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Home gardening offers ways to trim grocery costs [Survival Today, an on going thread]
Dallas ^ | March 14th, 2008 | DEAN FOSDICK

Posted on 03/23/2008 11:36:40 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny

Americans finding soaring food prices hard to stomach can battle back by growing their own food. [Click image for a larger version] Dean Fosdick Dean Fosdick

Home vegetable gardens appear to be booming as a result of the twin movements to eat local and pinch pennies.

At the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta this winter, D. Landreth Seed Co. of New Freedom, Pa., sold three to four times more seed packets than last year, says Barb Melera, president. "This is the first time I've ever heard people say, 'I can grow this more cheaply than I can buy it in the supermarket.' That's a 180-degree turn from the norm."

Roger Doiron, a gardener and fresh-food advocate from Scarborough, Maine, said he turned $85 worth of seeds into more than six months of vegetables for his family of five.

A year later, he says, the family still had "several quarts of tomato sauce, bags of mixed vegetables and ice-cube trays of pesto in the freezer; 20 heads of garlic, a five-gallon crock of sauerkraut, more homegrown hot-pepper sauce than one family could comfortably eat in a year and three sorts of squash, which we make into soups, stews and bread."


She compares the current period of market uncertainty with that of the early- to mid-20th century when the concept of victory gardens became popular.

"A lot of companies during the world wars and the Great Depression era encouraged vegetable gardening as a way of addressing layoffs, reduced wages and such," she says. "Some companies, like U.S. Steel, made gardens available at the workplace. Railroads provided easements they'd rent to employees and others for gardening."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Food; Gardening
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To: eXe

Welcome to the thread.

I am glad that there was rice in Vegas, that is only a 100 miles from me, so maybe the insanity has not reached us as yet.

If there was not a shortage before, there is now in many areas, due to hoarding.

LOL, who am I to talk about hoarding, when my goal is to get folks to store food and be prepared, but to me there is a difference between the two ......

It would be interesting, if you could keep us aware of what is happening in your area, as I am a shut in and have no idea of what is on Kingmans store shelves.

2,461 posted on 04/27/2008 4:40:53 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All

So, in honor of our favorite Spring edible, Kimberly has a
delicious recipe for you. It is one of our family favorites and Kimberly’s
specialty... nettle soufflé.

Nettle Soufflé

Spring has come once again, and for me that is a signal that it’s
time to integrate all these delicious wild spring greens into my
family’s diet once again. This year I’ve been doing some new things with
nettle and dandelion, and trying to find ways to get these nourishing
herbs into my children’s diet. Well, I know my son loves cheese soufflé,
and I found a recipe for nettle soufflé so I decided to try it out.
Why would I want my family to be eating stinging nettle?
Well, it is a truly amazing nourishing herb, packed with vitamins,
minerals, amino acids, and even protein. Nettle is an especially good
source of iron, phosphorus, potassium, and the B complex vitamins. Eating
nettle helps nourish our circulatory, immune, endocrine, nervous,
urinary, and digestive systems. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
There’s much more I could say, but I want to get on to this delicious
soufflé recipe.
This recipe is a combination of one from Susun Weed’s Healing Wise
and Mollie Katzen’s The Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

You’ll need:

1 1 /2 cups water

4 cups nettle tops

2 T olive oil

1 onion, minced

2 T whole-wheat flour

1 cup nettle broth

6 eggs

1 /2 cups grated cheddar cheese

salt and pepper to taste

What to do...
Preheat your oven to 375.
Start by cooking the nettle in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Drain
well, saving the broth.

Puree nettle in blender and set aside.

Sauté onion in oil until golden.

Add whole-wheat flour and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes.

Slowly add a cup of nettle broth and cook, stirring often for a few
minutes until thick.

Set aside.
Separate the eggs, putting both yolks and whites in large separate

Beat the egg yolks with a whisk. Then add the nettle broth with
onion and mix with the yolks.
Add the nettles and cheese and whisk again.

Beat the egg whites with a hand mixer until they are stiff.

Gently mix (fold) the egg whites into the yolk mix.

Bake undisturbed for 40 minute and serve immediately after you
remove it from the oven.

It’s so fun to be able to make a beautiful soufflé. I enjoyed
eating them so much when I visited Paris in college. I was thrilled to
discover that they are not difficult to prepare. Now, adding nettle to the
mix makes them even more nourishing and delicious

“God’s Not Mad At You...No Matter What!”

2,462 posted on 04/27/2008 4:45:09 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All

_Plant Oils Fact Sheet | Pesticides | US EPA_


Summary of Infromation for Plant Oils That Are Pesticide Active
Ingredients PLANT OIL
(No. of Products) USE SITES ACTIONS ON
REREGISTRATION (YEAR) Anise a (1) Ornamental plants, lawns Repels dogs
cats 004301
(8007-70-3) 1952 / 1993 Bergamot a (2) Ornamental plants, homes,
cans Repels dogs and cats 129029
(8007-75-8) 1972 / 1993 _Canola_
b (3) Food crops, ornamental
plants, houseplants Kills insects 011332
(10962-03-0) 1998 Castor (5) Ornamental plants, lawns, garbage cans
dogs, cats, wildlife such as moles, deer, rabbits, squirrels 031608
(8001-79-4) 1947 / 1994 Cedarwood a (1) Mothproofing Repels larvae of
clothes moths 040505
(800-27-9) 1960 / 1993 _Citronella_
( 30) 1) Humans and their clothing, homes, outdoor areas

2) Ornamental plants, garbage dumps 1) Repels insects and ticks

2) Repels dogs and cats 021901
(8000-29-1) 1948 / 1997 Eucalyptus a (4) Cats, dogs, humans and their
clothing, homes Repels mites; Repels specified insects, including
fleas and
mosquitoes 040503
(8000-48-4) 1948 / 1993 _Jojoba_
b (2)
[Note: May work as physical barrier] All crops Kills/repels whiteflies
all crops. Kills powdery mildew on grapes and ornamentals 067200 1996
(2) Homes, especially closets, drawers, clothes storage containers
clothes moths 040500
(8022-15-9) 1996 Lemongrass a (2) Ornamental plants, garbage dumps
dogs and cats 040502
(8007-02-01) 1962 / 1993 Methyl salicylate (5)
[Notes: Also called oil of wintergreen; may be toxic in large
Ornamental plants, indoor and outdoor residential sites (including
garbage dumps. Repels dogs, cats, moths, beetles _076601 (119-36-8) RED
df) (31 pp, 165 K, _about PDF_ ( )

1972 Mint (1) Ornamental plants in ponds with or without fish Kills
on plants (used with thyme herb) 128800
(8006-90-4) 2000 Mustard a (11)
[Note: Also known as allylisothio-cyanate] Homes, ornamental plants,
1) Repels dogs, cats, wildlife such as deer and raccoons
2) Repels and kills insects, spiders, centipedes, etc. 004901
(57-06-7) 1962 / 1993 Orange a(2) Ornamental plants, homes, garbage
Repels dogs and cats 040517
(8008-57-9) 1972 / 1993 Soybean a(2) Food and feed crops, ornamental
indoor and outdoor sites
Kills mites.
Kills beetles and other insect pests 031605
(8001-22-7) 1959 / 1993

2,463 posted on 04/27/2008 5:07:14 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All


I just read that some baby bottles are being recalled, but not the details.

It is said the 7 in a triangle on the bottom of a baby bottle means it came from China, there is one available made in Germany, none from America.

2,464 posted on 04/27/2008 7:58:11 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All

There is good information at these links:

2,465 posted on 04/27/2008 8:43:58 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All

Spacing for container grown vegetables:

2,466 posted on 04/27/2008 9:06:21 PM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Thanks for getting back to me the other day. I sent the info to my friend. She said if you think of anything else, please let me know.

2,467 posted on 04/27/2008 9:17:29 PM PDT by TheLion
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To: nw_arizona_granny

I found this wonderful little creature today on my Raspberry bloom.

2,468 posted on 04/27/2008 9:44:27 PM PDT by MaxMax (It's not the politics I despise, It's the politicians for being so stupid..)
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To: nw_arizona_granny
How did I miss this thread?

Anyway thanks for posting this! It will take me forever to read it all, but I will.

Would anyone be interested in a recipe for homemade grape-nuts?

I'll dig out my recipe, if someone wants it. Mucho better than anything at the store.

I am psyched about getting into my garden again.

I'm adding a new item this year, arrugula in honor of Obama. :O)

2,469 posted on 04/27/2008 9:44:50 PM PDT by JRochelle (Keep sweet means shut up and take it.)
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To: All

Fun and Games!

This is the last two weeks of the Win a Jan Brett Visit to your
School or Library contest. You can enter at:

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~ Flash Card Sight Words

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~ Matching Numbers Game

~ Matching Animals Game

~ Gingerbread Baby Board Game

It’s a pleasure to be in touch.


Jan Brett

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2,470 posted on 04/28/2008 3:24:50 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: MaxMax


You captured God’s gift to us in one photo.

The flower of promise for the food to come and the lovely Lady to be sure it forms its fruit.

I am always so pleased to find Lady Bugs.

And Praying Mantis.

We are all brown here.

And Berries will not grow, I tried several types, but Mulberry trees will....if you order the fruiting kind from back east.

They sell the male [non fruiting] mulberry trees in Arizona by the thousands.

Thank you for sharing.

2,471 posted on 04/28/2008 3:32:00 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: TheLion

You are welcome.

The post about covered my knowledge, as I never had good results with the over the counter or the prescriptions for helping the hemorrhoids. [LOL, that surely is not the correct spelling, but it is in my automatic speller corrector thingy]

I always thought that one of the ingredients in the Avon Vita Moist lotion was the key, as I have tried several hand lotions and did not find that they worked.

The Avon Rich Moisture lotion works wonders for burns and sunburns......some secret ingredient, but Avon does not sell either product for any thing except normal cosmetics.


2,472 posted on 04/28/2008 3:36:59 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: JRochelle

I’m adding a new item this year, arrugula in honor of Obama. :O)<<<

I guess I don’t know that joke.

So will give you one on me.

I planted it in the area that had been my greenhouse, think of a
‘U’ shaped are between building and next to the back of my mobile.

I like it as lettuce in sandwiches and to dip in Ranch dressing.

It grew and I pinched the leaves to keep it producing and even had a cat that sat in a chair at the table and ate the stems that I did not.

Even when I was picking it, he did not eat it, unless I picked the leaf and gave it to him.

Ginger the giant tom.....

And one day I took a good look at the weeds that were growing in the front yard.....and I found that I had had it growing wild there for years.

It disappears here with the first hot day. Simply shrivels up and that is it.

You are welcome here, that you have found us is all that is important.

Yes, there will be several of us that are interested in your homemade Grape Nuts recipe, so do please post it and any others you think we should have.

I wanted a thread on “homemade -save money- be prepared-garden- and plain survival”, so that should cover most of the important items we can think of.

We range from “still snow on the ground” to “Look what I picked today”, so America is hungry and it does not matter if there is a rice shortage or not.

Do join in, we need more posters, I am getting tired.

Many are putting in their gardens right now and getting ready to put them in.

Spring, a beautiful time of the year.

2,473 posted on 04/28/2008 3:51:38 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All

[I gave a second thought to posting this one, but it is a part of knowing what survival may be needed for and is an alert to be on the alert, I have not seen it quite this strong before, rather it has mainly only been hinted at.

Homeland Security Unveils Plans To Thwart Small Boat Terror Attacks

April 28, 2008

As boating season approaches, the Bush administration wants to enlist the country’s 80 million recreational boaters to help reduce the chances a small boat could deliver a nuclear or radiological bomb along the country’s 95,000 miles of coastline and inland waterways.

According to a Wednesday intelligence assessment obtained by the Associated Press: “The use of a small boat as a weapon is likely to remain al-Qaeda’s weapon of choice in the maritime environment, given its ease in arming and deploying, low cost, and record of success.”

While the United States has so far been spared this type of strike in its own waters, terrorists have used small boats to attack in other countries.

The millions of humble dinghies, fishing boats, and smaller cargo ships that ply America’s waterways are not nationally regulated as they buzz around ports, oil tankers, power plants, and other potential terrorist targets.

This could allow terrorists in small boats to carry out an attack similar to the USS Cole bombing, said Adm. Thad Allen, the Coast Guard commandant. That 2000 attack killed 17 U.S. sailors in Yemen when terrorists rammed a dinghy packed with explosives into the destroyer. “There is no intelligence right now that there’s a credible risk” of this type of attack, Allen said. “But the vulnerability is there.”

To reduce the potential for such an attack in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security has developed a strategy intended to increase security by enhancing safety standards. The Coast Guard is part of the department.

Today, officials are to announce the plan, which asks states to develop and enforce safety standards for recreational boaters and asks them to look for and report suspicious behavior on the water - much like a neighborhood watch program. The government will also look to develop technology to help detect dangerous materials and other potential warning signs.

The United States has spent billions of dollars constructing elaborate defenses against the giant cargo ships that could be used by terrorists, including strict regulations for containers and shipping.


The Heritage Foundation ran an in-depth report on this in June of last year.

Globally, terrorists have shown an increasing inter­est in using small boats to attack military and com­mercial shipping and maritime facilities. The tactics and techniques of using commercial or non-commer­cial vessels (under 500 tons) or swimmers to emplace or deliver improvised explosive devices have proven effective and exportable. Contemporary operational practices by transnational terrorist groups include refining proven attack methods, sharing lessons learned, and encouraging others to adopt effective tac­tics. Thus, the possibility of such attacks in U.S. waters should not be ignored.

The small-boat threat needs to be addressed, but rather than focusing on this particular terrorist tactic, Congress and the Administration should invest in assets that improve the overall security of the maritime domain. The maritime sector is a large and diverse field with unique and daunting threats. Efforts should be expanded to improve U.S. situational awareness and law enforcement response rather than fixating on specific attack scenarios involving small boats or other terrorist threats.

The Small-Boat Threat

The definition of “small-boat threat” encompasses a variety of possible weapon-delivery vehicles, tactics, and payloads. Vessels include everything from large craft such as small freighters, large privately owned yachts, fishing trawlers, and commercial tugs to din­ghies, jet-skies, and submarines, including mini-sub­marines like those used by the Japanese in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

An attack could involve suicide bombers, as in the case of the attack on the USS Cole, or vessels on autopilot or remotely controlled. Improvised explosive devices could be delivered or emplaced by boats or swimmers (assisted or unassisted by breathing devices). This could involve placing a “parasite” on the hull of a craft or deploying teth­ered (anchored to the sea bottom) or untethered (floating) mines in a sea lane, waterway, or port traffic area.

Besides conventional explosives, the bombers could detonate nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological devices. Attacks could occur while the targeted ship is docked at shore, approaching a port, sailing in international waters, or in U.S. or Canadian coastal waterways. In addition to ships, attacks could target port facilities; commercial infra­structure (e.g., an entertainment pier, bridge piling, or pipeline); or public events.

How Small-Boat Attacks Are Carried Out

Read More

Popularity: 1% [?]

Similar and/or Related Posts

* Homeland Security Sees Small Boats As Terror Threat
* Video Of Iran Ship Confrontation Made Available
* Experts warn of terror force multiplier
* New York City to build 2 anti-terror boats
* How terror scuds pose threat to U.S.

Written by national · Filed Under Homeland Security News

2,474 posted on 04/28/2008 5:08:01 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Arrugula is a lettuce that isn't easily found in most grocery stores.

Last year while campaigning in Iowa, Barak was complaining to a crowd about how the price of food has gone up . His example was the price of arrugula at Whole Foods.

Well the odds of anyone even knowing what arrugula is in that audience was kinda low. And in all of Iowa, there isn't one Whole Food store.

2,475 posted on 04/28/2008 5:08:03 AM PDT by JRochelle (Keep sweet means shut up and take it.)
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To: All

Earthquake Preparedness - What To Do Before, During and After an Earthquake

April 28, 2008

With the number of earthquakes increasing in several states, we offer the following information as public service. This brief guide provides information on how you can protect yourself and your family, before, during and after an earthquake.

What to Do Before an Earthquake

Earthquakes strike suddenly, violently and without warning. Identifying potential hazards ahead of time and advance planning can reduce the dangers of serious injury or loss of life from an earthquake. Repairing deep plaster cracks in ceilings and foundations, anchoring overhead lighting fixtures to the ceiling, and following local seismic building standards, will help reduce the impact of earthquakes.

Six Ways to Plan Ahead

1. Check for Hazards in the Home

* Fasten shelves securely to walls.
* Place large or heavy objects on lower shelves.
* Store breakable items such as bottled foods, glass, and china in low, closed cabinets with latches.
* Hang heavy items such as pictures and mirrors away from beds, couches, and anywhere people sit.
* Brace overhead light fixtures.
* Repair defective electrical wiring and leaky gas connections. These are potential fire risks.
* Secure a water heater by strapping it to the wall studs and bolting it to the floor.
* Repair any deep cracks in ceilings or foundations. Get expert advice if there are signs of structural defects.
* Store weed killers, pesticides, and flammable products securely in closed cabinets with latches and on bottom shelves.

2. Identify Safe Places Indoors and Outdoors

* Under sturdy furniture such as a heavy desk or table.
* Against an inside wall.
* Away from where glass could shatter around windows, mirrors, pictures, or where heavy bookcases or other heavy furniture could fall over.
* In the open, away from buildings, trees, telephone and electrical lines, overpasses, or elevated expressways.

3. Educate Yourself and Family Members

* Contact your local emergency management office or American Red Cross chapter for more information on earthquakes. Also read the “How-To Series” for information on how to protect your property from earthquakes.
* Teach children how and when to call 9-1-1, police, or fire department and which radio station to tune to for emergency information.
* Teach all family members how and when to turn off gas, electricity, and water.

4. Have Disaster Supplies on Hand

* Flashlight and extra batteries.
* Portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries.
* First aid kit and manual.
* Emergency food and water.
* Nonelectric can opener.
* Essential medicines.
* Cash and credit cards.
* Sturdy shoes.

5. Develop an Emergency Communication Plan

* In case family members are separated from one another during an earthquake (a real possibility during the day when adults are at work and children are at school), develop a plan for reuniting after the disaster.
* Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.” After a disaster, it’s often easier to call long distance. Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address, and phone number of the contact person.

6. Help Your Community Get Ready

* Publish a special section in your local newspaper with emergency information on earthquakes. Localize the information by printing the phone numbers of local emergency services offices, the American Red Cross, and hospitals.
* Conduct a week-long series on locating hazards in the home.
* Work with local emergency services and American Red Cross officials to prepare special reports for people with mobility impairments on what to do during an earthquake.
* Provide tips on conducting earthquake drills in the home.
* Interview representatives of the gas, electric, and water companies about shutting off utilities.
* Work together in your community to apply your knowledge to building codes, retrofitting programs, hazard hunts, and neighborhood and family emergency plans.

What to Do During an Earthquake

Stay as safe as possible during an earthquake. Be aware that some earthquakes are actually foreshocks and a larger earthquake might occur. Minimize your movements to a few steps to a nearby safe place and stay indoors until the shaking has stopped and you are sure exiting is safe.

If indoors

* DROP to the ground; take COVER by getting under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture; and HOLD ON on until the shaking stops. If there isn’t a table or desk near you, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch in an inside corner of the building.
* Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall, such as lighting fixtures or furniture.
* Stay in bed if you are there when the earthquake strikes. Hold on and protect your head with a pillow, unless you are under a heavy light fixture that could fall. In that case, move to the nearest safe place.
* Use a doorway for shelter only if it is in close proximity to you and if you know it is a strongly supported, loadbearing doorway.
* Stay inside until shaking stops and it is safe to go outside. Research has shown that most injuries occur when people inside buildings attempt to move to a different location inside the building or try to leave.
* Be aware that the electricity may go out or the sprinkler systems or fire alarms may turn on.
* DO NOT use the elevators.

If outdoors

* Stay there.
* Move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires.
* Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops. The greatest danger exists directly outside buildings, at exits, and alongside exterior walls. Many of the 120 fatalities from the 1933 Long Beach earthquake occurred when people ran outside of buildings only to be killed by falling debris from collapsing walls. Ground movement during an earthquake is seldom the direct cause of death or injury. Most earthquake-related casualties result from collapsing walls, flying glass, and falling objects.


If in a moving vehicle

* Stop as quickly as safety permits and stay in the vehicle. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses, and utility wires.
* Proceed cautiously once the earthquake has stopped. Avoid roads, bridges, or ramps that might have been damaged by the earthquake.

If trapped under debris

Do not light a match.

Do not move about or kick up dust.

Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing.

Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can locate you. Use a whistle if one is available. Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause you to inhale dangerous amounts of dust.

What to Do After an Earthquake

* Check yourself for injuries. Often people tend to others without checking their own injuries. You will be better able to care for others if you are not injured or if you have received first aid for your injuries.
* Protect yourself from further danger by putting on long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, sturdy shoes, and work gloves. This will protect your from further injury by broken objects.
* After you have taken care of yourself, help injured or trapped persons. If you have it in your area, call 9-1-1, then give first aid when appropriate. Don’t try to move seriously injured people unless they are in immediate danger of further injury.
* Look for and extinguish small fires. Eliminate fire hazards. Putting out small fires quickly, using available resources, will prevent them from spreading. Fire is the most common hazard following earthquakes. Fires followed the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 for three days, creating more damage than the earthquake.
* Leave the gas on at the main valve, unless you smell gas or think it’s leaking. It may be weeks or months before professionals can turn gas back on using the correct procedures. Explosions have caused injury and death when homeowners have improperly turned their gas back on by themselves.
* Clean up spilled medicines, bleaches, gasoline, or other flammable liquids immediately. Avoid the hazard of a chemical emergency.
* Open closet and cabinet doors cautiously. Contents may have shifted during the shaking of an earthquake and could fall, creating further damage or injury.
* Inspect your home for damage. Get everyone out if your home is unsafe. Aftershocks following earthquakes can cause further damage to unstable buildings. If your home has experienced damage, get out before aftershocks happen.
* Help neighbors who may require special assistance. Elderly people and people with disabilities may require additional assistance. People who care for them or who have large families may need additional assistance in emergency situations.
* Listen to a portable, battery-operated radio (or television) for updated emergency information and instructions. If the electricity is out, this may be your main source of information. Local radio and local officials provide the most appropriate advice for your particular situation.
* Expect aftershocks. Each time you feel one, drop, cover, and hold on! Aftershocks frequently occur minutes, days, weeks, and even months following an earthquake.
* Watch out for fallen power lines or broken gas lines, and stay out of damaged areas. Hazards caused by earthquakes are often difficult to see, and you could be easily injured.
* Stay out of damaged buildings. If you are away from home, return only when authorities say it is safe. Damaged buildings may be destroyed by aftershocks following the main quake.
* Use battery-powered lanterns or flashlights to inspect your home. Kerosene lanterns, torches, candles, and matches may tip over or ignite flammables inside.
* Inspect the entire length of chimneys carefully for damage. Unnoticed damage could lead to fire or injury from falling debris during an aftershock. Cracks in chimneys can be the cause of a fire years later.
* Take pictures of the damage, both to the house and its contents, for insurance claims.
* Avoid smoking inside buildings. Smoking in confined areas can cause fires.
* When entering buildings, use extreme caution. Building damage may have occurred where you least expect it. Carefully watch every step you take.
* Examine walls, floor, doors, staircases, and windows to make sure that the building is not in danger of collapsing.
* Check for gas leaks. If you smell gas or hear a blowing or hissing noise, open a window and quickly leave the building. Turn off the gas, using the outside main valve if you can, and call the gas company from a neighbor’s home. If you turn off the gas for any reason, it must be turned back on by a professional.
* Look for electrical system damage. If you see sparks or broken or frayed wires, or if you smell burning insulation, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker. If you have to step in water to get to the fuse box or circuit breaker, call an electrician first for advice.
* Check for sewage and water line damage. If you suspect sewage lines are damaged, avoid using the toilets and call a plumber. If water pipes are damaged, contact the water company and avoid using water from the tap. You can obtain safe water from undamaged water heaters or by melting ice cubes.
* Watch for loose plaster, drywall, and ceilings that could fall.
* Use the telephone only to report life-threatening emergencies. Telephone lines are frequently overwhelmed in disaster situations. They need to be clear for emergency calls to get through.
* Watch animals closely. Leash dogs and place them in a fenced yard. The behavior of pets may change dramatically after an earthquake. Normally quiet and friendly cats and dogs may become aggressive or defensive.

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2,476 posted on 04/28/2008 5:13:08 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: JRochelle

Arrugula is a lettuce that isn’t easily found in most grocery stores. <<<

I am laughing and thinking that I did it again, changed the name of something, the weed that i planted is in the mustard family, a longish serrated leaf.

But then I disgusted my neighbors and they thought that I was nuts to pay good money to buy weed seeds for things like purslane and amaranth LOL bought several of them.

I did not have those weeds growing here, never mind that they may grow some other place....I like them.

I won’t comment on obama, and of course, I will not be voting for him.

Nothing surprises me, well some things, I had to laugh at how many of the “traditional southern food dishes” come from Africa, not a surprise, but it would be to many.

Early in the thread there are links to interesting African sites with recipes.

2,477 posted on 04/28/2008 5:22:00 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: All

Posted by: “darjay22”
Ran out of chocolate syrup and spouse tried this recipe which was
pretty good. The hot fudge for ice cream was really good.

We got the organic vanilla used in these recipes in the form of
vanilla beans from this link for 30 cents a bean. Extremely cheap.

Chocolate syrup
2 squares unsweetened chocolate
2 cups boiling water
4 cups sugar
2 T vanilla

Pour two cups boiling water over two squares of unsweetened chocolate
slowly. Add sugar and bring to a boil and boil 3 minutes. Cool, add
vanilla. Store in fridge. ( We halved this recipe easily.)

Hot fudge sauce

2 squares of unsweetened chocolate
I cup sugar
1 cup boiling water
3 T. butter
1 tablespoon corn starch plus tablespoon water to mix
dash salt
1 tsp vanilla

Pour boiling water over two squares unsweetened chocolate,butter,
melt, then add sugar. Mix cornstarch in tablespoon of water and add
to chocolate sauce.Simmer till thickened. Add dash of salt and 1 tsp
vanilla. Refrigerate after cooling. Must be heated after
refrigeration for ice cream. However, eating it out of the jar is
pretty tasty.

southern OKlahoma

2,478 posted on 04/28/2008 5:52:05 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny ( SURVIVAL, RECIPES, GARDENS, & INFO)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Sure.. Ill keep an eye out for whats going on here.

We live in Pahrump NV but we shop for bulk items in Vegas.. so thats where I go to do some of my shopping. We also have 3 grocery stores here plus a super walmart.. so I will do some poking around today in my travels to see what is going on around here.

I hear ya on the “hoarding” heh some of us preppers laugh when we hear that.. but then again I just put up another 50 LBS of rice and 50 lbs of flour in the last week alone.

Hey.. btw are you the same Az_Grammy that posts on TB2K?

2,479 posted on 04/28/2008 9:09:44 AM PDT by eXe (Si vis pacem, para bellum)
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To: nw_arizona_granny

Hi Ruth. Trying to catch up with my pings after a month long absence. You asked about corn flour. It is nothing more than very finely ground corn meal. It can be used as breading for fried foods. I also use it in recipes as a partial substitute for regular flour. Maybe a one to two ratio.

I’ve been reading a lot about expected food shortages. I’m not too worried about that happening in our country. But I am concerned about the rising prices. As a hedge against that, we went to Sam’s Club this weekend. Bought rice,(we eat alot of it), salt, baking powder,dried pinto beans, flour, coffee, cannola oil, sugar, dried onions, powdered milk, granola bars, canned tuna and chicken, Spam (Mr. RR hates it, but I like it) dried berries, dehydrated potatoes, etc. Oh, and a very large supply of multi-vitamins.

We have our own deep well and generator for water. Also gas stored to run the generator.

If worse comes to worst, we also have lots of wild game (deer and turkey ) on our property.

I really believe we are as ready as we can possibly be for any thing that might come our way.

2,480 posted on 04/28/2008 5:45:53 PM PDT by Rushmore Rocks
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