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To: Melas
The racism: I just can't handle it anymore. FR has become increasingly racist since President Obama took office, and enforcement has dropped. Now, not a single crime can be reported with an "amish" comment, and I've yet to see a post express embarrassment or shame when lo and behold sometimes the perpetrators turned out to be lily white.

I would have to agree with this for the most part.

Homosexuality: FR is on the wrong side of history on this one, and I'll just leave it at that.

I disagree. I personally could care less what people do in private, but I do not appreciate and will never condone homosexuality, but to each their own as long as I'm not forced to support it in any way.

Mostly though, it's the hate. More and more posts reference violent solutions to political disagreements. Some subtly couched, others make no pretense. I wouldn't be surprised at all if I read in the morning paper that a FReeper murdered a federal bureaucrat or a federal judge.

Violence is a fact of reality that will not simply be left as a non option when the defense of freedom is threatened. While it is typically reserved as a "last resort", survival dictates that it cannot be discarded as an option. While I don't see the need at this time to direct violence at the feds, such acts will become factual if they continue on the path they are traveling upon, and like it or not, the ballot box is not the last option available when the "line" has been crossed, otherwise you simply will be living your life as a slave to a government that has either been voted in to power by those who insist you should be a slave to the government, or by a government who is perpetuating itself through fraud.

If society does collapse, the atrocities that will be committed upon civilians by the government and by other civilians will be unspeakable events that will show the truly violent side of humans. From that perspective, to simply be killed would be frequently and typically merciful compared to what will happen before the unfortunate draw their last breath, IMO. Civilization has not prepared most people in this country for what will come to pass in the likely not so distant future.

I've learned so much, from so many of you, and for that I'm grateful. I genuinely and truly wish all of you well, and sincerely hope you all live out the rest of your lives in happiness.

Good luck.
70 posted on 01/28/2013 8:42:36 PM PST by Pox (Good Night. I expect more respect tomorrow.)
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To: Pox

I, being cowardly and soft, tend to agree on the violence tall. Although really it’s meaningless internet chest thumping. That goes for most of the grandstanding, childishness, outright illiteracy, etc. But what can you do in the dirt of this, only the most recent of Western civilization’s “vast wastelands.” The racism thing I wouldn’t single out. Racism is not especially bad, not worse than any other gross stereotypes and barbarisms. That goes for all the isms, too.

Anyway, about the violence. I shrug it off as juvenile and speech born of impotent desperation merely. Then I think of the Revolution, the Whiskey Rebellion, and all the other rebellions. What pin pricks motivated our forebears to bloodiness compared to our gushing neck wounds! Leave aside the Civil War. It could win the argument on its own, but we don’t need it. I don’t even want to go down the list. You know it: conscription, foreign wars unrelated to defense or security, income tax, death tax, the Fed, endless bailouts, endless emergency powers, cradle to grave welfare, crushing debt, fiat currency, wage and price controls, the War on Drugs, eminent domain, property forfeiture, internment camps, administrative law, the revenoors, Bonus Army, Kent Stare, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales, blah, blah, blah.

Why did we declare independence in the first place? Oh yeah, the British, our legitimate government, wanted to tax us to pay for the French and Indian War. Also because they fumbled the political response to protest movements, but mostly because we were sick of being a cog in their mercantilist system. This with the highest standard of living in the world and, like, a one percent :ax burden. And we fought a WAR over it! A real one.

Our government does worse stuff to us every single day than the British did to their colonists across years. Either our forefathers were monstrous, extremist, bloodthirsty diehard zealots who oughtta be condemned instead of celebrated, or we are sheep.

We are sheep.

143 posted on 01/28/2013 9:24:07 PM PST by Tublecane
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