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Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

Posted on 10/13/2007 6:14:00 PM PDT by fatima

Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

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To: blueplum
I'm sure ALL of the money goes to Larry. Dannielynn cannot make contracts.

But Larry can put some of it into the "Charitable Foundation" to escape taxes and then write off expenses "every time he mentions the charity" during one of this "it's showtime" capers.

Watch...I bet he mentions the "charity" more and more. It's called scamming...and it's legal.

Watch for HOWARD to mention the "charity" during his capers.

5,201 posted on 02/26/2008 1:49:39 PM PST by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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Comment #5,202 Removed by Moderator

To: blueplum

calender items:

02/28/08 - calendered; distribution of property hearing (estate is allegedly insolvent due to Milstein’s/others’ claims against the estate)
[1. could Studio City home be ordered sold to satisfy debts? 2. will we finally get an accounting of actual estate contents?]

02/28/2008 at 08:30 am; calendered; Department 5; 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Wrongfully Taken Property (PC 859) (9:00 A.M. hearing)

[not sure what the second one is? is this filed by HKS or LB? bahamas property? if so, can two suits go at the same time in two jurisdictions? confused]

5,203 posted on 02/27/2008 5:12:05 AM PST by blueplum
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To: Sacajaweau

well, he just got another check - ET reporting that DL’s surgery is done, DL a-ok recovering after procedure done by Jules Stein Eye Institute

also,, must he have gotten ET comp tickets to an Oscar event - LB quoted by People that he’s entitled to party [does he do anything but?]:

” ...Oscar night was a chance for Birkhead to enjoy a solo night on the town. “Dads need to get out a couple times, too,” he said, “and have a little bit of fun.”,,20180174,00.html

He also hints that he’s going to try to turn Dl into a showbiz kid. maybe testing the waters of public opinion?

[people is using the same ‘who’s your daddytshirt’ photo from Nov]

5,204 posted on 02/27/2008 5:25:55 AM PST by blueplum
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To: blueplum

Horizons event line 2006 (partial)

July, ‘06 - GBen/FShelly agrees to purchase Horizons from Ronald H. Kelly and the liquidator of Americas International Bank Corporation Limited, George Clifford Culmer for $900K (U.S.) It was agreed Callenders and Co would act for both Anna Nicole Smith and GBen. (ANS would ask for, and got BT to pay for, repairs and upgrades to the home before and after she moved in)

Aug 06th, ‘06 - conveyance dated the 6th day of August, 2006 made between Ronald H. Kelly of the first part, George Clifford Culmer of the second part and Vickie Lynn Marshall of the third part

Aug 09th, ‘06 - a conveyance of the house is executed in Favor of Mr. Thompson [by Callenders].

Sep 10th, ‘6 - affidavit: [Tracy] Ferguson says that the conveyance to Vicki Lynn Marshall was neither stamped nor recorded at the Registry of Records. Ms. Ferguson further swears that the conveyance was never in fact delivered by Mr. Thompson to Ms. Smith and it was held in an escrow by Callenders and Co., pending the execution and delivery of a mortgage of Horizons in favor of Mr. Thompson. She claims that Ms. Smith has never seen, nor received,, the original conveyance. “Following the birth of her newborn daughter and subsequent to the tragic death of her son Daniel Smith we, Michael R. Scott and I, informed Ms. Smith that until she executed either a mortgage or a promissory note in favor of Mr. Thompson in the sum of $950,000, that the said conveyance would not be stamped and recorded.” the affidavit says. “[Ms. Smith] having acknowledged to me (and to Mr. Thompson so I am advised) her status as borrower and her indebtedness to [Mr. Thompson]; she subsequently and without any legitimate reason or explanation repudiated the loan agreement and refused to sign either a promissory note or a mortgage,” the affivadit says. “In fact, [Ms. Smith] tore up the promissory note taken by me for her to sign...

Sep 11th, ‘06 - after ANS tears up Tracy Fergeson’s paperwork, Shelley goes to Horizons in person and attempts to get Anna’s signature on mortgage papers. HKS will not allow him in. Video of ANS shouting at him behind a locked gate.

Oct 04th, ‘06 - first eviction notice is hand-delivered to Horizons, Oct 31, 2006 is the deadline.

Oct 10th, ‘06 - Anna sends emails to B. Thompson demanding child support and a DNA test: “Ben will regret this one day!... “

Oct 10th, ‘06 - Deputy Supreme Court Registrar Ernie Wallace is scheduled to hear an application today whereby Mr. Thompson’s attorney Godfrey “Pro” Pinder is seeking to have [Thompson] declared the rightful owner of the house known as Horizons.

Oct 10th, ‘06 - Ms. Ferguson says in a message [to HKS] dated October 10 that she stands by her assertions that Mr. Stern invited “even entreated me” to make a false declaration to the registrar general to the effect that the deed to American developer Ben Thompson was sent for processing in error. ......”I was advised that [Ms. Smith] would execute the said promissory note or a mortgage following the birth of her child,” [Fergeson’s] affidavit says. “It was always my understanding that [Ms. Smith] would eventually own the [house] but that her ownership was made expressly subject to her execution of and the repayment of either a note or a mortgage in favour of [Mr. Thompson.]”

Oct 20th, ‘06 - Second eviction notice is hand-delivered to Horizon’s house ordering them to leave by 31 Oct 2006.

Nov 01st, ‘06 - Ms. Smith’s attorney, Wayne Munroe, files a writ seeking “a declaration by virtue of an indenture of conveyance dated the 6th day of August, 2006 made between Ronald H. Kelly of the first part, George Clifford Culmer of the second part and the plaintiff Vickie Lynn Marshall of the third part, [that] she is the legal and beneficial owner of the property.”

Nov 01st, ‘06 - Anna Nicole Fights For Bahamas House 1st November, By Quincy Parker
“According to Mr. Munroe, the goal of the lawsuit is a declaration from the Supreme Court of The Bahamas that Ms. Smith is the “legal and beneficial owner” of the Horizons residence, and a declaration that any document Mr. Thompson produces that says he owns the home is void. “And further, as a relief,” he added, “(Mr. Thompson) may find himself on the end of an application for damages, because talk is cheap and money buys land in The Bahamas.”

Mr. Munroe claims to have correspondence from Callenders and Co. who represented the vendor – Clifford Culmer, the liquidator of Americanas Bank – and Ms. Smith in the purchase. “We have a copy of the conveyance. We have a copy of the agreement for sale, where Anna Nicole’s signature as purchaser is witnessed by GBen Thompson, the man who I now understand is trying to say that he is the actual owner,” he said.”

Nov 02nd, ‘06 - GBen served with papers from Anna`s camp; GBen holds news conference explaining his position. “We did not want to have her sign the note and mortgage before her attorney Howard K Stern could be here to witness it to make sure it was to his satisfaction. Because we trusted and love her, to get it signed was not a matter that we were concerned with at the time because the deed was held in trust.”

Nov 03rd, ‘06 - Mr. Knowles files writ seeking a declaration that Mr. Thompson owns Horizons. “The deed that we have is recorded. We paid the tax on it and it is recorded in my father-in-law’s name, which is G. Ben Thompson,” Mr. Shelley said. [ANS attorneys fail to respond to this writ]

Nov 13th, ‘06 12:14PM by TMZ Staff
Anna Nicole Smith had her power turned off on Friday, and it wasn’t pretty....Last Friday, Thompson contacted the power company rep to pull the plug...Four hours later, after lots of threats from her lawyer, the power company agreed to a temporary reprieve...

Nov 13th, ‘06 - Anna househunting...Under consideration are homes in Eleuthera, Grand Bahama and elsewhere. ...”Out of an abundance of caution, she intends to be in the position that there is no question that she owns a house in the Bahamas worth half a million dollars,” Munroe said.
[note: Monroe has since said that The Cracker Corp was ‘expressly formed’ to purchase the house and the boat, with him and his law partner as the two sole partners of said corporation]

Nov 14th, ‘06 - Headline: Writ served for Anna Nicole to vacate property [ANS attorneys fail to respond to writ, ANS does not vacate property]

Nov 20th, ‘06 - Anna Nicole lawyers obtain a Stay of Judgment, and filed an application to get it set aside as “ irregular. ” . Stay was obtained by the allegedly obscure and much-abused Exparte Rule (see below)

Nov 20th, ‘06 - Nov ‘06 - circa - Corruption Continues in Anna Nicole Circus
Posted by newsadmin 190 days ago View profile
...the court order is a highly questionable “ex-parte” injunction obtained from an allegedly crooked judge by one of the most corruption-accused attorneys in the Bahamas.

Ex-parte orders are judgements that an attorney obtains while in the private chambers of a judge. The opposing party is neither present, nor even made aware of, the legal actions going on behind their back. Because of the potential for abuse, ex-parte orders are to be used sparingly and a very good explanation must be given as to why the session should be ex-parte, rather than having the opposing attorney present.

In the Bahamas, that procedure is highly abused.

Most of the rampant legal corruption that occurs in The Bahamas is the result of ex-parte orders from corrupt judges, obtained by corrupt attorneys in sneaky midnight ex-parte sessions.

It appears that the latest action related to Anna Nicole Smith is no different.

The lawyer who obtained the ex-parte order, Wayne Munroe, has been accused of “fixing” cases by making arrangements with key players before a case comes to court.

Outrageous, but equally unsurprising, Munroe is the President of the Bahamas Bar Association, a loosely-knit group, that some say, are nothing but organized criminals posing as attorneys.

This particular case involves a cast of characters right out of a seedy crime novel, including; allegedly corrupt lawyers on all sides; malleable judges; corrupt government officials; a developer with a questionable background; a confused, drug addicted celebrity bimbo and her beady-eyed lawyer/lover/stalker.

says Ford Shelley in a 2007 interview on Greta:
(from greta inteview)
F.SHELLY: Tracy informed me she was going to talk with Ms. Thompson, who was the judge that signed the order, which we didn’t have any knowledge of, because it was never served upon us. They did it ex parte, I think is what they call it. They went in and got an immediate order that we could not disrupt the enjoyment or electricity, distribute electricity to the house.
F. SHELLY: This order was done the 21st of November, and this was the first time we heard about it.,2933,251702,00.html

Nov 28th, ‘06 - Thompson receives a default judgment after ANS fails to appear in court to respond to the eviction. Eviction notice issued. [GBen/Knowles/Court unaware of exparte order obtained on the sly Nov 20th by Monroe]

Dec 02nd, ‘06 - Monroe’s Ex-Parte Order made public in Bahamas n ewspaper - Headline: Anna Nicole To Stay In House. Vicky Lynn Marshall, alias Anna Nicole Smith, will stay at the Eastern Road “ Horizons ” mansion at least until February next year, despite having a judgment entered against her ordering her to vacate the premises by Thursday because her lawyers have obtained a Stay of that judgment, and filed an application to get it set aside as “ irregular. ”

December 22, 2006 - (appearance before Deputy Registrar Ernie Wallace) Headline: Fight Intensifies For House Where Anna Nicole Lives By Candia Dames “Attorney Godfrey “Pro” Pinder,who represents American developer G. Ben Thompson, on Thursday withdrew a Judgment in Default of Appearance that had been entered by Emerick Knowles, Mr. Thompson’s former attorney. In Mr. Pinder’s view, this clears the way for him to apply for Summary Judgment and a Writ of Possession he hopes will end in the court declaring Mr. Thompson the legal owner of Horizons...” Mr. Knowles had entered the Judgment in Default of Appearance after Ms. Smith’s attorneys reportedly failed to respond to a Writ he filed on November 3 seeking a declaration that Mr. Thompson owns Horizons.

His Writ came three days after Ms. Smith’s attorney, Wayne Munroe, filed a Writ seeking “a declaration by virtue of an indenture of conveyance dated the 6th day of August, 2006 made between Ronald H. Kelly of the first part, George Clifford Culmer of the second part and the plaintiff Vickie Lynn Marshall of the third part, she is the legal and beneficial owner of the property.”

On Thursday, Mr. Munroe sought an order suspending the Judgment in Default of Appearance, but as the Judgment in Default was set aside, his order was no longer necessary. (the hearing was reset for Jan 19th)

29th December
A Year of Controversy: The Anna Nicole Saga
By Quincy Parker (The Bahama Journal)

Mr. Thompson disputes that claim, arguing that he doesn’t have a million dollars to give as a gift. He says he bought her the house with the understanding that she would take out a mortgage on it to pay him back.

“The money was never intended as a gift. The first time we heard the word gift was when Anna used it. The money was a loan. All the money to facilitate the purchase of the house came from us, she doesn’t have a penny in that house. The remodeling of the house, a new air conditioner put in; quite a bit of money was spent, it’s been inferred by Mr. Munroe, that she did all these upgrades to the house,” Mr. Thompson said at a press conference he gave in The Bahamas.

“She’s done nothing. We’ve paid painters, electricians, heat and air people, plumbers, generator people, everybody. Only thing I know that she could have paid, she’s probably been paying the maid since we stopped paying her.”

The battle for ownership of the residence occasioned heated and increasingly partisan debate about the speed with which Ms. Smith was granted permanent residency.

The Prime Minister, the Minister of Immigration and the Director of Immigration all insisted that she was granted status on the basis of her ownership of the home. If it is proven that she did not own the home at the time her status was granted, tough questions must be answered. Even up to December, Minister Gibson was forced to answer questions in the House of Assembly about Ms. Smith’s permanent residency.

5,205 posted on 02/27/2008 8:52:59 AM PST by blueplum
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To: blueplum

Horizons event line 2007 (partial)

Jan 19th, ‘07 - hearing continued [note: was this the date ANS went to the Hard Rock and/or purchased boat?]

Feb 9th, ‘07 - Supreme Court Justice Jeanne Thompson grants a second injunction to Ms. Smith’s estate lawyers. “The second injunction was secured to reinforce the first one, [unserved exparte order of Nov 20th, ‘06] which was secured in order to preserve the status quo pending completion of the litigation in the dispute of ownership of Horizons.

Lawyers for Ms. Smith’s estate felt it necessary to get the second injunction because Mr. Thompson’s associates – specifically his son-in-law Ford Shelley among others – broke the first injunction by entering the premises after she died to “secure” items from within the residence.”

Feb 12th, ‘07 - [Monroe] said he was aware that on Friday...Godfrey “Pro” Pinder, was acting on behalf of his client when he came onto the Horizons property... and “breached” a prior court injunction that prevented him or his client from entering the premises.

“They breached that [Nov 20th, ‘06] injunction on Friday when they came onto Horizons [and] the judge gave a new injunction on Friday and they were expelled under that, the situation was returned to that for which the judge ordered and the judge adjourned further hearing in the matter to the 26th of February,” Mr Munroe explained. “At which time, I have no doubt, they will have to explain why they breached the [unserved ex-parte] order on the 20th of November.”

Feb 23rd, ‘07 - Shelley says that Howard has acknowledged there was no illegal break-in into the Bahamas house [Shelley speaking after ‘secret’ meetings with LB/HKS/FS]

Feb 26th, ‘07 - Pro Pinder states after court that HKS can stay until March 14, the next court date on the eviction - that [GBen] won’t be a party to putting a baby out. Amid rumors Horizons to be made into an AnnaLand by HKS, GBen places $10Mil pricetag on mansion, some speculate, to prevent HK camp from trying to buy mansion to make it a shrine.

Mar 14th, ‘07 - hearing on ownership adjourned until April

Mar 21st, ‘07 - GBen asks Pro Pinder to immediately file a summons of eviction. GBen wants Stern evicted sooner than later. Pinder says GBen said that Larry and Virgie can live at Horizons with Dannielynn
from Greta: Pinder delivered the summons to the Horizon, left it rolled up and placed in the gate. Rang the intercom bell;G Gibson responds, tells Pinder that HKS requested the summons be delivered to HKS’s attorney, not house. Pinder replied that they “do not deliver summons to attorney’s offices.”

Harvey Levin: “Coral Harbour home was purchased with money that ANS got from interviews.” Levin doesn’t know whose name Coral Harbour is in. [note: possibility it also is under The Cracker Corp, with Monroe as partner?]

May 07, ‘07 - order issued by Supreme Court Justice Anita Allen: Thompson ordered to “provide ‘security’” for costs in the amount of $100,000, the said sum to be paid in cash into court within 21 days.[apparently ordered because GBen is not a ‘resident’ of the Bahamas]

May 27th, ‘07 - “I’ll put up the cash tomorrow,” Ford Shelley said the day before the deadline, May 28. “I’m not walking away from it.”

May 28th, ‘07 - Deadline to put up $100K ‘security for costs” - extension granted

Jun 19th, ‘07 - the July 17, edition of “The Bahama Journal states; “The Supreme Court also ordered on June 19 that “the applicant be and is hereby at liberty to effect service of the Notice of Motion consequent hereon upon G. Ben Thompson outside of the jurisdiction of this court.” [for civil contempt related to violation of (unserved) exparte order of Nov 20th 06)] Hearing date set for August.

July 03rd, ‘07 - [HKS] Lawyers may play DrugSmuggling trump card...sources close to the case tell [Art Harris] one extension was granted, but a second request to avoid putting up the cash was denied. “If they don’t post the bond, their action will be dismissed,” attorney Wayne Munroe explained to [Harris]...Thompson sued Munroe for “slandering the title.” But Munroe was removed as a defendant and now aims to go after Thompson for $60,000 it cost him to defend an action dismissed as “frivolous.”

“Naming Monroe as a defendant in the original Horizons’ suit was an attempt, locals tell me, to neutralize the respected adversary who heads the 800 lawyer Bahamas Bar Association,” says Art. “Cedric Parker now represents Smith’s estate for Horizons”...

“Why couldn’t Thompson offer Anna Nicole a mortgage? As foreigners, Thompson and Shelley need pre-approval from Bahamian regulators to deal in investment property,” says Munroe. “You can buy property like a home without permission if it’s less than five acres,” he says, “but if you’re talking about a foreigner offering a mortgage on Bahamian real estate, you need Central Bank approval, and they never requested it. If you don’t get approval before you do it, the transaction is void,” [Monroe claims] “So even if what you say is true, and everyone admits it’s true, because you don’t have approval up front, the deal is invalid.”

July 12th, ‘07 - Shelley: “If they’re mad, I can understand them being mad at us, and I’ve asked the Lord to forgive me for it, and prayed to ask Anna to forgive me for it, but we we were following our attorneys’ advice. They transferred the deed to Anna without getting her to sign a document showing she owed us the money for the house. If she says it was a gift, where’s a letter indicating that? There’s not. We don’t have either. I’m not mad, just upset she died and we didn’t have it resolved.”

Aug 10th, ‘07 - First hearing in GBen/Stern civil contempt case aka trespassing/burglary ‘break-in’ - GBen says he will not attend because of threats on his person. Pinder files a statement with the court defining the threats. [from Quincy Parker:] “Mr. Pinder asked the court to adjourn so that he could secure counsel to represent him in this action, and also for Mr. Thompson to find another lawyer to represent him. Howard K. Stern, the executor of Ms. Smith’s estate, was present in the courtroom along with Kahlil D. Parker, who represented Ms. Smith’s estate and Mr. Pinder, who represented his absent client...Mr. Pinder...dismissed the attempt to have him and his client jailed as “a smokescreen – an attempt to win the case without going to court.””

Aug 16th, ‘07 - Thompson has filed a separate lawsuit for “damages” against the law firm that represented him in the Horizon’s deal, Callander’s and Company, and named Smith’s estate executor Howard K. Stern...

Aug 17th, ‘07 - GBen Thompson...has withdrawn his original lawsuit over the house. Almost simultaneously, Thompson filed damages against five different parties including Howard K. Stern — as executor of Smith’s estate — and the Callender’s & Co. law firm, which handled the sale of the house. Thompson has alleged that both Stern and Callender’s & Co., along with Horizons’ first owner, Ronald H. Kelly, the Americas International Bank Corporation Limited (AIBC) and the AIBC liquidator, George Clifford Culmer, were involved in the controversial sale of the Eastern Road mansion...Thompson alleges that he suffered damages, slander in his title, loss, expense and costs...
Speaking in the House of Assembly, [Shane]Gibson alleged outright that Callender’s & Co. was to blame for the mix-up. Now, Thompson is alleging the same thing...In the suit, Thompson is asking for an unknown amount of damages, a return of all sums paid by Thompson to the defendants, interest, loss, expenses, costs and “further and other relief”. The writ was filed on August 16 and the defendants have 14 days after receiving notice to make an appearance in an action at the suit.

Aug 28th, 07 - Citing a family funeral, for the second time GBen fails to appear for civil contempt suit. Pinder [told Art Harris] “he’d reassured Thompson and Shelley there was nothing to fear in returning because police contacts told him no warrants had been issued...”
Thompson is ordered to find another lawyer because of an attorney-client conflict where his attorney Pinder and himself each are accused of the same violations, and to return Sept. 19th for the next hearing.

Sep 19th, ‘07 - GBen still noshow at scheduled civil contempt hearing. Date reset to unknown date in the future.

Oct 11th, ‘07 - Howard K Stern is considering writing his own book about his role in Anna Nicole Smith’s life and death...”(If I did) It would be after these lawsuits, and after everything comes out, it’s possible. But right now I don’t have any plans.”

Oct 12th, ‘07 - The Insider: “Twelve agents served the search warrants on Dr KE’s house. Dr Eroshevich and Howard K. Stern were inside.”

Oct 20th, ‘07 - Geraldo - Ford Shelley - says he called the police about the methadone (in the fridge)[the day they went to the Horizons after Anna’s death] but they ‘never came’ also says he had a key to the home...
Geraldo: What about the allegation from HKS that you stole this tape?
Shelley: “I was sitting in an interview that morning... I was there four hours securing the home, told them they could get back in, no police showed up, they didnt’ stop us they didn’t stop the plane from taking off, if his friends were outside, why didn’t they stop me? why did they allow it?”
Geraldo: You’re the legal owner?
Shelley: In my father-in-law’s name,...letter from Callenders that we own it
Geraldo: Did you stage the methadone?
Shelley: The night ET played a video(?), Mark Steines knew I was going there, because I was on his set - we didn’t set that up...we left our numbers there
Geraldo: do you swear to God?
Shelley: yes sir

Oct 18th, ‘07 - Court documents first obtained by show that Anna Nicole Smith’s former companion and lawyer, Howard K. Stern, has filed a claim against the former Playboy Playmate’s estate.

[no other action on Horizons thru the end of the year known]

5,206 posted on 02/27/2008 9:42:28 AM PST by blueplum
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To: blueplum


5,207 posted on 02/27/2008 10:48:19 AM PST by apocalypto
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To: blueplum

Glad you reported that - because I couldn’t! Got my old puter hot-fixed and had a day or so reprieve - so I could read and post, then when I came back a little bit ago to FReep at my leisure, it went berserk again - so I’m off, on, off, on. *scream*

Did see that bit from LB about how DL dances all around and sings. I’m sorry, but I think maybe he’s exaggerating - and if he’s trying to show she’s “like Anna” - well, umm, Anna didn’t sing and umm, does he not remember what kind of dancing she did?

Please don’t put in a mini-stripper pole, Larry! (Hope I’m not too late with that plea!)

5,208 posted on 02/27/2008 1:57:17 PM PST by Rte66
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To: blueplum

Good stuff! Thanks for your work!

5,209 posted on 02/27/2008 2:00:33 PM PST by Rte66
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To: blueplum

Take note of Dec 2nd...She can stay in the Horizons at least until February...How’s that for timing???

5,210 posted on 02/27/2008 9:03:02 PM PST by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: gopheraj


5,211 posted on 02/28/2008 5:43:49 AM PST by gopheraj
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To: apocalypto


5,212 posted on 02/28/2008 9:46:24 AM PST by apocalypto
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To: Sacajaweau; Rte66; blueplum; All

Somewhat related..

Feds Investigating Docs Who Prescribed to Heath

Posted Feb 28th 2008 10:44AM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has confirmed that federal drug enforcement agents are investigating at least two MDs who prescribed drugs to Heath Ledger.

Immediately following the actor’s death, DEA reportedly subpoenaed several documents from the NYPD and the Medical Examiner to try to determine exactly where Ledger got his cocktail of prescriptions that eventually caused his death. The agents are looking into whether these drugs were properly prescribed by physicians.

Story developing ...

5,213 posted on 02/28/2008 9:52:57 AM PST by TrishaSC
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To: TrishaSC
Still bothers me....Chloral Hydrate is the one drug that is rarely ever tested for in an autopsy.

And methadone...the drug that Danny died from...Well, Howard SWORE in court that Anna hadn't used it since Daniel died.

KE and Howard thought they were home free...but Anna's system had slowed down and there were still traces. It was a nice try.

And KE flies away just before each death??

KE must have "hated" Anna, "The Queen" with a passion. I'm almost inclined to believe that the second house in the Bahamas was supposed to be for KE...Just like California...

JUst passing some time...and want to keep the thread alive.

5,214 posted on 02/28/2008 1:43:52 PM PST by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: Sacajaweau

Anna Nicole and Daniel discussions at tmz and are being taken off. Howard must be complaining or something?

5,215 posted on 02/28/2008 10:23:31 PM PST by Freedom Dignity n Honor (There are permanent moral truths.)
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To: Freedom Dignity n Honor

Well on, I finally found some on

5,216 posted on 02/28/2008 10:25:29 PM PST by Freedom Dignity n Honor (There are permanent moral truths.)
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To: Sacajaweau

:)Did I read somewhere that KE slept with Anna.I had a woman stare at me and ask some things for about 2 hours.She is on Meth-very out of it.They say Danny had back pain.She said that’s why she is on it.Very hard to get off.Throw up-loose bowels-fever-her mom and her tried a few times.Meth is boring cause once you reach a certain level you can’t get higher.Don’t matter how much more you take.

5,217 posted on 02/28/2008 10:40:32 PM PST by fatima
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To: Rte66

a link posted long ago may be something, or may not be something, to ponder on...question of the day..did Vicki have the below-mentioned card, and/or does HKS have one, himself, and when was said card(s) issued, I wonder? If either applied for one, their dates might be interesting, or not? If neither applied, would that mean anything?



“Non-Bahamians who own homes in The Bahamas may apply to the Director of Immigration for an annual home owner residence card. This card entitles the owner, spouse and any minor children to enter and remain in The Bahamas for the duration of the validity of the card. Please note, this card is to facilitate entry into The Bahamas and is not equivalent to resident status in The Bahamas.”

5,218 posted on 02/29/2008 12:21:57 AM PST by blueplum
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To: TrishaSC
flashback one year ago....

Feb 22nd, '07 - Fox News
[intro skipped]
VAN SUSTEREN: It certainly seems like she doesn't have much fondness for Howard K. Stern.

O'QUINN: No. She believes Howard K. Stern murdered her daughter.



VAN SUSTEREN: Strong word.

O'QUINN: That's what she said. She said that in court, He killed her.

VAN SUSTEREN: What's the basis for that, for the — for being there, sort of complicit that Anna Nicole took drugs or providing her drugs? I mean, what's her theory?

O'QUINN: He handled all the drugs. We've talked to the maid who kept the place. She gave us a list of the drugs. That's where I got the list.

[end exerpt],2933,253770,00.html

5,219 posted on 02/29/2008 12:33:48 AM PST by blueplum
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