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To: Notary Sojac

Even with all the money Mitt has, a very good conservative candidate could have beaten Romney in the primaries. Unfortunately, in this election cycle there were no really good and charismatic conservative candidates. There were/are candidates with excellent conservative ideas, but they are not skilled political candidates that enough GOP primary voters believed could win a general election. A cautious GOP establishment candidate that will always straddle the political center will come out on top every time if conservatives don’t offer up excellent credible alternative.

I’m still hoping Newt hangs in there to the end, but the writing is pretty clearly on the wall now. There is little chance at this point Romney will be derailed from winning the nomination.

48 posted on 03/23/2012 8:33:11 AM PDT by Longbow1969
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To: Longbow1969

The Problem as I see it with Romney is that he will be such a mediocre President that even if he does win he will be so middle of the road as to “not upset the apple cart” that the economy will not bloom and then in 4 years it will assure that the democrats take back power on the whole meme that the “economy didn’t recover”.

Not to mention any GOP president is going to be so damned hated no matter how “moderate” they are. Mittens will get so damned gun shy that he will be ineffective and the MSM and the Democrat controlled media will smell blood and keep attacking him even as he retreats and this will paralyze him to what needs to be done to restore the economy and defuse all of Obama’s horrible regulatory actions.

Newt is going to be hated like hell anyways and HE KNOWS THAT, but he also knows that he will have the people who put him there behind even if the Media doesn’t paint it that way every night at 5:00pm.

So therefore, Newt (who thrives on antagonism instead of flinching from it) will take the bold measures to recover the economy despite being thrashed every night on the MSM news channels. In Four years the MSM will be flabbergasted like their were on election night in 1984, because the man on the street will notice the economy improvement.

Mitt is a Flincher, Newt is a Clincher

Definition of a Clincher:

a decisive fact, argument, act, or remark

Definition of a Flincher:

to withdraw or shrink from or as if from pain

We are so SOL if Either Mittens gets in or Barry gets a second term.

Mittens would only slow things down and then in four years the GOP would be blamed so much but with little to show we would still be in an economic malaise the likes of Carter’s worst dreams. This would GUARANTEE a Democrat Victory over the house the senate and even the presidency in 2016. They would not be pulling any punches as they would run someone that would make Obama look like a middle of the road moderate. Because they know they would have a very good chance of winning. Not to mention the class warfare game that could be played to Bolshevik conclusion during that election if we get Romney and mediocre performance out of him which is very much likely.

Of course Obama winning would be a very much “nothing to lose” second term that would see him likely either completely destroying the economy so badly that they play the game of “Destroy and Support” in that they would destroy the economy and then support the people as the “great savior” thus ensuring either “Glorious Revolution” or the mass construction project of making millions more so dependent that they will have a permanent grip on power that would only come undone with Blood sweat and tears, but mostly Blood and Tears.

ABO and ABR, because we really need Newt or maybe Santorum if we get desperate, heck I would even take, heaven forbid (I can’t believe I am saying this), Ron Paul over Romney for the reasons above.

So I repeat once more: Newt is the Clincher, and Mitt is the Flincher.

84 posted on 03/23/2012 8:56:14 AM PDT by GraceG
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