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Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

Posted on 04/07/2007 3:14:35 PM PDT by mom4kittys

Thread Number 3

TOPICS: Chit/Chat
KEYWORDS: aboutthebaby; anna; annanicole; ans; deadwrongdaddy; getalife; giveitup; hksisafillintheblank; howietheleach; ilovelarry; killingmesoftly; larryisawesome; larryisthedaddy; larrysalunatic; lazyboylarry; lovechild; movealong; nojusticenopeace; oneheroinevirgie; overbonbonsdeadbody; prayersfordannielynn; ritaisaliar; ritaisnotaliar; shameonlarry; spermdonorsanonymous; sternsaresquatters; teambirkhead; thefatladywarmingup; thefirm; turkeybasterd; virgieisevil; virgieisnotevil
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Oh, I can’t view videos on my puter, rats!

I found some of the CSI ones. There is at least one more I can think of that doesn’t seem to be there, but maybe they’ll add it later:

10,651 posted on 05/04/2007 8:41:23 PM PDT by Rte66
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To: All
"The Gibson faction has lost the Bahamian elections????? REALLY!!!! Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!! That is fantastic news!!!! Yoohooo!!!!!! Thanks for the info."

Gibson's party, the PLP, lost in the overall election but Shane Gibson won his seat in the Golden Gates constituency. I wonder how this will impact the inquest and any "power" Gibson may have in the overall scheme of things? I hope this means the inquest will move forward!

Official 2007 Election Results The Parliamentary Commissioner of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas has announced that the Free National Movement is the official winner of the 2007 General Election, winning 23 seats to the Progressive Liberal Party's 18 seats.

Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas His Excellency Arthur D. Hanna has phoned Prime Minister-Elect the Rt. Hon. Hubert Alexander Ingraham and invited him to form the next government of The Bahamas on Friday, May 4, 2007, at which time Mr. Ingraham will be publicly sworn in as Prime Minister at Government House, Nassau, New Providence at 6:00pm.

10,652 posted on 05/04/2007 8:43:07 PM PDT by Luvlyness (IC Inquest Updates)
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To: sodpoodle
<>should have read “wanted Anna and Daniel buried in the USA OMG lesson learned; don’t post unless you are wide awake! bad sod!

LOL SOD - that's ok - we've been so busy gushing over dannielynn's cute-as-a-bug pictures and 'world travels' lately, it's only natural. I think I did it too some posts back :)

10,653 posted on 05/04/2007 8:45:04 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: Luvlyness
Thanks for that info too! Not good that Shane Gibson is back in the government. Ick.

But sooooo glad the "progressive" party lost!!! I don't know anything about Ingraham except didn't he write many editorials about the corruption in the Bahamian government - during the ANS saga? Wow - I hope this sinks Sterngoat's chance of getting his constitutional change to Bahamian law even considered - the changes that would have Daniel's inquest before a judge only with no jurors.

10,654 posted on 05/04/2007 8:48:52 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: sodpoodle
WOW!- if that is true then Virgie was trying to do what some posters have suggested she should have done - get Dannielynn away from the drugged up Anna and HK$.

I expect they will acknowledge Virgie tried to do the right thing but add “for the money”


10,655 posted on 05/04/2007 8:49:39 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Well, sorry - I didn’t click around on all those photos before posting. Those are three roomboxes for one crime scene, from just one episode.

There are at least three more crime scenes with their own roomboxes. My favorite is an old Victorian with white wicker furniture and ferns in planters. Seems like it was a sun porch where the lady was killed.

The doll in the picture that we see in each scene (usually hidden) was, I believe, woven into a tapestry pillow cover for what looked like a little needlepoint pillow.

When I get a chance, I’ll see if they have pix of the others, too. That gives you an idea of them, anyway.

10,656 posted on 05/04/2007 8:52:50 PM PDT by Rte66
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To: Rte66
Oh - those are very cool pictures from the CSI Miniature room shown on there - the kitchen. How neato! Thanks for the link - I don't know why I could get that to appear when I went to the CBS / CSI website.....the Las Vegas one.

Someone was very talented to get that miniature room done for that show - I wonder who did it?

10,657 posted on 05/04/2007 8:59:19 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: TrishaSC
Just a tidbit from

It is illegal for Police Officers to have a second job!!! Officers that were caught working at Anna Nicole Smiths house were suspended.

This is part of story about one the guys who runs the site being harrassed. It’s scary to think that LE in charge of investigating Daniel’s death may have also been providing security to the Goat Herd.

rofl - oh dear Lord - just when I think I've seen it all in this case, now we got HK making iced tea for the police force /sarc......dam dam dam

10,658 posted on 05/04/2007 9:05:07 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

I don’t know - I was just reading about how they had to have a special kind of high-def (HD) camera built to shoot those scenes. I had wondered about that.

When I was doing my bigger ones, I ran into a lot of people who build models for show business - there are tons of them used for all kinds of scenes. I *dreamed* about doing that.

So, I’m sure there are special effects people who are miniaturists on the side - probably one of those did it. I know there was an X Files fan who replicated their offices and a lot of special scenes in 1:12. Those pix used to be online, too.

Are you familiar with the Thorne Rooms? The lady who did those was a cousin of my longtime friend and they are what I would’ve aspired to, had I had the time, money and staying power. I had 2 out of 3!

I have the book of all of them, but not sure where they might be on the ‘Net. The bulk of them are in one of the Chicago museums, but not the same one as Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle. I have seen all of them in person and wanted to do something similar in 1:6, the Smithsonian patent model scale.

10,659 posted on 05/04/2007 9:11:46 PM PDT by Rte66
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To: Lizarde
Greta is mad that Paris gets to wait until June 5 to go to jail - Greta thinks she should have been sent today

Nancy Grace was furious - she was rolling pix of children who had been killed by drunk drivers and just going ballistic

this is the third time Paris has violated probation; had refused to attend alcohol class as part of first DUI, refused to do public service hours, etc. had a reckless, driving wthout headlites and 2 driving on suspended.

Now i realize paris is a rich woman and all, but, in my neighborhood, one DUI, you get a work driving permit until trial and have hoops to jump all the way up to trial. violate probation and you go to jail, do not collect $200. No two, three violations allowed like Paris has already gotten

Her mom was yelling at ppl in the courtroom (geesh), asking the prosecutor if she 'could have his autograph' and telling the judge he was 'wasting taxpayers money'

paris complaining that she didn't know she couldn't drive - thought only penalty for DUI was 30 days of no driving (roflmao)

expect the hiltons to take a DUI and a reckless driving to the Supreme Court

only in Hollywierd......lolol

10,660 posted on 05/04/2007 9:20:16 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Thanks for the updates! I was interested in the Young case. Interesting.

10,661 posted on 05/04/2007 10:16:53 PM PDT by tabor
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To: blueplum; All,,20037939,00.html

The Queen, K-Fed & Birkhead Head to Kentucky Derby
FRIDAY MAY 04, 2007 04:45 PM EDT

(nice pic of Queen, sorry, no pic of LB)

10,662 posted on 05/04/2007 10:51:37 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: blueplum; All

Birkhead had one way ticket, according to natl ledger

10,663 posted on 05/04/2007 11:16:33 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: fluffytoo; Jane Austen; Kimberly GG

Fluffy, the thread tends to flow with whatever’s in the news re: this case on any given day. The most recent news all had to do with Larry’s custody case and Virgie’s legal actions concerning DL, whatever they may be. I think that’s mainly why it’s seemed to some that “Virgie bashers” are more vocal.
Now, I don’t hate Virgie but I’m not overly fond of her and my feelings and opinions thus far are based only on her actions and words since day one. She hasn’t helped herself too much in the court of public opinion lately. Stern hasn’t said that much about her publicly and I began forming my own opinions of her actions well before, at any rate. I’m sure she is neither a horrific human being or the most wonderful mother/grandmother. She’s something in between(like most people) and since we don’t know her and still lack a great deal of info, I don’t yet know where I’d place her on the scale of “goodness—badness.”
I know your feelings toward Stern and you are entitled to them. Let others who don’t share your feelings about Virgie have the same respect you’re granted concerning your strong feelings about Stern. For instance, I’m not willing to call him a psychopath for my own very valid reasons. Sure, I can see how some may look at things he appears to have done or not done and make a layman’s diagnosis. That isn’t good enough for me, and that’s just me. Early on, before you were here, my goal was to remain neutral and factual and fair-minded to all the players. Confirmed facts have been a little hard to come by in this case. I still remain in “wait and see” mode.

10,664 posted on 05/04/2007 11:22:15 PM PDT by tabor
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To: Rte66
For some reason, in all the videos today on AccessHwood, he kept covering Dannielynn’s head with a quilt when they were going from place to place. He didn’t do it when they were videotaping in the house with the other family members, just whenever he was outside of the house. It scares me to see another “Blanket Jackson” thing going on.

NBC Universal reportedly paid $1 million for exclusive access to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkead, a deal that is now culminating in her Journey to America, as well as an honorary godfather title and round-the-clock blankey duty for Access Hollywood reporter Tony Potts

10,665 posted on 05/04/2007 11:27:35 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: blueplum

An insider tells us the network's parent, NBC Universal, sealed the deal with Birkhead shortly after Anna Nicole's funeral

Our source says the Birkhead deal is almost up, but one more big scoop is in the works. Birkhead and little Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead are flying from the Bahamas to Los Angeles today. "They'll be on board a Bravo-funded plane along with Howard K. Stern and the network is planning some kind of big interview," our insider says.

"NBC-Universal made the deal with Larry right after the funeral. NBC did it through their entertainment division so there wouldn't be any uproar about it coming from news."

(well, thank God they screwed up the with Howard K Stern part - maybe going to Kentucky was plan B? or were they talking about HK going to L.A.? Can we expect a joint HK/LB 'interview' after the Derby???? hope NOT!!!! Maybe the 'quilt-head' is because the deal is almost up and he doesn't want any freelance paps to get pix until he signs another exclusive???)

10,666 posted on 05/04/2007 11:53:26 PM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: Arizona Carolyn

I’m sure there’s been lots going on behind the scenes re: further investigations into KE and Howard, as well. I’m guessing that Virgie’s attorneys and their PIs have spoken to the Seminole police and Broward County DA’s office, Dr. Perper and the Bahamian authorities, too. If there are any reasons to believe any of these authorities have truly botched their investigations into Daniel and Anna’s deaths, we will hear about it.
KE most certainly has an attorney and has been told to stay out of sight and keep her mouth zipped. I sure would welcome news of any pending charges against her, though! I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed the Seminoles and Broward Co. seem to feel they just don’t have enough to press charges. Yet. I do understand the types of charges against a doctor that would be brought in this ANS case can be real tough to prove. We won’t ever hear results of police interviews of KE and her actions, unless charges are brought and there is a trial. If that never happens, I’ll be satisfied they had good reason to close the case, as far as KE is concerned. At least, I’ll try to be satisfied:)
I wonder if/when we’ll hear of any action taken by the California medical board? Don’t these things tend to be done rather quietly? Whatever action comes forth, if it does,it becomes public information at some point, doesn’t it?

10,667 posted on 05/05/2007 12:05:17 AM PDT by tabor
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To: tabor

Why don’t my paragraphs show up in my post?

10,668 posted on 05/05/2007 12:19:52 AM PDT by tabor
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To: All
Larry Birkhead and his sister, Judy Birkhead, pose as they arrive at the Barnstable Brown Derby party in Louisville, Ky., Friday, May 4, 2007. The 133rd Kentucky Derby will be held on Saturday, May 5th. More photos here
10,669 posted on 05/05/2007 12:22:46 AM PDT by bria
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To: bria

Sorry link doesnt work...try this;_ylt=AucZYdUQQW6W6qkqsG6XokXBaMYA

10,670 posted on 05/05/2007 12:25:43 AM PDT by bria
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To: blueplum
"All that he now has to do is name the winer of the 133rd Kentucky Derby and Larry will be God around here!" one local exclamied today.

seriously, tho - the absolute CUTEest pic of DL on this page - absolutely the BEST I've seen to date. sorry I don't know how to bring it to the thread - she's really adorable and focused on the camera, smiling with little arm stretched out, looking happy and relaxed, laying on blue and white bedspread?Sheet? and is in matching nightie! :)

this site is a 'spoof' news site but this article seems pretty accurate and good spirited

NOTE: it says that the Marshall case will resume THIS month in L.A. ???????????

10,671 posted on 05/05/2007 12:25:47 AM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: blueplum; All

A New York federal judge has ruled that Marilyn Monroe’s right of publicity died when she did in 1962, paving the way for family members of the late photographer Sam Shaw to continue selling and licensing images of the icon, including the photo of her standing above a subway gate.

Monroe’s estate sued Shaw Family Archives and Bradford Licensing Inc. in 2005 in Indiana alleging violations of the superstar’s right of publicity by using her name, image and likeness for commercial purposes without consent. The suit was brought under Indiana’s broad 1994 Right of Publicity Act, which recognizes a descendible postmortem right of publicity.

MAY 4, 07

10,672 posted on 05/05/2007 1:32:14 AM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: blueplum

Bodyguard ‘Big Moe’ Writing Tell-All Book On Anna Nicole
LOS ANGELES (April 11, 2007) — HarperEntertainment announced

...The two will write of Big Moe’s accompanying Smith on her **TrimSpa promotional tours**, protecting her from the advances of high-profile celebrities, and watching as she began her descent into drug addiction. .....”I’m the last person to put my lips around her lips ...”

NOTE: I’d forgotten about this old article. but here’s the Moe/LB connection - they were both on Anna’s trimspa tours? Maybe Moe just had ‘florida detail’ ? and why would Moe, the fireman, Moe the paramedic, Moe the pro ball player, be ‘watching’ as ‘she began her descent’ - what, wait a minute....’began?’ what does that MEAN? ‘began her descent’......?????? is Moe going to claim she wasn’t on drugs when Moe met her?

10,673 posted on 05/05/2007 3:48:13 AM PDT by blueplum ([IC - ICE -(ice bath)])
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To: Rte66
Well - I might have to actually tune in to CSI to see this camera work on these rooms! I will check it out. Thursday nights.

Oh, yes, I know about the Thorne rooms! Wow - you knew the person who did those??? Through your friend? Now that would have been a joy to see those being built. Did you see them in person? I have not ever seen them in person but of course read all about them in NSN. One of the YouTube Videos(that I am sorry you can't see) highlighted one of the Thorne Rooms - not one I linked but another one.

My rooms are not that intricate as the Thorne Rooms, but, yes, they are the ideal.

Oh - do we have anybody in Kansas? Bad tornado hit overnight. So sad to see.

10,674 posted on 05/05/2007 4:23:11 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: tabor
I have never said Virgie is the most wonderful human being. I doubt she is. I was merely responding to vicious attacks on her, which included blaming her for Daniel's death, blaming her for not taking Daniel away from ANK.

What respect are you talking about? If you want to call disagreeing with someone as showing a lack of respect, go ahead. You mention strong feeling about HKS. I am not the only one who has no respect and no warm feeling for him. And it is based purely on what he has said and done. I had never heard of him until after Daniel's death.

If you don't want to call HKS a psychopath, there is nothing wrong with that. Some have referred to him as a sociopath, and you do not need a special degree to do it. The criteria for that is a list of characteristics exhibited by a person.

10,675 posted on 05/05/2007 5:52:23 AM PDT by Jane Austen
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To: blueplum

I thought it was a chartered flight?

10,676 posted on 05/05/2007 6:00:33 AM PDT by mom4kittys (If velvet could sing, it would sound like Josh Groban)
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To: bria

Was his sister his date?

10,677 posted on 05/05/2007 6:03:58 AM PDT by mom4kittys (If velvet could sing, it would sound like Josh Groban)
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To: TheSpottedOwl


10,678 posted on 05/05/2007 6:15:31 AM PDT by TheSpottedOwl (Head Caterer for the FIRM)
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To: Jane Austen

Morning Jane- good post

“”””If you don’t want to call HKS...”””

As I see it we have three choices:

HK$ is the unlucky acquaintance of two young people accidentally dying in his presence.
HK$ is an illiterate, stupid, ignorant, careless idiot who had no clue about the effect of taking copious drugs in lethal combination and could not, or did not read & comprehend the medical cautions on the pharmacy instruction sheets attached to every drug prescribed in his name.
HK$ is the most careful, clever and diabolical murderer in the annals of crime.

10,679 posted on 05/05/2007 6:26:03 AM PDT by sodpoodle ( Despair - man's surrender. Laughter - God's redemption)
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt; gopheraj

Nice to hear from you guys. I’ll peek in from time to time until the house is straightened out. Today we’re hanging pictures and buying the LR drapes and kitchen curtains. The kitchen curtains are so cute. I’ll have to cut them because the ones we’re getting don’t come in cafe tier size. Can’t understand that. They are kitchen curtains! Do people put full length curtains in their kitchens these days? I won’t do that because the hubs designed beautiful window casings that should be shown.

10,680 posted on 05/05/2007 6:39:32 AM PDT by uncitizen (Damn Comcast!)
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To: stlnative; Arizona Carolyn; TexKat; Rte66; mom4kittys; sodpoodle; Lizarde; Jrabbit; uncitizen; ...

Celebs (and Larry with his Sister Judy) Attend Pre-Derby Party in Ky

By MARK F. BARNETT, Associated Press Writer...Sat May 5


Larry Birkhead, ex-boyfriend to the late Anna Nicole Smith and father to her lone heir, was cheered by Louisville residents as he entered the Barnstable Brown gala, the annual party where he met Smith in 2004.

He attended the party Friday as a celebrity in his own right. The annual event is a long-standing tradition hosted by sisters Patricia Barnstable Brown and Priscilla Barnstable that brings out celebrities and gawkers.

"It's exciting, but it's sad," Birkhead said. "It's a great party."

He said Dannielynn was at home, getting to know his family.

"She's doing great," he said. "She's eating well. She's sleeping well."

Celebrity watchers camped outside the party early and were pinned in behind metal barricades at the edge of the undulating green lawn. A heavy downpour soaked about 60 of them well before any celebrities showed up.


10,681 posted on 05/05/2007 6:57:32 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: blueplum

I think that all we have of the original hearing is the transcript you provided in #7080...however, the following are a collection of ‘transcripts’ regarding Virgie’s testimony in court vs. statements she has made to various reporters regarding MONEY.


SEIDLIN says he’s noticed a bond between Virgie and LB - had they met before?
- camera pans to Larry and Opri in back of CourtRoom...Opri has hand on Larry’s shoulder, both visibly upset.
Kirsta Barth questioning:
[QUESTION]: did you and Larry have prior contact
[states]: No.

Milstein questioning about $$$ since Danniel’s death.

[QUESTION]: who paid for trip to graveside?
[states] : DAvid Lee. One-day round-trip
[states]: He’s a close friend of the family...He’s a journalist with Splash.
[states] : got plane fare from Houston to the Bahamas for 1 day on Jan 22 - round trip
[QUESTION]: Who accompanied you?
[states] : sister in law, Elaine Tabers. (She had Daniel babyshoes/t-shirt from childraising days
[states]: {Elaine Tabers] filmed the grave to show the rest of the family- because ‘none of them’ were allowed to attend funeral.
[states]: she and her sister couldn’t find the grave, noone would tell them which one; begged the woman at the cemetary to tell them - woman told them to

look for a note and flowers from LB on grave...Virgie visibly upset.

[QUESTION]: Did he buy your camera
[states]: No, he did not buy a camera for me.

[QUESTION:] Did [LEE] play for any other expenses?
[states] : not that I know of.

[QUESTION:]Did sister in law receive any money as a result of video she took at graveside of Daniel.
[states] : NO. Says she has not talked about it with sister in law.
[states]: We’ve been too upset.

[QUESTION]: (did you profit from Daniel) graveside video on TV?
[states]: No. my sister-in-law sold it. It was her tape.

[QUESTION]: have you ever heard of someone being buried in Texas, who was not born there?
O’QUINN objecting
[states]: she and Daniel’s father are moving Daniel to Texas, so there will be no reason to bury ANS in the Bahamas...Daniel died a horrible death in


[QUESTION]: did you participate in [Donna Hogan’s] book?
[states]: No. I didn’t want to be interviewed. didn’t cooperate; didn’t want to speak about Anna (to Donna).

[QUESTION:]Did you receive any money for coming to these hearings?
SEIDLIN to ARTHUR: just “tell the truth”
{QUESTION]: have you received money from news agency or TV station for images
O’QUINN’s objecting
SEIDLIN - I’m going to allow it; says will allow “TEXAS” to go there too
[states]: I did an interview with ET; HKS told her that they wouldn’t use images. states she agreed to do a background interview of her life.
[states] : NO. Not paying for it all out of [her] own money - getting help from family and friends.

[QUESTION]: Are your family/friends in news media?
[states] : NO.

[QUESTION]: Who took you to ME office?
[states]: David Lee.

[QUESTION]: Did [LEE] ever suggest you make a contract with Splash for rights of press or publicity regarding Daniel’s/Anna’s death?
[states] : No.

[QUESTION]: Has anyone asked to purchase memorabilia, photographs, etc -
[states]: NO.

[QUESTION]: Have you received any money for any of those items.
[states]: NO i have not.

[QUESTION]:Has anyone discussed with you any future remunerations re: funeral arrangements for her daughter.
[states]: NO.

[QUESTION]: WILL Funeral arrangements be public?
[states]: NO, just family.

adjournment to Morgue:

SEIDLIN wants all parties to see who they are arguing over. Wants all to see Anna’s body in case the body continues to deteriorate - by Friday may need to

be closed casket. Sends them all there on an empty stomach - no lunch (meal) beforehand or after.

Court TV broadcasting helecopter cam shots:
Stern leaving the back door of the ME’s office, standing with his attorneys, they appear to be casually talking.
Virgie comes out front door. Being helped down the step. Appears distressed.
separate black SUVs waiting...Court TV comments ‘when you become a player’ you travel in a black SUV.
Virgie’s SUV passes Stern’s...comment made (this is as close as they will ever get to each other).

reconvene Court:

[QUESTION]: There was a splash helicopter over ME office. Was media called?
[states]: I did not call. [LEE] did not call while with her.
[states]: [LEE] lives here, he is a family friend. Have been friends for 2 years.
[QUESTION]: what did you tell the driver
[states]: we needed to go to the Morgue.
[states]: driver already knew where they were going

[QUESTION]: Did YOU tell the driver why you were going to the ME office.
[states]: No sir - we talked about food.

[QUESTION]: what is your pension $ per month?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you in any fashion profited at all from the death of your daughter?

ARTHUR: I’m trying to process that question.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In other words, have you...

ARTHUR: He has.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, no. We’re not going to point fingers.

ARTHUR: Yes he has.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The question really is, are you going to get income from her death?



ARTHUR: I am not getting any income. He’s the one that — Howard is the one that lives off of Vickie Lynn. I don’t...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, we don’t want to do this. I tried to stay away from this. I tried to stay away from this. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Counsel wants to turn this point in the trial into more of a circus than it is. Stick to the issues...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, there’s no circus here, my friend. There’s no circus here.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Were you paid for that?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you expect to be?

ARTHUR: It doesn’t look like it, no.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you mean by it doesn’t look like it?

ARTHUR: Well, Howard, or someone in that capacity, said that if I talked to “ET” that they would not let them — they would not have “ET” have the exclusive rights of Vickie’s life, her baby’s being born. Now her death.

He’s the one that’s getting the money. I’m not.


VAN SUSTEREN: Now let’s talk about who got what money. Did you get any money from any news organization or media outlet since Daniel died?

ARTHUR: OK. Splash magazine. And all they do is sell pictures.


ARTHUR: You know. And this was way before Daniel died that they came to me and asked me, did I want to, you know, sell them some pictures, you know, of Daniel and Vickie and the family, and did I want to do a book? You know, and I thought well, you know, I might think about it. And that’s all I told them, I might think about it. So I did give them some pictures.

VAN SUSTEREN: How much did you get?


VAN SUSTEREN: How much did you get?

ARTHUR: Oh, how much money?


ARTHUR: Five thousand dollars.

VAN SUSTEREN: How many pictures?

ARTHUR: Oh, I don’t know, bunch, a bunch, you know, 50, 100, a bunch of pictures.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you give them to use for as long as they wanted or to just use them in one-time deal with them?

ARTHUR: No. They can use them for whatever.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK. All right. So you got $5,000 from Splash for pictures. Any other money?

ARTHUR: No. That’s all I have got.

VAN SUSTEREN: What about any relative of yours get any money?

ARTHUR: Relative?

VAN SUSTEREN: Yes. Like — I mean, it was like, you know, anyone who you — besides Anna Nicole — Vickie? Like did any family member cut any deal that you know of?

ARTHUR: Not that I know of, no.

VAN SUSTEREN: OK. So there is no other money pouring into your family?


VAN SUSTEREN: How about your legal bills? Who is paying those?

ARTHUR: Well, I’m going to have to pay those.

VAN SUSTEREN: Nobody has made a promised to pay them?


VAN SUSTEREN: No lawyer has gotten paid?

ARTHUR: No.,2933,269821,00.html

10,682 posted on 05/05/2007 7:02:43 AM PDT by Kimberly GG (DUNCAN HUNTER ' TO TAKE BACK AMERICA)
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To: All

Larry Birkhead hugs his sister, Judy, as they arrive at the Barnstable Brown Derby party in Louisville, Ky., Friday, May 4, 2007.


10,683 posted on 05/05/2007 7:07:34 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

She’s ordered to spend 45 days in a Los Angeles jail, but doesn’t have to report for about a month (while her lawyers fight for a reduced sentence). She’ll be in solitary, except for one hour per day. She was caught, again I think, driving with a suspended license, at night, with her headlights off. Don’t know, but she may or may not have been intoxicated. Her explanation to the judge was that she was told by her handlers that her license was no longer suspended. My guess is people like her would be clueless as to how to find out this information for themselves. So she’s got 45 days to figure it out.

It was also reported that her mother had to be told by a baliff to be quiet during the hearing. She continually made comments, out loud, about what a farce the whole thing was. Perhaps she needs some time to think as well.

10,684 posted on 05/05/2007 7:09:53 AM PDT by Kimberly GG (DUNCAN HUNTER ' TO TAKE BACK AMERICA)
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To: TexKat

IMO, the debates, hosted by none other than Chris Matthews, was a farce.
Next year, perhaps the Dems will allow their debates to be hosted by Ann Coulter.

10,685 posted on 05/05/2007 7:11:30 AM PDT by Kimberly GG (DUNCAN HUNTER ' TO TAKE BACK AMERICA)
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To: Kimberly GG
>She’s ordered to spend 45 days in a Los Angeles jail, but doesn’t have to report for about a month ...

"On February 1, 1978, [Roman] Polanski fled to France, where he retained citizenship. He believed that the judge was going to disregard the plea bargain, in which case he could be sentenced to a prison term (albeit much less than the 50 years he faced under the original indictment). Like many countries, France refuses to extradite its own citizens, which is consistent with the extradition treaty between France and the United States. As a consequence, the American extradition request was not granted. The United States government could have requested that Polanski be prosecuted on the California charges by the French authorities[13], but this option was not pursued."


If Paris flees, think
of all the publicity
she'll get in Japan

or France, wherever
she runs to... She can't, of course,
claim citizenship

rights, but who's gonna
deport her for traffic crimes?
I think she should run!

10,686 posted on 05/05/2007 7:19:09 AM PDT by theFIRMbss
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To: All; TexKat; TheSpottedOwl; uncitizen; windchime; mom4kittys; Arizona Carolyn; Southerngl; ...

"Larry Birkhead poses as he arrives at the Barnstable Brown Derby party in Louisville, Ky., Friday, May 4, 2007. The 133rd Kentucky Derby will be held on Saturday, May 5th."


10,687 posted on 05/05/2007 7:19:52 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: TexKat; Kimberly GG; All

TexKat, that link is GOLD for video history! Thank you!

The testimony on the video is the first of two appearances by Virgie on the stand, IIRC.


B- “Have you received any money from date of Daniel’s death from news, magazines, TV stations . . .?”
V- “No. I have no money. Not given any money.”
B- “Have you in any fashion profited at all from the death of your daughter?”
V- “Trying to process your question.”
Judge chimes in- “Do you expect to get any money from ‘Splash’ . . . from any news place?”
V- “No.”
B- Did you agree - were you promised a $30,000 gift?
V- Ma’am I don’t have $30,000 - never got $30,000.

The testimony after the recess is not on the video. IIRC, that is when VA says she received transportation (plane) expense to visit Daniel’s grave and her sister-in-law sold the video to a news outlet.

All- Watch the video and please feel free to correct material I posted from it.

I am surprised ET did not include the last part of her testimony since it seems to be the HKS Network.

10,688 posted on 05/05/2007 7:29:54 AM PDT by windchime (I consider the left one of the fronts on the WOT)
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To: uncitizen

Well, no house stuff for me today. Fixin’ to head out to Silver Dollar City to see the chinese acrobats and other performers. Been putting it off and tomorrow is the last day to see them. Next week starts the Bluegrass/BBQ festival and we are definitely going more than one time. Ricky Skaggs will be there on 5/27. Hope to squeeze thru the door to see him.

10,689 posted on 05/05/2007 7:41:40 AM PDT by gopheraj
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To: sodpoodle
I agree.

Reminds me of the "coincidence" in the Scott Perterson case of him fishing right were the bodies turned up.

10,690 posted on 05/05/2007 7:48:17 AM PDT by Jane Austen
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To: gopheraj

Oooh. You lucky! The bluegrass festival sounds like a blast. Ricky Skaggs is so great! Have fun and let us know how it was afterward.

10,691 posted on 05/05/2007 7:52:10 AM PDT by uncitizen (Damn Comcast!)
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To: Dr. Scarpetta

I’m glad he took Judy!

10,692 posted on 05/05/2007 8:25:41 AM PDT by windchime (I consider the left one of the fronts on the WOT)
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To: sodpoodle
Amazing the pass that HKS has been given, the rationalizations and benefit of the doubts he has received, the careful low key tone of waiting for hard evidence, the respectful entertainment and hard news media coverage (even before his threats of law suits), the absence of investigative digging on his statements, his movements, his bank accts, his past, his family, his law practice, his debts, where he makes his money; by the press, law enforcement, the ME, Anna’s Hollywood friends and business assoc, LB, and all those who supposedly loved her.

Especially when compared to the anal exam and mind reading techniques used on grandma, lol. Who seems the only one suspicious at this point.

Again, its weird.

Everybody loves a “winner” I guess, and Stern is definitely a “winner”

10,693 posted on 05/05/2007 8:29:10 AM PDT by roses of sharon
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To: windchime
I’m glad he took Judy!

Me too!

10,694 posted on 05/05/2007 8:31:54 AM PDT by Dr. Scarpetta
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To: roses of sharon

“””Everybody loves a “winner” I guess, and Stern is definitely a “winner””””

While we are in the Kentucky Derby world...and using horseracing vernacular....remember never to say ‘break a leg’.

And after the race is over let us remember the tragic “winner”, Barbaro who had more integrity than the other one. Going into the race, Barbaro was undefeated...... we know what happened.

So, for the pseudo racing enthusiast, Hollywood bunch.....’They shoot horses don’t they?’

10,695 posted on 05/05/2007 9:08:21 AM PDT by sodpoodle ( Despair - man's surrender. Laughter - God's redemption)
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To: Jane Austen

I was talking in general terms, for the most part, Jane. Not too long ago, a poster ( don’t recall who) said that people who don’t see Howard as a psychopath or evil (paraphrasing) are either naive or not blessed with much intelligence. I didn’t respond to that, but it really bothered me. I don’t like seeing posts like that, as there’s usually no good reason to criticize other posters for their opinions and thoughts.
It’s a little different if a poster expresses negative opinions about a person or actions involved in the case being discussed, because that’s what the thread is about and each is entitled to state their opinions without fear of being maligned in one way or another. I know some folk’s passions get inflamed and that’s human nature, but I truly enjoy reasoned debate and lively discussion when posters treat each other with respect regardless of their differences. Most of the time this thread IS that way, and I do realize all internet message boards have flaming of others now and then. It’s the nature of the beast, I suppose:)

10,696 posted on 05/05/2007 9:30:31 AM PDT by tabor
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To: sodpoodle

That’s it in a nutshell, sod, including any and all variations/combinations of the 3:) I still tend to place most of the onus on Anna herself and the doctors over the years who kept writing her scripts.
It is possible Stern deferred to the doctors supplying the meds and wasn’t completely up on all the dangers of Anna’s meds, when combined or not, even though he certainly did know Anna had a big addiction problem. I read the inserts on medications I get and do look them up on the ‘Net, usually, but I never used to and I’m pretty smart, all considered. I just have had a hard time believing Stern kept Anna drugged up for his own reasons and I think we’ll eventually hear he did try to regulate her intake and get her to stop at times. If we do hear that, I’ll probably tend to believe it, even if it comes from his own mouth,lol! For years, I thought Anna was doomed to hit her bottom hard one day, and that she did. I don’t think Howard or anyone else could have stopped it, only delay it. The only person who may have been able to make a difference could have been Dr. KE, at the end. But, when it looks like even having little DL couldn’t pull Anna out of it, who else really could have?

10,697 posted on 05/05/2007 9:52:40 AM PDT by tabor
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To: tabor
I see your points.

As to HKS there are many red flags:
*the nasty comments about VA - totally uncalled for
*refusal to let VA see DL
*refusal to let VA and Daniel speak with ANS
*his lies about paternity and too many other lies to list here
*his fight against determining paternity
*his presence at the scene of two death of persons who should not have died - what a "coincidence"
*ANS given drugs prescribed for him and his actions on the day she died were at best bizarre
*the fight over the funeral - about which he should have had no say at all - and his handling of the funeral revealed a sadistic streak
*his fight to prevent a hearing - just a hearing - into the death of Daniel speaks for itself and what it reveal is truly frightening
*watch the shocking Clown video - what a guy
*there are many other facts about him posted here that fill in the puzzle. His own actions and words have betrayed him.

Not singly but taken all together, these facts paint the picture of a sociopath to many. A number of others on this thread are better informed than I and can make a better case against HKS than I.

Let's not forget Bonnie's statement - "Over our dead body."

10,698 posted on 05/05/2007 11:07:09 AM PDT by Dante3
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To: mom4kittys

Yes, I think he took Judy as his date. Chalk up one more for his nice guy image. :)

10,699 posted on 05/05/2007 11:15:06 AM PDT by bria
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To: Dante3

To: Dante3

I believe the following site has a useful review of references from Cleckley, and other more recent authors, as well as current psychiatric guidelines regarding what is needed to make a diagnosis of sociopathy.

It seems that HKS meets items 1.( having exceeded the necessary number (3) of listed characteristics needed to fulfill diagnostic requirements ), 2, and 4. in the following excerpt:

DSM-IV Definition

Antisocial personality disorder is characterized by a lack of regard for the moral or legal standards in the local culture. There is a marked inability to get along with others or abide by societal rules. Individuals with this disorder are sometimes called psychopaths or sociopaths.

Diagnostic Criteria (DSM-IV)

1. Since the age of fifteen there has been a disregard for and violation of the right’s of others, those right’s considered normal by the local culture, as indicated by AT LEAST THREE OF THE FOLLOWING:
C. Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.


3. Evidence of a Conduct Disorder, with its onset before the age of fifteen.


Posted on 05/05/2007 11:57:52 AM PDT by nynjanais

10,700 posted on 05/05/2007 11:24:52 AM PDT by nynjanais
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