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Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation #3

Posted on 04/07/2007 3:14:35 PM PDT by mom4kittys

Thread Number 3

TOPICS: Chit/Chat
KEYWORDS: aboutthebaby; anna; annanicole; ans; deadwrongdaddy; getalife; giveitup; hksisafillintheblank; howietheleach; ilovelarry; killingmesoftly; larryisawesome; larryisthedaddy; larrysalunatic; lazyboylarry; lovechild; movealong; nojusticenopeace; oneheroinevirgie; overbonbonsdeadbody; prayersfordannielynn; ritaisaliar; ritaisnotaliar; shameonlarry; spermdonorsanonymous; sternsaresquatters; teambirkhead; thefatladywarmingup; thefirm; turkeybasterd; virgieisevil; virgieisnotevil
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To: lakey

The hair might be one of the few tissues not affected by embalming/decomposition that could still be useful if Daniel’s body is exhumed.

This is an example I found which most closely resembles this case:

Evaluation of the addiction history of a dead woman after exhumation and sectional hair testing.

11,121 posted on 05/10/2007 8:07:17 PM PDT by windchime (I consider the left one of the fronts on the WOT)
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To: lakey

You are right, Larry King did ask good questions. I’m going to try to send an email to his show to see if they can get HKS back on and ASK him some more!! LOL!!

Or at least find out if a ‘charitable foundation’ was ever set up at all! Which I doubt very seriously, although, I’m sure HKS would blame that on Anna, since she was still alive at the time! He seems to have an excuse for EVERYTHING!!!

11,122 posted on 05/10/2007 8:26:10 PM PDT by kcw2007
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To: Rte66

That’s good to hear, Rte66; I pruned a bit of dead growth off one of the Butterfly bushes(probably not the correct name for the plant)yesterday, and did a couple of more chores. The landlady keeps forgetting to bring up some hedge clippers, so I can get to the bigger branches. I might not be able to handle them, but I’ll try.

11,123 posted on 05/11/2007 2:08:53 AM PDT by TheSpottedOwl (Head Caterer for the FIRM)
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To: Kimberly GG

I can relate to a few of those symptoms. I lost so much hair, that I was worried that people would see the scar on the back of my head. Weaves and hair extensions are way out of my budget, so I pin my hair up with a clip. Good news: hair is slowly growing back.

I’ve had trouble swallowing, and chalked it up to that mini stroke I had in 2005. I still have the problem occasionally. I also blamed sleeplessness, long term sleep problems, and spacing out on things like change on stress. Depression goes hand in hand with a dysfunctional thryroid, as does feeling like your brain is a fuzzy sweater. I’ve always had to work twice as hard as the next person in school work, etc.

People think I’m nuts when I wear a sweater in 80 degree weather, or when the swamp cooler is on. Of course I’ve lost a lot of weight, so that contributes.

I know where you’re coming from. Some doctors are owned by the HMO’s, and cannot treat you by giving you the advanced tests. You’ll have to scrape some money together to see a specialist. Nothing like a doctor patting you on the head, and shooing you out the door :/ They don’t seem to care that the thyroid is the linchpin that controls how all your organs function.

It’s ironic that I got the proper testing done by health insurance of last resort. Hang in there Kimberly!

11,124 posted on 05/11/2007 2:38:37 AM PDT by TheSpottedOwl (Head Caterer for the FIRM)
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To: windchime

I can imagine Anna herself snipping a lock of Daniel’s hair for a keepsake. I’m sure if she did it was buried with J. Howard’s ashes in the urn.

11,125 posted on 05/11/2007 6:36:36 AM PDT by TrishaSC (Still Team Birkhead but just a bit estranged)
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To: All

Hi Everybody! I had storms yesterday, all at the time when I wanted to be online. Each time I’d shut down my system (and Windows takes forever) and start opening websites to read or post, I’d hear a big thunderclap close by again.

That happened 3 times - with no rain and none showing on radar, when I’d boot up again - then I’d look 5 minutes later and see bad storms right on top of me - or I’d hear the “proof” of it banging overhead.

I finally gave up and went to bed.

Have been spending a ton of time, when possible, trying to tighten up some of the listings on my Case Name List before I do the (probably) last revision. I may have to add some more *after* the inquest, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I think I’ll post a little about that new video footage ET and TI have been showing. Have to hurry, tho, cause the storm clouds are gathering again outside!

11,126 posted on 05/11/2007 10:55:18 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: All

I found a mildly interesting tidbit in the newly released 1993 footage of ANS from the never-produced documentary called “Crashing Hollywood” (but now called “Anna Nicole in Malibu”).

The producer, who befriended Anna when she was new to Hollywood, is Ashley Wells Lewis, who lives right on Malibu Road close to where the homes burned this year - such as Suzanne Somers’s - in fact, Lewis’s was singed along with others nearby.

In the voiceovers, the ET people said that Lewis’s Malibu house had been ANS’s “hideaway” retreat (I think that’s like a “safehouse” but not as spooky) from 1993 onward “for almost a decade.”

Since they only show snippets, not the whole 80 minutes of the video, I don’t know why ANS and Ashley were no longer friends after 2003 - unless maybe ANS’s purchase of the Studio City house meant she didn’t need a “hideaway” anymore. Lewis still lives in the same house and was apparently new there when she (and her husband, I assume) welcomed ANS. (Nude swims in the pool probably helped, lol.)

ANS shot her first Playboy “pictorial” at the Malibu house. I don’t know if that means the cover shot or centerfold series or the Playmate video they did.

Somehow I got the idea that Ashley herself had been a Playmate years before that, but I may be mistaken. The footage has been shown a couple of places, with different comments by Lewis. Only one of her documentaries was listed in the imdb, with a different producer’s name. She is the same age as Dr KE - but I can’t find any connection, like residences or show biz hubby to showbiz Lewis, so on.

Her company name, Maliblue, isn’t listed in CA corporations listing. Her other one has been through many reincarnations with different principal officers listed, none in her name. One of the 1980s registrations of it has a man’s name but that same Malibu address.

The only thing I found in imdb that didn’t eliminate her as being that listed person was for an adult film (porn) star, Ashley Wells, lol.

Also thought it amusing that when Lewis was asked who the musclebound hunk was in most of the pix of Anna, frolicking on the beach at Malibu, since he appeared to be her boyfriend, she said he was Anna’s bodyguard and that she, Lewis, had told them just to go out there and “do something” for the video. Got the impression he was only a fake beau for the filming.

ANS was getting money from JHMII, back here in Houston, at the time, but she didn’t marry him until the next year after this footage was shot. Would like to see more of it, with Lewis narrating, but I think it’s going to be on cable, just not sure where. I was wondering if Daniel lived there with ANS or not - he was 7 - was he still living with Virgie, or was ANS leaving him in Houston with a nanny?

So many questions!

11,127 posted on 05/11/2007 11:08:57 AM PDT by Rte66
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To: Rte66
At some point in time, I DO hope that Virgie writes a book. She's still the one who knows the most about her "wild" daughter who obviously couldn't be tamed. I'd like to say that Anna was a good person.

I can't tell you how disappointed I'd be if my daughter did the things that Anna did. Someone else will have to make excuses for Anna...I won't. She wanted money and would do anything for it.

Howard and KE became the advisors who told her what was at the end of EVERY RAINBOW....if she did as she was told. She wound up with nothing.

The Foolish Child led a foolish life.

God Bless Virgie for hanging in there!! She's the only one who cared.

11,128 posted on 05/11/2007 11:52:56 AM PDT by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: Rte66; Lizarde; Dr. Scarpetta; Sacajaweau; TrishaSC; gopheraj; Freedom'sWorthIt; mom4kittys; ...

Just droppin’ in to check up on all the ANS FReeper regulars. I have noted that many FRiends need a little luck and a lot of prayers.

Prayers up to all of you and your loved ones...especially this Mothers’ Day. Blessings to all who are sharing this special day with their moms. For those of us who can only hold our moms in blessed memories, prayers up.

Special kind thoughts for Virgie.

Take care and see you in a couple of weeks.

11,129 posted on 05/11/2007 2:37:21 PM PDT by sodpoodle ( Despair - man's surrender. Laughter - God's redemption)
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To: sodpoodle

Thanks, SP - good to “see” you here. Good words and thoughts - dittos to all. Everyone take care of themselves and God bless all mothers everywhere, including Virgie!

11,130 posted on 05/11/2007 4:37:41 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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Comment #11,131 Removed by Moderator

Comment #11,132 Removed by Moderator

To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Have I missed anything. Been in hardcore commercial truck driving school for two weeks, NO time for internet except practice exams. Anything new? Why hasn’t HKS been arrested (hehe)

11,133 posted on 05/11/2007 5:52:01 PM PDT by Southerngl (TEAM DANNIELYNN Longstanding member of the FIRM)
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To: Lizarde

Hi Liz
I am still concerned that KE is going to get a pass on her “medical” care which shows an appalling lack of knowledge, and a clear case of WRECKLESS ENDANGERMENT. She should have had a treatment plan charted for ANS based on the drugs alone. The media focus has been the narcotics. Reading about the antibiotic CIPRO is even more scarier. There are many patients’ experiences with this drug listed on this site:
C I P R O Information and Side Effects
WARNINGS: All quinolones cause erosion of cartilage in weight-bearing joints. They may cause convulsions, increases intracranial pressure, toxic psychosis, CNS stimulation (i.e.nervousness, lightheadedness, confusion, hallucinations).Should not be used in anyone with seizure disorders, or cerebral arteriosclerosis. There have been deaths due to anaphylactic shock, and cardiovascular collapse. Also occurring are tingling, itching, facial swelling, and difficult breathing.

11,134 posted on 05/11/2007 5:56:00 PM PDT by sodpoodle ( Despair - man's surrender. Laughter - God's redemption)
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Comment #11,135 Removed by Moderator

To: windchime; kcw2007
NCBI site is terrific - thanks!

If I were O'Quinn and Vergie, I'd demand that Daniel's remains be exhumed. Vergie has the right and, as Dannilynn's father, Larry also has the right on her behalf.

I think this is imperative, especially if Larry is entertaining any thought of ever allowing HKS visitation.

HKS left the hospital to purchase food. How long was he gone? Did he make a side-trip back to the house? Was any staff on duty at the house, who might remember?

11,136 posted on 05/11/2007 8:38:18 PM PDT by lakey
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To: Sacajaweau
“”” God Bless Virgie for hanging in there!! She’s the only one who cared. “””

Amen, Sac~!!!! Virgie has shown an enormous amount of courage in the face of hideous opposition. I don’t blame her one little bit for trying to keep HKS out of her precious grand-daughter’s life. HKS’s behavior towards Virgie wasn’t a surprise. Both he and his disgusting sister made it quite clear how evil and hateful they could be towards a grieving Mom and Grandmom.

Now that all is said and done, perhaps the media will understand why Virgie fought to have ANS buried here in the USA. Even Anna wanted Daniel buried here, but was manipulated by HKS, into having him buried in the Bahamas, according the two Nannies. Someone said Stern should jump into one of the empty graves he purchased. I agree!! Perhaps one day Virgie and Daniel’s dad will be successful in having them both brought home.

I hope Virgie knows she has lots of Freepers who are supporting her and praying for her health to continue the fight against HKS. God bless Virgie and comfort her grieving heart.

11,137 posted on 05/11/2007 10:47:55 PM PDT by Pepper777
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To: sodpoodle; Kimberly GG; All
“” Just droppin’ in to check up on all the ANS FReeper regulars. I have noted that many FRiends need a little luck and a lot of prayers.””

You’re so right about several on this thread needing lots of prayers. It seems there are so many people who are suffering from immune diseases such as fibromialgia (sp). Not sure what is causing it and other diseases, that were never even heard of in times past. Just today, my husband told me he had heard that chickens were feed that poisonous pet food. EKKKKKK!!!

I sure don’t remember having to worry about what we feed to our pets or even ourselves, like we have to today. Why are we depending on China for food?? Its nuts!!! Somewhere I heard in the next 15 years, we will be getting ALL of our food from China. I hope that is NOT true. I can’t imagine why America is being stripped of her self-reliance. Depending on countries like China for our food and almost everything else, is absolutely crazy.

Sorry for getting off track and talking about politics. Like so many others have said here on this thread, I too, do NOT have any desire to hear about politics. I’ve always been so addicted to politics. But after the last election, I can’t stand to hear the lunacy of the rats. I’d rather just not know what’s happening. Its all too depressing.

Since you mentioned so many here on this thread needing prayer, it reminded me, of wanting to let Kimberly know I’m praying for her and also her son’s friend. Also hope Rte66 is feeling better too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and especially to Virgie who has suffered such a huge loss this past year. I hope that someday Virgie will see justice for her loved ones. Hopefully the coroner in the Bahamas saved some tissue samples from Daniel and will be able to test them for CH.

See us in two weeks???? Hope you don’t stay away that long!!

11,138 posted on 05/11/2007 11:19:38 PM PDT by Pepper777
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt

Freedom’sWorthIt, your little rooms were so beautiful. Thank you for posting them. They looked so real. Amazing !!

11,139 posted on 05/11/2007 11:22:54 PM PDT by Pepper777
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To: Lizarde

Body removal teams??? Yikes~!!! That sounds ominous and serious!!

How’s your mouth feeling by now? Hope its doing well.

11,140 posted on 05/11/2007 11:24:56 PM PDT by Pepper777
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