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The Daily Pen ^ | Friday, March 23, 2012 | Dan Crosby

Posted on 03/23/2012 10:58:19 PM PDT by Red Steel

IMPLICATIVE DISCOVERY: A government document found buried in the online reference section of a Boston Public Library archive bolsters a growing mountain of evidentiary data against Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president. The document indicates that a consular officer issued a single certificate of statutory citizenship, within the time frame including August 4, 1961, to a child born to a U.S. citizen between July 1st and December 31st, 1961 in the Kenyan region of Africa. The record also reveals that the certificate was the only one issued for this specific type of arrival in the U.S. over a span of more than 18 months, among thousands from other parts of the world.

NEW YORK, NY – A recently discovered rare immigration record found by researchers working on behalf of an ongoing investigation into the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of the U.S. presidency reveals that an American consular officer issued a single Certificate of Citizenship to only one passenger arriving in the U.S. from the Kenyan region of Africa between July and December of 1961.

The record shows demographic and status classifications for a passenger who was explicitly recorded at the INS Arrival Inspection Station as an individual being born to a U.S. citizen parent arriving from the Kenyan region of Africa between July 1st and December 31st, 1961.

This information and the dates of its documentation are disturbing given the rare nature of the issuance of certificates of citizenship for children who acquire their citizenship by birth to incoming U.S. citizens in this particular region of Africa.

These dates not only align with the alleged date of Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961, but also with evidence indicating that Ann Dunham departed from Hawaii beginning in February, 1961, shortly after her undocumented marriage to Obama Sr.

Also supported by this data is the implication of an African trip by the absence of Dunham’s passport information which is known to have existed from the 1960s which was used in at least one occasion for her departure with Obama Jr. to Indonesia where the two lived with Lolo Soetoro, Dunham’s second husband. If Dunham had filed for a “renewal” of an old passport, rather than for a new passport in the mid 1960’s for the Indonesian trip, which would have been the common practice for the life of a passport, this would have been indicated on the missing application which would have been included with the series of documents released by an FOIA request in early 2010.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service published its annual Report of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1963, for the year of July 1st, 1961 ending on June 30th, 1962. According to information on page 99 of the report the only certificate of acquired citizenry issued based on the grounds of birth to a U.S. citizen abroad was coincidentally also issued in the same time frame during which Barack Obama’s alleged birth date occurred on August 4th, 1961.

According to the INS, Certificates of Citizenship are issued upon arrival in the U.S. to those who have acquired statutory citizenship (not natural-born citizenship) by birth to at least one U.S. citizen parent within the previous year while that parent(s) was temporarily in another country. COC are notifications provided by the American Consulate Service, via the INS, to individuals born to at least one U.S. citizen abroad in order to provide interim citizen alien status while immigration status is processed and secured. COC are not issued to natural-born citizens or children born to non-U.S. citizen parents arriving in the U.S., nor are COC received through the same process as required for naturalized citizenship, according to the INS.

A COAC is issued to an arriving child from abroad who is:

- born abroad to one U.S. citizen parent and one parent with “alien” non-citizen status, or
- born in the U.S. to two alien parents who both naturalize after the child’s birth, or
- born abroad to a U.S. citizen who did not live in (or come to) the United States for a period of time prior to the child’s birth, or
- adopted and is permanently residing in the United States and can become a U.S. citizen by action of law on the date on which all of the following requirements have been met:
- The child was lawfully admitted for permanent residence; and
- Either parent was a United States citizen by birth or naturalization; and
- The child was still under 18 years of age; and
- The child was not married; and
- The child was the parent’s legitimate child or was legitimated by the parent before the child’s 16th birthday (Stepchildren or children born out of wedlock who were not legitimated before their 16th birthday do not derive United States citizenship through their parents.); and
- If adopted, the child met the requirements of section 101(b)(1)(E) or (F) and has had a full and final adoption; and
- The child was residing in the United States in the legal custody of the U.S. citizen parent (this includes joint custody)

As previously reported by Dr. Jerome Corsi of WND and other sources, the void of documented and testimonial evidence accounting for Ann Dunham’s presence in Hawaii between February and early August of 1961 implies that she had reasons to travel to Kenya shortly after her undocumented marriage to Obama’s alleged father in February of 1961. According to the widely accepted but highly suspicious uncorroborated account of events, Dunham would have been at least three months pregnant at the time of the marriage. The only evidence accounting for Dunham’s presence after August 1961 is a transcript of registration to attend fall extension classes at the University of Washington, in Seattle, beginning in late August, 1961.

The previous year’s INS report shows that no other Certificates of Derived Citizenry by birth were issued to anyone arriving from the Kenyan region of Africa between July 1st, 1960 and June 30th, 1961. During this time, the INS recorded 282 alien arrivals from Kenya by air, and three U.S. citizens.

The arrival of these Kenyan aliens is corroborated by the African American Students Foundation Report of Activities 1959-1961 which documents the arrival of the same number of students in the U.S. on September 7, 1960 from Nairobi, Kenya via the second sortie of the Airlift America Project, a project initiated in April 1959 by the AASF and former Kenyan Prime Minister, Tom Mboya, to bring African students from Nairobi to study in the U.S.

Of the 2397 arrivals from Africa who were originally classified by the INS as “Aliens” between July 1, 1961 and June 30, 1962, only one was from Kenya. INS procedures dictate that arrivals under the age of 18 not possessing a U.S. passport are issued “alien” status until the alleged parents of the child are officially issued a Certificate of Citizenry. The Certificate of Citizenry can then be used in conjunction with state birth registration procedures to acquire a birth certificate for the child.

A COC is also considered a primary form of identification by the State of Hawaii in 1961 to prove a foreign born infant’s residency in the U.S. prompting the issuance of a standard Certificate of Live Birth under Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17 which would then allocate the location of the birth to the mother’s residence.

Corroborating data from passenger arrivals of flights entering the U.S. between July 1st, 1961 and June 30th, 1962 indicates this one individual may have been originally classified as an alien upon arrival prior to application for derivative citizenship. The INS report shows there was only one individual who was originally classified by the INS as an alien arriving by air from Kenya. This individual was possibly inspected by INS officers in Hawaii upon arrival at the INS station located within Honolulu International Airport sometime in early August of 1961.

Unfortunately, the report does not give data supporting that this individual was accompanied by a U.S. citizen parent. This may be explained by the disparity of time between being classified as an “alien” in the interim until a COAC was granted and the collection of data for this report’s date of publication.

According to the INS report data, a voluntary birth to a U.S. resident in Africa in 1961, away from the quality of care offered at U.S. hospitals was extremely rare with only eight such cases in more than two years. The rarity of this event would leave an easily referenced recording of the birth abroad. Hawaiian law also specifies that documentation used to issue birth certificates by the Hawaiian Health Department includes certificates of citizenship issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service upon arrival of children born to U.S. citizens abroad.

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To: mnehring

It says, “exclusive of.” You misread it.

261 posted on 03/24/2012 5:43:40 PM PDT by dinodino
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To: Political Junkie Too

Unfortunately, what we have is reams of circumstantial evidence,tons of it.But few if any smoking guns.That alone shows you just what a huge effort has been made to hide anything if not everything of substance about this guy.

262 posted on 03/24/2012 5:48:44 PM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin 2012)
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To: DesertRhino

wow...I would call the fools that voted Obama in the more guilty parties here.

263 posted on 03/24/2012 5:52:47 PM PDT by fabian (" And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter")
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To: rolling_stone

Thanks. The part I really hate about all this is that at this point we have no idea what government records are genuine and which aren’t. The Passport Office claims to have destroyed passport applications for the years that include SAD’s first passport, but applications that should supposedly have been destroyed have actually been disclosed, so something’s not right. And the required paper trail for the retention schedule change authorizing the destruction is “missing”; all that exists, instead, is a DOS “cable” that could easily have been forged.

It’s mighty convenient that the actual records which would show the accuracy or inaccuracy of these recently-discovered tables are “missing”. Of course, Eric Holder was trying to change the rules so agencies could claim that records don’t exist when they actually do, so...

I’d love to hear the story of how this resource was discovered. One of the publicly-stated disinformation methods of Cass Sunstein (Obama’s close confidante) is to farm out false information to people who either pose as allies of a particular cause or who actually are allies. That way the disinformation comes out as if it was credible. That’s how everything with the newspaper birth announcements happened - documentably. It appears to be how the Waidelich and Ah Nee BC’s came out. There’s a bunch more about this technique that I’m not gonna say at this point, but if the Waidelich, Ah Nee, and Sunahara BC’s are any indication, the Obama people have no qualms about falsifying government records wholesale.

If this is a genuine, non-manipulated record and what these records say is correct there would be no reason for the INS microfilms at NARA to be missing for just Aug 1-7, 1961, and the records we’d need to look at would be boat records into the US, flights from Kenya to Canada, or birth records in Canada. It would also be helpful to know exactly when SAD was actually physically in Seattle attending classes, to find out whether an arrival by boat is possible.

264 posted on 03/24/2012 6:01:13 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: rolling_stone

What if SADO was traveling on a British passport?

265 posted on 03/24/2012 6:15:06 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Stand with God and Sarah, the Gipper and Newt will be standing next to you.)
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To: hoosiermama

Doubtful in 1961 but then she would be counted as an alien...she did have a us passport later...

266 posted on 03/24/2012 6:17:11 PM PDT by rolling_stone
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 265 | View Replies]

To: butterdezillion; David; Brown Deer; little jeremiah

I think we can eliminate that one lone entry from Kenya into the US as having anything to do with a birth in Kenya for zero...

Omar attended Class of 1966. The kenyan graduated from Hawaii July, 1962. The arrival record goes to July 1962. Omar commences classes in September 1962, the Kenyan commenced Harvard at the same time. They shared accommodation:

“...The only African student at the school, Obama stood out in a number of other respects. Not only was he three years older than most of the boys in the sophomore class, his arch colonial accent immediately marked him as different. That he initially lived with his brother in a rented apartment in Cambridge, a place often churning with visiting Kenyan students, added to his exoticism. But within a few weeks the normally reserved Obama had made a large number of close friends, many of whom remember his sunny disposition nearly half a century later...

267 posted on 03/24/2012 6:18:36 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM!)
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To: presently no screen name
The damn dam will break some day.

... dammit

268 posted on 03/24/2012 6:32:51 PM PDT by Fast Moving Angel (Newt's not a perfect candidate but Jesus isn't running this year. - shoff)
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To: Mimi3

I really have no idea.

269 posted on 03/24/2012 6:39:14 PM PDT by bgill
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To: butterdezillion

I would advocate trying to locate records of the Canadian immigration office for August 1961, including any names compiled from flight entries into Vancouver.

270 posted on 03/24/2012 6:39:20 PM PDT by research99
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To: hoosiermama; Fred Nerks

“Samuel P. King, Judge and Critic of Hawaiian Charity, Dies at 94” - the judge who granted SADO and Sr.’s divorce.

271 posted on 03/24/2012 6:45:18 PM PDT by bgill
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To: DCmarcher-976453

Seems I remember BO misspoke one time about his actual birthdate.

I chalk that up there with him speaking of his ‘muslim faith’.

He is such a liar that you have to listen closely for when he tells the truth.

272 posted on 03/24/2012 6:49:35 PM PDT by Cowgirl of Justice
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To: bgill

Where do his files go?

273 posted on 03/24/2012 6:51:23 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Stand with God and Sarah, the Gipper and Newt will be standing next to you.)
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To: presently no screen name

This is one of the disadvantages of wine: it makes a man mistake words for thought. ~Samuel Johnson

274 posted on 03/24/2012 6:55:59 PM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: Red Steel


275 posted on 03/24/2012 6:57:10 PM PDT by guitarplayer1953 (Grammar & spelling maybe wrong, get over it, the world will not come to an end!)
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To: nathanbedford

Are you kidding???

Get rid of the first 6.75% black president?

They are starting race wars with this faux ‘race hate crime’ in Florida to prevent this very thing.

I am tired of being held hostage with this imaginary race war that is being perpetuated to excuse the high crime, high illegitimacy and high welfare payments.

276 posted on 03/24/2012 7:03:35 PM PDT by Cowgirl of Justice
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To: nathanbedford
I am locked into a fatuous argument about whether there is a conspiracy in Hawaii or whether Hawaii is capable of a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud on the United States.

Part of what makes it fatuous is that your "outline" of the "commonalities of language" wasn't accurate. Your No. 3 said the "the doctor has "seen" the "original" birth certificate", but that's not what her statement said. It only said she "saw" that an original birth certificate was on record. This doesn't inherently mean she saw the certificate itself. She may have only checked a computer or ledger entry. The only time she truly claims to have looked at the original certificate is when she desribed it to Michael Isikoff as "half-handwritten." And you seem to ignore that I pointed out the statements made by the state could have designed to avoid becoming part of Obama's deception, so there's no need to decide whether Hawaii is capable of a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. Plus, there also the possibility that these people are just incompetent.

277 posted on 03/24/2012 7:08:27 PM PDT by edge919
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To: hoosiermama
That was my first thought, too. His wife is still alive but there are probably so many that they're stored in some warehouse that vexatious requesters will never have access.
278 posted on 03/24/2012 7:08:55 PM PDT by bgill
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To: hoosiermama

Notice he gave a bird standing in court which is more than US citizens can get now days.

279 posted on 03/24/2012 7:09:47 PM PDT by bgill
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To: bgill

He gave a bird while standing in court....Didn’t BO give a few of those too?

280 posted on 03/24/2012 7:22:20 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Stand with God and Sarah, the Gipper and Newt will be standing next to you.)
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