corridor” (wherein he used eminent domain to take land from Texans for foreigners) has been linked to the global plan to economically integrate North America, with the eventual goal of a common security perimeter modeled after the European Union.


Dang it, Perry ain't taking this settin' down. The Mexican govt and La Raza are sending hordes of illegals to defend Rick.

Heck, Senor Perrynista might even get another monogrammed serape (/snix).

Senor El Perrynista receives a serape from Mexican Gov Enrique Martinez
of Coahuila, as a token of appreciation for enacting the Texican Dream Act.


"Captain Gardasil" addresses La Raza.

"Come on down. You get one in the rear and in-state tuition at any Texas college."

71 posted on 08/27/2011 12:47:31 PM PDT by Liz ( A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col Sanders.)
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To: el_texicano

I like that MarkAmerica. He’s an excellent writer. I know nothing of Perry, but much about Sarah.

I know, she’s not in it......yet. The more I learn about Perry, the more he reminds me of the RINOS I promised myself I wouldn’t vote for (my last vote was for Sarah, NOT mclame).

If the country wants to bring itself to ruin (Conservatives/Tea Party not included), so be it. Let the war begin.

If Sarah isn’t on my ballot, I’m writing her in.

72 posted on 08/27/2011 12:47:43 PM PDT by NoGrayZone ("Islamophobia: The irrational fear of being beheaded." Andrew Klavan of PJTV)
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To: RowdyFFC

Not one word, not one word can you prove is not true, thus you start the personal attack crap.

73 posted on 08/27/2011 12:47:47 PM PDT by org.whodat (What does the Republican party stand for////??? absolutely nothing.)
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To: el_texicano

NOT interested in seeing Perry in the WH this coming election anymore than Mitt Romney. We need a totally fresh start both in Congress, and the WH.

We personally will be disappointed if we cannot have Palin in the WH, and a heavy TEA Party presence in a majority Republican Congress.

IF idiots nominate Perry, we’ll have no choice but to support him over Obama of course. NOT our choice.

74 posted on 08/27/2011 12:47:52 PM PDT by rockinqsranch (Dems, Libs, Socialists, call 'em what you will, they ALL have fairies livin' in their trees.)
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To: South40
He's a self-serving career politician who's more beholden to big business and his globalist masters than he would be to the American people. And the more I read the more I am convinced both he and his supporters like it that way.

Are you sure you're on the right website.

Statements like this sound much more appropriate for Democratic Underground than they do here.

Maybe I'm crazy but I kinda like big business. That's where the jobs are.

75 posted on 08/27/2011 12:48:19 PM PDT by Gena Bukin (Perry/Rubio 2012)
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To: el_texicano

Obama sure Isnt

76 posted on 08/27/2011 12:49:24 PM PDT by ballplayer
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To: DCmarcher-976453

Did you notice that young reporter he poked in the chest was quoting a piece of Politico garbage and obviously didn’t know what he was talking about? Why would you waste your time on somebody who spews Politico krap pretending it’s the truth?

77 posted on 08/27/2011 12:49:35 PM PDT by RowdyFFC
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To: Inspectorette

No. Same thing. Translation. I loved it.

78 posted on 08/27/2011 12:50:07 PM PDT by DRey
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To: Conservativegreatgrandma
"At this point, Perry is far more electable than Palin-"

It's pretty sad you have debased yourself to the "most electable" than to the most qualified, who would actually turn this country around.

79 posted on 08/27/2011 12:51:20 PM PDT by NoGrayZone ("Islamophobia: The irrational fear of being beheaded." Andrew Klavan of PJTV)
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To: el_texicano
Thanks for your post, el_texicano. I haven't decided who I really like, only a couple I really don't like.

So, your post gives me point of reference to understand where Perry is; I'm reading FED UP! I don't know any candidates’ hagiography (hope that is right wood!) so I'm ready to start digging!

I know Kinky Friedman (sic?) likes him (so that's a plus-heh!). But, I want to see any undersides all of the candidates have.

Thanks for some stuff to chew on! texicana hummingbird

80 posted on 08/27/2011 12:51:30 PM PDT by hummingbird
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To: cripplecreek
This tea partier knows Eddie Haskell when he sees him.

Now THAT is funny...:oP

81 posted on 08/27/2011 12:51:39 PM PDT by Niteflyr ("The number one goal in life is to parent yourself" Carl Jung)
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To: Lazlo in PA
Thanks for the pic but I was already aware of Perry's penchant for the photo op.
82 posted on 08/27/2011 12:52:10 PM PDT by South40 (Perry: There is a path to citizenship for ILLEGAL ALIENS who have served THEIR country)
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To: trickamsterdam

You have no idea what you are talking about. It’s clear you’ve never been associated with a campaign in any way.

You should study up on politics a bit before trying again.

I don’t care who you hate, I want to know Perry’s true record and I want all the voters to know it as well.

83 posted on 08/27/2011 12:52:35 PM PDT by free me (Sarah Palin 2012 - GAME ON!!)
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To: joyce11111

I do NOT like that Mark Davis that fills in for Rush. What an arrogant, empty SOB. And he doesn’t like Palin and takes swipes at her every chance he gets.

84 posted on 08/27/2011 12:52:35 PM PDT by spacejunkie01
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Obviously, your preferred candidate would have handled education issues in Texas much differently. Please tell us how the laws and executive decisions Perry was responsible for would have been dealt with differently had your preferred candidate been in charge.

It’s easy to attack someone. It’s a lot harder to describe a better alternative.

85 posted on 08/27/2011 12:53:12 PM PDT by sforkjoe57 (How much longer must Americans be slaves to the stupidity of John Maynard Keynes?)
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To: org.whodat

Sure I can...which issue do you want to take on...bring it out!

86 posted on 08/27/2011 12:53:17 PM PDT by RowdyFFC
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To: el_texicano

Perry is all cowboy Hat and sunglasses(polarized).. NO Tea Party..
The Tea Party are dressed as Indians not Cowboys.. jeese..
You buy them books they eat the pages..

87 posted on 08/27/2011 12:54:23 PM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole...)
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To: el_texicano

Borrowing a line from Mark Belling on the Rush show the other day, I’d prefer a stronger Conservative on some issues but I’d crawl over broken glass to vote for Rick Perry if the alternative was 4 more years of Obama.

88 posted on 08/27/2011 12:54:45 PM PDT by bigbob
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To: South40

I would vote Giuliani over Romney.

89 posted on 08/27/2011 12:54:45 PM PDT by DRey
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To: Gena Bukin
Maybe I'm crazy but I kinda like big business. That's where the jobs are.


I like big business too, but I don't want my president beholden to it.

90 posted on 08/27/2011 12:55:11 PM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: DCmarcher-976453; cripplecreek; org.whodat; MarkAmerica; South40; stephenjohnbanker; RED SOUTH; ...
In 2001, Perry signed into law the very first Texican “Dream ACT” to finance children of illegal immigrants for pay in-state tuition at any Texas university. Perry defended the Texican “Dream ACT,” saying, “To punish these young Texans for their parents' actions is not what America has always been about.” Perry then jetted off to Mexico and bragged to Mexicans that Texas passed the law, saying, “The message is simple, educacion es el futuro, y si se puede,” (education is the future, and yes we can).

Education for illegals? Which education, Senor Ricardo? .......“raza studies”? Read on.

Anti-Americanism Disguised as Ethnic Studies in Tucson Schools ^ | August 27, 2011 | Rachel Alexander
FR Posted on Monday, August 22, 2011 by Kaslin

The Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) is in a contentious fight with the state of Arizona over its controversial Mexican-American Studies program. A state law went into effect in Arizona on January 1, 2011, banning the teaching of ethnic studies in K-12 schools. It was prompted by an investigation into TUSD’s ethnic studies curriculum by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne when he was State Superintendent of Schools.

The program is known as “raza studies,” which means race studies, championed by organizations like the far left organization National Council of La Raza. The course does not simply teach Latino youth about their heritage, it goes well beyond that. The textbooks teach Latino youth that they are mistreated by America, training them to become radical anti-American activists.

Textbooks include “The Pedagogy of the Oppressed” and “Occupied America.” Another text "gloats over the difficulties our country is having at enforcing its immigration laws." Benjamin Franklin is vilified as a racist. White people are referred to as “gringos” and “oppressors” of Latino people. “Privilege” is described as related to a person’s ethnicity.

At a TUSD school board meeting on May 10, one upset mother read excerpts from the textbook An Epic Poem: " My land is lost and stolen, My culture has been raped......we have to destroy capitalism…overthrow a government that has committed abuses….to the bloodsuckers, the parasites, the vampires who are the capitalists of the world: The schools are tools of the power structure that blind and sentence our youth to a life of confusion, and hypocrisy, one that preaches assimilation and practices institutional racism."--SNIP--


Did Senor Perrynista not know about this? Or was he taking a siesta?

91 posted on 08/27/2011 12:55:31 PM PDT by Liz ( A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col Sanders.)
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To: South40

Giuliani has an intense following in Republican circles that obviously is not reflected on FR. Don’t discount him..he adds many more moderates and independents than he loses on conservatives.

92 posted on 08/27/2011 12:56:52 PM PDT by magritte
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To: bigbob

crawl over broken glass to vote for Rick Perry if the alternative was 4 more years of Obama.

Thank God that is NOT the case.

93 posted on 08/27/2011 12:57:18 PM PDT by free me (Sarah Palin 2012 - GAME ON!!)
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To: Conservativegreatgrandma

If polls were always right Jimmy Carter would’ve won a second term and John Kerry would’ve beat George Bush. The only polls that matter happen in November 2012.


94 posted on 08/27/2011 12:57:47 PM PDT by gardencatz (Proud mom US Marine! It can't always be someone else's son.)
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To: gardencatz

Yep at this time last election Ricky’s pick for president, Giuliani, was in the lead and Fred Thompson was second.

95 posted on 08/27/2011 1:00:29 PM PDT by free me (Sarah Palin 2012 - GAME ON!!)
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To: Liz
I guess you're right, Liz. Perry should crap all over our trade partners, including Mexico, because that is a good thing for Texas exports.

You might want to do a little more research outside of MSNBC or Kay Bailey Hutchinson's old websites on the TTC. That was NOT conceived by Perry. It was mandated by congress in 1990.
96 posted on 08/27/2011 1:00:35 PM PDT by DRey
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To: gardencatz
The only polls that matter happen in November 2012. Cindie


97 posted on 08/27/2011 1:00:53 PM PDT by Niteflyr ("The number one goal in life is to parent yourself" Carl Jung)
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To: kittymyrib

>>Paulbot or Mittbot?<<

When you have nothing of substance to say, attack the messenger and name-call.

98 posted on 08/27/2011 1:00:53 PM PDT by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears ("But resist, we much...we must...and we will committed." - Al Sharpton)
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To: org.whodat

Actually, I see a LOT of cattle in Rick Perry, but they’re all showing me their hind quarters. Bob

99 posted on 08/27/2011 1:02:26 PM PDT by alstewartfan ("The movie's rolled down to the last reel. It's got an ending you never planned. Harry Chapin)
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To: NoGrayZone

How has she debased herself? Clearly he’s more electable than Palin. Palin isn’t RUNNING!

100 posted on 08/27/2011 1:02:50 PM PDT by DRey
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