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The Daily Pen ^ | July 18, 2012 | Dan Crosby

Posted on 07/19/2012 5:28:21 PM PDT by Seizethecarp

It now appears the worst fears of the U.S. Constitution’s framers were well founded as investigators working on behalf of the ongoing investigation into the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama have found yet another lead in a growing mountain of evidence within the public records section of the British National Archives indicating the occurrence of at least four vital events registered to the name of Barack Obama, taking place in the British Protectorate of East Africa (Kenya) between 1953 and 1963, including the birth of two sons before 1963.

The record of birth of a second son prior to Kenyan independence is significant because biographical information about Obama’s family indicates Obama Sr. fathered only one other son prior to Obama II’s birth.

The books containing hand written line records of vital events attributed to Obama are contained in Series RG36 of the Family Records section in the Kew branch of the BNA. The hand written line records first discovered in 2009, indicate several events were registered to the name Barack Obama (appears to be handwritten and spelled “Burack” and “Biraq”) beginning in 1953 and include two births recorded in 1958 and 1960, a marriage license registration in 1954 and a birth in 1961. Barack Obama is said to have died in 1982 and had married at least once more in Kenya and had at least one more child in 1968, but no record of these were found in the BNA because, according to the Archives’ desk reference, the events occurred after Kenya achieved independence from British colonial rule in 1963.

To date, Barack Obama II is the only known alleged son of Obama Sr. born after 1960 and before the independence of Kenya became official in 1963.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: 57states; birthcertificate; certifigate; certigigate; esmit; fmd; kenya; kenyanbornmuzzie; lolo; marxistcoup; mediawingofthednc; mymuslimfaith; naturalborncitizen; obama; obamabio; obamacolb; partisanmediashills; repositorybc; sado; sadoclassphotos
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To: Seizethecarp; Fred Nerks; All

I am so stinking tired of the increasingly caustic posts on FR that attempt to censor what others say.

Carp, you need to have much more respect for the documented research Fred has posted over the years. You may not agree with her conclusions, but she’s contributed mightily to the effort.

If you don’t like a FReeper’s posts or opinions, IGNORE them. Post what you like. Quit criticizing and attempting to muzzle others. There’s nothing wrong with speculating and posting theories, just keep an open mind so eventually the truth can slip in. Go back and look at the early threads, years ago, and look at how far we’ve come.

Keep Free Republic a place for FREE thought in a FREE society, OK??

Starting a thread does not give you ownership or censorship authority over it.

Seriously. The infighting on this thread is ridiculous. It’s going to take a united effort to take this Imposter down, so STOP IT.

401 posted on 07/24/2012 1:47:45 PM PDT by Jedidah
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To: danamco; bluecat6; hoosiermama; LucyT; melancholy; Brown Deer; Fractal Trader
If the BNA index records at the top of this thread are correct, then the only marriage of BHO Sr. in Kenya was to Kezia in 1954.

On the record, BHO Sr. never left HI between 1959 and 1962, while SADO is MIA from April 1961 (university official reports her as pregnant by Sr. to the INS) until late August when she turns up in WA.

For BHO Sr. to have had a second son born in Kenya in 1961, the mother would have had to have been impregnated in Hawaii in 1960 and the mother would have had to travel from HI to Kenya. SADO may have posed nude in December 1961 for FM Davis, but counting back 9 months from the alleged b-day for Barry of Aug 4, 1961, I get November 4, 1960...which is quite a while before Christmas.

SADO may have been impregnated by Lothario BHO Sr. six weeks prior to posing for FMD, if that is actually SADO in the pics.

IMO, FMD and BHO Sr. were both KGB linked and there would be resources available and motivation to pack SADO off to Kenya, perhaps to the care of Ms. Mooney in Nairobi or Gramma Sarah's relatives in Mombasa or both to avoid a scandal, which the INS has already sniffed out.

If this record of a 1961 male birth in Kenya to BHO Sr. in the BNA is truely there, then there was no HI BC with FMD on it as the father, IMO. This would remove FMD as being a candidate to be legal father of Barry and would make it impossible to claim NBC status based on FMD paternity (absent a blood-test and a SCOTUS ruling that a biological father, not a legal father is what governs).

402 posted on 07/24/2012 1:51:35 PM PDT by Seizethecarp
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To: danamco

at one time we looked into the possibility that they were married at sea...worked their way on a boat following the Dutch trade routes from HI to Kenya which are still in use.....The number of ships was just too overwhelming. aka slow boat to china.

Actually think the divorce without marriage eliminates the need to find where married. When it was found stop wasting time on that venue.....If a divorces is needed SADO thought there was a possibility of a legal marriage and wanted to in the least secure custody of little Barry....

403 posted on 07/24/2012 2:14:18 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Obama: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then.)
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To: Seizethecarp; bluecat6; bgill; SvenMagnussen; advertising guy

Yes to your last paragraph.....If you read bgill. blcat and sven post above you will see another legal location (clerk/recorders office) that needs to be examined by posse in HI or whereever the legal work was processed on the 1971 legal work. Since Sr visit HI for “family business”...That would be the first place to look....OTOH is that visit a red herring? reason for it to be.

404 posted on 07/24/2012 2:27:15 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Obama: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then.)
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To: bluecat6; hoosiermama; LucyT; Brown Deer; melancholy
I just went back to the article about Barry's 3rd grade classmate to see if there was an indication of what last name Barry was using in 1969 two years after removal from his mother's passport.

The article first admits that the story violates the official narrative for Barry's location in 1969 (making it less likely to be disinformation from the Obama team) and then says:

“Inoue first picked up the president's trail after Noelani when he heard the name ‘Barry Obama’ on a radio broadcast of a Punahou basketball game. When Obama became a U.S. senator, Inoue researched his background online to confirm that ‘Barack’ was indeed his old classmate.”

Supposedly a child needed a BC to enroll in a public school and apparently Barry was going by Barry Obama and not Barry Soetoro or Barry Soebarkah in 1969 in HI. This would seem to go against a legal name change and/or custody change, at least in HI for Barry to be a legal son of Lolo in 1969.

This, in turn, reduces the chances that the mystery 1971 trip by BHO Sr. to HI as being a custody change from Lolo back to BHO Sr. as father (regardless of legal identity in Indonesia only valid while in Indonesia where Barry might have Barry Soetoro/Soebarkah).

405 posted on 07/24/2012 2:28:30 PM PDT by Seizethecarp
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To: Seizethecarp; hoosiermama

I read a long post, I think on Ladysforest’s blog which indicated that there was an index record for the Obama/Dunham marriage in the records of one of the Hawaii islands, maybe Kauai that matched the particulars in the divorce decree, While there is a possibility of forgery, her account of her research would seem to indicate otherwise. Some Freepers have complained that what I said was a mischaracterization, but I stand by my analysis of the blog.

On a tangent, I also read a blog ( where the individual went to The Library of Congress and went through the microfilms of the Hawaii newspapers. First of all, there was clear evidence that the microfilm tapes for the relevant dates had been altered. Secondly the alleged announcement pages were radically different than all other pages that month, were identical between the two papers, and reused births which had been announced earlier.

406 posted on 07/24/2012 2:30:57 PM PDT by Fractal Trader
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To: Seizethecarp; bluecat6

I think others up thread ruled out the custoday angle because that could have been done with a signed affidavit mailed from Kenya....However there is a line where signature of parents (with an s) is required in either establishing a bc and/or citizenship....Need to see Posted in last 24 hours.

Blue cat was that conversation with you?

407 posted on 07/24/2012 2:34:48 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Obama: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then.)
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To: Fractal Trader

While watching a HGTV show using ads in their programs face, it occured to me that the ‘stripper’ lines....the lines between the cut/paste were very evident in ads....had problems. Have never seen that addressed...OTOH since the posse explained how those were generated they have lost their relavance IMO.

408 posted on 07/24/2012 2:39:18 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Obama: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then.)
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To: hoosiermama

The posse never dealt with the issue that the birth announcements had been forged. Instead, they merely pointed out that the announcements in general include foreign births, among other anomalies.

409 posted on 07/24/2012 2:45:37 PM PDT by Fractal Trader
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To: Fractal Trader

And what many people don’t understand is that those announcements do not list and thus, do not prove a place of birth.

410 posted on 07/24/2012 2:50:03 PM PDT by edge919
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To: Fractal Trader

the heaviest evidence present in the 17th presser was in fact about forged be specific, front row seated were two savants who were named in the presser, their expetise, their results, conclusions, and the supporting posse conlusions and stapled deep papers from both efforts passed out.

Both were seated expectin press questions but everyone knows those docs are fake ( an overlooked progress btw)

As I wrote in the march 1st presser review the time that third video was show exposin the selective service doc even the loudest Obama defender just knew.
Even Satan bowed his head and said..........shit.

411 posted on 07/24/2012 3:03:11 PM PDT by advertising guy (the White House hasn't had this much leakin since Billy Carter watered the Rose Garden)
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To: Fractal Trader

I think the birth announcements is an angle that needs more work. Someone somewhere still has an original 1961 newspaper in a box in the attic/garage that needs to be found. Are there any boots on the ground in Honolulu that can work this? I’d suggest contacting every birth and every marriage recorded on that page. One of them has a copy of the paper in their baby book or in their wedding album I would bet.

412 posted on 07/24/2012 3:05:08 PM PDT by LivingNet
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To: Seizethecarp; bluecat6; hoosiermama; LucyT; melancholy; Brown Deer; Fractal Trader; Fred Nerks; ...

Lots of speculations without credible sources equal to what you are accusing Fred Nerks of (and even being an Australian his 1st ammentments right should be protected here on F.R., and NOT cencored by you), and the same source speculations counts for Sven Magnusson!

Dr. Corsi went to Kenya and was stonewalled. IIRC Emanuel went there too and then records are either sealed or missing!!

Some other guy was sent ahead to Indonesia on same mission and you have the same outcome there, everybody mum. If you compare Barry to FMD they have identical same upper lips with the distinkt valley, which nobody else possible sperm donors have!!!

Just tell us, what was/is it that the traitor found in his tucked away b.c. that he didn’t like, THAT may solve all speculations???

413 posted on 07/24/2012 3:07:15 PM PDT by danamco (-)
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To: Fractal Trader; Seizethecarp; bluecat6; thecodont; butterdezillion

Start here and follow my comments.;page=328

Note the (s)in parents.

Establishing a delayed BC ....?????

414 posted on 07/24/2012 3:28:26 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Obama: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then.)
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To: Fractal Trader

They stated the birth announcements were the product of information released by the department that did the registering. But did not indicate the source of the documentation that triggered their action.

415 posted on 07/24/2012 3:36:24 PM PDT by hoosiermama (Obama: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then.)
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To: danamco; JulieRNR21; kinganamort; katherineisgreat; floriduh voter; summer; Goldwater Girl; ...
Down Dane! Have an akvavit or two and relax. It doesn't matter anymore whether our fearlessly ineligible leader is actually the Lost Dauphin of France, or an Elvis love child.

We absolutely got him posting a fraudulent document on the WH Website. That's enough of a crime for any reasonable man to throw him the hell out. But that's not going to happen before the election, which he's going to lose quite handily. After the inevitable "inner city riots," we can deal with the crime.

By that time, he could be head of the UN, serving as President of Kenya, as Prime Minister of the UK, or running a rijstafel restaurant in Djakarta (how the heck DO you spell that?)... all of which he IS constitutionally qualified for.

BTW, I have qualified you, yes YOU, as a "Natural Born Citizen." I stopped by the Honolulu Registry Office and swore with two Filipino Midwives that you were born in My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii

And with a Mormon as President, I see no problem in retroactively (a) uniting your parents and grandparents in holy Mormon matrimony and (b) making them "Natural Born Citizens,"too.

Feel free to enter any Republican Primary in 2016 as a candidate for President, along with Rubio, and the wimp in the green eyeshade, Jindal.

416 posted on 07/24/2012 3:39:41 PM PDT by Kenny Bunk (What Hawaii gave to Obama, was not what Obama gave to us.)
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To: danamco
Yesterday, and continuing on into today, I have sorted out the knowns facts from speculation about the matter of BHO II's nationality and presented the facts alone to a federally trained and employed INS official (recently retired).

This official, a skeptic about the issue...i.e. believing that BHO II is, in fact a US citizen under the laws of the United States, listened, asked questions and clarified items over which she had concerns. She referred to her INS legal material, quoted section 8 United States Code. Page 98 of the IMMIGRATION LAW Pocket FieldGuide (tm) 2006 EDITION copyright LexisNexis Gould Publications page 98-99 (Nationality charts) and concluded that if the subject Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Kenya as alleged he is not a US citizen at all because Title 8 USC does not confer "Derivative Citizenship" to a child born outside the US and its territories because the provisions of the Immigration and Nationalities Act (INA) section 274C (8USC 1324c), INA 275 (8USC 1325) which define provisions by which a person has US citizenship, exclude him.

The issue revolves around the INA of 1948 which provides that for a child of one alien and one US citizen to derive US citizenship by birth (as in anchor babies) the USC mother must have spent for 10 years continuously, five of which must have been after the age of 14 and before the age of 28.

Since the available record reflects that Stanley Ann Dunham DOB November 29, 1942, bore and delivered Barack Hussein Obama II at age 18 on August 4, 1961, prior to her 19th birthday November 29, 1961, Barack Hussein Obama II cannot claim US citizenship by birth.

The question remains, whether anyone in "authority" in the legal and judicial system has the guts to take these facts and render a legally binding decision.

417 posted on 07/24/2012 4:02:09 PM PDT by oneolcop (Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way!)
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To: hoosiermama
...Looks like the David mystery is solved.

Yep, they think they solved it when they wrote in 'Dreams' that he looked so much like zero he was mistaken for him in the streets of Nairobi. They think they solved it when they wrote he was killed in a motor cycle accident. They had it solved until the day that Mark placed the image of the two little boys on his webpage, and tried to tell us that one boy was David and the other boy was himself.

And when it became clear that there wasn't enough age difference between them to be brothers, and it was highly unlikely that children of the same parents would pop out one almost white and the other black, Mark changed the image and lightened the skin-tone of the dark child. Then he removed it altogether.

And now they are circling the wagons, and every book on the subject tells you about 'David' - but try as they might, they can't take it away that the smaller child in that photograph is who he looks like, and some time, somewhere, that little boy was sitting beside the child the Kenyan is photographed with in Kenya, in that family group that shows himself, his own son, and Ruth with her child born in 1965, whose name is MARK.

bite me

418 posted on 07/24/2012 5:05:56 PM PDT by Fred Nerks
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To: bgill
...It's very easy to walk out with these old files. Bound indexes are hard to fix so it's easier to make the entire book disappear...

You are right on the ball there, I always maintained if it was possible to see the family court records, the entire story would fall out of the dusty boxes...but there's not much hope of that, is there?

419 posted on 07/24/2012 5:11:21 PM PDT by Fred Nerks
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To: bgill
...and the only time he looked really happy was when they were tossing a bucket full of what might have been ashes, into the I tried to explain, I don't read books or believe articles, I follow the people, their expressions, their movements, it's amazing how predictable they all are.

There's an image of him standing at the door of the apartment he apparently shared with Siddiqi, he's about to put the key in the door...he's dressed like a street-kid and he looks awful. Couple that with the description of his first night on the mainland, which is one of the very few believable scenarios in that book, because it's coupled with his appearance in that he slept on a fire escape and washed at a fire hydrant. Why? He had adoring grandparents! How could they allow that to happen, and then they visited him in New York, according to that FAKED Central Park image.

Why create the fake? I think we know why.

420 posted on 07/24/2012 5:22:25 PM PDT by Fred Nerks
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