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To: Seizethecarp
The most obvious explanation, that when the kenyan student wrote home to his father, as the only one in the clan who could read, Onyango read his son's letters out to the family, in one of which letters the kenyan student told him he had married a white woman named Anna Toot and was working for an oil company. The kenyan may have written 'oil company' because it sounded a whole lot better than 'washing dishes in a cafe' which apparently he did, and he also stated on the INS docs that he had worked in the Dole pine-apple cannery for one month, which he, after having boasted in his fake Oxford accent, that he had a degree in Business Adminstration, may have thought was beneath him and didn't want the family knowing... In another letter at another time, he also wrote to tell his father that he had a son - and Zeituni, who was a girl at the time, remembers that letter. But when she tried to make it known, her statement was laughed and she was called a liar by most on FR, because, after all, that wasn't what they wanted to hear, they wanted to hear that the kenyan's child with the Anna Toot he wrote home about whom he said he had married, was born in Kenya.

...which doesn't rely on Mal-Val CT, is simply that semi-literate people had a copy of “Dreams” and they mashed up alleged “white” wife Stanley Ann with the nickname for her mom, Toot, a name which was in their copy of Dreams.

The information the family in the village in Kenya received came from letters the kenyan student wrote home, he also sent them photographs. He sent them a photograph of himself with his (mostly Filipino) co-workers at the pine-apple cannery, and the family thought that was him with his fellow students. The fact that a lot of the 'students' were not wearing shoes escaped their notice...which it would. Daphne Barak brought the photo back and published it as a photograph of the kenyan student AT HARVARD. So don't make the villagers out as total fools, idiots come in all shapes and sizes and colours. Did the villagers read 'Dreams' - or was that paragraph in 'Dreams' written to convince us that Stanley Ann had two more names, both ANNA and ANN and the TOOT in ANNA TOOT belonged to her mother? Probably. It's a chicken and egg thing. Which came first?

These same folks told the reporter the wife was white. Gramma Sarah was on the brink of collapse from exhaustion on the day this interview was given and could have said anything.

She's a cunning old woman, a survivor, but she's made a few slips of the tongue and now you never see her without her minder. As for exhaustion, I think she's as tough as nails.

On the record, Stanley Ann visited Gramma Sarah in this village and befriended Keziah explicitly as an ex-wife of BHI Sr. and mother of BHO II at the time.

IMO they went there to insinuate themselves into the family. I don't think zero's team has ever mentioned that on his first visit (whenever that was, reports vary) that his mother went with him. Neither has there been any mention that Alice Dewey was also there. Slips of the tongue from both. And from the little that Ruth had to say on the subject, it seems she didn't know about the kenyans OTHER WIFE FROM HAWAII when zero visited her. Think about it, she's been caring for the child of ANNA since the boy was almost four years of age and now comes Auma with zero and they tell her that he is the son of the white woman he married in the US.

You have to resort to CT, IMO, to persist in the belief that a different woman other than Stanley Ann was the mother of BHO II in 1961.

I have no need to resort to anything. That they needed to show up in a group of three to convince the village people that this was the wife and son from Hawaii that the kenyan wrote home about, tells me enough. You still haven't got your head around it, have you? Stanley Ann wasn't the mother of anyone in 1961.

742 posted on 07/26/2012 3:37:59 PM PDT by Fred Nerks
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To: Fred Nerks

I take it her minder is in the photo above.

Looks a cunning survivalist to me.

755 posted on 07/26/2012 4:38:45 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: Fred Nerks; LucyT; Brown Deer; melancholy; hoosiermama; Fractal Trader; little jeremiah
“Think about it, she's been caring for the child of ANNA since the boy was almost four years of age and now comes Auma with zero and they tell her that he is the son of the white woman he married in the US.”

Pure Conspiracy Theory unsupported by a single document or witness.

You now claim that Ruth was caring for Roman (son of Senior Asian-American wife) since 1964, so let me share with FReepers what Ruth told Maraniss she was doing in late 1964 and 1965 prior to the birth of Mark in Barack Obama: The Story:

begin quote

from pages 201-202:

After struggling with a job at the Nation
newspaper, she found more suitable employment at Nestle in the industrial area of Nairobi, working as personal secretary to the chief executive officer. With her boss's help, she was able to buy a new Peugeot 204 and learned how to drive on the left side of the road. After work she often joined her husband at the Starlight Club, a hangout in Integrity Center that had become the whirling vortex of Nairobi's fun-loving nightlife. “Oh, it was a rocking place. We had a great time,” she said later. “with all the prostitutes, and everyone else too. Including [Tom] Mboya. Everybody went there. Very many prostitutes, all over the place. But they had great music. They had Congolese music. everybody was jumping and rocking. beautiful. What a great time, for people who like to drink and dance. I got tired at three in the morning, but Barack would be able to stay until four or five and then we'd go home.

from page 207:

Adede was killed on the spot. Obama made it home with only minor injuries.
It turned out that Ruth was pregnant by then, a condition that she had not expected or wanted. She felt increasingly fearful of her husband and thought about having an abortion, but was not able to follow through on a decision. “I was very unhappy...I was very lonely. And I was on my own. I had nobody. I was crying lots of nights...and I didn't want a baby. I didn't know anything about babies...I wasn't one of those people who thought about that, and then it happened. In fact I was one of those who thought I would never have a baby.” Mark was born late that fall, on November 28. His Luo name was Okoth, which means “born when it is raining.”
The baby transformed Ruth; his presence mande her feel euphoric. Whatever else was happening in her world, she had him.

end quote

Regarding any babysitting of an alleged son of BHO Sr. named Roman in Kenya, as you can see in her very personal account above shared with Maraniss (on tape, I believe) Ruth was a wild party animal in late 1964 and early 1965 working all day and drinking and dancing all night surrounded by politicians and prostitutes with no sign of "Roman" Obama or any other child or baby being in her care until the birth of her own cherished Mark on November 28, 1965.

Many of these details can be verified and corroborated and they been, while the mystery birth and travel of "Roman" Obama, the alleged "original" BHO II from Hawaii to Seattle to Kenya is totally unverified, undocumented and unobserved in any way. Two photo events in which he appears to be the same age, but were taken three years apart "doesn't pass the smell test" as we CPAs say.

786 posted on 07/26/2012 8:48:23 PM PDT by Seizethecarp
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