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Ed Hale got the divorcee decree of Dunham vs Obama Sr.
Plains Radio ^ | 1/2/09 | Patriot08

Posted on 01/02/2009 1:16:10 PM PST by patriot08

Ed Hale of Plains Radio has secured a copy of the Dunham/Obama divorce decree as promised. He has registered this at the courthouse and has turned the document over to lawyers who are reported to be happy and enthused over the contents.

This is the first page. This is all that can be divulged at this time as those who have seen the decree are sworn to silence. You may hear information about it tonight on Ed's plainsradio show.

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TOPICS: Conspiracy; Miscellaneous
KEYWORDS: anyminute; bho2008; birthcertificate; birthplace; certifigate; divorce; dunham; obama; obamafamily; obamatruthfile; realsoonnow
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To: Star Traveler
Oh, and we’ve had another guy who was supposedly born in Canada, but it was *questionable* (just like in this Obama qualifications issue; i.e., “it couldn’t be proven absolutely”) and we’re still just as good with our Constitution now as we were before. He didn’t cause any harm (from *that issue* alone). Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President — was said to have been born in Canada

I thought he was born in the US, but of a non-citizen father, who wasn't naturalized until well after Chester was born. The allegations of foreign birth never played out. Thus there was no cause for challenging him as not natural, except on the basis of having a non-citizen father. Now of course some have said that would make him not natural born, but there's at least some disagreement on that score and it was not pursued after he became Vice President nor after he succeeded to the President when President James Garfield was assassinated.

But, my "what if" scenario assumed that your "must prove eligibility laws, which I of course support, resulted in revelation that Obama was indeed not eligible. Different situation, different effect.

961 posted on 01/02/2009 8:30:09 PM PST by El Gato ("The Second Amendment is the RESET button of the United States Constitution." -- Doug McKay)
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To: ClearCase_guy

Thanks for the rest of your answers...

And with this — “No one has proven that we ever had a President in Office who was not qualified to be in office.”

That seems to be our current problem then, doesn’t it...

962 posted on 01/02/2009 8:30:23 PM PST by Star Traveler
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To: patriot08

“Sorry. Those who have seen it promised Ed not to divulge any information”

Well, sorry, then, because we have been told by more than one con artist that something existed and it never materialized. Why wait? If there is something out there then show ot; otherwise, just shut the Hell up and stop being an attention whore.

963 posted on 01/02/2009 8:30:42 PM PST by CodeToad
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To: Amityschild
Be prepared for the nay sayers that are soon to follow.

What are they supposed to be saying nay? So far, this is all drum roll and no show.

964 posted on 01/02/2009 8:32:37 PM PST by ReignOfError
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To: CodeToad

You should really catch up to the more current posts in the 900’s or so, LOL!

965 posted on 01/02/2009 8:33:16 PM PST by autumnraine
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To: XenaLee

“And YOU are....

wasting your time. say the least.”

That’s not fair to say to him at all. I watched Ed spit on people who support him and advertised for him for months now. He didn’t give them the time of day this afternoon.

Ed hasn’t come up with one thing that will keep that bum out of office. NOT ONE. All he’s done is string people along with his BS tactics and it’s pissin people off. Rightly so. If he gave a damn about this country as much as he claims to, he wouldn’t be playing games with the American public so he could get people listening to his station tonight. He’s in it for the money.

Ed is the reason why the media doesn’t take this matter seriously and that’s the truth.

I’ve been listening to his BS since Korir, then Leo is in hiding, the big Islamo scare that was out to kill Leo. The suspicious call from Washington that Bush is going to call the troops because the SCOTUS is going to keep Obum out of the office, yadda yadda. ALL BS! You’d have to be glutton for punishment or awfully gullible to keep stock in that station.

966 posted on 01/02/2009 8:33:35 PM PST by Bronwynn
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To: nominal

I believe the name was David A. Larson listed as the submitter of info on the Dunham family when I checked it last year.

967 posted on 01/02/2009 8:33:47 PM PST by Chief Engineer
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To: Star Traveler

You said:
But, the courts better hurry up, because January 20th is coming up pretty quick. After that, it will have to be Congress who gets in the act in order to remove a President...


No matter when the Court were to rule that Obama is ineligible you can bet your bottom dollar that Congress will get invovled, IMO.

968 posted on 01/02/2009 8:33:52 PM PST by TheBigIf
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To: CodeToad

That was rude and crude.
I’m just the messenger. No call for that.

969 posted on 01/02/2009 8:34:41 PM PST by patriot08
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To: CodeToad

You’d think it would have to be the port of Honolulu that Ed is referring to.

If Ann came back to Hawaii to file for the divorce, which is clearly the case, then she’d be going to the Honolulu port from Indonesia.

Not-to-mention, Ed’s PI was in Hawaii to get the Divorce Decree and then fumbled upon this discovery.

He better hope he gets to it quickly, otherwise Obama will get to it first, if he hasn’t already.

Let’s hope Ed is smart enough to secure things before anyone else can get to it first.

970 posted on 01/02/2009 8:35:32 PM PST by jetxnet
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To: mojitojoe; LucyT; Fred Nerks

Reg.Post #905

The link to the neighbor of the supposed “birth announcement” house can be found at:

The neighbor has lived next door since pre-1961.

971 posted on 01/02/2009 8:36:10 PM PST by Iowan
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To: Chief Engineer

thank you

972 posted on 01/02/2009 8:36:13 PM PST by nominal (Christus dominus. Christus veritas.)
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To: rwfromkansas
what’s the point of this but to have the reason of divorce as “mental anguish.”

"Mental anguish" or "emotional cruelty" were common grounds in the days before "no-fault" divorce. They didn't take much to prove if uncontested, didn't carry any criminal penalty, and would be accepted in jurisdictions where "irreconcilable differences" wasn't enough of a reason.

973 posted on 01/02/2009 8:37:14 PM PST by ReignOfError
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To: Star Traveler
I was wondering if the Constitutional provisions for President of the United States were affected in any way by having a President in Office who was not qualified to be in office. Did that change the Constitution?

That would depend on how far into the future the People found out that they were allegedly duped.

I'm still researching Arthur, but if decades passed, the people might not be as incensed over it as they might if the president were still in office when the truth were revealed.

I'm assuming that that we didn't have during his presidency (but I could be wrong).


974 posted on 01/02/2009 8:37:19 PM PST by Political Junkie Too (You can never overestimate the Democrats' ability to overplay their hand.)
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To: nufsed

Even if Orland and Thelma Lefforge had rented the home out it is in an exremely expensive area, the most expensive zip code in all of Hawaii. It was too expensive for a bank employee and her furniture salesman husband to rent and even more so for two starving University students to rent. Obama Sr at that time was living in a small, single story home located at 625 11th Ave., while the Dunhams were living at 2277 Kamehameha Ave.
I believe grandma, as mortgage administrator at the “white bank of Hawaii”, knew it was a safe address which she could use to register the birth with the Dept of Vital Stats which in turn generated the birth announcement. I haven’t been able to confirm the date when Orland Lefforge returned to teach at UH at Manoa as the University hasn’t responded to my request for that info.
The back yard neighbor to that address has lived there since before 1961 and stated the Obamas never lived there!

975 posted on 01/02/2009 8:39:53 PM PST by Chief Engineer
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To: Chief Engineer
I noticed the name who had submitted the info and googled his name. It turned out to be an architect in Chicago so I asked my Mormon neighbor who could submit info for their website and she told me anyone could.

Was it possible to determine the date of that submission?

976 posted on 01/02/2009 8:41:04 PM PST by TigersEye (I threw my shoe at Mohammed and hit Allah in the butt.)
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To: Star Traveler

If the courts do not require him to produce his documents, we will make sure that the issue does not die and that history will hang a cloud over his presidency. There is more than one way to “make” someone do something.

977 posted on 01/02/2009 8:41:13 PM PST by nufsed
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To: TheBigIf

On the part where Obama has stated things which you say deal with the definition of natural born, I can see where a judicial pronouncement on what that means in very specific detail can be helpful. It would appear — since these details were admitted — that our “system” did not think it mattered. It will be interesting to see if the courts think it matters. We’ll see how they take up this particular part of it. But, it’s clear that our system has allowed it. The question then comes down to whether a court will even address it and if they do, will they come to a different conclusion than our system has, thus far? That’s a big question...

As far as any accusations that will actually make a difference, in this particular instance, it all comes down to whether any evidence that will be accepted by a court can and will be produced. That remains to be seen. By the time frame we have for Obama taking office, it’s getting quite close and it doesn’t look very good. After that, it will be in the hands of Congress to take any action to remove the President.

And in the issue of being elected or not — as far as I understand, it’s merely “being President” that is at issue — that is can you *even* occupy the office if you’re not qualified. That’s what I’ve heard from others, so it apparently doesn’t matter whether you’re elected, or like Johnson, had to take office under unfortunate circumstances...

Now, all these details that you say *differ* from President Arthur and Obama — will actually disappear (and not be “different”) if Obama does serve as President and no court decides on the issue before taking office and the Congress doesn’t remove him and he goes through his term in office. He’ll be just like President Arthur — if that future works out that way.

The way you’re talking about — that it’s different — is only if one of these things “works” and he’s either prevented from being in office or removed from office. Absent that and absent anything that works — he’s just like President Arthur. So, time will tell...

978 posted on 01/02/2009 8:41:52 PM PST by Star Traveler
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To: TheBigIf

The media today is more vast and the people through the internet have much more resources available to them than during Arthur’s day. - And ye that does matter as to how you were trying to make it seem that the Arthur case may teach us something as to how it may effect us. In this case there is more potential for investigation and coverage than there was in the case of Arthur. So there can obviously be much different outcomes involved as well.


I am having a keyboard problem and decided to correct and repost this.

979 posted on 01/02/2009 8:42:21 PM PST by TheBigIf
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To: hoosiermama
If she had NOT registered the child’s birth with nearest US Embassy would the Port of Entry register the birth?

It's not clear to me that she *could* have registered the birth with a US Embassy or Consulate, because she was not eligible to pass citizenship to a child born outside the country. So why would the embassy register the birth of a foreign national?

Now I don't know if she would have needed to show a copy of the foreign, that is Kenyan/British, BC to prove that he was indeed her child and not some baby she was smuggling in. This might have been made even more likely by the fact that he was a black baby and she was white. If she did have to show a foregin BC, what the folks at the Port of Entry might have would be a copy of the original Kenyan/British BC? That's way I read the thing about the BC, that it was not a US BC, but rather a Kenyan/British Colonial one. I missed the part about it being at the port of entry. Which could be Seattle after a hop from Kenya to London maybe to Labrador and on to Seattle. (Wouldn't that have been fun with a brand new baby?) Then it would have been on to Hawaii from there. Other POEs are obviously also possible.

980 posted on 01/02/2009 8:43:40 PM PST by El Gato ("The Second Amendment is the RESET button of the United States Constitution." -- Doug McKay)
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