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Yesterday’s monster ping:

Anger As School Tells Boys To Dress As Girls ( New Jersey )

Top Ranked Islamic Site Calls for the Final Jihad [Way to go, 0 dip-lunatics]

Organ donor blunder hits 800,000 (UK)

After Health Care Passage, Obama Pushes to Get It Rolling - “faster than the law requires”

U.S., Mexico to Set up Group to Deal with Cross-Border Issue
Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, the U.S.-Mexico border was supposed to have been opened to border-state traffic in 1995 and to long-distance traffic in 2000.

JustPiper nailed a tea party fifth columnist [and other tea party latest]

Blast from the past:
Jesse Jackson admitted in a November, 1969 “Life” magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. “[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification,” Jackson said.

UPDATE: Beaten Jindal Staffer Says Protesters are the Perpetrators

Poll: 4 out of 5 Americans don’t trust Washington...

0bama & Golf: Plays 32nd round during presidency; Bush played 24 over span of 8 years...

FReeper Canteen ~ Hall of Heroes: Gen George Patton Quotes ~ April, 19, 2010


TIME’s Klein: Beck, Palin Potentially Committing Sedition against U.S. Gov’t...

Domestic terrorists as big a threat as al-Qaeda, says FBI head Robert Mueller
Times Online | An FBI spokesman told The Times that Mr. Mueller was referring to right-wing extremist groups and anti-government militias.

Al Hunt on Tea Partiers: “They Love Glenn Beck & Skeptical of McCain, That’s Not America” (Video)

Soros Watch: Fox And The Cincy Tea Party (Soros/Media Matters)

? Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke

Volcano from space: ‘Nightmarish face’ seen from above...

2nd Coming of Jesus etched in night sky? [grain of salt alert]
A Christian minister has a DVD series which is supposed to confirm prophesy.

Latest on 0’s Dip-lunacy:

Yet Another Way 0bama Dip-lunacy is failing ...
Thai PM May be Forced Resign, Dissolve Parliament as Street Protests Continue
Reuters | “Red Shirts” heavily outnumber security forces in Bangkok.

The road to war: Scud knife at Israel’s throat
[0’s dip-lunacy green lighted hostility against Israel.]

The ‘Obama doctrine’: kill, don’t detain [surrender squad scared of Zero]
Asim Qureshi | Obama’s doctrine is even more deadly than Bush’s.

Waning Support for Defamation of Religion Resolution Undermines Defense of Islam, OIC Chief Says
As its annual “defamation of religion” resolution loses ground at the United Nations after a decade of successes, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is urging its members...

Gates: U.S. lacks strategy to curb Iran nukes NYT
Secret 3-page memorandum sparks effort to develop new options for Obama

Intel report: Hezbollah ready for new war
MI6 worries situation now tailor-made for strike on Israel

0-nomics and Greece:

Ten green sex sins that can sabotage your love life
[Note that only perverts can use viagra sin free]

Six links on the latest in global warming [April]
[Such as air being TOO clean causes global warming!]

Do unemployment benefits prolong unemployment?

Look how much money illegals milking you for
Amount expected to rocket if Democrats grant amnesty

Soros: Euro, EU Will Collapse if Germany Doesn’t Make Concessions
Newsmax | Billionaire financier George Soros thinks the euro and the European Union itself are at risk of breaking up if Germany refuses to play its traditional role and make concessions.

Ratigan Deconstructs Goldman, Connecticut AG Blumental Wants Criminal Charges Filed

Bi-partisan Effort to Impose Additional Gas Taxes On Strapped Americans

Quick recap of Orchestrated Meltdown [Obama might owe Putin for the White House].

First, Paulson believes Russia Orchestrated Meltdown:

Second: Bernanki is the quoted source on the following ...
Rush’s interview with KANJORSKI about Orchestrated M:

Bumbling Government Toadies:


School laptops took thousands of images
Philadelphia Inquirer | Lawsuit charges school secretly took thousands of images, including photographs of students in their homes, websites they visited, and excerpts of their online chats.

We blundered over swine flu, admit health chiefs


Search on Tariq Ramadan, Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR

UK shocker - government efforts to have Muslim chaplains de-radicalize Muslim prisoners are failing [MamaDearest]
One would think that if Islam really were a Religion Of Peace That Has Been Hijacked By A Tiny Minority Of Extremists™, this would be a relatively easy process. All one would have to do would be show the prisoners the peaceful aspects of the Qur’an that they had overlooked, and explain to them how Osama bin Laden and the rest had misunderstood Islamic theology. Then their loyalty as Muslims would do the rest. Why isn’t this happening?

Safe Border Trenches:

Feds can’t find Somalis they say Va. man smuggled into U.S.

Mexico Cartel Assassinations, ‘Hit’ Threats Grow

Mexico and the Forever Drug War;contentBody
“This was too much even for Ciudad Juárez, where the murder rate has been reported at 165 deaths per 100,000 residents — nearly four times higher than in Baghdad”

- - -

[Link List]

Why Ranchers Fear for Their Safety

Congress members move to boost Border Patrol’s power

House Republicans: Stop squabbling and secure the border

12 illegal immigrants arrested during traffic stop in Cloquet (MN)

AZ-Sen. 2010: McCain suggests using military tech on Mexico border (McCain finally awake)

AZ-Sen. 2010: Ariz. bill cracks down on suspected aliens (J.D. supports SB1070; McCain undecided)

Backers defend AZ crackdown on illegal immigrants

Arizona’s immigration strategy: Make life tough

Immigration agents raid AZ van shuttle businesses

Citizens United Foes Seek a McCain Stand-In (McCain may attack conservatives after beating J.D.!)

Michelle Obama Declares it Safe to Travel to Mexico - Video 4/15/10

Gators, Zetas, boaters and poachers keep game wardens busy

- - -

[Loose Immigration Policy Leeches Taxpayers]
USCIS Robs Social Security Fund of $1 Billion a Year
“How does this impact Social Security? The work being done by OPT nonimmigrants would otherwise be done by either residents of the U.S. or H-1B workers; members of both groups pay FICA and Medicare taxes. OPT workers, like others on F-1 visas, pay no such taxes. The Center estimates that if the OPT program participants, who are not students and who often hold jobs in the $60-$90,000 a year range, were to be covered by FICA and Medicare it would bring at least $1 billion a year to these hard-pressed government funds. It would take a one-line act of Congress to close the gap.”

Republican Party needs new playbook (Tom Tancredo)

Racist Hate Mail Attacks Tea Party Express (Lloyd Marcus)
[ ... opened the following email from Hallie Kempt. Ms Kempt’s subject line read, “YOU ARE STILL A NIGGER”.]

Gov. Perry warns tea partiers to watch their backs...

Tea Party Latest Links:

Video: Tea Party Leader Rips Geraldo On His Own Show

Tea Party Leader Gets Heated at Geraldo Over Way The Movement is Portrayed in the Media (Video)

Update: Fox And The Cincy Tea Party (Soros/Media Matters)

ALERT: Possible False Flag APRIL 19th, Million Man March Massacre

Research & Report on this Joker Vanderbough. This video is kind of like insurance, you decide what you believe

The provocateur, Mike Vanderbough (3 percenter) and organizer of the Armed March 4-19-10 in VA. (just across the river from DC). This same guy recently called for people throwing bricks through the Dem. Headquarters windows and helped the MSM in trying to label Patriot movement as violent is now calling for people to show up armed on 4-19-2010. He is from Alabama and admitted to me he has had a long term relationship with Morris Dees, founder of the SPLC. The same org. that is demonizing the Patriot’s, Tea Party, etc. Also, according to one source [snip]

— youtube included

Steele’s Racism Claim Slaps Own Party In Face

Impy’s take on Steele: “He deserves to be canned. But the process is difficult and I think it requires a supermajority of RNC members. They won’t try it unless certain of success.”

Immigrant Leaders Get Commitment from RNC Chairman Steele to Help ...

RNC Chairman Michael Steele betrays America on amnesty and open ...
Immigrant Leaders Get Commitment from RNC Chairman Steele to Help in ... support for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform. ...

But “sides differ on outcome”. It appears Steele doesn’t want us to know what his amnesty thoughts are.

2 posted on 04/20/2010 7:25:00 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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Today’s Monster Ping

Rep. Kernell’s son’s trial over alleged Sarah Palin e-mail hacking to begin
Rep. Mike Kernell, D-Memphis [aka thug-0-crat]

Last in Class: Critics Give U.N. Climate Researchers an ‘F’

Rahm Emanuel: ‘I would like to run for mayor’
[Mayor of Never Never Land? Or Deadfish?]

Brace yourself! Next bubble to burst could be $600 trillion

Tancredo to tea partiers: Send Obama back to Kenya
Gibbs: ‘I could probably fill the better part of my afternoons responding to the lunacy’
—The Hill

Arizona House OKs Birther Bill

Justice Clarence Thomas: We’re ‘evading’ eligibility
Does testimony hint at division behind Supreme Court’s doors?

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?
WND’s complete archive of news reports on the issue

Mayor joins chorus questioning if Obama ‘American’
‘If you’re not willing to produce birth certificate, you’ve got something to hide’

Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful
[Limited government requires mistrust of government.]

Are ABC, CBS, NBC, FactCheck, and N.Y. Times ‘birthers’ too?

McCain ‘birthers’: ABC, CBS, NBC, FactCheck, N.Y. Times
Eligibility issue was huge in 2008 when Obama opponent was focus of attention

4 Supreme Court Cases define “natural born citizen”
[In a roundabout way, the law is arguably Birther Too]

WACO & OKC Bombing — Clinton vs. Rush — Which Hands have Blood on Them?

If anyone other than McVeigh is to be blamed for the OKC Bombing, it’s Bill Clinton’s administration, not Rush. Rush pointed out Monday that actions speak louder than words. It was the action — the Waco Massacre — that’s when McVeigh “lost it”. The slaughter of innocent children. So McVeigh, in his sick sense of ‘justice’, also murdered children who got in the way.

The Greatest Mystery about WACO — 3 or 4 Slain ATF Agents were Clinton Body Guards

Dick Morris Bombshell: Reno told Clinton she stays or she blows the whistle on Waco
backhoe’s take:;tab=comments
“Hannity questioned him about this and Morris then walked it back a bit, dropping the “tell the truth” part in favor of saying he had to reappoint her or she would “turn on him” over Waco.” [unquote]

Freedom’s Lighthouse:
Obviously, It was Timothy McVeigh who is responsible for his own actions. You really cannot blame anyone other than him for what he did. But Limbaugh is right that it is ridiculous to blame “Talk Radio” for what he did, when the direct motivation that fueled McVeigh’s hate for the U.S. Government was what happened at Waco. [snip]

Iranian cleric: Women who wear revealing clothing cause earthquakes...
[All that wild adultery that shakes beds? What a backwards religion.]

Welcome to the Thugocracy [a dozen bullet points]


Republican returns GOLDMAN donations...

Limbaugh: Timing of SEC’s Fraud Case Was No Coincidence...

GOLDMAN shares RISE...

Dem Congessman: Dodd bill ‘contains permanent, unlimited bailout authority’ for Wall Street...



EPA Contest Seeks Videos Promoting Government Regulations...

Senators: 3,000 more troops needed on US-Mexico border...

Recap on Jindal’s Aide:

Allee Bautsch’s Mother Speaks Out – Says Daughter Was Attacked by Leftist Political Protesters

GOP Official & Boyfriend Savagely Beaten In Politically Motivated Attack – Including Broken Leg, Jaw, Concussion… Media Silent

Smearing the Right:

Byron York: An Alarming Outbreak of “Regime” Amnesia
[Leftists try to smear Rush over calling this administration a “regime”. Outed as hypocrites.]

Regarding the ‘S’ word, Backhoe wrote:
Joe (”Who?”) Klein just decided that dissent was no longer the highest form of patriotism, but instead “borderline sedition,” and it was no ill-considered slip of the tongue; he’s said it before at least twice.

John Conyers uses the term, teabaggers, twice.

Leftist Dip-lunacy:

Sarah Palin asks: Mr. President, Is a Strong America a Problem?

Obama on Global Rebalancing: Americans Are Not Going to Be in Same Position (Video)
Via BreitbartTV:
Obama: “You mentioned China, Germany, and some other countries, part of this global rebalancing is that they’re going to have to make some decisions as well about how they are approaching their domestic markets. And, part of the bargain I think we’re trying to strike within the G20 framework is that we’re trying to take on our responsibilities in terms of improving our savings rate(?). You, on the other hand, have to recognize that a purely export driven strategy of economic growth is not going to work. American consumers are just not going to be in the same position and the American government is not going to be in the same position that it’s been in over the last several years.”

0-bama Dip-lunacy, the sickest joke in history:
N. Korea Could Have their Third Nuclear Test in May or June (SK’s YTN)

Briton ‘gets Chinese accent after bad migraine’

India has ‘more mobile phones than toilets’...

3 posted on 04/20/2010 7:34:39 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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House Hispanic leaders ask Obama to block Arizona bill
backhoe: “Yet another instance of “Hispanic leaders” putting their racial/ethnic superiority above US law.”

Gird your loins: Obama tells Scott Brown immigration battle is coming soon

22 posted on 04/21/2010 5:20:51 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: metmom; stephenjohnbanker; blackie; TigersEye

GOLD $1400
Gold might not be a safe investment anymore. This might be near the peak. I could be wrong, but I would advise those heavy in gold to hedge now. [Just a gut feeling.]

1,231 posted on 11/08/2010 12:35:43 PM PST by Arthur Wildfire! March (Our 2010 victory was won the Tea Party Way, not the RINO way.)
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