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When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over
The Daily Reckoning ^ | Aug 13, 2012 | Jim Karger

Posted on 01/30/2013 7:33:48 AM PST by KeyLargo

When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over

Posted By Jim Karger On August 13, 2012

In Featured,international living,Legislation,The Daily Reckoning

“When they come for my gun, they will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands,” is a common refrain I often hear from the Neo-Cons when there is a threat, credible or otherwise, that the US government is going to take their firearms.

And, when I hear this crazy talk, I agree with them openly. “You are right. They will pry your gun from your cold dead hands,” which I often follow with the question, “And where will that leave you except face down in a pool of your own blood [in] the middle of the street, just another dead fool resisting the State?”

This is not a question they are comfortable with, if only because the intent of their saber-rattling was to imply they would fight to keep their weapons, and win.

Nice fantasy. It’s not happening.

If the federal government decides to disarm the public, and when the increasingly-militarized rolls down your street after a not-so-subtle request that you kindly turn over your firearms and ammunition “for the common good,” it will be nothing less than suicide by cop to do anything other than what you are told.

The militarization of US police forces is ongoing and escalating. Many cities and towns now own tanks, armed personnel carriers, even attack helicopters, and almost all are outfitted with military weapons not available to the general public.

And, it is not just your hometown cops who are getting new boy-toys. The military itself is buying up weaponry not just for use in the current or next scheduled war, but to deal with the likes of you, ..

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TOPICS: Chit/Chat; Government; Military/Veterans; Politics
KEYWORDS: 10thamendment; banglist; cw2; efad; guncontrol; molonlabe; secondamendment; shtf; statesrights; styg
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To: elcid1970

Excellent commentary. I have discussed this very issue with my brother. It will happen, make no mistake.

151 posted on 01/30/2013 11:34:02 AM PST by Neoliberalnot (Marxism works well only with the uneducated and the unarmed.)
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To: elcid1970
My point was before there could be any type of gun confiscation, a dictatorship would have to have been set up first. Which means total control of the armed forces and police orgs. Before that would happen, there would be a civil war. Which is what happened in Russia.

By the way, I wonder if a lot people know that the Allies after WWI tried to overthrow the Bolsheviks in 1919. The military expedition never got very far as the Allies were tired of fighting from WWI. Too bad. I doubt the Bolsheviks could have stood up to a sustained and deliberate assault by the victorious armies. The reason the Bolsheviks signed a peace treaty with Germany in 1918 is because they knew the German army was far too strong for the Red Army to oppose. The Bolsheviks wouldn't have stood a chance against the combined might of the Allies.

152 posted on 01/30/2013 11:38:13 AM PST by driftless2
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To: longtermmemmory
Armed Drones are limited in number and their usefulness in asymmetrical warfare is limited. Also, someone somewhere has to pilot them and trigger the weapon (currently). I simply consider it a form of artillery, so basically deal with it in those terms.

Anti-second police are simply the enemy. Deal with accordingly.

153 posted on 01/30/2013 11:41:12 AM PST by Pox (Good Night. I expect more respect tomorrow.)
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To: Free Vulcan
Yes, and right after they get the guns, Agenda 21 will be implemented and they will cleanse the rural areas.

It's more likely they will be fertilizing the rural areas. Too many deer rifles and too many good shooters at long distance targets.
154 posted on 01/30/2013 11:43:02 AM PST by ZX12R
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To: longtermmemmory
would the media be the first targets?

Considering they have been enabling the downfall, absolutely they will be primary targets, and the harder they die, the better, IMO.
155 posted on 01/30/2013 11:44:14 AM PST by Pox (Good Night. I expect more respect tomorrow.)
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To: Biggirl
I see in my lifetime that this USA could very well break up along red/blue states.

It's not nearly that simple.

For example, Pennsylvania is, geographically, overwhelmingly conservative.
Yet demographically, the urban looter sewers in the corners consistently manufacture enough fraudulent 'votes' to disenfranchise the rest of us, primarily Somalia-on-the-Delaware, Filthadelphia.

If it gets to that point, many a fascist invader bastard will come into the mountains and valleys of the interior and never come out again.

156 posted on 01/30/2013 11:49:39 AM PST by tomkat ( .. livin' up north, with a Texas state of mind)
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To: elcid1970
Simple, IMO.

You take the fight to your enemy, you don’t wait around for them to pick you off a few at a time.

You either fight the police state to it’s demise or yours.

Go on the offensive. Death can take you at any moment from any direction, so do the best job you can with the tools you have at your disposal. Survive as long as you can and take as many of the enemy down as you are able.

Don’t sit around waiting for your turn to be picked off, snitched on, or what have you. I refuse to live under their boots in such a manner of life. If you choose to live like that, fare well.

157 posted on 01/30/2013 11:53:50 AM PST by Pox (Good Night. I expect more respect tomorrow.)
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To: Dead Corpse; KeyLargo
She needs some serious trigger discipline, but a fine sailor otherwise !


158 posted on 01/30/2013 12:00:25 PM PST by tomkat ( .. livin' up north, with a Texas state of mind)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Find friends.
Make a plan.
We outnumber them, and if we work together, they lose. Drones, Choppers, and APCs not withstanding.
If fight singly, we get slaughtered.

159 posted on 01/30/2013 12:06:54 PM PST by Little Ray (Waiting for the return of the Gods of the Copybook Headings.)
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To: Free Vulcan
I think envisioning a door to door battle might be the wrong corridor. I think that multiple attempts and attacks must always be executed against those who are in charge. The anti-American grunts will be quick to give up and join us if they have nothing to fear from their dead commanders.
Today's technology is readily available to us gun clinging bible thumpers as well.
For instance, any vehicle using electric steering and GPS could be retrofitted as a “land drone.”
Fill a U-haul trailer with ammonium nitrate, hitch it up to a modified Saturn VUE, and take out the communist control bunkers (the trailers they control the drones from).
There is so much high tech gear readily available that can be applied to assert pressure on the domestic enemies of the constitution, that it is quite an impressive reason why this end game scenario will never be played out.
It isn't just the guns and our wonderful spirit of freedom that an oppressor must fear.
It is also our incredible American Ingenuity to be reckoned with.
160 posted on 01/30/2013 12:08:55 PM PST by RavenLooneyToon (Tail gunner Joe was right.)
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To: Neoliberalnot

Thanks! It just occurred to me that with all the back & forth about `assault weapons’ and now talk of handgun bans that “the elephant in the room” for gungrabbers is all those deer hunters wielding rifles with effective ranges of 500 yards or more. As well as their stalking skills which ensure a successful hunt.

Some of the later posts mention this. I will attempt to illustrate by combining quotes by Admiral Yamamoto:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and there will soon be a rifle behind every blade of grass, filled with a terrible resolve.”

161 posted on 01/30/2013 12:14:08 PM PST by elcid1970 ("The Second Amendment is more important than Islam.")
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To: Pox

Could you define for me the expression “going Galt”?

I know it’s from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand & has to do with the individual disengaging from government power, but it’s used here a lot on FReepers.

162 posted on 01/30/2013 12:46:25 PM PST by elcid1970 ("The Second Amendment is more important than Islam.")
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To: apillar
I don't know, morale is very important in a scenario such as this. If Larry the first year ATF agent comes in to work and finds out that his buddy Curly was killed when a bunch of patriots busted into his house and shot him in his underwear and his other buddy Moe was shot and killed with several other agents who were drinking at the local bar. Then odds are Larry who has a wife and baby to think about is going to seriously consider looking for a safer line of work or at least ask for a transfer to the tobacco unit.
It looks like someone read 'Unintended Consequences' and remembered its lessons.

I intend to look into the reading list posted above. Only for academic purposes of course.
163 posted on 01/30/2013 1:27:59 PM PST by Peet (TurboTax: "So simple even a Secretary of the Treasury can use it!")
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To: CodeJockey

Obama’s gun-control weapon: Psychiatrists

Background check system could disqualify those with ‘mental illness’

Published: 01/10/2013 at 8:34 PM

Taylor Rose is a Washington, D.C., staff reporter for WND.

As a means to enforce gun confiscation and reduce gun ownership, Hammond believes Obama could order the “expansion” of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Also known as the Brady Check, the system is designed to filter those who can purchase weapons by disqualifying prospective firearms customers if they suffer from a mental illness or some other factor that could deem them unable to own a firearm.

Hammond says that the final decision under NICS for determining who is capable of owning a firearm is a “government psychiatrist.”


164 posted on 01/30/2013 2:56:59 PM PST by KeyLargo
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To: Road Glide

Gun Confiscation By Presidential Decree?
January 10, 2013 By Matthew Vadum

“In normal times the prospect of gun confiscation might be next to nil, the stuff of conspiracy theories, but in the age of Obama so many bad things seem possible. With the country in a sour mood, the economy stuck in a ditch, and a transformational Marxist in the White House, terrible outcomes that previously appeared farfetched now could become possible.

Consider that Obama is a devout ideologue who deep down doesn’t believe Americans should be allowed to own guns. He’s a longtime supporter of gun confiscation but when he began running for president he began claiming to be a supporter of the Second Amendment in order not to scare away moderate voters.”

165 posted on 01/30/2013 2:59:17 PM PST by KeyLargo
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To: driftless2

Gun Confiscation — Nugent: Obama’s Gun-Control Plans Psychotic

Rock legend and gun-rights activist Ted Nugent took the Obama administration to task Sunday evening for pledging to make gun control a priority, telling a radio host the president’s plans are practically “psychotic.”

“A person who lives by logic and studies history and tries to implement the lessons learned by history cannot begin to rationally explain the conduct of this president or his attorney general or this administration,” Nugent said. “It is psychotic, it is crazy, it is illogical.”

166 posted on 01/30/2013 3:02:22 PM PST by KeyLargo
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To: Rebelbase

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 13:15
As Obama’s Anti-gun Agenda Emerges, Republican Threatens Impeachment
Written by Alex Newman

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), for example, warned that if Obama tried to adopt gun control by executive order, Congress could be forced to consider impeachment. “The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to stop the government from disallowing people the means to defend themselves against tyranny,” he explained. “Any proposal to abuse executive power and infringe upon gun rights must be repelled with the stiffest legislative force possible.”

Obama’s threats are literally an assault on the foundation of America, Stockman continued. “If the president is allowed to suspend constitutional rights on his own personal whims, our free republic has effectively ceased to exist,” he said Monday. “I will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary, including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment.”

167 posted on 01/30/2013 3:05:32 PM PST by KeyLargo
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To: US Navy Vet

I have already decided MY course of action. I will KILL at LEAST 3 of their “agents” before they will kill me. My order of Killing:
1. ANY Federal Agent
2. ANY City “Policeman(hireling)
3. ANY US/UN “Military””Officer”
4. ANY US/UN “Military””NCO/Petty Officer(they SHOULD know better)”

You are thinking too small.

The statists will be threatening to send JBTs to our homes to confiscate our weapons. The FedGov would not be trying to confiscate weapons without the cheerleaders in the Democrat Party (including those at the city and State level), the MSM, and the leaders of the so called charitable organizations who push the statist agenda.

They and their offices and their homes deserve at least some attention.

168 posted on 01/30/2013 4:13:52 PM PST by Mack the knife
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To: KeyLargo

“When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over”

No, I won’t. I don’t have investments I’m hoping to realize, I don’t have any screaming kids who have to be fed, no significant other and nothing to lose by resisting to the best of my ability, effective or not.

169 posted on 01/30/2013 4:25:14 PM PST by GenXteacher (You have chosen dishonor to avoid war; you shall have war also.)
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To: KeyLargo

We do need to go on a pro-constitution binge and demilitarize the US government. It took the war on terror power and turned it against America.

Rand Paul would be a good one to do that.

170 posted on 01/30/2013 6:41:45 PM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: KeyLargo

It may possibly happen some places (NY, NJ), but not most places.

Hypothetically, even if they confiscated every gun, a gun is not the only way to make a tyrant, or agents of tyranny bleed.

171 posted on 01/30/2013 6:54:56 PM PST by RFEngineer
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To: Resolute Conservative

Exactly. Heck, even the Mujahedin learned to target the Soviets with the red star on their helmets.

172 posted on 01/30/2013 6:58:52 PM PST by Bloody Sam Roberts (Here once the embattled farmers stood... And fired the shot heard round the world.)
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To: Dead Corpse
And this scenario only supposes that they come for us at home. If they start rounding up gun owners, most of us will be in the wind within a half hour of the word going out. Things will get "exciting" after that...

Unlike the German Fascists of the 1940s, our infrastructure is a LOT more delicate...

And nowadays, people are just fracking sissies if they ain't got their lectricity n fast food n grocery stores.

173 posted on 01/30/2013 9:31:19 PM PST by kiryandil (turning Americans into felons, one obnoxious drunk at a time (Zero Tolerance!!!))
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To: Marcella


174 posted on 01/30/2013 10:00:25 PM PST by Marcella (Prepping can save your life today. Going Galt is freedom.)
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To: KeyLargo

I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

175 posted on 01/30/2013 10:05:04 PM PST by upsdriver ( Palin/West '16)
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To: ZirconEncrustedTweezers

I am the Clansman

176 posted on 01/31/2013 6:50:03 PM PST by representativerepublic (...loose lips, sink ships)
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To: JRandomFreeper

Pew: 53% Feel Rights Threatened By US Government
Thursday, January 31, 2013 04:21 PM

By: Todd Beamon

For the first time, a majority of Americans feel that the government threatens their individual rights and freedoms, according to a survey released on Thursday.

Fifty-three percent of the 1,502 adults surveyed Jan. 9-13 by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press responded that they believe that the federal government threatens their personal rights and freedoms.

177 posted on 02/01/2013 6:37:49 AM PST by KeyLargo
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