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Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation

Posted on 03/09/2007 8:53:08 PM PST by mom4kittys

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Thread Number Two

Thread Number One

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To: Kimberly GG

I have brain fog too from Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome. I'm sure it shows up in some of my posts, so I mostly stay quiet, unless Barf appears. She really gets to me.

You on the other hand do great!

13,781 posted on 03/29/2007 6:21:44 AM PDT by duffi
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To: msgumshoe

Where in the Chron was that? A blog? That number "406." goes to what? I might be able to figure out who the PR people are if I know where this came from. Thx

13,782 posted on 03/29/2007 6:21:52 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: Dr. Scarpetta
Perper finally being grilled on CTV.

Host asking questions like a prosecutor, he first tried to say that the Dr had nothing to do with Anna's death, then when pressed he said she could not REMEMBER what she gave Anna when?
13,783 posted on 03/29/2007 6:22:31 AM PDT by roses of sharon
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To: Dr. Scarpetta
Why the cover-up regarding Anna Nicole's death? I mean, Howard Stern is a nobody. An offensive freeloader whom almost everyone hates. Her doctors surely have no great clout. Stern's lawyer is desperate enough to make threats to the media. An act of desperation.

Does the answer lie with a connection between Dr. Perper, Tiger, and the casino? Do they have something going with Stern or her doctors?

13,784 posted on 03/29/2007 6:22:48 AM PDT by apocalypto
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To: roses of sharon


13,785 posted on 03/29/2007 6:23:18 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: roses of sharon
Now, admitting did not get his questions answered, because they did not want to incriminate themselves, admits he does not know who gave what meds, when in that room.

13,786 posted on 03/29/2007 6:24:47 AM PDT by roses of sharon
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To: Rte66
Oh, didn't you hear - plain old witness Stern gets pre-emptive strikes on the *witness list,* too.

Are you referring to his being last on the list yet his lawyers are able to cross exam all the witnesses that precede him?

13,787 posted on 03/29/2007 6:26:20 AM PDT by uncitizen (Set my baby free!)
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To: All

I'm ready to start posting the latest update of my Case Name List, even tho I'm not finished adding to it and changing it. Just wanted it to be posted before the inquest starts.

Will everybody hold off posting when I start, so the posts can all be consecutive for others to copy easily? It won't take me real long.

13,788 posted on 03/29/2007 6:28:39 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: mom4kittys
I'm not sure--maybe his statement is enough? he probably already provided one previously before ANS died.

Annas statement is coming in as a "witness" so should HKS's. Well you can bet Virgies/LB's lawyers will have a copy of it to compare to what he says on the stand. Assuming a copy is publicly available....

13,789 posted on 03/29/2007 6:28:52 AM PDT by uncitizen (Set my baby free!)
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To: uncitizen

It was a joke. I was being sarcastic, but it was lost on many. Sorry.

13,790 posted on 03/29/2007 6:29:26 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: PeskyOne

Are the other networks (besides the one with Showbiz Tonite" still having Sanchez on after that threat about suing the media?

13,791 posted on 03/29/2007 6:31:02 AM PDT by uncitizen (Set my baby free!)
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To: Dr. Scarpetta
Thanks for that article, refreshing common sense!

Especially since Perper just had to admit that he HAS NOT A CLUE what happened in that room, that week, he said he must be impartial, doesn't have to believe or disbelieve his witnesses?

Singing a different tune than he did at his presser, when he insisted Anna was just fine, even happy at Christmas, and just had a simple, common, accident.
13,792 posted on 03/29/2007 6:31:21 AM PDT by roses of sharon
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To: All

I'll be starting my posts ...

13,793 posted on 03/29/2007 6:36:06 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

ANS CASE NAME LIST - First Revision

--Anna Nicole Smith, aka Vickie Lynn Hogan aka Vickie Lynn Smith aka Vickie Lynn Marshall - deceased
--Howard Kevin Stern
--Larry E. Birkhead


--Daniel Wayne Smith - deceased - only son of ANS, b. 1-22-1986, d. 9-10-2006; "Pumpkin Head" - ANS's nickname for Daniel
--Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern - only dtr of ANS, b. 9-7-2006
--Virgie Mae Tabers Hart Arthur - Mother of ANS
--James Arthur - Current husband of Virgie, married Dec 2000
--Billy Wayne Smith - 1st ex-husband, father of Daniel; married ANS in 1985; they separated in 1987 but did not divorce until 1993
--J Howard Marshall II - late 2nd husband of ANS
--Donald Eugene Hogan - Father of ANS; 1st ex-husband of Virgie; married 1967-1969; didn't see ANS for 24 years, until 1993 when she tracked him down and had him come to her Playmate of the Year party at the Playboy Mansion in L.A.; reunion was caught on tape for tab TV, maybe ET; he made an appearance in the court room during the burial hearing
--Donald R. Hart - 2nd ex-husband of Virgie; stepfather to ANS from 1971 until divorce in 1983
--Joe D. Thompson - 3rd ex-husband of Virgie; married 1987-1991
--James Sanders - 4th husband of Virgie; married 1996; deceased
--David L. Tacker - 1st child of Virgie, b. Jan 1966; ANS's half-brother; aka David L. Hart; m. Dawn Buglion; at least 1 child b. Oct 2003; his father, Geo W Tacker, married Virgie's mother Paralee Allman Tabers in Oct 1966 and they were divorced in 1970

--Donna Hogan - ANS's younger half-sister
--Amy Hogan - ANS's younger half-sister
--Donald R. Hart, Jr. - ANS's younger half-brother
--Shauna (Hart?) - Virgie's daughter, ANS's half-sister
--Donald R. Hogan - ANS's younger half-brother
--Gus Moser - great-grandfather of Daniel, said eulogy at Mexia memorial service for Daniel
--Elaine Tabers - ANS's aunt - Virgie's sister-in-law; had the JHMII video will, shown on TV program Extra
--Melvin Tabers - Elaine's husband, Virgie's brother - attended ANS's wedding to JHMII - lived in guest quarters on Tomball ranch when ANS was living there
--Melinda Beall - ANS cousin
--Melinda Hudson - ANS cousin - same person as Beall?
--Kay Beall Heard - Virgie's sister, ANS's aunt with whom she lived in Mexia
--Floyd Harrison - ANS uncle
--Gail Harrison - ANS cousin
--Theresa Harrison - ANS first cousin
--Cousin Shelly Cloud - on ANS Show - Season One: Episode 8; Holiday Special; Season Two: Episode 26
--E. Pierce Marshall - former ANS stepson; son of J. Howard Marshall II, ANS's husband; deceased June 2006
--J. Howard Marshall III - former ANS stepson; son of JHM II, ANS's 2nd husband; he was disinherited from his father's will
--Elaine Tettemer Marshall - widow of E Pierce Marshall; now legal executrix of JHM estate, vowing to continue fight if necessary to keep ANS's estate from getting any of JHM's money

--Nikki Hart
--Michelle Chase
--Jane Brown
--Suzie Wong
--Norma Jean
--Wilma Flintstone

--Sugar Pie - poodle
--Marilyn - white silky terrier
--Puppy - shih tzu
--Frankenstein - 2nd shih tzu

--Broncha Machla Schwartzwald Stern - Sherman Oaks, CA - Mother - retired professor of Family and Consumer Studies, Los Angeles Valley College - 1967-1993
--Leon Alan Stern - Sherman Oaks, CA - Father - retired from Hughes Aircraft Co.
--Gary Alan Stern - Brother - principal at Laurence School in Valley Village, CA; wife, Michelle Logan Stern
--Bonnie G. Stern - Sister - owner of a bookkeeping service in Beverly Hills, CA

--Larry L. Birkhead (Sr.) - Louisville, KY - Father - owner of heating and air conditioning company
--Donna Birkhead - Louisville, KY - Stepmother
--Judith Birkhead - Louisville, KY - Mother
--Judy Birkhead - Sister
--Lewis (Louie) Birkhead - Twin Brother
--Angela Birkhead - Sister

13,794 posted on 03/29/2007 6:37:51 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

--Khristine Eroshevich, MD/PhD - Studio City - friend and former next-door neighbor of ANS; stayed in Bahamas with ANS from time of Danneilynn's birth until day before ANS death; flew to Hollywood, FL, with ANS/HKS, stayed in Hard Rock suite Mon thru Wed before ANS's Thu death; flew back to CA on Wed evening; talked to ANS by phone on Thu morning before her death; flew back to FL with Mark Steines on ET private plane Thu afternoon, arriving in FL at 1AM Fri
--Wesley Miles (Wes) Irwin - husband of Khristine Eroshevich, next door neighbor of ANS in Studio City; on ANS Show Season Two: Episode 18
--Pol' Atteu - ANS's dress designer
--Patrik Simpson - Atteu's life partner
--Shelby Simpson - 15-yo dtr of Patrik and Pol', sang at Daniel's funeral
--Jackie Hatten - ANS longtime friend, since 1981, met at a day spa, Daniel's godmother - Mark Hatten's sister; pro beach volleyball player; friends with Peter Nygard, houseguest in Bahamas
--Mark “Hollywood” Hatten - ANS ex-BF, live-in lover for 2 years; imprisoned, possible baby daddy claim
--Raymond Martino - movie producer friend of ANS - also acting coach and ex-lover, approx 1996-98; served as Daniel's landlord and roommate after ANS moved to The Bahamas in mid-2006
--Joanie Lauer - "Chyna" - pro wrestler; co-starred in ANS's last movie, Illegal Aliens
--Scott Baio - the actor, said to be an ex-BF of ANS
--Jonathan McManus - real estate mogul ex-BF of ANS
--Rikki Lee Travolta - nephew of John Travolta - ex-BF of ANS
--John Travolta - star of a movie ANS was in called "Be Cool"; he spoke to media about her death and claimed Scientology and Narcanon could have saved her
--Kristy Lee - radio personality - ex-GF of ANS
--Marilyn Monroe's ghost - ANS idolized MM and once lived in the house where in Brentwood where MM died
--Pierre DeJean - ANS bodyguard who eventually became her lover
--Claude Dauman - millionaire whom ANS dated in Nov 2002 after meeting him thru an online dating service
--Todd Bernstein - 7 years as her personal limo driver and bodyguard; attended funeral in Bahamas at HKS invitation
--Nathan Collins - ANS's personal assistant, following Walther - gave a shocking tell-all interview to Natl Enquirer
--Daniel Ross - ANS ex-BF from 1993-94 - he was with her in the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel when she overdosed on prescription drugs mixed with alcohol and was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai for 3 days
--Scott Rogers - attended ANS funeral - was her banker and financial adviser
--Sandy Serrano - attended ANS funeral - was ANS hairstylist, lived in Studio City - knew her 2-3 years
--Charles Pope - attended ANS funeral - friend of a friend - knew her 10 years
--Troy Shook - attended ANS funeral - makeup artist - met her when she was doing the TV show; Season Two: Episodes 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
--J.J. Barrett - attended ANS funeral - had been ANS hair colorist, became friends; on ANS Show Season One: Episode 11; Holiday Special
--Ben Khan - doctor that ANS dated in 1997

Myrtle Beach, SC:
--Gaither Ben Thompson - Myrtle Beach real estate developer - dated ANS briefly, stayed friends; hosted ANS as a houseguest at Christmas 2005, as well as other times
--Gaither B. Thompson II - son of G. Ben Thompson
--Melanie Thompson - Gaither Thompson II's wife
--Stancil Ford Shelley - son-in-law of Ben Thompson, married to Gina
--Gina Shelley - dtr of Ben Thompson, wife of Ford Shelley
--Riley Shelley - 9-yo dtr of Ford and Gina, granddaughter of Ben Thompson; shown in ANS clown face video, scared of ANS
--Laurie Payne - friend of ANS who traveled and visited with her for extended periods of time from Jul 2005 until mid-2006
--Tiffany Furey - hair stylist at Perfect Reflections who did ANS's hair weekly at the Shelley home and talked with her, Nov-Dec 2005

The Bahamas:
--Peter Nygard - friend of ANS since 1997, also of Jackie Hatten; ex-BF; Canadian fashion mogul; lives on Lyford Cay, aka Nygard Cay
--Shane Gibson - former Immigration Minister
--Jackie Gibson - Shane's wife - helped design the program for Daniel's funeral
--Gerlene Gibson - mother of Shane Gibson; ex-wife of King Eric Gibson; Dannielynn's nanny since mid-October 2006
--King Eric Gibson - father of Shane Gibson; ex-husband of Gerlene Gibson; well known Bahamian singer/entertainer; an MBE since 2004; boat captain in Bahamian boat racing, as well as for ANS's boat and performed the commitment ceremony onboard a catamaran at sea; had served as contractor for the remodeling job on ANS's other Bahamian home, in Coral Harbour, using Haitian workers, but stopped work when ANS died
--Yvonne Gibson - sister of Shane; attended ANS funeral; other known family members: King Eric's father was Robert Gibson, Acklins native; his brother is John Gibson, Nassau; two sons, in addition to Shane, are Delworth Gibson and Sheldon Gibson, accomplished regatta sailors
--Brigitte Neven - companion of King Eric Gibson; one of two women said to have found ANS dead or dying in hotel room
--Theresa Larrimore - attended ANS funeral - helped ANS make friends in Bahamas; may be a Myrtle beach friend; inquest witness
--Quethlie Alexis - one of Dannielynn's nannies, Sept thru Nov 2006; resigned in Dec 2006 and wrote a statement to police about ANS's strange child care requirements, in lieu of her appearance at the inquest into Daniel's death; one article described Alexis as age 37, Haitian, but others call her a native Bahamian; inquest witness
--Nadine Alexis - Bahamas - relative of Quethlie, also acted as nanny for Dannielynn and as housekeeper, until Dec 2006; inquest witness
--Rubyanne (Ruby) Darling (aka Ruby Nottage) - ANS's spiritual adviser in the The Bahamas; former senator; played the organ for ANS funeral service
--Michael Scott's 18 year-old daughter - Anna Nicole's personal assistant for the time she would be in Nassau
--Stephano Kemp, main sheet man; Devon “China” Adderley, jib man; and pry man Andrew Leon “Rasta” Knowles -- King Eric's regatta crew; met ANS at the All For One Regatta, January 27, on Montague Bay - ANS, HKS, Dannielynn and a female friend of theirs from London aboard observation boat
--Unknown crew member of Cracker crew - man who traveled with King Eric and Brigitte to Hard Rock day of ANS death

--Maurice (Moe) Brighthaupt - Pembroke Pines, FL - called ANS's "bodyguard" in media, claims to have been her BG for 4 years; certified EMT and paramedic in FL; former court bailiff; performed CPR on unresponsive ANS in hotel room; met ANS at same KY Derby party where ANS met Birkhead; hired him as bodyguard for a while; husband of Tas Brighthaupt; had also stayed at Horizons and had rescued ANS from drowning in swimming pool in Sept 2006
--Tasma (Tas or Taz) Rolle Brighthaupt - Pembroke Pines, FL - called ANS's "nurse" in media; a Registered Nurse; one of two women said to have found ANS dead or dying in hotel room; wife of Moe Brighthaupt

--Troy Hollier - HPD; former bodyguard for ANS in 2002; pallbearer at ANS funeral; attended Daniel's funeral; testified at burial hearing that he was around ANS for the 3 days following Daniel's funeral and never saw her take any drugs or appear to be under the influence; judge dismissed him and said he was terrible witness
--Sandi Powledge - ANS's lesbian live-in girlfriend 1991-1994 inc. during marriage to JHM
--Clay Spires - bodybuilder and ex-BF of ANS during her marriage to JHM
--Al Bolt - handsome fireman ex-BF of ANS during her marriage to JHM
--Maria Antonia Cerrato - former housekeeper, babysitter for ANS in 1992-93 in Houston, whose 1994 $850,000 sexual harassment lawsuit award triggered ANS's bankruptcy filing

13,795 posted on 03/29/2007 6:39:30 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

--Kimberly (Kimmie) Walther - ANS's former assistant; regular on ANS reality TV show; witnessed ANS's 2001 will
--Frank Rodriguez - ANS friend, decorator; did media interview revealing ANS told him in strictest confidence that she had lupus; on ANS Show Season One: Episodes 7, 9, 11, 12
--Bobby Trendy - Anna's former designer from her reality TV show
--Jeff Shore - executive producer of "Anna Nicole Show"

--Prince Frederick von Anhalt - husband of ZsaZsa Gabor; claimed in media to possibly be father of ANS's baby; backed off of claim, then refused polygraph
--Alexander Denk - Austrian American film actor; ANS's personal bodyguard until she died 8 February 2007; claimed he could be Dannielynn's father; billed on ANS Show as her personal chef - Season One: Episode 6; Holiday Special
--Ned Bruck - FL - yacht dealer, Reel Deal Yachts general manager - was at the boat at the marina with HKS when call came in that there was an emergency
--Todd Smith - FL - yacht dealer, Reel Deal Yachts
--Vince Pyle - FL - owner of V&G Yachtworks, where ANS boat was being outfitted; one of his workers allegedly on the boat out on the water, giving HKS a test ride when the phone call came that ANS was in trouble, took 20 minutes to get back to dock, another 20 to get to Hard Rock
--Marcos Morjain - FL - owner and president, Reel Deal Yachts
--Mark Dekema - FL - yacht broker, Reel Deal Yachts; worked directly with Stern on the sale; allegedly "with Stern when he got the heart-wrenching call about Smith's passing"
--Jack Harding - Los Angeles - Private Investigator; contacted by Daniel Smith in weeks before his death; Harding's Nemesis Ltd business card was found in DWS's jeans pocket after death
--Joe Nichols - TN - C&W singer who performed at ANS funeral service; met ANS in Nashville
--Slash of Guns 'n' Roses - attended ANS funeral as a friend
--Hulk Hogan - CA - attended ANS funeral
--Sotos - Johnny and Marshall Black Deer Soto - AZ - names used in hoax perpetrated by AZ newspaper, alleging an affair with ANS and birth of child by her, hoping to get Marshall money for Indian tribe, Tohono o'odham (Papago?)
--Juan Matthews - TX - spokesman for the Tejas Nation - said ANS applied for Tejas tribal membership in 1990s and they want her DNA tested for the genome
--Michael Bloom - president of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
--Danielle Giordaano - FL - spokeswoman for the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
--Finley Hilliard - TX - accountant for JHM and trustee of JHM's living trust, sued by ANS in Jan 1998
--Jewell Dianne (Lady) Walker - TX - deceased - previous stripper mistress of JHMII before ANS
--Glenn Johnson - TX - appointed temporary guardian of JHM in May 1995
--Betty Morgan - TX - replaced Johnson as JHM's guardian on a permanent basis
--Robert Watters - TX - founder of Rick's Cabaret, Houston, where Vickie Smith was a stripper on the afternoon shift and met JHMII
--Bob Glass - TX - regional manager of Rick's Cabarets, Club Onyx, and XTC men's clubs; had the girls do a tribute to ANS
--"Ritchie Avantez" - TX - a false name used in a news story as someone who was a former mgr of Rick's who knew ANS back then
--Donald Trump - Trump called in to the Don Imus Show on MSNBC as the body of his "friend" Anna Nicole Smith was being transported from Broward Country Morgue to Miami Int'l Airport. After recounting her "terrible" life, Trump unleashed a verbal tirade aimed at Howard K. Stern, calling him a "total loser" and a "hanger-on."
--Dan Manning - JHMII's driver who first spotted ANS in a strip joint in Houston in 1991 and pointed her out to JHMII
--Eyvonne Scurlock -TX - JHMII's assistant - attended ANS's wedding to JHMII
--Arnold Wyche - TX - a new driver JHM had hired - attended ANS's wedding to JHM
--Charlotte Fade - TX - JHMII's nurse
--Ronald Hubert Kelly - Toronto - defrocked pedophile priest, turned real estate tycoon; former owner of Horizons, hotel chain owner, RHK Capital - properties confiscated by Bahamian govt after convictions of fraud included the home, which Ben Thompson bought
--Mark Sichitano - Myrtle Beach, SC - family friend of Thompson/Shelleys
--Glen Rodgers - Bahamas - owner of the Coral Harbour home bought by ANS and being remodeled; he is the owner of Nassau Glass
--Sheryl Rolle - Bahamas - Mt Horeb choir member who sang at ANS funeral service
--Reverend Lloyd Smith - Bahamas - Mt Horeb pastor who conducted ANS funeral service
--Bishop Neil Ellis - Bahamas - conducted Daniel's burial service at cemetery Oct 2006
--The Knights - Bahamas - King Eric's backup group for "King Eric and The Knights"
--Jay Mitchell - Bahamas - singer with King Eric's musical group
--Loretta Butler-Turner - Bahamas - owner of Butler's Funeral Home and Crematorium, which conducted Daniel's funeral and burial
--Young Dubliners - rock band in the early 1990s that HKS offered to negotiate record deals for, free of charge
--Keith Roberts - lead singer for the Young Dubliners; praises HKS for never asking for a dime
--Bill Stroum - co-wrote two movies that ANS starred in during the 1990s, "To the Limit" and "Detour"
--Janet Luna - lead plaintiff in the suit against TrimSpa filed last month
--Ashley Judd - settled a libel lawsuit in 2002, filed by Larry Birkhead in May 2000; ET settled with LB in the same case
--"Sasha" - HKS's former hairdresser in L.A. who says he's "a nut"
--Tom Riccio - having auction of ANS's trash from the TV show, gleaned by Eric and d'Eva Redding and Castleberry
--"The Bodyguard" William Castleberry - security guard for celebrities; alleged one-time bodyguard of ANS; partner in auction of ANS trash
--Mace David Howell Jr. - AR - man who caused a financial scandal in his home state of Arkansas, then died of a drug overdose in the same Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel in Oct 2002, where ANS had been rescued unconscious from an overdose in 1994. Howell's suite guest in the hotel, the last person to see him alive, was Jim Khavarian, one of only 2 witnesses to ANS's 2001 will, and a possible former law partner of HKS's.
--Sultan of Brunei - UAE - rumored to have been contacted for help getting ANS into drug-free Dubai
--Samuel Peter vs. James Toney boxing match - FL - attended by ANS on Jan 6, 2007, in Hollywood, FL - next to last stay at the Seminole Hard Rock
--Christina Corigliano - CA - Daniel acquaintance at L.A. Valley College
--Neil Nairn - Bahamas - local who stood outside the funeral service and was interviewed for newspaper
--Brian Capron - Bahamas - worked at Esso On-the-Run Cafe the night HKS got food there before Daniel's death, approx 1:15AM
--Nakeitha Wallace - Bahamas - gave security tapes from Esso On-theRun to Insp Cooper
--Jeff Woolf - co-owner of Universal Rarities, which put her 1992-1994 diaries up for auction, fetching over $500,000
--Catriona McTaggart - Bahamas? - inquest witness
--Nadine Carey - Bahamas - inquest witness
--Carolyn Nairn - Bahamas - inquest witness
--Dale Morley - Bahamas - inquest witness

13,796 posted on 03/29/2007 6:41:05 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

--Dr Sandeep Kapoor - CA - Studio City Dr who prescribed ANS methadone while pregnant, defended the Rx as safe; also partied with ANS/HKS; stated on TV that Dannielynn was born drug-free, no withdrawals observed - tho he didn't see ANS after May 2006 and only emailed with her occasionally thru Nov 2006
--Barry Rassin - Bahamas - President & CEO of Doctors Hospital, Nassau - hospital where Dannielynn was born and Daniel died
--Dr Hubert Minnis - Bahamas - ANS's Bahamian obstetrician, did the C-section to deliver Dannielynn at Doctors Hospital, Nassau
--Dr Victor L. Kovner, Jr. - CA - previous Dr whose practice Kapoor inherited upon Kovner's retirement; pain management specialist; Kapoor claimed to have written the same prescriptions ANS had gotten all along form Kovner
--Dr Christian - no further ID, except that this name was mentioned in burial hearing during questioning about Dr Kapoor and methadone; thought to have been "Khristine", who faxed an Rx wish list to Kapoor on ANS behalf, but transcript showed Dr Christian was ID'ed as a male
--Dr Nyquist (sp?) - name mentioned by Geraldo during ANS doctor piece
--Key Pharmacy - CA - Los Angeles pharmacy where ANS's prescriptions were filled then mailed to her in Bahamas
--Doctors Hospital - Bahamas - Nassau hospital where ANS delivered Dannielynn and where Daniel died in Sept 2006 in Room 201; also where ANS was treated for pneumonia from Halloween thru Nov 2, 2006; located at Collins Ave & Shirley St
--Princess Margaret Hospital - Bahamas - Nassau hospital where Daniel's body was taken for autopsy
--Cedars-Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles - ANS went in for an 18-day stay in Apr 2006 to detox from drugs while pregnant with Dannielynn; she had also been a patient there in Feb 1994 after an overdose, called a "bad reaction" to mixed prescriptions
--Dr Maurice Levy - CA - practices internal medicine in Beverly Hills; did misc cosmetic procedure on ANS; sent drugs to ANS as VLM in Bahamas, claimed publicly only sent vitamins to VLM and prescribed drugs for someone else in same pkg
--Betty Ford Center - CA - alcohol and drug rehab facility where ANS went in 1995 after the hospitalization for an overdose; her mother Virgie drove her there; whether she stayed the whole 28 days is unknown; ANS told Larry King she hated it there and never wanted to go back - that she had "gotten her own self well"
--Odumade Adenike - Bahamas - nurse at Doctors Hospital who was on duty the night Daniel died; inquest witness
--Hollywood Memorial Regional Hospital - FL - hospital where ANS was taken from Hard Rock; place where her death was pronounced
--Dr Timothy Barrett - Bahamas - Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre psychiatrist who treated ANS after Daniel's death
--Dr Duane Sands - Bahamas - cardiovascular surgeon who treated ANS for collapsed lung, pneumonitis and pleural effusion starting on Halloween 2006
--Dr James Konstantikis - Bahamas - internal medicine, saw ANS only once
--Jennifer Riley Miller - FL - Dir of Emergency Services, Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, FL - arranged for ANS body to go from hospital to morgue
--Debbie Tedder - FL - Chief Nursing Officer, Memorial Reg. Hospital - ANS body transport arrangements
--Gary Reiss - FL - Dir of Security, Memorial Reg. Hospital - ANS body transport arrangements
--MRN 2303702 - ANS medical record number at Memorial Reg. Hospital
--Tim Steinkamp, Barry Warric - FL - with BRS, transported ANS from hospital to morgue; Steinkamp driving
--Patricia Laing - Bahamas - Coordinator, Customer Relations at Doctors Hosp; inquest witness
--Harriet Lundy - Bahamas - Lab Supervisor, Doctors Hospital; inquesr witness
--Francis Woodside - Bahamas - Doctors Hospital employee; inquest witness
--Janis Knowles - Bahamas - inquest witness
--Mavis Davies - Bahamas - prayer ministry leader, Anglican church; inquest witness
--Patrice Hanna - Bahamas - Nassau nurse, natal care; inquest witness
--Coralee Young - Bahamas - inquest witness
--Dr Horizal Simmons - Bahamas - president of the Medical Association of The Bahamas; inquest witness
--Dr. Reginald Neymour - Bahamas - anesthesiologist at Doctors Hospital; inquest witness
--Dr. James Iferenta - Bahamas - Clinical Director, Emergency Services, at Doctors Hospital; inquest witness
--Dr.Charles Diggiss - Bahamas - surgeon at Doctors Hospital, inquest witness
--Ricardo Hall - Bahamas - Doctors Hospital employee; inquest witness

--Methadone - found in Daniel's system at autopsy, said to have been in pill form; found in ANS liver tissue samples at autopsy, indicating usage 2-3 days prior to death; also found in large bottle in bedroom-sized refrigerator in ANS's Bahamas home master bedroom after her death; prescribed to her by Kapoor in L.A. and mailed to Nassau PO Box, picked up by HKS; ANS's usage witnessed by numerous others; also reported by NCollins; large amount of liquid Oral Concentrate Methadone Hydrochloride found in ANS hotel room at Seminole Hard Rock, as well as a prescription for it, not in her name; drugs in Seminole room have been reported as all being in HKS name, but not confirmed; one bottle of 300 tablets was on Rx wish list faxed to Kapoor from Eroshevich
--Xanax - ANS took in massive quantities, according to former BG; also NCollins; found in Seminole hotel room
--Lexapro - antidepressant found in Daniel's system at autopsy; reports of the amount vary from "non-lethal" by Wecht to "7 times normal" from a variety of sources, including Virgie; drug was also used by ANS, who asked HKS to double the dosage, according to NCollins
--Zoloft - antidepressant found in Daniel's system at autopsy; reports of the amount vary from "non-lethal" by Wecht to "7 times normal" from a variety of sources, including Virgie; a stash of this drug had also been found in Daniel's bookbag in L.A. by Martino, it had been prescribed to a former employee of ANS
--Topamax (topiramate) - found in ANS system at autopsy; HKS mentioned in burial hearing testimony as regular ANS drug, injected - considered anti-seizure medication
--Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) - HKS mentioned in burial hearing testimony as regular ANS drug - narcotic painkiller; wrapper for rectal suppository form of the drug was found in the room where she was staying; four 20-ml bottles of injectable Dilaudid on Rx wish list from KE to SK
--Vicodin - painkiller ANS used, according to close friend Jackie Hatten; also NCollins; found in Seminole hotel room
--Valium (diazepam) - found in ANS system at autopsy; diazepam is metabolized to nordiazepam which is an active metabolite with a half-life of 40-99 hours. Diazepam is used recreationally as a sedative or to enhance the effects of alcohol or opioids. For example, administration of diazepam 30 minutes after a dose of oral methadone reportedly produces an augmented high; tranquilizer ANS used, according to close friend Jackie Hatten
--Phenergan - anti-nausea drug used by ANS, according to Jackie Hatten; Nathan Collins saw HKS injecting ANS with it
--Morphine - painkiller used by ANS, according to Jackie Hatten
--Demerol - painkiller used by ANS, according to Jackie Hatten; also sent to ANS/VLM in Bahamas by Dr Levy, in pill form
--Carisoprodol (Soma) - muscle relaxant; found in ANS system at autopsy; a tablet of which was found in the ANS hospital room bed where Stern had slept the preceding few hours, along with a tablet of methadone; HKS claims Daniel slept in that bed, too, but nurses never saw him in it; People Mag says "Smith" had a prescription for this - but they don't say which Smith, ANS or Daniel; two bottles (180 tablets) of Soma were on one Rx wish list faxed to Kapoor from Eroshevich
--Benadryl - antihistamine found in both Daniel's system and ANS's system at autopsy
--Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) - cold medicine found in Daniel's system at autopsy
--Ambien -- a sleeping pill found in Daniel's system at autopsy; had also been used previously by ANS but had been replaced by chloral hydrate
--Unknown 7th drug - trace amounts of another unidentified substance found in Daniel's system at autopsy
--Provigil - controls involuntary sleeping; also abused as a stimulant; side effects include anxiety - found in ANS Seminole hotel room
--Dalmane - sleeping pill - pill form sent to ANS/VLM in Bahamas by Dr Levy; one bottle of Dalmane was also on the Rx wish list faxed to Kapoor from Eroshevich
--Amitriptyline (Elavil) - antidepressant - another of the drugs found in Daniel's system at autopsy
--Vitamin B-12 - injectable form seen in small bedroom fridge of ANS's in Horizons after her death; evidence at ANS autopsy that injection of B-12 in left buttock had caused infection from internal abscess perforated by the needle; it was also injected into her thigh; sent in prescription amounts to ANS/VLM on 8-8-06 by Dr Levy
--Vitamin B-complex - sent in prescription amounts to ANS/VLM on 8-8-06 by Dr Levy
--Vitamin Gama - sent in prescription amounts to ANS/VLM on 8-8-06 by Dr Levy
--Immunoglobulin - found in ANS system at autopsy; delivered by injection in the buttocks or thigh, along with the vitamins
--Lorazepam Intensol (Ativan) - antianxiety drug found in ANS system at autopsy; 2 bottles of this in oral concentrate were on Rx wish list faxed to Kapoor from Eroshevich
--Prexige (lumiracoxib) - a COX-2 inhibitor for the relief of pain and inflammation; one bottle of this was on Rx wish list faxed to Kapoor from Eroshevich
--Robaxin (Methocarbamol) - a muscle relaxant; found in ANS system at autopsy; mentioned on ET 3-16-07 as being in a long faxed memo from KE
--Cipro (ciprofloxacin) - antibiotic effective against a broad range of bacteria; found in ANS system at autopsy; mentioned on ET 3-16-07 as being in a long faxed memo from KE
--Chloral Hydrate (Noctec) - sedative and hypnotic drug used for the short-term treatment of insomnia; syrup form was main lethal drug found in ANS system at autopsy; mentioned on ET 3-16-07 as being in a long faxed memo from KE
--Morphine sulfate - narcotic painkiller - among 12 medications in a faxed memo request for drugs, sent to Dr Kapoor by KE; stated as "morphine" on TV program with KE interview, but stated as "morphine sulfate" in accompanying written article; the latter is an extended release form of morphine, taken every 12 hours; severe side effects and withdrawal symptoms indicated
--Paxil - SSRI antidepressant - among 12 drugs listed in one of two memo requests faxed to Dr Kapoor from KE that have been made public
--Oxazepam (Serax) - sedative-hypnotic, benzodiazepine, central nervous system depressant; found in ANS system at autopsy
--Clonazepam (Klonopin) - benzodiazepine used to treat seizures and panic disorder; found in ANS system at autopsy
--Temazepam - minor active metabolite of diazepam found in ANS system at autopsy
--Oxazepam - minor active metabolite of diazepam found in ANS system at autopsy
--Atropine - found in ANS system at autopsy; lowers the "rest and digest" activity of all muscles and glands regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system; used by the paramedics in resuscitation efforts
--Acetaminophen (Tylenol) - found in ANS system at autopsy
--Tamiflu - found in ANS system at autopsy
--HGH - human growth hormone - found in ANS system at autopsy; had been injected in her thigh
--Nicorette - nicotine delivery alternative; empty pack found on nightstand in ANS room

13,797 posted on 03/29/2007 6:42:27 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

--Alex Goen - NJ - TrimSpa CEO; aka Alex Szynalski, hypnotist
--Monique Goen - NJ - wife of Alex
--John James - actor on TV soap opera All My Children, formerly on Dynasty; exec producer of ANS's last movie, Illegal Aliens; he attended her funeral
--Denise James - wife of John James; witness in burial hearing, dismissed quickly by judge
--Paul Marciano - NY - president of Guess? Jeans, was an ANS paramour; came up with her new name, Anna Nicole.
--David Granoff - former long time publicist for ANS; was forced to sue her in 2003 for $155,000 in unpaid fees, plus $25 million for lost revenues; she countersued for $1.5 million for using her image after she left his agency
--Eric Redding - TX - former manager of ANS, wrote a tell-all book - "Great Big Beautiful Doll: The Anna Nicole Smith Story" in 1996 with his wife, D'eva Redding
--Michael Levine - CA - Hollywood publicist and author, spokesperson and crisis manager for Bonnie Stern
--Hugh Hefner - CA - hired ANS as cover girl and centerfold in 1992-1993; sent condolences and plans a tribute
--Darren Prince - CA - CEO of Prince Marketing Group, a sports and celebrity marketing firm - former manager of ANS; brokered the deal with the naked photos of pregnant ANS for goldenpalacedotcom - no pix yet because it was just one week before DL was born, and then Daniel died
--Clifford Culmer - Bahamas - accountant with BDO Mann Judd who was court-appointed liquidator for Americas International Bank Corporation (AIBC), who accepted deed to Horizons from Ron Kelly as part of judgment against Kelly; Michael Scott of Callenders & Co. was his atty
--David Giancola - Edgewood Studios owner; director of "Illegal Aliens," starring ANS and co-produced by Daniel
--Mary Beth French - a producer on Illegal Aliens

--Illegal Aliens (2007)
--Be Cool (Nov-2004)
--Skyscraper (1997)
--To the Limit (19-Sep-1995)
--The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (18-Mar-1994)
--The Hudsucker Proxy (11-Mar-1994)

13,798 posted on 03/29/2007 6:43:13 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: roses of sharon
That's what I'm saying about his "Accidental" call. It's only an opinion.

Someone is going to have to prove that by the time she was given the fatal "whatever", she would have been too incapacitated to do it.

Remember, Howard only SAID he helped her to the bathroom. We don't KNOW that is true.

But it says she was too weak to take on what is a normal function...but in good enough shape to get to the meds and give herself a shot...but leave no evidence of it.

If it was a shot, where is the syringe? Was her bladder full or empty??

13,799 posted on 03/29/2007 6:43:31 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: All


--Ronald A. Rale - CA - see under Stern
--Wayne Munroe - Bahamas - see under Stern
--Cedric Parker - Bahamas - Cedric Parker & Co. - attorney for ANS's estate in the housing dispute
--Michael Scott - Bahamas - Callenders & Co. senior litigation partner; Daniel Smith's estate, Bahamas; resigned 10/2006
--Tracy Ferguson - Bahamas - Callenders & Co. - retained by ANS "between September 12 and October 9 to act as her legal counsel in The Bahamas and to provide consulting and general advice and any other legal services required relating to a possible Coroners Inquest into the death of her son Daniel Smith.”
--Lenard Leeds - NY - former attorney; Marshall estate matters - starting 1996
--Kent L. Richland - CA - appellate atty, Marshall estate - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles
--Sheila S. Kato - CA - appellate atty, Marshall estate - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles
--Matthew Mickelson - CA - appellate atty, Marshall estate - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles
--Philip W. Boesch, Jr. - CA - lead appellate atty, Marshall estate - Boesch Law Group, Los Angeles
--Eric James Lund, Esq - CA - wrote VLM will - 7-30-2001 - shown as atty of record for two charities: Addictive Disorders Research Foundation Inc and Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism Inc.
--Kooros James Khavarian - CA - witnessed ANS's 2001 will; alleged former law partner of HKS with Ron Rale; suspended from bar same month he witnessed will; eventually disbarred in 2004, after numerous suspensions
--T. Patrick Freydl - CA - rep'ed ANS in sexual harrassment suit brought by her housekeeper, Maria Cerrato, in 1994 and filed a slander lawsuit against Cerrato, asking also for repayment of $25,000 loan - ANS lost and had to pay $850,000 judgment, but declared bankruptcy; sued NY Mag for using unflattering, unauthorized photo of ANS from photo shoot; disbarred in 2002, after numerous suspensions starting in 1995
--Tom Cunningham - TX - of Cunningham, Zook, Darlow and Chapoton, Houston; lead counsel in TX probate matters, Marshall estate
--Richard Zook - TX - of Cunningham, Zook, Darlow and Chapoton, Houston; atty in TX probate matters, Marshall estate
--John Chapoton - TX - of Cunningham, Zook, Darlow and Chapoton, Houston; co-counsel in TX probate matters, Marshall estate
--John Powell - TX - of Cunningham, Zook, Darlow and Chapoton, Houston; Marshall TX probate
--Kalli O'Malley - TX - of Cunningham, Zook, Darlow and Chapoton, Houston; Marshall TX probate
--Diana E. Marshall (no relation) - formerly of Schechter & Marshall, Houston - defamation suit by Pierce Marshall
--Dana Gardner Adelstein - CA - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles - appellate - Marshall
--Alan Diamond - CA - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles - appellate - Marshall
--Edward L. Xanders - CA - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles - appellate - Marshall
--Deanne E. Maynard - CA - Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland, Los Angeles - appellate - Scotus - Marshall

--Stern, Rale and Khavarian - alleged name of former law firm in which HKS was principal with partners Ron Rale and James Khavarian - this is unconfirmed
--Ronald A. Rale - CA - paternity counsel originally for ANS, now HKS; former law partner of HKS, unconfirmed; still listed as being a partner in Trope & Trope, L.A., but filed his own incorporating papers in January 2007 for his own firm
--James Neavitt - CA - lead paternity counsel
--M. Krista Barth - FL - lead counsel for burial hearing; paternity counsel in Bahamas - law firm of Eric Sauerberg
--Bruce Ross - CA - atty working for ANS estate in probate as of 2-16-07, hired by HKS as presumed executor
--June Galkoski Hoffman - FL - Miami appellate attorney for HKS against Virgie suit
--Wayne Munroe - Bahamas - lead attorney on property matters - Lockhart & Munroe Law Firm - alleged attorney for "ANS estate" - but has been speaking on behalf of HKS in press, i.e. "break-in" - represented Anna in the Thompson eviction process; Dion D. Smith of his firm attested to Dannielynn's birth certificate
--Dion D. Smith, attorney, testified to the truthfulness of the Birth Certificate for Dannielynn; a senior associate in the firm of Lockhart and Munroe, staunch PLP
--Anthony McKinney - Bahamas - civil atty for Wecht payment suit; counsel for paternity hearings
--Lilly Ann Sanchez - FL - Miami criminal defense attorney; spokesperson at ANS autopsy findings

--Emerick Knowles - Bahamas - attorney for paternity matters; senior partner at Alexiou Knowles and Co.; Ben Thompson's former atty, as well
--Debra Opri - CA - former attorney for paternity matters
--Nancy Hass - FL - attorney for burial hearing; acting spokesperson for ANS-related matters in FL
--Susan Brown - FL - attorney for burial hearing; acting spokesperson for ANS-related matters in FL
--Robert Mellinger - FL - appellate atty for appeal hearing
--Mark Bain - AL - reported as "one of Birkhead's lawyers" - but no confirmation of that - he appeared on Court TV and Fox TV

--John O'Quinn - TX - lead counsel in custody matters; prominent Houston atty who won cases in tobacco and silicone breast implant litigation; owns world class car collection
--Tom Pirtle - TX - co-counsel in custody matters, former law partner with O'Quinn
--Roberta G. Mandel - FL - appellate lawyer
--Stephen Eric Tunstall - Coral Springs, FL - lead attorney for burial hearing
--Deborah Susan Rose - FL/Bahamas - new counsel for guardianship/custody matters, replacing Halsbury Chambers group
--Jamal Davis - Bahamas - Halsbury Chambers - former lead Bahamian attorney in custody matters; fired
--Desmar Whitfield-Henfield - Bahamas - Halsbury Chambers - one of several attys for custody matters; fired
--Branville McCartney - Bahamas - former attorney for Virgie in the Bahamas; has filed suit claiming $60,000 is owed, but this may be a PR stunt
--Franklin D. Azar & Associates PC - Denver - Virgie visitation & custody - O'Quinn referral - pro bono
--Rodney Bridgers - CO - associate of Azar
--Kara S. P. Butler - Nassau, Bahamas - represents Billy Wayne Smith, Daniel's father - 3-1-07 in exhumation request
--Don Clark - TX - former head of FBI office in Houston, acting as investigative strategist and consultant for Arthur's legal team

--Godfrey (Pro) Pinder - Bahamas - lead counsel on property matters
--Emerick Knowles - Bahamas - senior partner at Alexiou Knowles and Co.; former atty for Thompson
--Tracy Ferguson - Callenders law firm, former Thompson counsel
--Walter "Skip" Campbell - FL - a former state senator, Fort Lauderdale - Ford Shelley
--Kelly Hancock - FL - former homicide prosecutor, Fort Lauderdale - Ford Shelley

--Richard Craig Milstein - FL - appointed guardian ad litem for Dannielynn's interests just for ANS burial; Akerman Senterfitt law firm
--Christopher Carver - FL - atty for Milstein in FL appeal hearing
--?? - guardian ad litem is said to have been appointed for Dannielynn in The Bahamas, but name has not been announced publicly

--Rusty Hardin - lead counsel for Marshall estate in TX matters, Houston
--G. Eric Brunstad, Jr - Bingham McCutchen, Hartford, CT, overall lead counsel for Marshall estate
--John Melko - Pierce Marshall, individ
--Don Jackson - TX - Pierce
--Jeff Chambers - TX - Dallas atty for Pierce in libel suit against Diana E. Marshall (no relation), one of ANS's attys
--Lee Ware - TX - Pierce
--Don Fogel - TX - Pierce
--Joseph A. Eisenberg - CA - Pierce
--Jeff Townsend - TX - JHM's atty who looked into possibility of JHM adopting Daniel - but his father, Billy, said no
--Lawrence Leone - CA - Trope and Trope law firm - was used as a consultant by Townsend on possible Daniel adoption issue back in 1992 - happens to also be the firm where Ron Rale has worked since 2001
--Cathy Herasimchuk - TX - attorney for Finley Hilliard, JHMII's accountant

13,800 posted on 03/29/2007 6:44:33 AM PDT by Rte66
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