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To: Slip18; VRWCmember; xsmommy; Texan5; tioga
Good evening, all, I promised to explain my "volunteering" for VN to vs yesterday, as well as use the WTFD, but evidently, I wasn't pinged, or didn't see it in the mountain of pings I saw this morning, so herewith, my use of the WTFD:

The socialazoic congresscritter from NY, having nothing better to do, has proposed an opressive new firearms law which adds confiscation of any property in which an "illegal" firearm is found. Now, knowing the propensity of the idjitozoic NYdemoflops for confiscatory predilection of things which go "bang", and their additional predilection for incrementalism, one can only imagine what the moronazoic humanoids who vote for these cretins will support next. This all seems like a scene from Fritz Lang's Metropolis The Coneheads

" Zeldar, these primitozoic humanoids are incapable of self thought, and therefore cannot be permitted powder operated projectile driving devices. They must be stopped at all costs" " We must make them ingest mass quantities of hallucinogenic mind altering pharmaceuticals so they will elect our chosen officials" , Ok you get the picture (OOOH, that was a bad one LOL....

OK, as promised, an explanation of how I told mrs gwmoore that I had "volunteered to go to Vietnam, a mere 8 months after we were married....

xs' comment:Again, i am roaring. what did you say, gee hon, 8 mo. in and this really isn't working out like i thought, i think i will go to VIETNAM????? LOL!!!

Reasonable explanation: a long, long, time ago, as you have witnessed, right here on WTFD, gwmoore didn't really look much different than he does now..... this was back in pre Vatican 2 days, and gwmoore was, to say the least, rather advanced for the years, being involved in stuff that only today are popular, he played soccer, ran track and X/country, was involved in gymnastics, rock climbing, skydiving, learned to fly as a private pilot, was a volunteer firefighter/ambulance corpsman (we didn;t have Paramedics as yet), an Eagle Scout, CAP member, owned a motorcycle, and a '58 Chevy Convertible capable of doing Warp 10. This feat was accomplished by the learned work ethic of gwdad (if ya want something, ya work for it) so gw worked two jobs, and obtained most parts by visits at 0 dark 30 to the Philly Police impound yard, where he obtained such exotic stuff as a supercharger from a GMC truck, a huge engine, Corvette fuel injection equipment, and various other bits, which he duly fashioned into one bodacious auto....he also equipped said motorvator with provision for exotic fuels and high pressure oxidizers, available on demand. It was very, Very, Fast.

Gwmoore soon gained quite a "rep" as a "hellaiser", and if it were not for gwdad's position on the School board, gw would have been on the outside looking in, even with his outstanding GPA. He also, about this time, gained his lifelong conservative leanings by working for the local Republican Committee, but still, he got his butt in a sling with great regularity. Mothers would tremble at the sheer thought of their girlchildren dating gwmoore in his metalflake red motorvator, and the local HS wanted to either remove him totally due to his interest in Alcohol and Tobacco, or, preferably, have him incarcerated for any trumped up offense they could imagine. As you can imagine this did not fit too well with gwparents, and gwpriest, who thought of him as the "perfect altar boy". Nevertheless, gw continued in his "extreme sports", and managed, in spite of himself, to excel in HS, especially Government/Civics, higher math, and was accepted at a prestigious college in the Philly area, where he planned to major in Pre-Med and thence go to Med school.

Working two jobs, however, and earning some real money (for that era) however, was seriously addictive, and said gw spent more time working the two jobs ) A Gas Station, as the only night mechanic, and a Funeral Home, where the owner wanted gw to go to Mortuary College) was very happy, and earning money.... His first semester at said college was spent majoring (in no particular order) in Women, Partying, Navy ROTC and Women. He became addicted to things military, and lost interest in medicine, and simply wanted to "get in the scrap". As of yet, there were no campus hippies or protesters to fight, very disappointingly, so gw had to confine his activities to the campus Republican Club, and the Young Americans for Freedom, where he duly stumped for Goldwater in '64.

At the end of the semester, the inevitable happened, and the grade statement arrived in the mail. Gwdad took one look and stated (he was, like I eventually became, an engineer, and was on the road quite a bit of the time)..."GW, I will be away this weekend, on Monday, I will be back, and you Will have joined the service!. No equivocation, no wiggle room, no "out"... actually, gw was rather pleased with himself, for secretly, that is exactly what he wanted, as he knew all about the GI bill, and felt that 4-6 years of military service would be the best years of his life. Immediately he set off on his quest, and since he had been Navy ROTC, there was no choice... The Navy recruiter was glad to accommodate, and by that very afternoon, gw was signed, sealed and delivered, with an entry date 1 month hence. Monday arrived, gwdad was happy, gw was happy, raised all kinds of hell, worked, earned money, continued his "X-game" pursuits" and dutifully, reported for duty in the US Navy....

Well, things couldn't have been better, everything was a breeze, gw breezed thru boot camp, electronics school, Radioman School, all at the top of his class, and spent several happy years at NAVCOMMSTA, Argentia, Nfld..... he rose in rank like a Saturn 5, and, unknown to him, was being groomed for "lifer" (career) status, and sent to all sorts of schools, and was doing the kind of work known as "burn before reading, then shoot yourself in the head"/ gw was very happy...... OK, along came 1968, and gw was told he had to take some unused leave, so, always dutiful, he went home, and as luck would have it, 2 things happened almost simultaneously.... One night, while out bumming around with his buds, bar hopping, hell rainsing, and generally engaging in random debauchery, he met the most beautiful girl in the world, mrsgwmoore. Instant love, the kind you see in "chick flicks" today, that nobody believes ever happens. GW, being a radioman, actually proposed by official message (I still have a copy, and will post it when I can scan it in)... all the details (ring, ceremony date, all the minutiae of a wedding were handled by message ( as a senior PO, I could get away with a lot LOL).... At the same time however, comes the bucket of very cold water....the Navy informed me that I was going to be given a (Very rare) Naval appointment to Annapolis, and would, presumably have followed a career as a Naval Ocifer, retiring happily after commanding a carrier/ I knew, though that I couldn't get married and go to the Academy, so I said "NO THANKS" and decided to take my chances with the promotion system, having already passed the courses for RM1/C and the test for RM1, and was up for transfer to sea duty. I knew that I wanted a career, and to be successful, I had to, basically "get my ticket punched" on a good hi-viz assignment, and at that time, it meant Vietnam. Mrsgwmoore had NO idea that radiomen were prime targets because of what they knew, or that (unofficially) those with my training (crypto/facilities controller) were basically asked nicely " It would be good, should you be in danger of capture, that you not be taken alive". There never was a direct order, mind you, but a suggestion from those telling you (Suits) was basically cast in stone... anyhow, I knew what was expected of me, but, being the "X-games" type, really didn't give a hoot, and went ahead, therefore on 21 June, 1969, Father Fitsmaurice said the vows, and mrsgwmoore and I were joined for life )yes, we still are).

I then was faced with the heinous choice of duty, and knowing that the America was going into harm's way, was especially equipped for my skills, and could use a person of my mindset, I requested service aboard, which was quickly granted. The first few months were easy, as the ship was undergoing overhaul in Portsmouth VA, easy duty, 8 section liberty, I got to go to a lot of fun schools, and we moved into an apartment.....well, mrsgwmoore did not adjust too well to military life, a fact which I had to, reluctantly accept. Herwtith lay the problem, because like it or not, she was bound for Yankee Station, in the Tonkin Gulf, and I was destined to become Communications Liason, In Country. I still had over a year plus to run on my 6, and here I had to break the news to mrs gwmoore, so, xs, it was a heckuva lot like you in the movie "Hellraiser" the line "Your Suffering Will be Legendary" was coming true. At that point, I felt the best solution was to minimize the story about my duties and exposure, which I did, never revealing the real truth until my return home, and tactfully maneuvered the return of mrsgwmoore to live with her parents "to save money instead of being alone in Navy Housing".....

Well xs and group, the rest of the story is routine. I went, the ship went, I served as Commo Liaison, I went in one end and out the other, had many interesting adventures, took many pictures, did a whole bunch of stuff I can't talk about, and still never lost my "X-games" mentality. I did, however, sell my "Warp-10 motivator" my motorcycle, purchase a "sensible" VW )mrsgwmoore's idea) and upon my return to the airport at Philly, I staggered up the escalator (no jetways then) mrsgwmoore's first words? "GW, You're drunk" to which I had no lucid reply. (OPNOTE: I didn't realize it then, but I guess I had a problem with those brown bottles since age 14, and in 1980, finally admitted the problem and became a lifelong friend of "Bill W", again, with eternal thanks to the vigilance of mrsgwmoore who once said "GW, I think you are allergic to whiskey". Sometimes. everything does work out for the good.)

Getting out of the Navy also was a boon, as I used my newfound zeal for electronics and aeronautics to become both an electrical and aeronautical engineer, as well as a commercial pilot, ) Yes, tioga, I worked as a Paramedic while I was in college, nice way to earn bucks) and finally retired on disability due to the Cstainlesssteel, which you know about. Mrsgwmoore still is giving me good advice and counsel, as is our girlchild, FR=trinity1 who keep me on the straight and narrow and away from the X-games, except for the occasional longing for things that aviate, and gw can no longer sit in the pointy end of and control LOL.....

Ok, you wanted a good story, I hope I have given you one, as well as a fairly decent use of the WFTD, and how random events turned an adremalazoic humanoid into a "reasonably balanced" conservatve semi-human replete with CStainlessteel enhancements.

And now, the obligatory pic of todays VK "Tigger the Merciless"

I hope that this long screed hasn't bored you to death, and I apologize If I ran off at the mouth, endlessly, but I did promise a story of "how I came to tell my new bride "hey. I think I'll go to Vietnam", and to really explain why, it needed a little background bio to explain gwmoore's thought process (which is, as you all know, still somewhat twisted [huge evil grin]


363 posted on 05/12/2005 7:21:32 PM PDT by gwmoore (As the manual for the Russian Nagant revolver states: "Target Practice:'At the Deserter, FIRE' '')
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To: gwmoore
That was cool. Every step of it made perfect sence to me. LOL.

Now, are the girls going to rag on you all day, or is it just me?

365 posted on 05/12/2005 8:07:33 PM PDT by patton ("Fool," said my Muse to me, "look in thy heart, and write.")
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To: gwmoore

oh, and go look at #341 for a pic of my current love.

367 posted on 05/12/2005 8:09:38 PM PDT by patton ("Fool," said my Muse to me, "look in thy heart, and write.")
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To: gwmoore; xsmommy; SeaDragon; maxwell; Slip18; Texan5; patton; hobbes1; Gabz; Dutchgirl; ...
Kind sire!

Did you not realize (having become (tonight) the SECOND person to have proposed (and been accepted!) via "official" Naval message?

yes, "I" (quite innocently) was on midshipperson's summer duty (between semesters at A&M) down in the far tropics. "I" (being ice and innocent) kindly wrote to the (then) St Ronnie (Maiden Name) asking her to marry me. (Not very romantic perhaps but (heck) I'm an engineer - efficiency first, last, and always.)

The Dear St Ronnie (being with friends as always) is reading my letter, stops - literally halting in her tracks - and sits down in the student center. Says, "I got to send a telegram! RIGHT NOW!- Who do I call at the Triangle (local NROTC HQ)?" ....

Moments later - She has "messaged" the entire Atlantic Fleet (and every command authority between the Pentagon and USS SOUTH CAROLINA, MIDN 1/C RACOOK) a single one word message "YES. I LOVE YOU." No other text. No other identifier.

The XO calls me into his quarters, somewhere south of the Equator and off of Brazil) ..... Says, "I got a message for you. Well, at least we think it's for you. Does this mean what we think it means? Because, otherwise, we have no idea why we received it."
371 posted on 05/12/2005 9:33:19 PM PDT by Robert A. Cook, PE (-I can only contribute to FR monthly, but Hillary's ABBCNNBCBS contributes to her campaign every day)
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To: gwmoore

a completely fascinating story, Greg. it played out in mental pictures, like a movie, as i was reading it. bottom line, it seems to me that Mrs.GWMoore was put on this earth to save you from yourself, and she appears to have succeeded in her mission, along with the help of your girlchild. Imagine the power that this woman turned down an ivy league education (or should i say peed it away...) you said no, to the naval academy commission, but mrsGWmoore said yes to you and the rest is history. The story has action, adventure, pathos, romance, intrigue. i give it an A++++ !

388 posted on 05/13/2005 4:34:02 AM PDT by xsmommy
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