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Citing voter fraud, petition at White House web site demands recount of election
Examiner ^ | 11/10/2012 | JOE NEWBY

Posted on 11/10/2012 8:26:30 PM PST by SeekAndFind

Citing allegations of voter fraud, a petition posted Saturday at the White House "We the People" web site demands a recount of Tuesday's election.

"In one county alone in Ohio, which was a battleground state, President Obama received 106,258 votes...but there were only 98,213 eligible voters. It's not humanly possible to get 108% of the vote," the petition says.

According to the petition, if voter ID laws had been in place across the country, a recount would be unnecessary.

A post at American Third Position says that Obama lost every state that required photo ID, but the National Conference of State Legislatures says that Michigan law requires voters to "show a photo ID or sign an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of photo identification." Obama won Michigan in Tuesday's election.

Obama also won New Hampshire and Hawaii. Both states, according to the NCSL, ask for photo ID, but make allowances for voters who say they have none.

In Hawaii, for example, voters who say they do not have photo ID will be "asked to recite his/her date of birth and residence address to corroborate the information provided in the poll book," the NCSL said.

A post at Pundit Press says that Obama received over 99 percent of the vote in areas of Philadelphia where GOP poll watchers were forcibly removed.

"Ward 4, which also had a poll watcher dressed in Obama attire, went massively for Obama. Mr. Obama received 99.5% of the vote, defeating Mr. Romney 9,955 to 55," the blog said.

The post notes that "Obama also won 99.8% of the vote in 44 Cleveland districts," while winning a county that had 108 percent voter registration.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

KEYWORDS: 2012; 2012obamafraud; elections; fraud; voterfraud
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To: PraiseTheLord

Every state Govenor Where Obama won should be reminded of the check list.

Certificates of Vote SI X originals are required

Are the names of the electors typed below their signature lines?

Are they dated?

Have the Certificates been proofread for typos?
(Candidate and elector names, dates, vote totals, etc.)

Have any voting irregularities been discussed?

Has original (or certified copies of) documentation regarding replacement electors been gathered for submission to the Archives and President of the Senate?

I don’t think the states will address voting irregularities.

81 posted on 11/11/2012 5:55:49 AM PST by BlueMoose
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To: BlueMoose

82 posted on 11/11/2012 5:57:10 AM PST by BlueMoose
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To: BlueMoose

December 11, 2012

States must make final decisions in any controversies over the appointment of their electors at least six days before the meeting of the Electors on December 17, 2012. This is so their electoral votes will be presumed valid when presented to Congress. The deadline for resolving any controversies is December 11, 2012.

Decisions by states’ courts are conclusive, if decided under laws enacted before Election Day, November 6, 2012.

83 posted on 11/11/2012 5:59:54 AM PST by BlueMoose
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To: BlueMoose

If any objections to the Electoral College vote are made, they must be submitted in writing and be signed by at least one member of the House and one Senator. If objections are presented, the House and Senate withdraw to their respective chambers to consider their merits under procedures set out in federal law.

Every electoral vote for Obama should be Objected to because of vote fraud.

Congress should be remined of thier duties.

84 posted on 11/11/2012 6:05:52 AM PST by BlueMoose
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To: haroldeveryman

You want me to say I was wrong? Fine.  I was wrong.  But I said they could steal it.  And that is what might have happened.  But to pull that off in so many states, would mean they got help.  Talking from both sides here.  Get it?  Republicans.  And that is scary.  If we are that far gone, what the hell are we to do about that?  We need a major reset in America if that is the case.  We don’t f-cking deserve America anymore.  When those Senators dropped Benghazi I got real worried real fast.  It felt like a deal had been made.  And the CBS bullsh-t.  Talk about a media scandal of epic f-cking proportions.  But nobody is pushing it.  Like I told you.  They buried it.  Both sides.  Gone.  I’ll say it again.  BOTH SIDES.  Get it?  I know localized fraud.  But a multiple state millions of votes level of fraud?  To pull that off would be incredibly risky and would require help from the apparent opposition side.  And I don’t really want to go there right now.  Too scary.

Another thing.  They will use this to further divide the conservatives.  Stir them up.  Get the finger pointing at an all time high.  Divide them up even more.  Easy pickings then.  You might be getting  taste of that already.  Keep your head up.

Won’t sugar coat the real issue here though.  America is in big f-cking trouble here.  Jarrett said they have two judges ready and waiting.  They want to own the Court.  Congress really does become moot at that point.  More than it already is.  Hell, if elections are moot, why not the Court too?

85 posted on 11/11/2012 7:29:53 AM PST by Lucky9teen (Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.~Thomas Jeffer)
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To: SeekAndFind

There is NO WAY to change the outcome if this election.

But for the sake of GOD, we all should be 100% behind the absolute prosecution of this to every possible end so that we can stop this treason by the Democrat Party!!!

I want this investigated, public prosecutions, new laws to severely punish anyone violating voting laws.

Then maybe we can have a fighting chance to win these elections.

86 posted on 11/11/2012 7:32:58 AM PST by R0CK3T
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To: Aurorales; Jim Robinson; trisham; onyx; DJ MacWoW; Brown Deer; DarthVader
I know it’s true, but I can’t understand WHY these people we pay and vote for can’t fight for “the people.

It's because, "We the People" have trusted the politicians WE elected to do OUR choices for what we want for far too long... Once they are elected by us, they can change what they SAY they are going to do to what they WILL do..
The Libs learned quickly how to take advantage of that (us, and our trust)... They implanted socialists into OUR own party (I don't think I need to tell you that..).. McCarthy was correct the WHOLE time, but the socialists (and true communists) weaved their way in.. and completed their objective to infiltrate and corrupt not only our party.. but the whole system.

Me personally, I have NO idea how to fix this... a few (here on FR) cannot fix the system back to what it was supposed to be... We need to attempt to educate anyone and everyone we can to what reality is... what THIS country is supposed to be (anyone that doesn't like it should be kicked to a communist/Marxist country of their choosing)..

WE need to let them know that this is NOT a DEMOCRATIC country.. this is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.. and what that means.

Sadly, at this point and stage, I am not sure that it will mean anything to them anymore.. It appears that the young (and the hippies that finally achieved their goals from 40 years ago, but this has been taking place for well over 70 years) not only have no concept of the freedoms that we have/had... but what will not only become of us... but them also :/

Sorry for the rant... but I have been holding back a lot since most went ABO.. While I agree with that, at the same time, those that did go ABO, also bowed down to accept that the R party is no longer Conservative. (I also finally bowed down... but I see exactly what I expected to see before I was ABO... collapse).

AND... for anyone that accuses me of being against Romney because of 'Religion'... go suck an egg... it had nothing to do with it. So, while you tell us that we are bigots... I tell you that you are all trolls here.. so FO (not to you Aurorales).

Hope and pray.. The final word will come from God himself... that, we should all feel comfortable about.


I apologize about the many pings... but, can anyone here tell me I am wrong? :/
87 posted on 11/11/2012 7:50:04 AM PST by Bikkuri (Hope for Conservative push in the next 2-4 years..........)
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To: yield 2 the right

Ah the old “appeal to authority” fallacy.

88 posted on 11/11/2012 7:59:04 AM PST by MortMan (I will be true to my principles.)
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To: AllAmericanGirl44

I spent 35 years in Chicago. I know everything about voter fraud, there is to know. What are your credentials?

89 posted on 11/11/2012 9:13:52 AM PST by entropy12 (3 new SCOTUS appointments by Obama will ensure killing of unborn for next 30 years)
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To: AllAmericanGirl44

Here is another example:

“Where I live, there are 6 counties close to each other. Since the voter registration rolls don’t get purged, I could have legally moved to 6 different places in those 4 years since 2008, family—different girlfriends, etc—and I could drive from one voting location to all of the 6 within 5 hours.

Fallon, Nevada=Churchill County
Fernley, Nevada==Lyon County
Virginia City==Storey County
Minden==Douglas County
Carson City==Carson County
Washoe Valley or Reno or Verdi==Washoe County

Bingo— I have voted 6 times for Obama.

Remember he kept telling the college kids & other young people that Voting was the best revenge.”

90 posted on 11/11/2012 9:16:50 AM PST by entropy12 (3 new SCOTUS appointments by Obama will ensure killing of unborn for next 30 years)
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To: R0CK3T
The out come of this election has yet to be determaed. It is sad that the Republicans 33 control states and can’t find the balls to say that this vote was flawed. What is real sad is that I have not heard of a gov that has stated he would not send the letter ceritifing the vote from his state. I have not heard of a member of congress say they would object to this flawed election. When the offical in charge asked is this the fair and honest vote of the people will there be a onjection placed at the desk ? I don't think so. Well any one at FR or the Teaparty remind them of thier duty? This is really sad.
91 posted on 11/11/2012 9:23:25 AM PST by BlueMoose
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To: BlueMoose
Why the Republican Establishment is saying nothing
92 posted on 11/11/2012 9:25:01 AM PST by Publius (Will comply with 10-289 for food.)
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To: yield 2 the right

Are you done?......

You are wasting your time, you know. You’ll have no effect here. We are patriots while you, obviously, are not, so you might as well go to a commie site that loves such mindless capitulation.

Oh... and, by the way. I will take a second to point out the hole in your logic. If we don’t fight against the fraud now, 2014/2016 will be even bigger farces because, what you fail to grasp is that we just went past the point of no return.

93 posted on 11/11/2012 9:44:57 AM PST by mom of young patriots
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To: R0CK3T; SeekAndFind; Jim Robinson

” There is NO WAY to change the outcome if this election. “

YOU ARE WRONG WRONG there, kiddo !

Go to this site. See what it is petitioning Congress to do. It is IN THE CONSTITUTION. And it has been DONE BEFORE.

>>> Petition for Recount on the 2012 Presidential Election
>>>>>>>24,678 Letters and Emails Sent So Far <<<<<

A few hours ago the count was around 20,000. A few hours before that it was about 16,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

People are doing it ! The site shows a running list of those who have just signed the petition there, and how long ago. The top starts with just seconds ago - and a whole of of them.


>>> 24,898 ! just did a refresh, and the NUMBER GROWS !

94 posted on 11/11/2012 10:00:41 AM PST by PraiseTheLord
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To: haroldeveryman

Like I said much earlier in this election cycle, the Fabian socialists in control of the Republican party where not going to let the opportunity presented by a win by Obama of bringing about that communist utopia they desire. Romney was and is the designated loser and by aiding and abetting the fraud they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

95 posted on 11/11/2012 10:16:31 AM PST by W. W. SMITH ((Yuri Bezmenov (KGB Defector) - "Kick The Communists Out of Your Govt. & Don't Accept Their Goodies.)
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To: Aurorales; All

I hate to bring this up....but......Bush had four years of Republican control in the House and Senate in which he could have enacted voter ID laws and anti-voter/election fraud legislation. After the 2000 fiasco, he should have. But you know what they say.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda....

but didn’t.

The question you have to ask is....

why didn’t he?

I suspect that....if we ever discover the answer to that question, we’ll know how futile our efforts are and have been.

96 posted on 11/11/2012 10:46:51 AM PST by XenaLee (The only good commie is a dead commie.)
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To: yield 2 the right

Let us parse your screen name. You think that what the left is doing/ has done is correct and right and you want us to yield to that.

Get lost troll!

97 posted on 11/11/2012 11:02:14 AM PST by W. W. SMITH ((Yuri Bezmenov (KGB Defector) - "Kick The Communists Out of Your Govt. & Don't Accept Their Goodies.)
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To: Frapster

GREAT IDEA. That would definitely be a way to prove the vote count was fraudulent.

98 posted on 11/11/2012 11:04:08 AM PST by cinciella
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To: TangoLimaSierra

If you and yours have been threatened with bodily harm or death would you be speaking out? I am coming to fully believe that that is occurring.

99 posted on 11/11/2012 11:10:37 AM PST by W. W. SMITH ((Yuri Bezmenov (KGB Defector) - "Kick The Communists Out of Your Govt. & Don't Accept Their Goodies.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Maybe the wheels will get rolling on this...

100 posted on 11/11/2012 11:23:50 AM PST by wastedyears (I don't want to live on this planet anymore.)
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