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The Myth of Overpopulation
Christian Post ^ | Jun. 13 2011 | S. Michael Craven

Posted on 06/14/2011 10:44:04 PM PDT by TheDingoAteMyBaby

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To: PastorJimCM
The world’s population could fit in the state of Rhode Island giving each person a 2 foot square to stand in.

I get 4.89 square feet.

The world’s population could live in the state of Texas if you grouped everyone in families of 4, with 75 acres, and a 1500 square foot house.

6.92 billion people in 268581 square miles is over 40 per acre, so if they were grouped in families of 4, every family would have 1/10 of an acre.

Overpopulation of the world is a lie ...

In my lifetime I have seen many negative effects of the increase in population. I'm surprised that you haven't noticed any.

21 posted on 06/15/2011 4:31:59 AM PDT by wideminded
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To: wideminded

So each person gets an area approximately 33 feet by 33 feet to live on. Plenty of room!

22 posted on 06/15/2011 5:12:16 AM PDT by ngat
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To: wideminded

My bad.
The square foot space is right for 4 square feet is less than 4.89 square feet.
You are right on the acreage. 1/10 of an acre would be about right.
When I was a teen 84% of Maine was woods. Now it is about 86% thus the impact of population ‘growth’ has been miniscule here - although I have lived in Boston, Manila and on Oahu where it seemed crowded.
While living in the city I would dream of the Maine woods.
From what I have seen the negative effects of ‘growth’ has not been from overpopulation as much as misuse.

23 posted on 06/15/2011 5:27:02 AM PDT by PastorJimCM (truth matters)
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To: TheDingoAteMyBaby

I would be happier if we had fewer people and less crowding.

24 posted on 06/15/2011 5:28:29 AM PDT by WFTR (Liberty isn't for cowards)
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25 posted on 06/15/2011 5:32:40 AM PDT by wagglebee ("A political party cannot be all things to all people." -- Ronald Reagan, 3/1/75)
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To: ansel12
If you want less population I would recommend moving to North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Northern Idaho, the UP of Michigan, Maine... All of the world's population, all 7 billion, could be accommodated in 1400 sq ft per person in Texas.

Going outdoors shouldn’t be a travel trip.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. You expect to open your front door and see wilderness? You don't want to walk/drive to a park/green space in your town? Move to the Arizona desert area if you like the heat. People tend to clump. There were ancient cities that had as many people as some of our largest cities. If you really want to get away from it all, when President Palin reinstates NASA's real mission, there will be a moon or Mars colony. You can live in the pristine lunar landscape with out being bothered by the rest of us.

26 posted on 06/15/2011 5:47:57 AM PDT by Vor Lady (The Lord will turn the arena of suffering into a platform of opportunity. R. Zacharias)
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To: MissEdie
"The truth is Welfare Queens are over-populating the Earth. They typically have anywhere from 3-11 children we get stuck paying for."

Prophetic words. We opened the door and... “The thief comes inside. The Bandits raid outside. Now their exploits surround and encircle them.” (Hosea 7:1-2)

27 posted on 06/15/2011 5:48:16 AM PDT by anglian
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To: sodpoodle
What this is talking about is that in the West people are having less children resulting in underpopulation of native groups. In Spain, the dominant group in another generation (about 30 years) will be immigrant Muslims. The same is happening in Germany, France and England but at slightly different rates. Read Mark Steyn's book America Alone; he lays it out perfectly.
28 posted on 06/15/2011 5:53:53 AM PDT by Vor Lady (The Lord will turn the arena of suffering into a platform of opportunity. R. Zacharias)
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To: ansel12
Now even traveling from city to city is like commuting on a long urban route of non stop humanity and development.

You realize why that is, I hope.

Most people, rationally, travel from city to city along the interstate highways.

For equally logical reasons businesses tend to cluster along those highways, while towns and roads away from them tend to stagnate or fall back in population.

Even in our most populous states, such as CA or FL, there are still large areas that are almost deserted. For instance, take the Florida Turnpike north from the coast to Orlando. Almost nothing along the entire 100+ miles but cows.

Similarly I-5 in CA from Stockton to Bakersfield, not even in the real desert, is very much like driving across Wyoming.

If you fly from coast to coast, long stretches across the western US there is nothing to see below except an occasional road. No houses, no towns.

IOW, you choose to live and drive where everybody else chooses to live and drive, then complain that it's too crowded. I agree with you, BTW, but I at least recognize that it's my choice to go where all the people are. You or I have the choice to go where there are very few other people.

Freepmail me and I'll be glad to send you some suggestions.

29 posted on 06/15/2011 6:07:46 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: prairiebreeze


30 posted on 06/15/2011 6:14:43 AM PDT by prairiebreeze
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To: Pontiac
I do believe that out of control Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Communist policies will ultimately lead to catastrophic shortages of the essential resources necessary to sustain life because of their proclivity to discourage entrepreneurship, work and creativity.
Cases in point:

Nearly all the famines in Africa are the direct result of government policy, even those that are touched off by drought.

31 posted on 06/15/2011 6:17:46 AM PDT by samtheman
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To: JRandomFreeper

The federal government buying up land, then limiting usage and denying human access also increases the “overpopulation” feel. Around a quarter of the country is no-go, no-graze, no-farm, no-mine. It makes the rest of the land feel over-crowded.

32 posted on 06/15/2011 6:46:32 AM PDT by tbw2
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To: Vor Lady

You should try reading my post for your answers.

33 posted on 06/15/2011 8:25:46 AM PDT by ansel12 (Bachmann/Rollins/Romney=destruction for Bachmann, but it sure helps Romney. WHY?)
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To: Sherman Logan; JRandomFreeper

You are talking to one of the best travelled in America people that you could know, I have been travelling this country in every mode of transportation for 55 years, I have lived in many, many states, I was what used to be called a drifter for much of my life, I even lived for years as the classic drifter as a hitchhiking traveler with no destination, living on odd jobs and such, all the time seeing the nation from close up, back roads, Interstates, and everything in between. The majority of my life has been spent in the west and southwest, I am well aware that from a plane, there is vast amounts of empty space.

The reason America appears overcrowded to me is that it is, more than doubling our population in my life time has been a setback for the quality of life here.

When I was a youth and our schools taught American, they taught us about the over populated hell holes of the world, like India and China, (The United States was a distant third in population at the time) now we are approaching what those nations populations were at that time.

Personally I liked America better a 100 or even a 150 million people ago.

34 posted on 06/15/2011 8:40:52 AM PDT by ansel12 (Bachmann/Rollins/Romney=destruction for Bachmann, but it sure helps Romney. WHY?)
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To: ansel12

Don’t disagree. Merely pointing out that much of the perception of population density is because those who decry it choose to hang out where everybody else chooses to hang out.

A great deal of the country is less densely populated than 50 or 100 years ago. I have backpacked through areas of Utah and Colorado where miner’s and homesteader’s abandoned cabins are common. Nobody lives there anymore. Same for the Ozarks of MO and AR, only more so.

My parents both grew up in Kansas. Their hometowns are today more or less ghost towns. Nobody wants to live there anymore.

The country has become at the same time both more densely populated and the population more concentrated than it used to be.

35 posted on 06/15/2011 8:57:57 AM PDT by Sherman Logan
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To: Sherman Logan

Overpopulation is not really about empty space versus open spaces, there will always be vast open spaces, even if we have 50 billion people in the world.

Using very rough, very general numbers, we can say that the American population stabilized at about 200 million in 1970 or so, the 1965 Immigration Act destroyed that stability that our native population had reached.

To me 150, or even 200 million people was all that we ever needed, yet with all those people we still could maintain a high quality of life in our cities and in the resources close to our cities, back then we did not have to travel for hours to reach the outdoor activities. As I said earlier, even in big cities we knew each other, didn’t need keys and locks and our communities were manageable, today most Americans lives more resemble organized farm production type lives.

In 1970 I thought that we were headed to be something like I imagine Switzerland is, a clean, peaceful combination of city and country, a population that is calm, united, that rather than being forced to constantly focus on survival and keeping the machine from collapsing, that we would actually become more advanced and futuristic, and advanced. I saw more refinement of our urban public space, urban forests, the conquest of outer space and the oceans, not that we would be crushed as bureaucrats struggled to manage an ever growing mass of humanity and the paving over of massive regions to accommodate them, and the necessity of the state having to takeover regional resources to deal with the water and sewage needs of the people farms to keep production humming and riots from breaking out.

There will always be enough land, food and water, but that doesn’t mean that there are not too many people.

36 posted on 06/15/2011 9:34:46 AM PDT by ansel12 (Bachmann/Rollins/Romney=destruction for Bachmann, but it sure helps Romney. WHY?)
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To: ansel12

Get to the proper southwest. There’s tons of room. I’ve never lived anywhere in Tucson that was more than a mile from a park. Fishing might be a bit tough to find this being the desert and all, hunting and camping aren’t tough at all. Lots of room to breath.

Most of the folks who think there’s no room to breath in this country are stuck in the corridors. If you travel from Tucson to any other city except Marana or ail (which are suburbs of ours) you’ll find yourself quite literally in the middle of no where in short order. The hundred miles from Tucson to Phoenix is about 80 miles of pure dull empty desert.

37 posted on 06/15/2011 9:39:49 AM PDT by discostu (Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn)
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To: discostu

I’m from Texas, live in Southern California now, own a house in New Mexico where much of half my family lives, my dad lived in Arizona off and on as an older man and as a young ranch hand, my mother and father met when they lived in New Mexico where they spent much of their youth, my uncles owned ranches and businesses in New Mexico, I have lived in Arizona, and New Mexico, I have spent much of 55 years living, working, and travelling in the region, I even used to cut timber close to 4 corners, I know the Southwest, I remember the Southwest and the Indians of the 1950s, something that most Americans never got to see. I know about open spaces, how many times do I need to post that?

38 posted on 06/15/2011 9:55:22 AM PDT by ansel12 (Bachmann/Rollins/Romney=destruction for Bachmann, but it sure helps Romney. WHY?)
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To: ansel12

The post I replied to made it sound like you don’t think there is any open space. if you don’t want people thinking that then don’t say it.

39 posted on 06/15/2011 11:36:10 AM PDT by discostu (Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn)
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To: wideminded

Following up on this, and to clear up some things.

Texas has 261,797 square miles of land area

1 square mile = 27,878,400 square feet, so

Texas has 7,298,481,484,800 square feet of land area.

Divide this by 3000 ft lots,

This gives us:

2,432,827,161 1500 sqft homes on 3000 sqft lots with 756,078,873 houses still empty

The world population is 6,775,235,700 / 4 = 1,693,808,925 households of 4 people each

So this gives us:

1500 sqft homes on 3000 sqft lots with 756,078,873 houses still empty

or 81,361 sq miles of open land for streets

So we can put the entire world’s population in the state of Texas with 4 people in a 1500 sqft home on a 3000 sqft lot.

And that leaves over 81,000 sq miles still open.

And of course, the entire rest of the world is free to grow food, have industries, etc.

40 posted on 06/15/2011 11:50:58 AM PDT by chaosagent (Remember, no matter how you slice it, forbidden fruit still tastes the sweetest!)
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