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Tea Party to Hollywood: Stop by for a Visit, Learn Something ^ | 10/20/2011 | Gina Miller

Posted on 10/20/2011 4:53:48 AM PDT by scottfactor

It would be nice if Hollywood actors would stick to doing what they do best—acting—instead of disappointing so many of their fans by opening their mouths to reveal their malignant thinking while falsely accusing millions of their fellow Americans. Putting aside the anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-family, immoral filth that comes out of Hollywood more often than not nowadays, we are seeing the venom of some in Hollywood being ratcheted up toward patriotic Americans who identify with the Tea Party movement and dare to criticize the actions of the communist administration in Washington.

Of course, this hatred for conservatives by Hollywood is nothing new, but since the birth of the Tea Party movement, we have sadly watched members of the Hollywood elite ramp up their verbal assaults and say the most outlandish things about the Tea Party, a movement about which they have clearly taken zero minutes to actually learn something. They have parroted the false “racism” accusation ad nauseam until we want to puke, and lately two of Hollywood’s top actors have come out with more of the ridiculous same rot: Morgan Freeman and Sean “Lovin’ me some Chavez!” Penn.

You have likely heard about actor Morgan Freeman and the stupid, baseless remarks he made late last month on Piers Morgan’s program on CNN. In speaking of the Tea Party, Mr. Freeman proclaimed, “it is a racist thing,” and he also said,

“Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What’s, what does that, what underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we do to get this black man, we can, we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.’”

You talk about something that just about makes throw a rod! This statement is the height of ignorant arrogance. “Screw the country”? The last I checked, that is precisely what Barack Obama, his administration and the Democrats in Congress have been doing with an unprecedented fervor! Apparently Mr. Freeman does not have the ability to understand that there are actually concrete, America-preserving reasons to oppose a second term for this communist in the White House, not mention as many leftist members of Congress as we can vote out. It is plainly Obama’s policies that we oppose, not the shallow aspect of his skin color, but when have leftist loons like Morgan Freeman ever let truth get in the way of an imbecilic sound bite?

Mr. Freeman claimed that the Tea Party, “…just shows the weak, dark underside of America.” And, he said, “We’re supposed to be better than that.”

Now, I may be wasting my time pointing out the obvious here, but Mr. Freeman gave no proof that there is anything weak or dark about the Tea Party movement. He just spit that out there like an older, male version of the detestable Janeane Garofalo, a woman-creature who anyone would have a hard time outdoing in senseless venom hurled at her fellow Americans who do not want to see their country flushed down the Marxist toilet.

I may be spitting in the wind speaking out against such ignorance, but there is no need to keep silent in the face of this slanderous nonsense. None of these Hollywood idiots comes anywhere close to addressing the fact that the Tea Party has clearly and consistently outlined the reasons for our opposition, not just to Obama, but to the entire communist Democrat agenda. We want Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank booted from office just as much as we want Obama out, and it has nothing to do with Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s or Frank’s skin color, but rather, their political color, which is a deep, communist red.

In the wake of Morgan Freeman’s idiot assertions, a prominent, young, national Tea Party organizer and activist, Ali Akbar, who happens to be black, wrote a beautiful and moving open letter to Mr. Freeman. Parts of it gripped my heart as he recounted that Mr. Freeman was one of his heroes when he was a boy, because growing up without a father, he looked up to Mr. Freeman for inspiration in the characters Mr. Freeman played on the silver screen. He said that Mr. Freeman’s words about the Tea Party caused him physical pain, yet he went on to invite Mr. Freeman to come to any Tea Party gathering in the nation and learn first-hand that what Mr. Freeman has professed is utterly wrong.

Another Tea Party invitation was extended to uber-leftist actor-director Sean Penn, who, on Friday continued the Hollywood pile-on of the Tea Party on the same CNN program.

Mr. Penn declared,

"And, and there, yet there’s another problem. You have what I call the 'Get the ‘N’-word out of the White House party,' the Tea Party, this kind of sensibility, which is much more of a distraction.

... I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. If you ask a representative of the Tea Party, 'okay, Social Security, socialist, get rid of it,' they're going to get very confused. What the, what they're -- at the end of the day, there's a big bubble coming out of their heads saying, you know, 'can we just lynch him?'

If we just focus on the basics, together, I think this is a country that if it -- if it -- if we kind of wake up and look at each other in a room, it's like the light's off. You turn the light on, people are good."

I have noticed that when people are lying, they often stammer in their speech. We have the stammering in both Morgan Freeman’s and Sean Penn’s slanderous declarations about the Tea Party, although in Penn’s case, it is harder to wade through the meaning of his disjointed words than through his stammering delivery. The bottom line here is we have a man who has latched himself onto communist causes who is lying about the Tea Party. If Sean Penn is not a communist, he is the next closest thing.

The website Discover the Networks has a profile on Sean Penn which reports that his father was also an actor and director who was an open communist. Penn himself is a member of the Not in our Name group which is a so-called “peace” front for the Revolutionary Communist Party. He is a big supporter of, a leftist political organizing and fundraising group dedicated to the communist Democrat agenda and heavily funded by George Soros organizations and other left-wing money sources. Penn’s mentor was the Marxist, Norman Solomon, who founded the Institute for Public Accuracy. Oh, and he used to date Susan Sarandon, another radical left-wing activist.

Sean Penn is a hot-headed lunatic, and in truth, what he says, or what Morgan Freeman says, will not derail or dissuade members of the Tea Party movement, and in fact, will only fire us up. People who are ignorant of the truth about the Tea Party movement will remain that way unless they choose to awaken from their stupor. If Penn’s and Freeman’s words actually accomplish anything, it will be to lose many paying customers who will refuse to ever again watch their pictures in the theater or purchase copies of them.

As in the wake of Morgan Freeman’s baseless remarks, so Sean Penn was given an invitation to come meet with the Tea Party and perhaps learn a few things. As reported by Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch,

"[Mark Meckler] the co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots released a statement to EW, inviting Penn to meet with members of the movement.

Said Mark Meckler: 'I’m fairly certain that Sean Penn has never been to a tea party or met anyone who belongs to a local tea party. I’d be happy to sit down and speak with him if he’s ever interested in really speaking with one of us and learning what we are about instead of just slandering millions of his fellow American citizens with racist hatred. This kind of rhetoric, while protected by the First Amendment, has no place in reasonable discourse in America. Then again, no one has ever accused Sean Penn of ‘reasonable discourse.'"

Ain’t that the truth?!

So, here we have Tea Party patriots who are rising up in the face of abusive slander by leftist radicals inviting—or rather daring—these liars to have the guts to attend a Tea Party meeting or even meet with a member or two. It will not happen, however, because these people on the communist Left do not want to know the truth; in fact, they run from the truth like a vampire from sunlight.

Those of us who identify with the Tea Party movement know darned well that we are none of the things the idiot Left falsely accuses us of being. We know it is our love for America that pushes us to oppose the communist enemies who have invaded our government, our courts, our schools, and other major institutions, including Hollywood.

Nothing as simple as a single man’s skin color could cause such a patriotic passion and such an explosion of political awakening among countless millions of Americans of every race and background. No. What has caused the wildfire spread of the Tea Party is an American public in near panic mode as it sees a lethal threat to every aspect of our existence here in this great nation. That lethal threat comes most fully from the communist Democrat party along with a few fake conservatives who call themselves Republicans.

As long as the Tea Party keeps catching flak, we know we are right over the target. God bless America!

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1 posted on 10/20/2011 4:53:53 AM PDT by scottfactor
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To: scottfactor

Dear writer, and fellow freepers. Do not use the term “Filth” in describing the left. It is an archaic phrase that makes the writer sound like an idiotic prude.

2 posted on 10/20/2011 4:57:27 AM PDT by Walkingfeather
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To: scottfactor

Not all Hollywood actors are leftists; many are merely dumb as cardboard.

What, after all, do they study in college - if they attended college at all?

3 posted on 10/20/2011 5:07:26 AM PDT by Redbob (W.W.J.B.D.: "What Would Jack Bauer Do?")
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To: Walkingfeather
It's also a correct depiction of what they are, and will always be... literally and figuratively.
4 posted on 10/20/2011 5:07:47 AM PDT by Common Sense 101 (Hey libs... If your theories fly in the face of reality, it's not reality that's wrong.)
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To: Walkingfeather
I respectfully disagree. Have you heard the description of conservatives from the Left? Descriptions that would get my post removed by the moderators here on FR if I mentioned them? And you wonder why Michelle Malkin describes the Left as Unhinged and Ann Coulter describes them as Demonic, both titles of books written by these two?
5 posted on 10/20/2011 5:15:08 AM PDT by RayChuang88 (FairTax: America's economic cure)
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To: RayChuang88

I disagree with you. I am more conservative than most here on fr. I also operate in the world with highly worldly people (yes in hollywood). There are just some terms that have become detrimental to our side because of various reasons.. SNL church lady etc. Yes the left produces “filth” but when used in a serious context you get nothing but mocking and laughter, people you are trying to convince will immediately dismiss you as a kook. Trust me on this, use another term.

6 posted on 10/20/2011 5:31:42 AM PDT by Walkingfeather
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To: scottfactor

I immediately see a spoof scene featuring Bruce Willis in an AC duct with that headline!

7 posted on 10/20/2011 5:35:48 AM PDT by mazda77 (and I am a Native Texan)
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To: Walkingfeather

This comment is right up there with the most inane I have ever read. Maybe the author should have used something more in line with modern hollywood like “teabagger”.

“It’s young, it’s fresh,and effective.” NP

8 posted on 10/20/2011 6:39:25 AM PDT by logitech
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To: Walkingfeather

Dear Walkingfeather, perhaps you would care to understand that this writer (me) was referring to many Hollywood PICTURES as “filth,” not the Hollywood people themselves. The people of Hollywood were called “idiots” in my column, not that you will like that term any better. I just prefer my meaning to be understood rather than falsely debated.

As for your saying I am using an “archaic” word that makes me sound like an “idiotic prude,” well, I guess that’s just your opinion, now isn’t it? —Especially since you misinterpreted the sentence in which I used the word “filth.”

You do not know anything about me, and your stupid name-calling is dead wrong.

9 posted on 10/20/2011 6:39:52 AM PDT by WXRGina
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To: WXRGina

You must have mis understood my post... I was saying DONT use the word filth referring to anyone or anything. Again my opinion. I dont care whom or what you were referring, it still is an ineffective and self maligning term.

I only say this as I am assuming you wrote your article to have some impact. If you were writing to convince those that are already convinced, yell “Filth, wicked, naughty” all you want. And yes, I believe it makes you “sound like and idiotic prude” (I am sure you are a sincere and intelligent person) it would be my opinion but also many others as well. I am just telling you so that you do not deride and mock yourself when your intent was the opposite. If you are preaching to the choir go right ahead.

10 posted on 10/20/2011 12:09:10 PM PDT by Walkingfeather
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To: Walkingfeather

If the shoe fits...’filth’ is an understatement of the truth, and “scum” doesn’t have quite the same impact that it used to .

11 posted on 10/20/2011 12:21:14 PM PDT by scottfactor
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To: scottfactor

“Learning something” requires both intelligence and an open mind.

Most in Hollywood lack one or the other, and often, both.

12 posted on 10/20/2011 12:30:06 PM PDT by EyeGuy (2012: When the Levee Breaks)
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To: Walkingfeather
I am more conservative than most here on fr

Oh...if you say so.

13 posted on 10/20/2011 12:33:33 PM PDT by Mr.Unique (Very generic, non-offensive, tagline.)
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To: Walkingfeather

That’s OK.

I already dismiss your “highly worldly people” as useless kooks. I mock and laugh at their utter lack of a moral foundation or compass.

Additionally, I refuse to let them control the language and moral standards in this country via ridiculous fictions such as the Church Lady.

Acquiesce to them if you want.

14 posted on 10/20/2011 12:36:14 PM PDT by EyeGuy (2012: When the Levee Breaks)
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To: Walkingfeather

Well, then, just go on believing such an odd idea. It really is a bizarre thing to say, though. Our language is filled with all manner of descriptive words, and “filth” is just another one; it is not “archaic,” and to issue such a weird, blanket statement that anyone who uses that word is an “idiotic prude” makes you sound a bit deranged.

Regardless, this column is actually a radio broadcast ( that I do twice-weekly on a conservative talk station that carries Rush, Savage, Beck and Hannity. So, no, I’m not trying to “convince” anyone of anything—I’m only stating the obvious in this particular piece.

15 posted on 10/20/2011 1:32:26 PM PDT by WXRGina
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To: WXRGina

....notice I didn’t argue with any point you made, just how you made it. If you are preaching to the choir and the that language appeals .......Fair enough... My assumption was that you were trying to have impact. My bad.

16 posted on 10/20/2011 4:09:30 PM PDT by Walkingfeather
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To: Walkingfeather

Oh, in my numerous columns I’ve had plenty of “impact,” according to my detractors and supporters, but that’s another story.

17 posted on 10/20/2011 4:31:58 PM PDT by WXRGina
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