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To: Kickass Conservative; Squantos; Ramius; g'nad; osagebowman; TalonDJ
BTW - I really enjoy your Gun Porn Postings.Thanks. I just feel I have to learn via the school of hard knocks, and hope to pass it on to anybody interested, sparing reinventing another wheel. Even if someone never tries it, it always helps to know what can be done.

First trip to the range for some quick break-in firing of the M&P. The first shot with the Remington Disintegrators produced a dead-center "X", which I took as a good omen, since the rest of the rounds printed the way I usually do when working-in a new handgun.

Still, the M&P impressed me enough to swap out all the Gen1 internal parts with Apex Tactical upgrades. The current generation M&Ps have much better triggers, so this should let me pretty much pull even. Not really bad right now, but if I can do better, I will. This will join my special group of trusted and proven SHTF weapons.

Speer 125gr FMJs shot well, with just a bit of muzzle jump, a straight push back, and no "slap" to the palm of my hand when I shoot to much of a round in too little of a weapon. My wrist gets a little sore about round 49 when I shoot .45ACP, which I consider an easier round for me to handle compared to the occasional 9mm or .40S&W.

The Remingtons are almost supernatural. At 100gr, NO muzzle flash (a good trick on a .357SiG) and just some gentle recoil. Very impressive performance for something that's basically a flying grenade. The salesman took a few shots with it when I offered it to him. We both noticed the muzzle blast move paper scrap from targets to about 20 yards downrange. But except for one or two tiny muzzle flashes about the size of an orange, we watched from behind and to the side of the gun, and didn't see any. Considering some of my brands of .357 SiG puts out a fireball that blinds two firing points on both sides of me, this is impressive performance.

As soon as I got home, I ordered another 500 rounds online. The next day, I noticed their entire listing for the Remington Disintegrators had vanished. Aaaaannnnddd, I ordered an aftermarket barrel in .357 for my FNX-40, since FNH abandoned that round years ago, too.

I feel like I'm doing my part to preserve the ammunition Of the Sig, By the Sig, and For the Sig from vanishing from the face of the Earth. :)

4,040 posted on 04/17/2013 12:59:17 AM PDT by 300winmag (Whatever CAN go wrong has already happened. We just don't know about it yet.)
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To: 300winmag

Lol .... Sad we see common calibers, albeit tried and true disappear from the shelves and levitate towards a round that is a,proven performer as well but mainly a LEO / FLEA caliber is available. 357sig is and has been my carry for last 8-10 years. Carried a 1911A1 prior to that albeit my old sheriffs department reserve gig forced me to a SIG 220 in 45 as a duty weapon. sheriff hated 1911A1’s for some silly reason. He was an idiot and my love of 45 conflicted thus a P-220 was compromise.

After retirements rom military, joined another sheriffs reserve unit and 1911A1 was approved for carry thus I was a happy camper. Then witnessed a DPS shooting with their P-220’s on a camero windshield. 230gr HS x 4 rounds broke said glass yet never penetrated. Was involved with shooting thru car door once and same 230gr HS didn’t punch thru said car door. Granted pistol ain’t for killin a car yet stopping a felon in said car was desired.

AS1and AS2 glass properties construction of car doors knowledge in hand Texas DPS did extensive studies for defeating at least one layer of that glass and the car door to make hits on soft squeezy felons vitals inside.

The 357Sig was / is the solution until a rifle or shotgun could be obtained.

Every store I have visited in past few months of this ammo drought has had 357sig ammo. Bought cases for past few months each payday.

Will never run out, still able to shoot 3 gun and IDPA matches, saving brass, casting and reloading for paper punching games. Easy days thanks to a caliber few seem to use.

Shoot with two other deputies that carry 9x23 1911A1’s due easy reloading of that caliber. Their reload rounds are plus pee velocities that match or exceed the 357sig in some cases and punch vehicles just fine as well when forced to do such. factory 9x23 is rare per my experience , have never seen such in a gunslingers shelf for sale. But it to is out there I am told.

Always thought a Para Ord P-14 or STI in 9x23 would be perfection personified as a CHL rig. HiCap primary and 1 spare mag would be around 40 rounds plus or minus on person, easy to carry and and and and .....:o)

Good read on your range day. Love the bull on first round fired. I have done such and stopped and replaced the target. Wallpaper my office with such cold shots ....:o).

Yeah it’s a small office ...LOL ,

Stay safe !

4,041 posted on 04/17/2013 2:27:34 AM PDT by Squantos ( Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet ...)
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