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Why Does God allow abortion

Posted on 03/31/2009 12:15:06 AM PDT by 11bravo wolfhoundf

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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf
In the Garden of Getheseme, Jesus prayed that God would protect us from the "evil one". The Lord's Prayer asks that we be delivered from evil. We live in a deceptive world and God warns us to be vigilant. Abortion obviously opposes everything that God is. Abortion doesn't happen because God allows it. It happens because we are willingly decieved. It happens because we deny God.

21 posted on 03/31/2009 2:44:53 AM PDT by mgist (Thus in Psalm 103, we pray, "Bless the Lord, O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word, hear)
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To: krb

Your friend is weird, and his line of reasoning rests on some false assumptions.

For one thing, a cell is not a cell. Looked at under a microscope, there may seem to be no difference between an egg cell that was just fertilized by a sperm cell, and a cell I scraped off my cheek, but as anybody who knows anything about biology or biochemistry (and I hardly know anything about them, being a computer, econ, film, and physics nerd instead) can tell you, they are by no means the same.

So the question is not “when does life begin” even if that’s how the question is framed. What’s obviously being asked is “when does an individual human life begin?” Science says that life begins at conception, when the cell becomes the first cell of a new human. It may not fit our biases or preconceived notions, but neither does relativity or quantum theory, but in the end those theories won out because the science was all on their side.

Anybody who, with our modern knowledge, refuses to admit that individual human life begins at conception, is either ignorant or simply allowing their biases and preconceived notions to stand in the way of simply scientific reasoning.

22 posted on 03/31/2009 2:51:52 AM PDT by LifeComesFirst (Until the unborn are free, nobody is free)
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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf
I would lovingly submit this to you..that out of perfect love for us, God gave us a beautiful gift. The gift of choice.His choice was this: we can choose to love Him or this world ( and we can't love both). Human beings do what we do the best..take a beautiful gift from a Perfect God and trample it beneath dirty feet. And God weeps. He knows what He intended for us dad. Just as you love your children, he loves us so much more intensely. His very nature is a love that invites us past all of our weak human failings.We can't be perfect in the flesh, but we can become justified by faith, and sanctified by walking that faith out everyday.

I agree with many of the posts below that Church's have failed to carry this banner for the unborn. I believe that to be a sign of the times that we live in. Too many worry about building bigger buildings or filling the seats with the right mix of people..but the lost are still lost and the babies are still dying.

But I also know this. God is still on the throne. I believe that one day God will use me to reach out to women who have had abortions. I pray that I will have the courage to walk out what I so strongly believe. And I love you for having such a tender heart.

23 posted on 03/31/2009 3:27:44 AM PDT by dixiedarlindownsouth (I love my country, but I fear my government)
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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf
Abortion will end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ wants it to end.
Why are there only a handful of Christians on the sidewalks in front of Abortion mills when there should be thousands??
Christians sit back safe and snug in thier church buildings having cutesy "Men's Breakfasts" and yet more "discipleship classes" while little baby boys and little baby girls are having thier arms and legs ripped off!!
Unpleasant? Well, you asked.
24 posted on 03/31/2009 3:45:06 AM PDT by Psalm 73 ("Gentlemen, you can't fight in here - this is the War Room".)
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To: montesquiue

“The age old question is posed once more. Why suffering? Why death... disease... hunger?”

I can’t articulate my thoughts as well as the majority of folks here at freerepublic. If I could the title of this thread should have been - God hears the cry of innocents.

I don’t go around asking God why this and why that. My heart aches for the murder of the innocent lives being destroyed every day. I don’t even know why I have such a burden for the babies being aborted every day.

You see, I want to do more than just pray. My dream is to help those who don’t want their child to find a family who will adopt the baby. I would love to be able to work with a group of people who would build a home for unwed mothers. I say this at a time when my wife has lost her job due to a heart attack and my health is bad. I would still give all that I could to see my dream come true. My wife and I already help several families and we are maxed out financially.

I hope you all will try understand that this is just something that is heavy on my heart.

25 posted on 03/31/2009 3:47:43 AM PDT by 11bravo wolfhoundf ( "Duty is ours; results are God's." John Quincy Adamspebaople)
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To: period end of story
If you ask why are there miscarriages, do you mean to equate them to voluntary abortion? Is a man dying a natural death the same as a man being murdered by another person?

If you are asking why is there suffering in general...sometimes it is at the hands of our fellow man who has been given free will...sometimes God allows it for reasons we may not know until we see Him face to face.

26 posted on 03/31/2009 4:07:32 AM PDT by MantillaMilitant
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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf
James, God love you. He loves all his children. Even those who perform abortion. He also knows everything. Even what's in their hearts. He knows why you ask why. He knows when a mega pastor is having homo-sexual affairs. He even knows what you don't know and why you don't know what you don't know. There are a few things you can always count on. God is Just and Absolute. Meaning he demands perfect justice. But he also wants us to love him the same as he loves us. In order for that to be possible we must have the freedom to choose. Understand that in order for free will to exist there must be the freedom to choose. To choose means "To select from a number of possible alternatives." I know that might seem obvious but it's not always. When someone asks "Why" they have an alternative in mind to what they are asking "Why" about. Just as you asked why God allows abortion to continue. The alternative is no abortion. And if abortions didn't exist you wouldn't have an alternative in mind. And just as you might often wonder why God allowed you to get injured, as I assume is the case for the pain pills from the VA. The alternative is not to have been injured. And just as God grants us the free will to love him, the alternative is to not love him. There is a price to pay for free will. Too us it sometimes seems too high. But to God it apparently is worth the cost. You are probably thinking to yourself that all this is nothing new. It's obvious. But try and imagine for just a moment that God has strategically placed every single human being in their exact spot at that precise time so that his Will Be Done." Even when you are oblivious to his Will. That doesn't mean he isn't guiding events. Remember the times you were in traffic and you were angry at that car in front of you for going too slow? Ask your this. What if God knows that had you not slowed down by mere seconds or milli-seconds that you would be in an accident at the next intersection? I know you can't prove a negative. Just as you'll never know what might have happened had you not took that turn or left your house seconds earlier or later. And how can you prove that that car in front of you might just be saving your life or his own? You can't. And what about the free will to swerve around that car and speed up? Exactly. You have the free will to do just that. But at the next intersection, if God forbid, you are in an accident. Don't blame God. He tried to slow you down.

27 posted on 03/31/2009 4:10:02 AM PDT by coffee260 (coffee)
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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf

Why did He allow His only Son to be beaten, stripped, humiliated, tortured, crucified, and stabbed in the Heart?

28 posted on 03/31/2009 5:25:58 AM PDT by B-Chan (Catholic. Monarchist. Texan. Any questions?)
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To: LifeComesFirst

It might be too late at this point. A considerable number of people have been totally and completely brainwashed to devalue humanity. To them, a human life is a resource to be expended for quick and constant sensual gratification. It’s gotten to a level of depravity that has not been seen in the west for millennia.

29 posted on 03/31/2009 7:32:37 PM PDT by Soothesayer (The United States of America Rest in Peace November 4 2008)
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To: MantillaMilitant
If you ask why are there miscarriages, do you mean to equate them to voluntary abortion?

Of course not. But, there are many questions one could ask as far as the many injustices that occur on Earth. See post #28.

30 posted on 03/31/2009 10:04:11 PM PDT by period end of story (Give me a firm spot, and I will move the world.)
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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf

I meant no offense. I was simply offering a perspective, but must have missed the mark. I hope you will accept my apology.

About this burden on your heart, sounds like God placed it there. I would pray about it and start looking for his answers. When you see the door open, step out on your dreams. If you ask, he will answer, but maybe not exactly the way you’d expect!!

31 posted on 04/01/2009 2:02:33 AM PDT by montesquiue
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To: Anita1

Beautiful post! BRAVO! Could not agree more. I felt a bit of conviction in what you said because I know I could do more for the kingdom. Especially in the attitude realm. Too easy to do as the world does... not an excuse for Christians. We are called to be salt and light.

32 posted on 04/01/2009 2:06:32 AM PDT by montesquiue
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To: montesquiue

“I meant no offense. I was simply offering a perspective, but must have missed the mark. I hope you will accept my apology”

No offense was taken from your post montesquiue and no need for an apology. After I posted my reply to you I read and thought, “darn that reads like I might be mad.” After we hit the post button we can’t change a thing. I’m just glad you gave me an opportunity to clarify things.

When we reply to one another we can’t physically see one another or hear their voice. We see only words and sometimes it seems we are angry when we are not.

Again I thank you for given me a chance to explain things.

God bless and protect you and your family montesquiue.


33 posted on 04/01/2009 3:29:22 AM PDT by 11bravo wolfhoundf
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To: 11bravo wolfhoundf

Blessings to you, too, my friend!

34 posted on 04/02/2009 11:27:51 PM PDT by montesquiue
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