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Some of You Tea Party Folk Think Rick Perry’s the Answer?
C4P ^ | August 28, 2011 | Marc America

Posted on 08/28/2011 10:01:59 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan

If you’re a Tea Party member, or you have significant sympathies with them, I’d caution you against climbing aboard Rick Perry’s TransTexasCatastrophe. The Media is doing everything possible to paint this guy as a bronc-busting, cattle-roping, Texan, but in truth, there are more than a few things you ought to know about him. He’s no friend to individual rights, except in an election season, and he’s not really the trend-setter he’d have you believe. His record on jobs isn’t actually so swift as he’d have you believe, and he’s got less in common with the average Texan than he does with the Wall Street types with whom he prefers to consort. He’s no friend of Main Street, and he’s certainly no friend to real entrepreneurs, and for all his posturing as one of us, he isn’t, and it’s been quite plain. Those of you from outside Texas can be forgiven for mistaking Perry for a conservative. It’s assumed because he’s a Republican, and he’s from Texas, he must be. Let me now explain a bit of why this isn’t the case.

Friday I heard the increasingly estimable Mark Davis claim that you shouldn’t mind that Perry converted from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party because, as he points out, Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat too. Of course, this is a lie by omission, because what Davis doesn’t mention is that it was a long stretch of years between Reagan’s conversion and his arrival in California electoral politics. This isn’t the case with Rick Perry. He was Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Manager in 1988, and following the loss, immediately reversed course and ran as a Republican. I don’t know about you, but despite Davis’ rather disingenuous interpretation of Reagan’s conversion, painting it as just alike, I’m inclined to believe he left some details out intentionally.

Rick Perry has been a regular guest on Davis’ show on WBAP in the D/FW area for years, and to consider Davis anything like an objective or unbiased voice in this stretches all credulity. Frankly, I hope Limbaugh finds somebody else to be a regular fill in, because Davis is clearly in the tank for Perry, and it runs against Limbaugh’s general premise that he will take no position in a Republican primary, except in general terms on behalf of conservatism.

You may have heard some of Perry’s more recent statements about conditions along the Texas border with Mexico, and you might be inclined to believe Mr. Perry thinks more should be done. He even tried to repair his credibility on the issue by being broadcast on a live feed from a base of operations near the border for an interview on Greta Van Susteren’s show. If you believe that stage-managed bit of theater, I’m inclined to let you know right now that he’s relatively no more conservative in real terms than George Bush, which is to say on the matter of his statist, globalist reflexes, he’s no conservative at all. I’d hate it if anybody else broke the news to you, because I believe bad news is best delivered by a friend. Check out the following video for where Rick Perry really stands on issues of the border:

I realize there’s a tendency to overstate things in the name of supporting one’s position, but it’s really no exaggeration to suggest that Perry isn’t really very close in his thinking to Tea Party Members, not when measured against what he’s been saying since October 2010, but in what he has said all along throughout his career. He’s taken money and support from La Raza, ACORN, and other groups that advocate spending tax-payer dollars for dubious programs and projects.

He’s also a crony-capitalist. If you’re like me, that’s simply something you can’t abide. I love the free market, but Governor Perry’s revolving door between his staff and corporate boardrooms is a well-established phenomenon, and frankly, if you buy into his nonsense, he’s going to wind up exploiting your good intentions too. Companies like Merck and Cintra are more his style, and his staff has reflected this over the years of his gubernatorial reign.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the Gardasil flap, and likely been willing to dismiss it as a fluke. That would be a serious and potentially tragic mistake. The most ridiculously egregious thing he may have done in his tenure as Governor of Texas was the proposed TransTexas Corridor. You may have heard of it, but may not have any details, so let me expound on that for a moment or two. This was the project that first enlightened me to Perry’s big government answers to all things. The upshot is this: It was to be a vast network of toll roads, but more, it would have included some form of light and heavy rail, pipelines, and all manner of things. On the surface, this might sound attractive, but as with any such project, the devil lies in the details.

The plan included 4400 linear miles of a toll road network, running parallel in many cases to existing Highways and Interstates already in existence. The corridor’s right of way was to be a full 1/4 mile wide. Simple math tells you that even ignoring junctions and interchanges, this would have consumed 1100 square miles of Texas’ territory. You might argue that while it’s a lot of land, Texas is a big state. That’s all well and good if the state already owns the land, but since it doesn’t, it was going to acquire it by use of eminent domain. Again, you might argue that building roads is one function for which eminent domain ought to apply, but once you look at the rules to be applied to this project, you might well conclude otherwise. Rather than basing their offers to property owners on free market value, they instead intended to limit it to “fair market value” as determined by a panel of cronies they would gin up for the chore.

This project actually proposed bisecting county and farm roads, and even property, dead-ending what are fairly important thoroughfares for the communities they serve. More, it would have bisected school districts and even towns along its path. Again, you might think that impossible until you understand that this was to be a closed system with few exits or on-ramps, only permitting access at major Highway and Interstate junctions. This threatened to destroy many rural communities, and they rose up against it. Once the details became clear to the public, it was quickly sent back for re-work, and eventually dumped.

Here were the things they didn’t advertise, but you need to know. It was supposed to be operate by a concessionaire, Cintra, for a period of 50 years. It was going to employ tolls of roughly $0.26 per mile. A geographical understanding of the scale of Texas immediately prompts the question: “Who on Earth would voluntarily pay to enter a closed-system roadway at that cost over the huge distances in Texas, when a free parallel alternative is just a few miles away in the form of an Interstate, or Highway?” Good question, and the answer is: Almost nobody. So how did they intend to make this work? In 2004,TxDOT applied to the USDOT for a waiver so that they could charge a toll on the existing I-35. The first leg of the proposed TTC system was called TTC-35, the leg that would run from Laredo to an undetermined point on the Oklahoma border. In other words, it was a corridor to nowhere, but in order to get you to use it, they were going to toll the free Interstate and let it fall into disrepair.

Opponents at the time argued that the existing I-35 corridor could be widened, and this was met with a dismissive rejection by Perry’s Transportation Commission. They said it couldn’t be done in a cost-efficient way. Your confusion at this statement matches that of the average Texan who realizes that this couldn’t possibly be true. How hard is it to add a few lanes here and there? Yes, you’ll have some eminent domain issues, but nothing on the scale of what the TTC proposed.

They also promised it would promote economic development, but what they kept concealed for a while, until they no longer could do so under the law, was that because it was a closed system, Cintra, the corporation from Spain that would build and operate it, would also have exclusive rights to all concessions along its length. More, due to the limitations on exits and on-ramps, it could never be shown how this colossal highway system would provide any sort of economic boon to anybody, because you wouldn’t be able to access most smaller towns from along its length. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the fact that one of Perry’s top staffers was a former Cintra VP, and the fact that one of his own staffers had gone on to work for Cintra had absolutely nothing to do with Perry’s TTC plans. Right?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve fallen prey to the hype about Perry, you may be forgiven, particularly if you’re not from Texas. You’re not aware, as so many here, that Perry isn’t the fellow he’s now being portrayed to be. He’s not a friend to the Tea Party, despite his seeming 2010 conversion, because much like his conversion in 1989, this conversion also seems to be one of convenience. I will assure you, this is most definitely the case.

Perry likes to put on an act about his conservative credentials, and his sympathies with the Tea Party, but if the truth is told, he’s no more one of us than the man in the Moon. You might want to let your fellow conservatives and Tea Party patriots know it too: We’re being hustled again.

Looks tough shooting blanks

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To: The Bronze Titan

Hey, I know he’s far from perfect. There was only one perfect person. RP ain’t Jesus by a long shot.

I do know that he is a good and effective governor with a long and proven record. When the 0bamanation is finished it is going to require someone with vast EXPERIENCE in governing to pick up the pieces of a broken nation. Nobody else running or not running can match that experience PERIOD.

1/2 termers aren’t going to cut it. Polarizing people aren’t going to be effective either. Some of us see the bigger picture of what will need to be done. It’s going to take a lot more than ideology to clean up the crap 0bama and his minions leave us. Your favorite can’t beat 0bama in the general election therefore, I’m NOT going to waste my vote in the primaries. My goal is to kick that turd out of the WH.

41 posted on 08/28/2011 10:29:37 AM PDT by CajunConservative
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To: rintense
-"Is it me, or does Jimmy Rick actually look a little like GWB in some of these pics?"

No! It's not you.

42 posted on 08/28/2011 10:29:58 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan
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To: The Bronze Titan


43 posted on 08/28/2011 10:30:14 AM PDT by BCW (
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To: The Bronze Titan

When your candidat, Palin does not run and she endorses Perry what will you do then? Because its very likely that Palin will endorse Perry.

44 posted on 08/28/2011 10:30:24 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: CajunConservative
I agree. Until she is actually in the race these beat downs of Perry by her rabid supporters aren’t going to accomplish much.

Do you know what bugs me about you "rabid" Perry supporters? You have no curiosity or desire to thoroughly vet Perry to find out IF there are things about him we should know. Palin has been through that fire. You Perry folks are trying to do the same thing Obama's supporters did, cover up and hope to slip through without a proper vetting. I just finished reading the book; Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon. I want to know what connections, what favors were exchanged and how it affected the marketplace. The last thing we need for president is another dirty politician. If Perry is clean, I want to see it proven, not assumed.

45 posted on 08/28/2011 10:30:41 AM PDT by upsdriver (to undo the damage the "intellectual elites" have done. . . . . Sarah Palin for President!)
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To: CA Conservative
"Gee, the Palinistas must be more worried about Perry getting momentum than I thought."

They should be given the results to a recent e-mail just sent out by Tea Party Nation:

"Tea Party Nation is a user-driven
 group of like-minded people who desire our God-given individual
 freedoms written out by the Founding Fathers. We believe in Limited 
Government, Free Speech, the 2nd Amendment, our Military, Secure 
Borders and our Country.

Should Sarah Palin run for the Republican Nomination?

No 57.04% (494 votes)

Yes 42.96% (372 votes)

Total Votes: 866"

This is the group that paid her a hefty fee to speak at a National Convention they held last year. Of the Tea Party groups, this is the one I would have expected to be the most "pro-Palin". Just about al of those who commented on a separate thread liked her, but most did not want to see her run. Several compared her role to a cheerleader. The question was mailed out to people on their list (Tea Party supporters). Such results do not bode well for her should she decide to enter the race.

Here is one response:

"Excellent cheerleader,, great for the cause and the movement. But being down two touchdownd late inthe fourth quarter,, the coach doesn't runa cheerleader into the huddle. Much less in the QB position."
46 posted on 08/28/2011 10:30:41 AM PDT by rob777
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To: The Bronze Titan

When your candidate, Palin does not run and she endorses Perry what will you do then? Because its very likely that Palin will endorse Perry.

47 posted on 08/28/2011 10:30:45 AM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: The Bronze Titan; All

Since you’re a Palin supporter .. why not spend your time supporting her instead of running other people down.

Frankly .. if Palin doesn’t run, I’d rather have Perry than any of the rest of the field.

And .. I’d choose John Bolton (former weapons guy at the State Dept, and Ambassador to the UN) as VP. This guy has an ear to the ground in foreign affairs. And .. he knows how to deal with the snakes at the UN - if I remember correctly .. the UN hated Bolton .. that’s a really good recommendation in my book. He sure would be an asset to either Palin or Perry.

48 posted on 08/28/2011 10:31:52 AM PDT by CyberAnt ("America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth".)
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Some Palin supporters have shown themselves to be far more vitriolic than Palin herself has ever been. Had she behaved like them I would never consider voting for her, and I expect that their vile attitude will in fact dissuade some from doing so as a form of payback.

49 posted on 08/28/2011 10:32:11 AM PDT by Magic Fingers
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To: The Bronze Titan
Why did ACORN support the 2005 legislation? Why was the ability to refinance a Contract for Deed to a Deed of Trust important for homeowners and gave them greater control over their own property?

Whenever anyone parrots the Acorn-Perry BS talking point, or continually asserts the lies about the scope of Texas debt, I know they are full of CRAP and a NON-TEXAN.

Bet you can't answer these questions, because you don't know SH&T about Texas.

But go ahead, keep spewing your lies.

50 posted on 08/28/2011 10:32:11 AM PDT by TheWriterTX (Rock you like a Herman Cain 2012)
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To: The Bronze Titan

Went was the last time Rick had a real job. He just reminds me of a typical career, professional politician.

51 posted on 08/28/2011 10:33:54 AM PDT by steveab (When was the last time someone tried to sell you a CO2 induced climate control system for your home?)
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To: RnMomof7
-"Good article.. After reading a bit in Perry I see him as Bush lite on immigration issues and trying to appeal to the religious right...."

Thank You! It really doesn't take much to go out a research a candidate and their "positions", to see if they are really philosophically grounded in what they believe in, or just more of the same "tell me what you want to hear, and I can tell you what you want to hear" philosophy. A candidate who has a 'trend' or 'track-record' of this type of "tell me what you want to hear" philosophy, automatically (despite what they may say) becomes very suspect and not trustworthy when important decisions need to be made.

52 posted on 08/28/2011 10:36:06 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan
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To: Georgia Girl 2

“When your candidat, Palin does not run and she endorses Perry what will you do then? Because its very likely that Palin will endorse Perry.”

Why, start bashing her as a RINO-lover...NOT. Probably some serious re-trenching and loads of excuses, though.

53 posted on 08/28/2011 10:37:19 AM PDT by Magic Fingers
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To: cherry
Unfortunately, I find myself coming to FreeRepublic less and less often these days. I can't stand to see the constant attacking of candidates that have the courage to stand up at this point in time and declare their intentions to run against Obama for president.

I haven't declared my support for any candidate yet, but I do know this - WHOEVER ends up being the one that runs against Obama - I WILL VOTE FOR HIM/HER. This should be our top priority!

It's fine to point out the pros and cons of each candidate, but NONE of them are perfect - right now, at this time in history - the declared candidates that can beat Barack Hussein Obama should be getting encouragement - not the circular firing squad treatment.

I've read in other threads that this is "Palin Territory" - she is not even a candidate yet! Without exception, when I read a thread attacking Perry or Bachmann - it is initiated by a Palin supporter. I haven't heard Gov. Palin spread this kind of slime herself, and I think it reflects badly on her to see her supporters do it. I can go to DU if I want to see Republican candidates get trashed.

54 posted on 08/28/2011 10:37:34 AM PDT by alicewonders
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To: The Bronze Titan

Thank you for letting us know these things. I suppose I’ll just vote Obama

55 posted on 08/28/2011 10:37:38 AM PDT by Figment ("A communist is someone who reads Marx.An anti-communist is someone who understands Marx" R Reagan)
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To: Marty62
They hate Perry but have no problem with Sarah endorsing the head RINO McCain.


Typical neophyte voters.

Typical hypocrite

Rick Perry Was Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Chairman

56 posted on 08/28/2011 10:37:39 AM PDT by lewislynn ( What does the global warming movement and the Fairtax movement have in commom? Misinformation)
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To: upsdriver

You assume we don’t know anything about him. I assure you that isn’t the case. I keep up with Texas politics since I live near the border and do business there.

Louisiana suffers brain drain because the college graduates move to Texas for better jobs. People from all over are moving to Texas because it’s the one place that is consistently open for employment.

57 posted on 08/28/2011 10:37:47 AM PDT by CajunConservative
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To: PapaBear3625
-"Right now, Perry is the best we've got."

That's why Sarah Palin will run!

58 posted on 08/28/2011 10:38:40 AM PDT by The Bronze Titan
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To: The Bronze Titan

You and your ilk are an embarrassment to Palin.

59 posted on 08/28/2011 10:39:05 AM PDT by P-Marlowe (LPFOKETT GAHCOEEP-w/o*)
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To: CajunConservative

The Tea Party consists of patriotic and God loving Americans who see the dangers the Left have brought down upon us, and want to stand up for what is right for America.

The strength of America has always been her people! We stuck ttogether and it took ALL of us to win WWII. Only the God fearing people in what is termed The Tea Party can beat Obama!

Satan loves a naysayer. He draws his power from the do nothings.

God bless our Constitution! It, like God, does not change! It is the same now as it was the day it was written! The commandments of the Bible do not change. They are as true today as the day Moses brougt[ht the tablets down from the mountain!

Satan deals in doubts. There is right and there is wrong and they are NOT situtational! Be sure yu are on the right side, and together we will know victory in 2012!

60 posted on 08/28/2011 10:39:05 AM PDT by Paperdoll (NO MORE RINOS!)
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