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Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

Posted on 10/13/2007 6:14:00 PM PDT by fatima

Anna Nicole Smith, Seeking Justice #4

TOPICS: Books/Literature; Conspiracy; Society; TV/Movies
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To: Jane Austen

Well, I’m not positive, but I *think* the “quick” search is for threads started most recently, but not sure of the cut-off point - it may be the past 2-3 months or so - like 60-90 days. A lot of the newspaper online archives are like that.

This thread was started so long ago (6 months), that it’s considered “archived” - so that’s the first qualification that we would probably overlook, because it’s still currently active.

I know what you mean about other sites, since I’ve been confined to here at FR with the virus stuff attacking constantly. If I clear everything, reboot, and know when I get online that I will get kicked off at some point and am prepared for that eventuality, I can *try* to look at TMZ, but haven’t been able to in several weeks - it always shuts down my browser.

That’s the only other one I’ve tried, and even that was screwed up, as is google - the virus puts in search terms that I didn’t type!

I feel like I’m in computer “handcuffs” or something! Can’t wait to get on the “newer” one soon!

5,281 posted on 03/16/2008 5:07:57 PM PDT by Rte66
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To: Rte66


5,282 posted on 03/16/2008 9:16:35 PM PDT by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: Sacajaweau
Greta had a report on what caused Daniel's death tonight, and HKS and LB contradicted each other. Both claimed that Daniel was doing drugs, and LB said he had walked in on HKS, ANS, and Daniel smoking marijuana together. HKS denied it.

Explaining the claim by two nurses that two pills were found in the extra bed in ANS' room, HKS claimed that Daniel had been in the bed before him and the pills must have come from his pockets...not HKS'. What a lying piece of excrement HKS is. The reporter from the Bahamas told Greta that she and other reporters expected the verdict to be 'death by accidental overdose'. Daniel was an American citizen, and there should be a hearing in the US without HKS' being allowed to have anything to do with the Judges, Witnesses, and other attorneys. I'm afraid the 'fix' appears to be in, and that makes me ill. I'm so tired of those two leaches, HKS and LB, living off a woman they both exploited and used. They've been doing it with Dannielynn since she was born. They should have to earn a living on their own without any of ANS' funds. I'd like to see both of them on a chain gang picking up trash along the roadside. It wouldn't bother me to see them pounding hard rock either!

5,283 posted on 03/18/2008 8:32:59 PM PDT by PeskyOne
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To: PeskyOne
The whole thing IS pretty disgusting. Danny doing drugs???

It's that old thing...once you tell a have to tell another one and another one...etc.

Somehow, I think they will pay...God deals with peole like this in HIS way...

just like Scott Peterson...who never dreamed that the bodies would emerge....but that's how "mother nature" works and "mother nature" is God.

5,284 posted on 03/18/2008 11:58:52 PM PDT by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: Rte66

Check your freepmail.

5,285 posted on 03/19/2008 1:17:00 PM PDT by fatima
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To: PeskyOne

It makes me sick. If Daniel S.’s death is written off as an accident, then I will do my best to discourage anyone from visiting the Bahamas.

5,286 posted on 03/19/2008 3:21:58 PM PDT by apocalypto
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To: Sacajaweau

I am not sure I heard right but did Greta tonight say that homicide is NOT an option in the death of DS? I must have misheard.

5,287 posted on 03/20/2008 8:15:05 PM PDT by Jane Austen
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To: Jane Austen
I believe she did say exactly that! Greta reported the same 4 options as TMZ did. I copied the following from TMZ:

Big news in the Daniel Smith inquest -- the magistrate in the case will not be giving the jury the option to rule his death a homicide.

In a Bahamian court today, the parties discussed four possible options as the cause of death -- accident, "misadventure," non-dependent drug use and an "open verdict."

We're told the magistrate will instruct the jury on those options on March 31.

No one, including Virgie Arthur's lawyer, suggested that homicide was an option.

As for the options, "misadventure" is defined as "a hazardous course of action which ended fatally." An open verdict means the jury can't decide the specific cause of death.

5,288 posted on 03/20/2008 9:49:24 PM PDT by PeskyOne
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To: PeskyOne
I have no faith in the Bahama Justice system AND as long as people LIE and don't get caught, no system of justice will work.

But keep the faith. God usually takes care of people like Howard in an appropriate way. I'm sure, despite all the money...Anna haunts him and he'll live out the rest of his life with her image...always on his mind. That's a terrible thing...Just think of the little things that haunt you. We all have secrets.

5,289 posted on 03/20/2008 10:38:46 PM PDT by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: Sacajaweau

Was Anna’s testimony read/played in the courtroom? I was in Houston at NASA and missed all this.

5,290 posted on 03/21/2008 9:04:04 AM PDT by Freedom Dignity n Honor (There are permanent moral truths.)
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To: Freedom Dignity n Honor

I have no idea..Sorry

5,291 posted on 03/21/2008 10:13:04 AM PDT by Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
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To: PeskyOne
Obviously the fix is in. In such cases, homicide is an option. Here, we have a second death with the same MO.

Boycott the Bahamas if Daniel does not get justice!

5,292 posted on 03/21/2008 3:57:26 PM PDT by Jane Austen
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To: Jane Austen
Boycott the Bahamas if Daniel does not get justice!

I agree with you and also with Sac's comments in Post 5289.

5,293 posted on 03/21/2008 9:50:45 PM PDT by PeskyOne
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To: PeskyOne

I am starting a list of reasons not to visit the Bahamas and will keep spreading it if there is no justice for Daniel.

5,294 posted on 03/22/2008 2:41:37 PM PDT by Jane Austen
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To: Jane Austen

Hi Jane,

It has been awhile. I read now and then. When I checked to scan the current news on the inquest, I was surprised to see anyone expecting more than a few new tidbits from this inquest. Maybe I missed something in the lapse time? In my eyes, they told us long ago what their outcome would be. I don’t believe there will be an “IF justice” in the Bahamas. I haven’t been up on much lately but I remember many things that told us early on and all along, there was no interest or intentions of any form of justice for the death of Daniel.

I don’t have any of that research handy anymore but know the statements by Campbell when he first took the case wrote the ending even before the inquest took place. Plum is an good researcher, perhaps they might have the article where it was all spelled out in Campbell’s own words— he made it clear even before the inquest took place, homicide was not going to be an option. It was set in stone in the beginning (Sept 2006). First Virgill was dumped, then Gomez. Then, Campbell was moved in to calm the muddy waters while assuring the predetermined outcome. He followed the Sept 2006 declaration - no evidence of homicide. No suicide came with the deal early on also IIRC. Probably because insurance doesn’t pay on suicides. (wink)

Anyway, going all the way back, the AG didn’t want this inquest. They tried their best to avoid it. Neither did Monroe (and the “senior members” of the Bar) who all openly expressed there was no need for an inquest. When it became evident the frenzy from the US was not going to let it ride by so easily, they had to pretend to appease, therefore a controlled $$$ inquest is what you got.

Plan B, delay. Go through some resemblance of law but make sure the process matches the predetermined decisions, AFTER the frenzy calms. Wait until the ‘public’ and media lose interest. Then finally, they go through the motions. Even in the opening, Campbell declared the ending in so many words. No foul play, no homicide or words similar were repeated once again.

The reality of the outcome has been there all along. Daniel died Sept 10th. Even before toxicology tests were known, Police declared no foul play, no suicide, no homicide (Sept 19th). They even tried to declare no drugs were involved but darn-it all, the tox report added a bump in the road didn’t it. They might have had to change a few things, a few new spins and distractions but the declaration wouldn’t change.

When one professional dared hint something unusual occurred, she was fired.
A chief magistrate (Hall) changed a standing practice/law of about 13 yrs to completely change the coroners court for this one!
Justices were let go and replaced, delays manipulated, witnesses disappeared and so on.
There was never any intention at a real honest open investigation let alone any sense of justice. Court was held in $private$ long ago and nothing since has lent to any hope it would be different. NOT a suicide or homicide.

Bahamas decided the answer and geared the theatrics to that result. Wait until the media was gone, when most the US ‘public’ (that with them brought pressure) had moved on and pretend to weigh the facts (with a toe on the scale). Almost a year and a half later the words repeat, not a suicide, not a homicide. A self fulling prophecy for the Island of the Bahama$, land of drug lord$, corruption, crime and $lippery $lime.
Daniel Smith’s death neither suicide nor homicide
Updated Tue. Sep. 19 2006 6:54 PM ET

Associated Press

As much as I would love to see it, a boycott is near impossible. I have managed to derail 3 sets of vacationers is all. In reality - short of a few board addicts, who really cares? People are self centered and selfish as a rule of human behavior. Their life is all they are interested in .. when it is time for fun in the sun, they seek their own pleasures regardless. “There is murder right here in the US too” or, “I don’t even know who Daniel Smith was” are some responses. Truth is, many ran ‘to’ the land of murder just to see a house or a grave! Remember the profits the cab drivers loved? And, business bargains of the blues waters. Developers will not turn from profits any new deals that put money in their pockets either.

The side cases will be the only justice we might see. At least those are on homeland and geared by a good pit-bull that won’t be hushed! My respect and hopes go to Mr John O’Quinn.

Loved the links to QV’s emails. Aren’t those sternies laughable?! Work your butt off to build a pile of excrement against an innocent Grandma that murdered no one, then a turn coat rubs it right back in howie’s face. You have to love it. Alienate those in the know, pizz off the hand that feeds you, knife your friends in the back etc. Nice work Howard and fiends! Thanks! I laughed to know that Larry could SEE how his honey & fiends were working on scraping up the dirt on him. I bet he whined but he is a weak mind, hks was sure to get him back under hugs control real quick.

For your list

5,295 posted on 03/22/2008 9:55:26 PM PDT by nature
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To: nature
Loved your post! It's so true that in the Bahamas there will be no justice for Daniel. I'm of a mind that Howard only agreed to testify (lie?) at the inquest if the option of murder was taken off the list. Howard doesn't seem to do anything without hidden deals.

I had been planning a trip to the Bahamas in the near future, NOW I will never go there. I can go back to Hawaii or maybe explore Los Angeles or the Carolinas on the east coast. I don't need the Bahamas.

5,296 posted on 03/23/2008 8:20:38 AM PDT by Freedom Dignity n Honor (There are permanent moral truths.)
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To: All

I just had to stop by and thank those of you who stuck to this story through thick & thin. For me, it was tough pulling back from the ANS obsession - but even more depressing to follow.

The one thing I learned as an observer is that none of us can influence the outcome of injustice when criminals own the playing field.

After ANS I began obsessing over Kathleen Savio, Stacy Peterson, Cesar Laurean, Phil Spector and (just developing) John & Elizabeth Calvert who disappeared from Hilton Head March 3.

Again, thanks for bringing Bahamas’ barbarism to light.

5,297 posted on 03/23/2008 12:34:14 PM PDT by sodpoodle (Despair - man's surrender. Laughter - God's redemption.)
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To: sodpoodle

Hope you will keep dropping by.

5,298 posted on 03/23/2008 6:19:39 PM PDT by Jane Austen ((Boycott the Bahamas))
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To: Deal or No Deal

Don Clark gave an interview on Scared Monkeys radio. You can listen here:

Also it was a total lie that homicide was taken off as an option! That was more spin from TMZ & Art Harris.

In case you cannot listen to it here is a cut & paste transcript from a poster on Topix (thanks to that poster:o):
This is only a small part of what Don Clark said in the interview with
Scared Monkeys tonight if anyone is interested. Please overlook the
typos I was trying to listen and type at the same time.
Don Clark: The reality is in terms of what happened to Daniel. It’s
going to be left up to the Bahamians. We can’t say we’ve investigated
and this is what we’ve found out.
When there is a crime scene you don’t just go in to investigate like
you believe it was an accident. You go in investigating to find out
what really happened.

There is very little interest in the Bahamas as to what someone said
at the time, or after the time.

Is there anything you can comment on the methadone

There is no question that meth is the issue. Medical experts said
Daniel died of a huge amount of methadone
There is no evidence that Daniel took methadone.
There is no evidence that Daniel Smith took medications.
July l8 2006 when hks who was visititng Las Angeles Daniel went into
the hospital for anxiety
and he was depressed. We now know that Daniel Smith was extremely
depressed when she went to the bahamas
the US was his country and he wanted his mother here in his country.
20 or 22 tablets in his body. What happened here you don’t have to be
a brain surgeon
Everyone testified he was so happy to go to the bahas to see his mom
and little sister.
A pep in his step when he walked into the hospital.

He was upset that he could not keep the baby in his lap all night.

No history of taking methadone. There was only one piece of evi. came
in by Larry Birkhead that said the cameras system saw Daniel taking
methadone out of the refrig.
and going out the door.

I have sat and looked at Videos. Sometimes you have to look at videos
several times to see

Has the media coverage slowed down? It has slowed down immensely.

It is clear that people are saying we don’t care we just want to get
it over with and get it out of here.

Talked to cab drivers, maids, etc. They will come right out and say we
know this we think the boy was killed.

WAs homicide ruled out as an option.

Don Clark that’s not true . The jury has not been instruction of
anything at this point. There was argument by the att gen office and
hks att and our att that suicide should not be considered and option.

The judge has not ruled yet as of this point as far as suicide not
being an option.

Before I walked out of the courtroom workers in Houston were calling
me and telling me that this has been decided. Not even suicide is off
the table because the judge has not given the jury instructions yet.

There is a boy that is dead and the truth needs to come out of how he

If suicide could be ruled out that would be very good.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Daniel was involved in
pres type drugs or sampling any other types of drugs.

5,299 posted on 03/26/2008 3:16:35 AM PDT by Deal or No Deal (I say DEAL!)
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To: Deal or No Deal


5,300 posted on 03/26/2008 9:54:22 AM PDT by Jane Austen
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