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Beware Of Highly-Trained Armed Parasites In A SHTF Situation
Survival and ^ | 2/10/12

Posted on 02/10/2012 12:57:37 PM PST by Kartographer

This morning, I want to talk about these armed parasites. Some time ago I picked up the book Urban Survival Guide by David Morris. On page 86 of the text, which is really a comprehensive twelve-week urban survival course, Morris wrote:

… many people’s survival plan consists of buying just enough ammo to take whatever food they need by force. Just two weeks before writing this, I stood in a circle with eight active duty military talking about how quickly things were crumbling. When the conversation moved to preparations, I found myself listening to them mock families who stockpile food and detail their plans on how to “liberate” it if they ever need to.

Some of the comments were, “If they’re dumb enough to buy food instead of guns, they don’t deserve to live.” and “When it comes down to it, my family is more important than their family and I’ll take what I need.” and “I don’t have room to store a year of food, but I do have room for another case of .223.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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151 posted on 02/11/2012 9:50:16 AM PST by Uncle Ike (Rope is cheap, and there are lots of trees...)
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To: PapaBear3625

>> “What happens when local governments find difficulty in meeting payrolls, and some LEOs decide to stage “drug raids” on houses they know have lots of loot to confiscate?” <<

To quote one of the Watergate personalities, Headshots?

152 posted on 02/11/2012 11:13:55 AM PST by editor-surveyor (No Federal Sales Tax - No Way!)
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To: vanilla swirl

“How seriously? My son is type 1.”

Start with a patent search, then expand from there. It’s mostly an aqueous process involving multiple concentrations and crystallizations. The final assay involves injecting your extract into live mice or rabbits and seeing at what level they react, it’s a bioassay.

You’ll need to move close to a slaughterhouse or have some other source for fresh pancreas.

If you use google, maybe a site-specific search with my screen name and “insulin” might pull up my previous research, if not, PM me and we can work together. I didn’t save much, from before.

Best and Scott who are responsible for the preparation of Insulin in the Insulin Division of the Connaught Laboratories have tested all the available methods and have appropriated certain details from many of these, several new procedures have been found advantageous have been introduced by them. The yield of Insulin obtained by Best and Scott at the Connaught Laboratories, by a preliminary extraction with dilute sulphuric acid followed by alcohol is 1,800 to 2,220 units per kg. of pancreas.

The present method of preparation is as follows. The beef or pork pancreas is finely minced in a larger grinder and the minced material is then treated with 5 c.c. of concentrated sulphuric acid, appropriately diluted, per pound of glands. The mixture is stirred for a period of three or four hours and 95% alcohol is added until the concentration of alcohol is 60% to 70%. Two extractions of the glands are made. The solid material is then partially removed by centrifuging the mixture and the solution is further clarified by filtering through paper. The filtrate is practically neutralized with NaOH. The clear filtrate is concentrated in vacuo to about 1/15 of its original volume. The concentrate is then heated to 50oC which results in the separation of lipoid and other materials, which are removed by filtration. Ammonium sulphate (37 grams. per 100 c.c.) is then added to the concentrate and a protein material containing all the Insulin floats to the top of the liquid. The precipitate is skimmed off and dissolved in hot acid alcohol. When the precipitate has completely dissolved, 10 volumes of warm alcohol are added. The solution is then neutralized with NaOH and cooled to room temperature, and kept in a refrigerator at 5oC for two days. At the end of this time the dark coloured supernatant alcohol is decanted off. The alcohol contains practically no potency. The precipitate is dried in vacuo to remove all trace of the alcohol. It is then dissolved in acid water, in which it is readily soluble. The solution is made alkaline with NaOH to PH 7.3 to 7.5. At this alkalinity a dark coloured precipitate settles out, and is immediately centrifuged off. This precipitate is washed once or twice with alkaline water of PH 9.0 and the washings are added to the main liquid. It is important that this process be carried out fairly quickly as Insulin is destroyed in alkaline solution. The acidity is adjusted to PH 5.0 and a white precipitate readily settles out. Tricresol is added to a concentration of 0.3% in order to assist in the isoelectric precipitation and to act as a preservative. After standing one week in the ice chest the supernatant liquid is decanted off and the resultant liquid is removed by centrifuging. The precipitate is then dissolved in a small quantity of acid water. A second isoelectric precipitation is carried out by adjusting the acidity to a PH of approximately 5.0. After standing over night the resultant precipitate is removed by centrifuging. The precipitate, which contains the active principle in a comparatively pure form, is dissolved in acid water and the hydrogen ion concentration adjusted to PH 2.5. The material is carefully tested to determine the potency and is then diluted to the desired strength of 10, 20, 40 or 80 units per c.c. Tricresol is added to secure a concentration of 0.1 percent. Sufficient sodium chloride is added to make the solution isotonic. The Insulin solution is passed through a Mandler filter. After passing through the filter the Insulin is retested carefully to determine its potency. There is practically no loss in berkefelding. The tested Insulin is poured into sterile glass vials with aseptic precautions and the sterility of the final product thoroughly tested by approved methods.

The method of estimating the potency of Insulin solutions is based on the effect that Insulin produces upon the blood sugar of normal animals. Rabbits serve as the test animal. They are starved for twenty four hours before the administration of Insulin. Their weight should be approximately 2 kg. Insulin is distributed in strengths of 10, 20, 40 and 80 units per c.c. The unit is one third of the amount of material required to lower the blood sugar of a 2 kg. rabbit which has fasted twenty four hours from the normal level (0.118 percent) to 0.045 percent over a period of five hours. In a moderately severe case of diabetes one unit causes about 2.5 grammes of carbohydrate to be utilized. In earlier and milder cases, as a rule, one unit has a greater effect, accounting for three to five grammes of carbohydrate.

You can get lab equipment cheap at, just be sure the feds don’t think you are building a dope lab. You can use the same gear for a still, too.

As for BP, practice makes perfect.

153 posted on 02/11/2012 11:20:21 AM PST by DBrow
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To: Hodar
Posted on the site:

Let’s list all the flaws in the ‘Parasite Plan’:

First of all: It is vastly easier to keep something than to take it away.

Are these parasites going to go from house to house searching for who has food? Each time running the risk of dying the process? How long do think they’ll last doing that?

They think they’re badasses – wait to they run into a posse of badasses who don’t take too kindly to murder and theft – sometimes it’s not a good idea to end up being an example to others.

Some preppers grow their own – so much for your grand plan killing off those that would grow you food…… Or are you keep them alive and steal from them every harvest? Yeah, I think that would work… maybe…. let me guess……ONCE!

Others will stash way their food – presenting the same problem to these parasites in waiting.

There’s one thing that is always a societal constant – Criminals and thugs are generally on the lower rungs of the IQ scale.

If this is their idea of prepping, the combined IQ of a group these geniuses wouldn’t add up to a decent hockey score.

As exemplified by this type of SHTF ‘plan’.

154 posted on 02/11/2012 12:55:47 PM PST by Voice of Reason88 ( Freedom is never lost all at once - Edmund Burke)
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To: bolobaby

Reply from DBrow to Afterguard very clearly mentioned “street thugs”. I DID actually read the article - completely.
It would behoove YOU to look before you spout off.

155 posted on 02/11/2012 1:03:45 PM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: MagnoliaB
They take it and after they leave you go ‘heee...heeee...heeee.....’

Do you really think such people will let you live to possibly get revenge some day for stealing all your food?

156 posted on 02/11/2012 1:14:09 PM PST by papertyger
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To: Kartographer

A lot of naivete on this thread. Having been in a disaster I will tell you that people will join together immediately to provide for their families. Organization is a force multiplier whether for defense or for food acquisition.

157 posted on 02/11/2012 2:11:26 PM PST by texmexis best
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To: texmexis best


People are so hung on the Katrina aftermath they forget about the great exodus of hurricane Floyd in 98’

158 posted on 02/11/2012 2:16:53 PM PST by papertyger
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To: Mad Dawgg

Thanks MD I’ll keep my eye out for it if its still in print..was never a sci fi reader until I found those 2 guys and liked their books. The title *The mote in God’s eye* was what drew me in....Then Lucifers hammer.....

159 posted on 02/11/2012 2:18:05 PM PST by goat granny
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To: papertyger

Yeah and the Rodney King Verdict and OH.... Never mind

160 posted on 02/11/2012 3:34:43 PM PST by Kartographer ("We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.")
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To: papertyger

I was just joking.

161 posted on 02/11/2012 3:44:25 PM PST by MagnoliaB
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To: Kartographer

Nothing to do with armed parasites, just thought it was a cool invention. Willie Nelson and Governor Perry own the product...Wonder if they’re preppers?

news story which shows product:

website with Terry LeBleau’s droughtmaster product, and other inventions/products:

162 posted on 02/11/2012 4:09:48 PM PST by sockmonkey
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To: papertyger

Yep. I agree with Texmex. Organization is a large force multiplier. I also agree that there is a lot of naivete on this thread probably due to the fact that most of the posters have never been through a catastrophe.

I don’t believe that we will ever see a SHTF scenario in our country for many reasons and one of those is that I have seen people and worked with them during several disasters and they became very thoughtful and polite, very cooperative.

Defense is much more effective when used with some degree of organization. A gang intrusion would be met with overlapping fields of fire with options for flanking and envelopment tactics. You would establish fire superiority first, which at this point may or may not be true by an inventory of your weapons, but shots coming from different directions should back up even the dumbest tough guy who thinks that he and his buddies are going to make a score.
The technique also makes excellent use of the most common rifle in the US, the single shot rifle.

By the way, military tactics are well known in this country partly due to the fact that the MSM just can’t keep its trap shut about operations in the wars we have fought. You probably know more than you think on this subject.

Food acquistion will be much easier as the organzation may ask the homeowners to knock down there fences to be re-erected on the perimeter for defense as well as clearing more area for agriculture. Agriculture is key as when humans switched over to it from the hunting gathering stage their life spans increased dramatically.

An organization can also communicate with other organizations to bring in the foodstuffs and equipment needed. Eventually the organization will meet up with another that has nurses or EMT personnel and you want them on your side and in your subdivision.

One point I never see discussed is the acquisition of protein and how that is accomplished. A regular pellet gun with 10,000 rounds (40 bucks?) will keep your family in protein from birds, the only source that will be around after three weeks or so. If you plant food, they will be around much of the time.

If you are in the city, you may have an endless supply of pidgeons, which are doves, just like white winged doves. If you have ever eaten squab, you have already eaten pidgeon. They’re good to eat.

If you are concerned about this SHTF possibility, I would recommend at least one single shot rifle in your extensive collection (I have nothing but single shot as I dislike semi-autos). A single shot can be repaired using parts of from a disabled car, a hacksaw and a small collectin of files. This cannot be said for semi autos.

Just my .02.....

163 posted on 02/11/2012 4:52:39 PM PST by buffaloguy
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164 posted on 02/11/2012 6:04:03 PM PST by Uncle Ike (Rope is cheap, and there are lots of trees...)
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To: Nathaniel

So if someone else was talking about street thugs and NOT ME, why would you address your reply about street thugs only to me? Then have the nerve to say I’m spouting off?

It would behoove YOU to address your replies to the right people, or at least say, “Sorry, that was meant for [X], not you,” instead of being an ass.

165 posted on 02/11/2012 10:01:41 PM PST by bolobaby
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To: bolobaby

I did NOT address the comment solely to you. And I do NOT believe in apologies - and if I DID, I’d have ZERO to “apologize” for. My reply was to the entire thread. An “ass”? Gee, your terse little “it might behoove you” was kind of like a school teacher’s snide, disrespectful quip.
I get the feeling the moderator will get invloved with this, so I’ll go my way and you go yours - I will not lower myself into your catagory.

166 posted on 02/12/2012 4:07:48 AM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: cripplecreek
While the word is repulsive to conservatives, a degree of collectivization would probably be required till things settled down.

I prefer to think of it as "teamwork". :0)

167 posted on 02/12/2012 4:24:27 AM PST by Future Snake Eater (Don't stop. Keep moving!)
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To: Nathaniel
"I did NOT address the comment solely to you."

Saturday, February 11, 2012 5:29:14 AM · 134 of 167
Nathaniel to bolobaby

Hm. Don't see anyone else on that "to" list.

"And I do NOT believe in apologies..."

Of course you don't - you're a small-minded person who can't admit their mistakes even when they are pointed out in black and white.

168 posted on 02/12/2012 10:43:31 AM PST by bolobaby
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To: Drew68

Are you single?
Men with families have more to live for, as demonstrated by survival rates in ship sinkings in WWII.
Men with families have more to kill for, and they will.
Men with families have more to die for, and they will if need be, to protect their kin.
Men with families have a support system, medic, cook, and bedwarmer (the blessed ones, some may have only kids), they have a reloader, and someone to watch behind them.

I think you underestimate the power of a family working together, and over estimate the strength of the lone Indian fighter. In fact, the settlers did not face any different scenario than that we are discussing, and it was family and community that survived to create our society.

There is a time and a place for the Hawkeye’s of the world, God bless them, we need them, but don’t put too much faith in a land populated with them solely.


169 posted on 02/12/2012 11:38:03 PM PST by Apogee
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To: buffaloguy
Pigeon breast is indistinguishable from the dark meat of a turkey.

I once had a roomate who used to devour all my food in the fridge and contibute nothing, and I decided toteach him a lesson...I made "squab casserole"...went straight to the park and began feeding pigeons from a paper bag, every once in a while a pigeon went INTO the bag, when no one was around. I cooked the breasts, boned them and added them to rice ad cream of mushroom soup...nothing fancy, and it tastes just like brown turkey. He gobbled it with gusto, until he found out what it was. I thought it was delicious!...he kinda freaked out a little. He asked before gobbling thereafter.

170 posted on 02/13/2012 12:00:31 AM PST by AnTiw1 (I lived through a mormon hell, I will not live in a country with a mormon president.)
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To: bolobaby

“Hm” - I hit “post reply” NOT “private reply”.

You’re WRONG. Period.

Based on our brief interaction you call me a “small minded person” - you have no earthly idea what type of person I am and could not have made an intelligent observation to that effect based of - what - two posts? Yeah, right. Sounds like a Pelosi moment from your end.

Now, no name-calling from my end, (unlike your pathetic “ass” juvenile comment).


I made NO mistake. PERIOD. You’re out of line.

171 posted on 02/13/2012 3:54:12 AM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: bolobaby

“Hm” - I hit “post reply” NOT “private reply”.

You’re WRONG. Period.

Based on our brief interaction you call me a “small minded person” - you have no earthly idea what type of person I am and could not have made an intelligent observation to that effect based of - what - two posts? Yeah, right. Sounds like a Pelosi moment from your end.

Now, no name-calling from my end, (unlike your pathetic “ass” juvenile comment).


I made NO mistake. PERIOD. You’re out of line.

172 posted on 02/13/2012 3:55:08 AM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: Nathaniel

Now – concerning the “ex-military” bash – if – and that IS an IF – the conversation actually happened and was eavesdropped into, I have some doubts –
Were these people REALLY “ex-military” – there are scads of posers running around these days – I have personal experience with people who claim Ramboesque combat exploits – some never served at all. Some entered basic training and were separated for things such as “inability to adjust”. One guy publicly shed TEARS relating how “I DIED in Vietnam”, and bragged about his having been awarded the Silver Star – come to find out after I submitted a freedom of information act request about him, he DID serve during that particular conflict – as a FORKLIFT operator for a year in South Korea. While it is very true that anybody who ever honorably served in the military deserves respect – all the way and then some – regardless of branch or specialty, I’ve always angrily wondered why some who honorably served as say, heavy equipment operators or fuel delivery specialist tell tall “Special Forces / Ranger” tales of their exploits. My Father proudly served during the Korean War as a truck driver. Hated talking about the war, but never, ever lied about or embellished his experiences when pressed to actually speak about them. He left service as a PFC with an honorable discharge. Period. One local goombah claimed he was an active duty Infantryman – 11B (that was my MOS for 21 years before I retired, so I have some knowledge about these things) stationed at - get this – Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and Ft. Gordon, Georgia – I pointed out that unless he was assigned to Drill Sergeant duty or some sort of special assignment, that it was HIGHLY unlikely he could have been assigned to either of those posts. He couldn’t get away from me fast enough when he found out I knew what I was talking about.
Having said that – real former warriors, IMO. Will be the ones people will turn to for advice, help and protection – not to say that all former military types are noble, honorable people (Charlie Rangle for example) however, I believe most are straight up.
Former warriors may have a low tolerance for stupidity and ignorance, but they usually DO understand honor and duty.
So, maybe the “ex-military” types that were standing around, as we used to say “selling woof tickets” weren’t at all the real deal.

173 posted on 02/13/2012 5:02:15 AM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: Nathaniel

Haha - just like you only responded to my post only once this time around, right?

Learn how to use a forum, genius. Why you reply to a specific post, you are responding to what a specific user has said. If you want to respond to the thread in general, post your reply to the original poster. If you want to respond to what DBrow has said, hit reply to DBrow.

This completes your training on forum etiquette.

174 posted on 02/13/2012 6:45:36 AM PST by bolobaby
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To: piroque

I still kick myself every time I think about the property I did not purchase as a younger person, which was the last house before a several hour trip in the woods to the other side, and the only one past the last bridge. My thought at the time (early Clinton days) was “that bridge does not have to stay there in a bad situation.”
Just wasn’t ready to settle down, had no idea that property was going to bubble up by the time I was. Young and dumb.

That may be pii, but I share it to bump the idea for thought for others.

175 posted on 02/13/2012 7:15:36 AM PST by Apogee
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To: AnTiw1

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pidgeon if one is in the habit of dining in an upscale restaurant one has probably eaten one, repackaged as squab.

A lot of dove hunters invest large sums in Benelli over-unders in Texas to hunt what are nothing more than pidgeons with a white slash on their wing. A friend of mine does the same with nothing more than a cheap ($50?) pellet gun.

176 posted on 02/13/2012 8:05:02 AM PST by buffaloguy (uab.)
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To: Nathaniel

I agree with you in summary as well as in detail. I have had the same experience with some “Ex-military” who turned out to be clerks.

By the way, I honor your dad in his truck driving, as they are very much part of the frontline war effort. My dad’s unit, for instance, use to line up when a truck pulled in with empty spam cans and waited patiently as their cans were filled up with the truck oil that was hauled in a 55 gallon drum in the back of the 2.5 ton. Cleaned their M1s and 1911 A1s with it. Most of those rifles and pistols came back to the armories still within military spec.

Truck drivers are one of the keys to winning a war. Logistics, logistics, logistics.

177 posted on 02/13/2012 8:14:59 AM PST by buffaloguy (uab.)
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To: Kartographer

Couple of points:

Leos and ex military in a SHTF scenario would act as organizers as well as consultants in constructing layered defenses and would be highly paid or might work for free if needed. They are a dedicated lot and would be part of the solution rather than part of the problem as detailed in that “SHTFf fantasy” article referred to.

They would probably be paid in chickens as well as medical supplies as those would be the high value commodities.

The lone wolves with their super duper skills and super duper equipment would be eliminated within the first three weeks or so. Belonging to an organization is key to survival.

178 posted on 02/13/2012 8:27:22 AM PST by buffaloguy (uab.)
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To: Apogee
My troubles now are my wifes place here in alabama ,10 miles out of Montgomery,

I know the rural life style ,down in the swamps of Louisiana,, but this so called urban environment, I have very little training or knowledge .

179 posted on 02/13/2012 8:31:59 AM PST by piroque ("In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act")
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To: Kartographer

My own experience is that in a SHTF scenario it would become very quiet. Polite people cooperating for mutual benefit.

180 posted on 02/13/2012 8:33:27 AM PST by buffaloguy (uab.)
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To: piroque

“I have very little training or knowledge”

Barnes and Noble, military history section. Virtually all of thsoe books will give you insight into military tactics.

181 posted on 02/13/2012 8:36:18 AM PST by buffaloguy (uab.)
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Click the Pelts

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182 posted on 02/13/2012 8:51:24 AM PST by TheOldLady (FReepmail me to get ON or OFF the ZOT LIGHTNING ping list)
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To: buffaloguy
Barnes and Noble, military history section. Virtually all of these books will give you insight into military tactics.

Had all this back in '68 , I've studied the maps around this place and it isn't a good defensible position

As far as the books and TV ,Thats just someone else s opinion ,you can read all you want but until you've lived that life style you haven't lived or learned

183 posted on 02/13/2012 8:51:49 AM PST by piroque ("In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act")
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To: piroque

Keep reading. Good defensive positions are created, not found.

184 posted on 02/13/2012 9:21:06 AM PST by buffaloguy (uab.)
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To: bolobaby

You couldn’t “train” a starving coyote to snif a bloody rump roast.
Sooner or later, the moderator is going to get on your behvioral problem - again, you’re way out of line - and a REAL brave typist.
The double post was my error - that is NOT an *gasp* “apology.

185 posted on 02/13/2012 1:51:46 PM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: buffaloguy

Thanks - nothing wrong with clerks in uniform - they, like everybody else should take great pride in their work. Peace to you!

186 posted on 02/13/2012 1:54:56 PM PST by Nathaniel (- A Man Without A Cross -)
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To: piroque

Urban has pros and cons defensively speaking, depending a lot on the size and cohesion of your group. Hard to have a long clear defensive space. Suburbs are a little better.

For now, I am holding with the theory that it is best to develop one’s relationships with the neighbors, in an urban or suburban situation.
Or a secondary nearby network if the immediate neighbors don’t pan out.
Preparing to be able to go to the swamps you know may not be a bad plan if family obligations do not preclude it or prevent taking them with you.
Having a route picked and supplied can’t hurt if it is not used. As well as some good talks with old connections down that way. Everyone has some gifts they can offer to the situation, and can be a welcome asset to wherever they find they need to be.

That said, the biblical advice goes along these lines:
Proverbs 27:10
Do not forsake your friend or a friend of your family, and do not go to your relative’s house when disaster strikes you— better a neighbor nearby than a relative far away.

187 posted on 02/14/2012 12:08:12 AM PST by Apogee
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To: Sawdring
I was talking to some people at a party a couple of weeks ago. One of the guys told us he was buying an AR-15 and showed us on his phone the one he was going to get. I asked him why he was buying it and at first he said just because he wanted to try shooting it. I told him that I knew a guy who had one similar to that one and he bought it because he was afraid SHTF. He told me that was actually why he was buying it but didn't want to be ridiculed about it. We then talked about how much ammo he should have and so forth. When I asked him if he had been storing food he said he hadn't. So I asked him what he would do with his AR when his family ran out of food to eat. He said he hadn't really thought about that part of it. It told him that since food was cheap enough right now he should go out and either start canning or looking for a longer term solutions to avoid becoming part of the problem.

From what I understand, you can use the AR-15 for hunting game as well, the .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO is a good varmint round from what my sources tell me. A semi-automatic rifle like that has uses for defense and hunting of course. .223 is a bit light for larger game like deer, but if that's all you have, well, it can be used. My cousin uses his SKS to hunt deer with, at least the 7.62x39mm CommBloc ammo is comparable to the .30-30.
188 posted on 02/14/2012 9:36:06 PM PST by Nowhere Man (Holodeck Computer: End Obama Administration simulation program, NOW!!!!)
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To: Kartographer

One of the things I’ve been thinking about regarding preparations is that you really need a village to survive. A small family won’t survive alone in a hostile environment. You may get through a few days or weeks, but it won’t be easy.

You’re going to need a doctor and mechanics, people who can sew and cook. You need folks to care for children and grow food. ...and you will need people to defend what you have.

It things really go to hell, you need to have a group of people with a rally point. People who will be committed to surviving together, maximizing their strengths and working to a common goal.

189 posted on 02/14/2012 9:53:22 PM PST by MediaMole
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