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Judge Malihi Rules Against Plaintiffs: Says Obama Born In Hawaii Therefore Natural Born Citizen ^ | 2/3/2012 | Kevin Powell

Posted on 02/03/2012 2:19:38 PM PST by GregNH

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To: bushpilot1


401 posted on 02/03/2012 10:17:05 PM PST by Red Steel
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To: bushpilot1

you’ll have to read wiki, I can’t make head nor tail of it, on the one hand wiki says it opened in 1962, on the other hand it lists personnel that were employed prior to the opening date.

402 posted on 02/03/2012 10:17:15 PM PST by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM!)
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To: butterdezillion

Who do you think would arrest everyone in Congress at once?

403 posted on 02/03/2012 10:24:36 PM PST by Aagcobb (I take the Constitution seriously)
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To: Fred Nerks

Wiki is Marxist. The Obots are Marxist. How in the hell can the Marxist media tell us the love birds met in the East West center when the ground breaking ceremony for the EW center was in 1962.

404 posted on 02/03/2012 10:33:59 PM PST by bushpilot1
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To: butterdezillion
You have been my hero on this issue for years now. I am not sure where this will eventually end up.

Our family had property taken from us that was worth millions of dollars through Eminent Domain. The case went to our state's supreme court where they ruled that allegedly a line several layers down on an obscure website was adequate notice for a hearing that my parents’ property was about to be taken. My dad had never even tried to use a computer at that time. The ruling was based on “facts” that were false and were never introduced in court. The governments tactic was to run my parents out of money by dragging them into court every two weeks for several years. The compensation they received was less than their legal fees which was never reimbursed.

That combined with several other bad rulings and now this matter has nearly destroyed any confidence that I once had in our legal system. But I admire your persistence on this travesty very much. Please keep it up!

405 posted on 02/03/2012 10:44:01 PM PST by fireman15 (Check your facts before making ignorant statements.)
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To: fireman15

Waa that in the state of Washington?

406 posted on 02/03/2012 10:47:04 PM PST by SeaHawkFan
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To: Seizethecarp

I don’t recall seeing anything about Ex Parte Lockwood in Leo’s brief or in Hatfield’s arguments. I thought this proved Minor as precedent.

407 posted on 02/03/2012 10:49:22 PM PST by 4Zoltan
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To: Red Steel

Won’t any appeal be against the SoS and the state of Georgia? Won’t the states attorney general argue the case?

408 posted on 02/03/2012 10:52:55 PM PST by 4Zoltan
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To: noinfringers2
There is something strange about this ruling and even perhaps the judge. For one thing the ruling as posted does not recognize any parentage at all. For another thing that a judge would make a decision based on SC of Indiana when there was evidence presented to the contrary on another higher USA court decision in conflict shows prejudice/preference . Another thing is that these kind of decisions appear to be orchestrated after a display of court fairness i.e. Carter and and the one in Washington. Something is going on that is way beyond and above the people of the USA whether that is money or fear or something else is crucial to the future of the USA. I found it interesting that this evening on Hannity Trump spoke out that there is so much unknown about Obama.

There are a lot of strange things about this ruling. The judge admits he was going to issue a default ruling, but changed his mind for the plaintiffs to present their cases, EXCEPT that they were put on leashes and given time limits. Also, it appears that the plaintiffs thought they were entering facts into the legal record and not necessarily arguing against the judge's biases. For example, who knew the judge was going to cite a 2008 appeals court as legal precedent, when it didn't prove nor even claim Obama was born in Hawaii and it didn't declare him to be a natural-born citizen. Further, the judge said he "considered" that Obama was born in Hawaii, but gives no basis for why it was considered. As the ALJ, he's supposed to present "Findings of Fact" and a consideration is not a proven fact. He dismisses Orly's experts for not establishing their expertise, yet they weren't given time. He says the PI didn't explain her methods and techniques ... and again, she wasn't given the time.

The plaintiffs didn't want this to go to a default judgment where it could be turned over on an appeal without a chance to argue against it, but they were screwed by a bait and switch move by the judge. I would hope the plaintiffs can explain this to the SoS. He could deny the conclusions of the ALJ if he feels it wasn't given a fair shake.

409 posted on 02/03/2012 10:54:03 PM PST by edge919
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Comment #410 Removed by Moderator

To: Seizethecarp; bluecat6

“Something very significant happened. The book “Dreams,” heavily written by Ayers is unreliable, but it does mention “family business” that BHO Sr. was attending to with the Dunhams.”

Yes, something significant had to have happened. Throughout “Dreams”, BHO Sr. is fawned-over. Every crude behavior, every obnoxious utterance, each unpleasant trait is excused - because he was such a marvelous black man with such a lovely, sonorous voice. Why, all who were honored to be in the presence of his black awesomeness just couldn’t get enough of him. So jolly, so entertaining, so vastly more intelligent that the Dunhams - oh how fortunate to be his friend, and for Gramps Stanley, OMG he actually got to be his drinking buddy! So said Barry, in words he purports to be his.

Then came 1971, and Barry’s come - alone - to Hawaii to live with the grandparents. What had really precipitated his being sent away from Indonesia? It had not been a sudden change, as in “Dreams” page 58 [2004 paperback edition], in speaking of the ending 1971 summer and his looking forward to the start of school, Barry tells us - “I had gone for several interviews with Punahou’s admissions officer the PREVIOUS [1970] summer.”

So now to the permanent move, we need to ever so thoroughly parse those words in “Dreams”, page 62 [any caps are mine, for emphasis]:

“Nestled in the soft, forgiving bosom of America’s consumer culture, I felt safe; it was as if i had dropped into a long hibernation. I wonder sometimes how long I might have stayed there had it not been for the telegram Toot found in the mailbox one day.”

“’Your father’s coming to see you,’ she said. ‘Next month. Two weeks after your mother gets here. They’ll both stay through New Year’s’”


“’Well,’ toot said finally, ‘I suppose we better start looking for a place where he can stay.’”

“Gramps took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. ‘SHOULD BE ONE HELL OF A CHRISTMAS.’”

On the day of BHO Sr’s arrival, when Barry arrives home from school, his grandmother opens the door for him and says: “There he is! Come on, Bar...come MEET your father.”

MEET? Barry’s tale has been that BHO, Sr, mother Stanley Ann, and baby Barry were the loving little family for two years, until BHO left for Harvard. Why wasn’t it “Come see your father again at last - he’s missed you so”? “MEET” is terminology applied to the first time you’re in another’s presence.

BHO Sr and Stanley Ann were in Hawaii for appx 2 months - from in Nov. till after New Year’s. “Dreams” leaves no doubt the grandparents were displeased he would be there, and that the “visit” was unpleasant and strained for all of them. The liklihood of the visit being a required legal procedure for the purpose of nullifying an Indonesian adoption seems logical. The visit’s 2-month time frame would accomodate the usual 30-day notice requirements for notice of hearing, and then final signing of documents - which would include a newly-minted/amended birth certificate. Any procedure of adoption that may have taken place involving the minor Barry - to Soetoro, reverting to BHO, Sr., or to grandparents Dunham - would require the issuance of a new birth certificate stating the [new] name. Because of Barry’s status as a minor, all records - notices, hearings, findings, orders - everything - is forever sealed by the court, and can only be acknowledged, viewed, or released by court order. If this is what happened in 1971, the Hawaii DOH cannot even know about it, let alone view any of it. There would be a birth certificate in their record - but who knows what damning things is might contain. That the Hawaii governor went blabbing to the media that all he found when attempting to produce Barry’s long form BC was some sort of written memo lends credibility to this theoretical possibility. And for Barry’s purposes and agenda, such a scenario would demand forged documents in an attempt to put the brakes on that thorny Trump and the legions of birthers. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at 1600 - and at the Hawaii DOH!

411 posted on 02/03/2012 10:55:35 PM PST by GGMac ((lesson learned re Obie: parse every sentence, every word, every gesture, every photo))
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To: 4Zoltan
412 posted on 02/03/2012 11:04:24 PM PST by bushpilot1
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To: Fred Nerks

Here is a better explaination>

413 posted on 02/03/2012 11:16:52 PM PST by 4Zoltan
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To: SeaHawkFan
"Waa that in the state of Washington?"

Yes, their property was taken by Sound Transit. The misinformation spread by Sound Transit's PR team was unbelievable. The news media repeated exactly what they were told by Sound Transit and for the most part didn't bother to contact us or do any research on their own. The State Supreme Court here is truly a political body. They ruled based not on facts and law but on misinformation and lies never presented in court.

If it was not off topic I could write pages here about the experience of having a government agency with unlimited funds using lawyers and PR team to mischaracterize every aspect of what was a clear cut situation. The decision made about the location of the light rail station in South Tacoma was intentionally made in secret (in violation of even Sound Transit policy) to reward political contributors to the politician who was then in charge of Sound Transit. The best station site for the public by every measure was actually for sale at the time. It was the location of the previous rail station in South Tacoma right down the hill from the Tacoma Mall.

414 posted on 02/03/2012 11:37:10 PM PST by fireman15 (Check your facts before making ignorant statements.)
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To: fireman15

Sorry for the HTML formatting error.

415 posted on 02/03/2012 11:39:05 PM PST by fireman15 (Check your facts before making ignorant statements.)
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To: 4Zoltan
“I don’t recall seeing anything about Ex Parte Lockwood in Leo’s brief or in Hatfield’s arguments. I thought this proved Minor as precedent.”

IIRC, In Lockwood the MvH NBC language applied to Minor was referred to as a “holding” but the reference in Lockwood was as a holding regarding only citizenship, not referring to natural born citizenship. IIRC, Leo was challenged in comments and he may have decided that even if he was right it was not as clear a support for proof of a precedent as he had initially stated.

The best approach was the one taken by Hatfield (and also Donofrio) using proper legal construction applied to the MvH case itself in context to show that NBC was clearly defined and relied on to make the ruling and that the “doubts” only concerned the citizenship status of those person born in country to aliens and foreigners who were NOT NBC.

416 posted on 02/03/2012 11:48:45 PM PST by Seizethecarp
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To: fireman15

Wow, that really stinks. Sounds like you’re about at the same place I’m at with all this.

My family was involved in a case where the local school board had broken every open meetings law in the book so that a school bond issue was never legally proposed for the ballot. Lies galore. Dirty, dirty tricks. And the Nebraska Supreme Court unanimously ignored the law. Now the school board is doing more of the same just as an in-your-face so they got sued again. The judge told them they had to abide by the law and they STILL refused. As far as I know NOBODY has ever gotten those crooks to obey the law, and probably never will. And my brothers and the other farmers in the area will be put out of business because of it. But hey, there’ll be a 3 million dollar school for the 2 kids that are left - as bankruptcy is declared because there aren’t any taxpayers left to pay for it...

While my brothers and sisters were dealing with that local lawlessness I was trying to deal with lawlessness on the HI state level and federal level. It’s all over the place, unrelenting.

It is just a constant struggle against utter lawlessness. Right now it’s money, taxes, open records, property ownership, etc.... but we have only to look at Mexico and how it is creeping into our southern states to see that the beheadings and hanging from bridges are not far behind, if we allow the lawlessness to spread unchecked.

I think what we need to do is pass referenda that specifically provide a means for the PEOPLE to hold government accountable to enforce the law. We can’t count on any of the political critters to do anything for us. And unless we authorize ourselves to hold them in check, they will leave us totally out of the picture. If we don’t expressly say in our laws or Constitutions that we have standing to sue for breaches of the law, then we won’t be able to do a darn thing about any of it. We really have to re-establish some checks and balances, since the system itself is broken and can’t be trusted.

As for me, I’ve only begun to fight. They will have to drag me away kicking and screaming. Or dead.

417 posted on 02/04/2012 12:03:32 AM PST by butterdezillion
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To: bushpilot1; 4Zoltan

thanks for the link, here you go, bushpilot1:

and I just remembered...I don’t think the East West Centre was mentioned in ‘Dreams’ - iirc, the story was they met in a Russian Class, it didn’t say where or when.

418 posted on 02/04/2012 12:09:57 AM PST by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM!)
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To: Harlan1196
He had the obligation to apply existing law.

within the jurisdiction which is the state of Georgia.

Like it or not, Ankeny is existing case law.

Ankeny is case law in the jurisdiction of the state of Indiana.

Indiana jurisdiction is not Georgia jurisdiction. So Malihi in Georgia had no obligation to apply Ankeny from Indiana.

419 posted on 02/04/2012 12:37:14 AM PST by SteveH (First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.)
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To: bushpilot1

“Count Barackula”; he sucks!

420 posted on 02/04/2012 12:49:51 AM PST by sheik yerbouty ( Make America and the world a jihad free zone!)
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