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To: boogerbear
and since even the Cylons didn’t know what the Final Five were like there really wasn’t much reason to work on a test to find them.

Facile, made-up rubbish.

What made the humans so sure that they knew all 7 "non-final" models? Because the Cylons told them? What made them so sure the Cylons didn't know who the "final five" were? Because they told them? What made them so sure the total # was really 12? Because they told them? This is one of those "if humans really had these motives & thought this way, they are stupid" explanations.

I see no reason whatsoever why humans wouldn't have had every motive in the world to just test all the people in their fleet once and for all and put the issue to rest. The only reason not to seems to be a TV reason (i.e. so the writers could stretch out the drama of who's-a-Cylon and, at a later time of their choosing, make some random people Cylons if the fancy struck them. Which of course is precisely what they did.)

I’m sure once they got off NC all the testing on Cylons was geared towards immediate thing like figuring out the disease,

Where on earth did you get this? Nothing like this was shown or supported on the show. You have (gasp) MADE AN ASSUMPTION not based on anything shown, thus violating the first rule of TV watching that you supposedly subscribe to.

There’s no reason for them to look into some Cylon legend of “missing” Cylons that might or might not exist,

The fact that they might exist is reason enough. Again, if BSG's humans really didn't think so they are stupid. Of course, I don't think they are stupid, because I don't think your explanation is the real one. The real explanation of course is sloppy writing. Your explanations here constitute bending over backwards to interpret that sloppy writing as charitably as possible. I am not so inclined, therefore the sloppy writing bothers me. That's where we are.

174 posted on 07/01/2008 5:09:24 PM PDT by Dr. Frank fan
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To: Dr. Frank fan

Nothing facile about it. Remember they were told during the mini-series there were 12 models. Before they’d even settled on New Caprica they’d identified 7 (another good reason to not worry about a Cylon detector, they found 7 in one year without it, they were doing pretty good without it).

Then the Cylons take over NC. During Cylon occupation they learn that the other five, Final Five, whatever, are kind legendary, that in fact the Ones don’t even appear to believe in the Final Five (and boy won’t they feel dumb when they find out they “spiritually guided” two of them). The humans are busy chasing their own legend (Earth), they don’t really have the time to go chasing Cylons that other Cylons don’t even know what they look like or even if they exist.

I didn’t make an assumption at all. We know they tested the Cylons, both living and dead, from the plague ship to figure out what killed them and if it posed any danger to the humans. We also know Cottle is doing some level of base medicine with Cylon prisoners because he figured out ix was pregers. We also don’t hear anybody discussing figuring out if they still have secret Cylons among them. They’re clearly dealing with immediate matters that relate to Cylons but not long term. No assumption, just paying attention to the small details. It’s important to know the difference.

The fact that there are Cylons who don’t believe the other Cylons exist and that even the ones that do believe have no idea who they are or where to find them is reason enough to not worry. Add to that the fact that after NC they have even fewer humans so it’s even more important to keep everyone alive you can, and the elimination of the Sagitaron killing doctor so now they have even less medical staff to go around, and you once again get to the “bigger fish to fry” issue.

I’m not bending over backwards for anything. Just pointing out that yet again all your arguments come from inside your own head and that absolutely none of your position actually stems from the actual show that was actually shown. Any bending I’m doing is trying to figure out how your “logic” makes even the slightest amount of sense. If you actually work with what’s in the show and JUST what’s in the show it all makes perfectly good sense.

175 posted on 07/02/2008 8:08:35 AM PDT by boogerbear
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