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To: Quix; Impy; TigersEye

Odd News:

Study: Generation X more loyal to religion

Shopper: I Was Banned From Safeway Because I Asked For Large Chicken Breasts


Britain forced to borrow U.S. jets to fly from new aircraft carriers as cutbacks bite

Black men need special attention from social workers to deal with their needs

Rabbi: Who’s Against The Mosque? Nazis!!!

Couple Return From Honeymoon to Find Python in Bathroom
[Is the python related to that mosque-loving rabbi?]

Most US Marines don’t want gay roommates: general

Military commanders oppose openly gay military policy

Canadian terror suspect auditioned on Canadian Idol

1,015 posted on 08/30/2010 9:19:01 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Restoring Honor 8-28 Gathering 300,000? Or 1 million?)
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March; Alamo-Girl; Amityschild; AngieGal; AnimalLover; Ann de IL; aposiopetic; ...


QUIX NOTE: I have not vetted much of this but it sounds congruent with a lot of puzzle pieces I’ve kept on the shelf a long time and hoped it stayed there. Maybe it won’t.



Below is the blogtalkradio session converted to a series of 8 videos. The summary is below the video links.

Freedomlink Radio’s Bridging the Gap w/ Joe Joseph; John King & AC Griffith

Sept 2, 2010
John Moore joins the broadcast this evening to discuss Earth changes and what the government isn’t telling us about them. Should make for a fascinating two hours of radio. Call in with your questions and comments, or participate in our live chat!

John Moore’s website

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 1/8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9_3_2010 Part 2 of 8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9_3_2010 Part 3 of 8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9/3/2010 Part 4 of 8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9/3/2010 Part 5 of 8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9/3/2010 Part 6 of 8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9_3_2010 Part 7 of 8

John Moore on Freedomlink Radio 9_3_2010 Part 8 of 8

I have summarized the radio show from Sept 2, 2010.
Freedomlink Radio’s Bridging the Gap w/ Joe Joseph; John King & AC Griffith

John Moore joins the broadcast this evening to discuss Earth changes and what the government isn’t telling us about them. Should make for a fascinating two hours of radio. Call in with your questions and comments, or participate in our live chat!

John Moore’s website:

During the past couple of years, global warming or climate change has been promoted by Al Gore, marketed by media, etc. The marketing of climate change as global warming, and blaming humans as being the cause has been fraudulent. Because of the emails leaked late last year, people are “confused by design” about what to believe about climate change. The media has failed to acknowledge these are happening at a rapid pace.

Global Warming what the government isn’t telling you

There is a planetary size object coming to our solar system known as the 10th planet or wormwood. The planetary object that comes through our solar system - planet - x - wormwood will interact with planets magnetism, gravity, causing massive earthquakes, floods, volcanic activity, tidal waves, etc.

The Government has known about the 10th planet since 1979 and began building shelters almost immediately. They did not want people to know because then business and commerce would stop - it would affect the economy. The world will come to an end as we know it. The best place to ride out the storm is the Ozarks where it is above sea level and there is a long growing season.
The government has moved essential offices to the Ozarks or Denver, and underground bunkers because the coastal areas will be eliminated when the rising ocean levels (due to a bulge of water at the equator) are affected by the electrical and gravitational changes when the tenth planet (Wormwood) moves closer to earth.

Robert Herrington at the US naval observatory did an interview live on camera in the 1990’s about the 10th planet which is 3-5 times the size of earth and shows its orbit which conforms with ancient Babylonians translated texts.

When he did the interview, he was in the prime of life. It was announced after the interview that he was moving south to look at the planet and less than 6 mo. later he was dead. In his official obituary, it said that after he did the interview on camera, he said the 10th planet was not real. Even his research associate denied looking for 10th planet.

Today’s news:

The big announcement now is that the gulf stream has stopped. It was slowing at the time of the video in 2008. There was an article by Dr. Zengari about the loop current risk of stopping and he announced on June 12 it has stopped.

Gulf Loop Current Stalls from BP Oil Disaster

The gulf stream is pacemaker of the climate of the planet; it affects the jet stream and all these systems because the loop currents are connected If you look at a satellite image of the currents, you would see that previously the current would continue towards England, but now it has stopped.

The reason that the gulf stream stopping is important is because it affects the weather of northern America and Europe. If you look at a globe – England, Ireland, Scotland are due east of Moscow which is just as close to Arctic as England, Scotland and Ireland which have moderates temperatures because of the gulf stream loop.
The warming effect of gulf stream is over. We will see how quickly the winters in London will become like the winters of Moscow. You may recall “The Day After Tomorrow” movie, but in the movie it happens in a short time. We can hope that it will not happen that quickly - that there is time to prepare the infrastructure. For example, water pipes in Britain are buried 18-24 inches and in Moscow the pipes are buried 7-8 ft.

As we see the global earth changes, China will be under water and China is interested in the breadbasket of the US. The area between the Rocky Mt’s and Appalachian Mt’s - that is the prize because it is the breadbasket.
As we experience 200 mile an hour winds and ocean waves several hundred ft high when the events begin, the high tech weaponry will not work so the world powers have to “use weapons or lose them” within 2 yrs or less.

Nuclear devices have been in place in American cities for some time now and confirmed.

He was asked if a Jericho -like situation on the table. He could not discount the possibility. If one nuke goes off - it will change the US for a long time, if 2 go off, the US will be changed forever. If nuclear devices go off once a week, the US will be brought to knees.

So where are we now?

The pieces falling into place. There are strange weather events such as hurricanes forming over dry land, floods in Pakistan, extreme heat in the northern hemisphere and extreme cold in the southern hemisphere.

World politics is bizarre and World War III is almost done deal. The economy is on the rocks and it is not going to get better.

Looking forward:

The earth changes will become more frequent , more deadly in 2010 and 2011. World War III will be a reality in 2010. And we will experience severe earth changes in Oct 2011.

The 2012 Mayan calendar is going to get a lot of people hurt because it is a distraction. It is too far into the future and people won’t pay attention.

They want people to continue to do daily activities and be distracted by politics and cultural issues.

Only 1% of adults listen to alternative media and the rest are clueless about what is coming.

In the Bible there is a reference to “speak and not hear” and “show and not see”.

Some are making a conscious choice not to see what is coming.

The conscious choice has been intentionally changed and distorted by the use of sodium fluoride, which affects the ability to resist or question authority. There are millions of people on prescriptions that alter how brain works, there is over-use of drugs and alcohol. People are consumed with watching television and do not read. All of these contribute to the inability to use critical thinking skills.

A small percentage of people have ability to use critical thinking & read with depth or engage in conversation (instead of repeating what was heard on mass media). During this awakening, the homeschool movement is encouraging.

We should have no emotional attachment to waking up people. Moore wrote the book “no need for panic “- hoping to wake up his brother/ brother in law, but now the time is short.

We need to concentrate on self and family. It is too late to sway masses - sway those around you. Urge them to prepare physically, mentally, spiritually for what is coming.

How fast do you think the earth changes will take place?
Will there be a summit, climax?

As the planet moves closer the earth changes will be more frequent, more seismic activity and more violent. The gravitational and magnetic effect will increase. At its closest point will be most violent and as it comes back down the other side it may or may not be more violent. In less than a year - it will be over.

1,018 posted on 09/04/2010 9:27:12 AM PDT by Quix (C THE PLAN of the Bosses:
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