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Ed Hale got the divorcee decree of Dunham vs Obama Sr.
Plains Radio ^ | 1/2/09 | Patriot08

Posted on 01/02/2009 1:16:10 PM PST by patriot08

Ed Hale of Plains Radio has secured a copy of the Dunham/Obama divorce decree as promised. He has registered this at the courthouse and has turned the document over to lawyers who are reported to be happy and enthused over the contents.

This is the first page. This is all that can be divulged at this time as those who have seen the decree are sworn to silence. You may hear information about it tonight on Ed's plainsradio show.

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TOPICS: Conspiracy; Miscellaneous
KEYWORDS: anyminute; bho2008; birthcertificate; birthplace; certifigate; divorce; dunham; obama; obamafamily; obamatruthfile; realsoonnow
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To: El Gato

I meant to ping you to post 1199.

1,201 posted on 01/03/2009 7:12:20 AM PST by reasonisfaith (Liberals have neither the creativity nor the confidence to understand the truth of conservatism)
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To: Chief Engineer
The home at that address was owned by Orland Scott and Thelma Lefforge Young.

Are we sure that this was the principle residence of Scott & Young, and that no portion of it was rented out?

1,202 posted on 01/03/2009 7:37:30 AM PST by Polarik (Polarik's Principle:" A forgery created to prove a factual event will repudiate that event")
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To: Star Traveler
how many pieces of legislation were invalidated during Chester A. Arthur’s term in office, because he was not a legitimate President?

That's a damn good question. What bills did Arthur sign into law?

1,203 posted on 01/03/2009 7:37:48 AM PST by ROCKLOBSTER (RATs...nothing more than Bald Haired Hippies!)
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To: hoosiermama we get to go through this cliff-hanger excercise again on Monday, eh?


I can’t wait.

1,204 posted on 01/03/2009 7:47:49 AM PST by XenaLee
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To: XenaLee

>>>WHY are there missing pages? I thought this whole episode was centered around exposing the fraud by revealing the entire document.<<<<

See Post #1179 regarding missing pages in the document.

1,205 posted on 01/03/2009 7:49:16 AM PST by Iowan
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To: sneakers

Ok. Thanks for the explanation/info. I’ll be tuning in as well.

1,206 posted on 01/03/2009 7:51:43 AM PST by XenaLee
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To: hoosiermama
Why do you think she would not travel alone, especially by air?

In 1964 I was just in my teens and traveled by air around the world by myself. Pan Am flight 001 which started in San Francisco - Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kolkata, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London, and finally New York. This took me two weeks because I stopped in various cities for a few days. I took a side trip from London to Copenhagen and Oslo then back to London to New York City for the Worlds Fair.

I flew Pan Am flight 001 and the return flight 002 (started in New York and flew the opposit direction stopping at the same cities ending in San Fran) from the U.S. to Bangkok from 1963 until 1969 every summer until I joined The Marines.

I think if you stayed on the aircraft the whole way it was a 45-48 hour flight!

1,207 posted on 01/03/2009 7:58:17 AM PST by Red_Devil 232 (VietVet - USMC All Ready On The Right? All Ready On The Left? All Ready On The Firing Line!)
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To: Chief Engineer

Thank you for your reply.

I would LOVE to know what you come up with if you would like to share.

Thank you again.

1,208 posted on 01/03/2009 8:07:28 AM PST by Gatún(CraigIsaMangoTreeLawyer)
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To: pissant
Feel free. Ignore til yer heart’s content.

I dislike FR being taken over by frauds. Ed Hale made a big deal of having new evidence that would be relevant to Obama's eligibility.

His accomplices here on FR made a big deal of talking up all this "new evidence" that would blow the case wide open. And after all the breathless anticipation ...

He's got NOTHING

I dislike being scammed, and I dislike FR being scammed just to increase the Internet ratings of some worthless site.
1,209 posted on 01/03/2009 8:09:42 AM PST by PapaBear3625 (We used to institutionalize the insane. Now we elect them.)
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To: El Gato

We’re realtors and we can look up ownership history in most states. When you bring up the tax report it will show past owners.

1,210 posted on 01/03/2009 8:13:16 AM PST by nufsed
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To: Polarik

Until I hear from UH at Manoa I won’t even know if they returned to HI immediately after he received his Phd from UW at Madison in 1953. (Info on both Orland and Thelma is sketchy at best, I had sent UH an email back on Dec.11 and still have not heard from them)The Dunhams didn’t live in that home, contrary to the false story which “The Honolulu Adertiser” published in Nov./08. The Dunhams lived in two homes on Oahu prior to moving into the apartment building on S. Beretania St. First home they lived in was 2277 Kamehameha Ave. and the second home they lived in was 2234 University Ave., they moved from the house on University Ave. into the apartment at S. Beretania in 1967 after Ann and Jr went to Indonesia. Obama Sr, at that time, lived in a small, single story home located at 625 11th Ave. in the St Louis Heights district. All the addresses for the Dunhams and Obama Sr(when he originally arrived in HI in 1959 he lived in a room at the Atherton Y.M.C.A. across from UH) were located within a 1/2 mile of the University while the address in the birth announcement was located more than 7 miles from the University in the most expensive zip code of all of HI.
My theory is that Madelyn provided the address because she knew it was a “safe” one to use from her job as mortgage administrator at Bankoh.
When I learned who the owners of the property were I began to speculate if Ann had indeed lived in the small 400 sq ft cottage located in the backyard of the property. I wondered if perhaps the couple hired her to help Thelma with their three children, Andrea born March 15,1955, Mia born 1959 and Scott born 1960. I discarded this idea knowing that Ann had never even babysat while she was a teenager and had no clue as to how to handle children. Then I wondered if perhaps the Lefforge family had planned on adopting Jr since their two daughters had been adopted. The mere presence of the birth announcement in the papers negated that idea! Finally when it was announced that the adjoining property owner stated the Obamas had never lived there then I was left with my original premise that Madelyn supplied a safe address which she knew through her work as the mortgage administrator at Bankoh. Madelyn basically was the mortgage department at that time!
Another matter with that particular address was the distance from Honolulu, a minor problem today with the satellite medical clinics in the area but a major problem back in 1961. Even Frank Marshall Davis had moved closer to the urban center in 1958 due to the travelling distance.Even the home for unwed mothers(The Booth Memorial Home in 1961) was located around the corner from the Kapiolani.
Before “The Honolulu Advertiser” published their false story about homes Jr had lived in they phoned the current owner of the home (since 1979) and told her Jr had begun his life there, she replied, “I didn’t know.” The one person who could actually verify that Ann and Jr had in fact lived in the small cottage in the back yard would be Andrea Lefforge, who was a 6 1/2 year old girl at the time.

1,211 posted on 01/03/2009 8:47:16 AM PST by Chief Engineer
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To: Iowan

I just picked this up in the chat room at plainsradio-

Missing papers:
proof of service, notice of motion with exhibits, proposed order

1,212 posted on 01/03/2009 8:47:43 AM PST by patriot08
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To: Kevmo
If the Clintons really did have anything on Obama, then it would have been quid pro quo with Obama operative having lots more dirt on them. The Clintons were in no position to throw stones.

I'm sure that offering Hillary the position of Secretary of State also helped to buy her silence.

1,213 posted on 01/03/2009 8:50:31 AM PST by Polarik (Polarik's Principle:" A forgery created to prove a factual event will repudiate that event")
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To: Red_Devil 232

Red, were you a young bride with a newborn, who needed fed and diaper changes...No diapers then...

Little more complicated than carrying a nap sack and hitch hiking which is something many have done.

1,214 posted on 01/03/2009 8:58:26 AM PST by hoosiermama (Berg is a liberal democrat. Keyes is a conservative. Obama is bringing us together already!)
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To: patriot08

Thank you.

Please Ping me with any other updates regarding the missing pages.

1,215 posted on 01/03/2009 9:06:09 AM PST by Iowan
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To: Polarik

GEE that’s sounding like CHicago politics.

1,216 posted on 01/03/2009 9:06:10 AM PST by hoosiermama (Berg is a liberal democrat. Keyes is a conservative. Obama is bringing us together already!)
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To: Diver Dave

I experienced the exact same thing during my travels across the border from B.C. into the U.S. They might stop the vehicle and ask the driver for their driver’s license but they paid absolutely NO attention to passengers!

1,217 posted on 01/03/2009 9:06:23 AM PST by Chief Engineer
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To: Polarik

Check your freepmail.


1,218 posted on 01/03/2009 9:13:42 AM PST by Iowan
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To: Iowan

I don't know how much of this was in effect in 1961, but I would imagine something similar. If Ann Dunham brought Jr. over by plane, then he would have had to bring a passport, as they were required, even for infants.

Documentation of U.S. Citizens Born Abroad

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs

Documentation of United States Citizens Born Abroad Who Acquire Citizenship At Birth

The birth of a child abroad to U.S. citizen parent(s) should be reported as soon as possible to the nearest American consular office for the purpose of establishing an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship at birth. The official record is in the form of a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America. This document, referred to as the Consular Report of Birth or FS-240, is considered a basic United States citizenship document. An original FS-240 is furnished to the parent(s) at the time the registration is approved.


A Consular Report of Birth can be prepared only at an American consular office overseas while the child is under the age of 18. Usually, in order to establish the child’s citizenship under the appropriate provisions of U.S. law, the following documents must be submitted:

(1) an official record of the child’s foreign birth; (2) evidence of the parent(s)’ U.S. citizenship (e.g., a certified birth certificate, current U.S. passport, or Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship); (3) evidence of the parents’ marriage, if applicable; and (4) affidavits of parent(s)’ residence and physical presence in the United States.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to submit additional documents, including affidavits of paternity and support, divorce decrees from prior marriages, or medical reports of blood compatibility. All evidentiary documents should be certified as true copies of the originals by the registrar of the office wherein each document was issued. A service fee of $65 is prescribed under the provisions of Title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 22.1, item 9, for a Consular Report of Birth.

NOTE: Consular Reports of Birth are not available for persons born in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Panama Canal Zone before October 1, 1979, the Philippines before July 4, 1946, American Samoa, Guam, Swains Island, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the former U.S. Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands. Birth certificates for those areas, except the Panama Canal Zone, must be obtained from their respective offices of vital statistics. Panama Canal Zone birth certificates should be requested through the Vital Records Section of Passport Services (see address below.) The fees are the same as those for DS-1350.


Consular Report of Birth (FS-240)

On November 1, 1990, the Department of State ceased issuing multiple copies of the Consular Report of Birth (FS-240). As of that date, a new format for the FS-240 went into effect. All previously issued FS-240s are acceptable proof of U.S. citizenship (Public Law 97-241 - Aug. 24, 1982). To obtain a replacement for a lost or mutilated document, please submit a notarized written request including the original FS-240 or a notarized affidavit concerning the loss of the FS-240 and a $30 fee, payable to the “Department of State.” Mail it to the address below. The affidavit must contain the: 1) name, (2) date, and (3) place of birth of the subject; (4) a statement regarding the whereabouts of the original FS-240; and (5) be signed by the subject, parent, or legal representative.

Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350)

If the birth was recorded in the form of a Consular Report of Birth, a Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350) can be issued in multiple copies. The DS-1350 contains the same information as that on the new format Consular Report of Birth and is acceptable for all legal purposes. The DS-1350 is not issued overseas and can be obtained only by writing to the address below.


To amend or correct a Consular Report of Birth, submit a written request - accompanied by certified copies of all documents appropriate for effecting the change (e.g., foreign birth certificate, marriage certificate, court ordered adoption or name change, birth certificates of the adopting or legitimating parents, affidavits, etc.). The original FS-240 or replacement FS-240, or a notarized affidavit concerning its whereabouts, also must be included.

OBTAINING COPIES OF THE FS-240, DS-1350, AND PANAMA CANAL ZONE BIRTH CERTIFICATES The DS-1350 or a replacement FS-240 can be obtained by writing to:

Vital Records Section Passport Services 1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 510 Washington, D.C. 20522-1705

A written request must be notarized and must include a copy of valid photo identification of the requester. The written request must include: (1) full name of child at birth (plus any adoptive names) (2) date and place of birth (3) names of parents (4) serial number, if known, of the FS-240 (on those issued after November 1, 1990) if known (5) any available passport information (6) signature of requester and (7) notarized affidavit for a replacement FS-240 (if applicable). Note: For Panama Canal Zone (PCZ) birth certificates, just include items (1) through (3).

The fee for an FS-240 is $30. The fees for DS-1350 and PCZ certificates are $30 for the first copy, $20 each additional copy . Make check or bank draft drawn on a bank in the United States, or money order, payable to the "Department of State." The Department will assume no responsibility for cash lost in the mail. Documents will be provided to the person who is the subject of the Report of Birth, the subject’s parents, the subject’s legal guardian, authorized government agency, or a person who submits written authorization from the subject of the Report of Birth.


A person, who acquired United States citizenship through birth abroad to a U.S. citizen parent(s) or who acquired U.S. citizenship by derivative naturalization, may apply for a Certificate of Citizenship under the provisions of Section 341 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Application for this document may be made in the United States to the nearest office of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security. Upon approval, a Certificate of Citizenship will be issued in the name of the subject, but only if that person is in the United States. Obtaining this certificate involves presentation of basically the same documentation required to obtain a Consular Report of Birth. Under law, the Consular Report of Birth and the Certificate of Citizenship are equally acceptable as proof of citizenship.

1,219 posted on 01/03/2009 9:18:52 AM PST by Polarik (Polarik's Principle:" A forgery created to prove a factual event will repudiate that event")
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To: Iowan

‘welcome. I’ll keep my ear to the ground

1,220 posted on 01/03/2009 9:24:55 AM PST by patriot08
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