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Trayvon Martin family attorney: George Zimmerman is a vigilante
foxnews ^ | March 29, 2012 | Sean Hannity

Posted on 03/30/2012 2:25:12 PM PDT by JoeProBono

HANNITY: And joining me now is one of the Martin family attorneys, and that's Daryl Parks. Mr. Parks, thank you, sir, for being with us.



HANNITY: But you are talking about one witness that came out today. But the police spoke to the one eyewitness that night that said he saw Trayvon on top of Mr. Zimmerman, pushing his head into the ground, his injuries with a broken nose and lacerations to the back of his head were consistent, were they not, with the story that the eyewitness was talking about?

PARKS: Well, we have something to contradict that. Now we see pictures of Mr. Zimmerman --

HANNITY: What is that?

PARKS: Well, the pictures from the Sanford Police Department when the police cruiser is in the bay, Mr. Zimmerman gets out of the vehicle. We see him get out. We don't see any blood on the shirt.

HANNITY: Well, hang on a second.

PARKS: -- on the jacket.

HANNITY: He was treated by a medic, was he not? At the scene?

PARKS: But he claims to have blood all over his body. Do you see any blood on the jacket, on his shirt? No you don't.

HANNITY: No. But The Daily Caller actually focused in and it appeared that they saw an injury to the back of the head which would have been consistent with the laceration. And either he had a broken nose or he didn't have a broken nose. And according to the -- there was another witness that came out, Fox 35 in Orlando, interviewed a woman that said that the blood was -- was kind of all over the place and that she saw the injury to -- Mr. Zimmerman's face.

PARKS: Well, if she said there was blood all over the place, we can look at the frame and determine whether or not.

HANNITY: No, no, no, no. How do you know he didn't change his clothes? In other words, he was treated by a medic. He lived in the neighborhood. Do we know if he changed his clothes?

PARKS: If he changed his clothes, Mr. Hannity, we have a real problem.

HANNITY: Why is that?

PARKS: It's evidence in a murder case.

HANNITY: It doesn't mean that the clothes were not given to the police. We don't know if we had it or not. We know that -- we also know that there were green stains on the back from grass on the back of Mr. Zimmerman's shirt as well.

Here's my point. And this is what is very concerning. I don't really know what happened here. And I just think this is a tragedy. I have almost thought from the beginning, if you listen to the 911 call, you hear the comments of Mr. Zimmerman and he says, uh-oh, he-- in his mind, right or wrong, and it appears it was wrong, thought that he saw somebody that he didn't recognize in the neighborhood, a neighbor that had experienced crime recently. He talked about, quote, "acting strange, reaching for a waistband." So, at least in his mind, he thought there was some threat.

Secondly, then you have Trayvon, and I can understand from his point of view, probably thinking who is this guy looking at me? Who is this guy on the phone, maybe following me? And you know, I can see where both sides at least emotionally, mentally had a very different perspective of what was going on, which could lead to a horrific tragedy and in this case, the death of an innocent kid.

PARKS: Mr. Hannity, please, back up a second. First of all, you see Trayvon walking down the street with some skittles and an iced tea.

HANNITY: He didn't see that. That's not what he said on the 911 tape.

PARKS: No. He said he was walking down the street. That's what he said.

HANNITY: Yes, well, I'm only giving you both sides here. And the one side, the Zimmerman side is saying that George Zimmerman told his father that in fact, he was walking back to the car and it was Trayvon who confronted him and threatened him and broke his nose and put these lacerations on the back of the head. Are you denying that that's a possibility?

PARKS: Let me take you back. OK.

HANNITY: No, no, no, you can take me back. But is that a possibility that Trayvon broke his nose and pounded his head into the cement? Is that possible.

PARKS: Well, it's quite possible that he was the one that's instigated the incident when he got out of the vehicle out of the -- and became a vigilante. He started to fight with Trayvon..........

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To: JoeProBono

What color uniforms will the Left be wearing in this civil war?

41 posted on 03/30/2012 5:24:59 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (Ich habe keinen Konig aber Gott)
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To: rawcatslyentist

The only job of a neighborhood watch person is to call the police, not to go after the bad guy themselves.

It sounds like Zimmerman did just call the police, and possibly went back to his car and was attacked by Martin, or possibly continued to follow Martin and was attacked by him. Regardless, Zimmerman was obviously defending himself...but he shouldn’t have been armed in the first place if he was acting in his capacity as neighborhood watchman.

The police were on their way so he wouldn’t have been any more seriously injured than he was, none of this would have happened, and Martin would probably now be sitting in a jail cell for assault and battery on a designated neighborhood watchman.

42 posted on 03/30/2012 6:48:03 PM PDT by livius
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To: livius
>"but he shouldn’t have been armed in the first place"

Why not? Is this America, or Nazi Germany?

43 posted on 03/30/2012 6:53:58 PM PDT by rawcatslyentist (3 little children murdered by islam, Toulouse March 2012 . Time for the Final Crusade!!!!!)
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To: mass55th

I live in Florida (about 1 1/2 hrs from Sanford), and I saw nothing about this until very recently. I was also wondering who turned it into a national event.

I read today that Martin’s mother hired some well-known “civil rights” lawyer, probably because she was looking for money. Remember, she’s the one who trademarked her kid’s name...

One of the initial recommendations was for negligent homicide (manslaughter), which would probably have resulted only in probation or some such thing, mitigated because Zimmerman was obviously defending himself, even if he shouldn’t have put himself in harm’s way to begin with. Probably there would have been a civil suit.

But what really happened is that Obama and the Dems picked this up and ran with it. Bambi thought he was losing the black vote, because he’s done absolutely nothing for them except hand out bucks to the lowest of the low welfare class and has created a hugely high black unemployment rate in passing. So what better way to stir up his base than with an appeal to race?

44 posted on 03/30/2012 6:57:32 PM PDT by livius
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To: JoeProBono

Coming from someone whose ethical obligation is to zealously advocate for his client, this means diddly and squat.

45 posted on 03/30/2012 6:57:35 PM PDT by Oceander (TINSTAAFL - Mother Nature Abhors a Free Lunch almost as much as She Abhors a Vacuum)
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To: JoeProBono

“It’s about justice,” says Crump, 42. “Too many times, whether it’s Martin’s case or Trayvon’s, our society looks on the death of black boys like they’re throwaways. And we’re not going to let them get away with it.”

Crump doesn’t do it alone. His partner, Daryl Parks, is just as apt as Crump in the courtroom or in handling the news media.

Together, the two lawyers have handled Trayvon’s case like Martin’s, with one big difference: They learned their lesson six years ago in the boot-camp case.

In Trayvon’s case, they alerted the news media more quickly. They phoned the Rev. Al Sharpton almost instantly, and organized marches with local civil-rights activists. They also started pressing for federal involvement and alleging a cover-up from the get-go.

Race is central to their practice — but that’s because racism is so central to the black experience in Florida. Parks, 42, said he took one case — involving a Lakeland police officer’s shooting of the black father of a child driven without a baby seat — because he was appalled by an officer’s statement that “You’ve got to control them.”

Said Parks: “Who the hell is ‘them?’ I had a black juror and I made sure she heard that.”

Parks & Crump won the case. Now they’re fighting in the Legislature to get the victim compensated.

46 posted on 03/30/2012 7:11:35 PM PDT by kcvl
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To: JoeProBono

Crump was first contacted by a cousin of Trayvon Martin’s father. The cousin, a Miami attorney, was familiar with Crump’s civil rights work in Florida. Before Martin’s death, Crump was best known for representing the parents of a teenage boy who died after an encounter with guards at a Florida boot camp in 2006. The videotaped beating of Martin Lee Anderson attracted national attention and led to the closure of the state’s boot camps for juvenile offenders.

Crump, 42, and his wife, Genae Angelique Crump, are raising two teenage boys who are the biological sons of Crump’s cousin. The oldest is Martin’s age.

“Trayvon hits home on many levels,” Crump said.

Crump and his law partner, Daryl Parks, are Tallahassee-based personal injury attorneys who primarily handle wrongful death and negligence cases. But their everyday work often involves civil rights issues.

“Daryl and Ben look at things in a broader perspective,” said James Messer, a Tallahassee attorney who serves on the board of the Tallahassee Bar Association with Crump. “While there may be a wrongful death issue, it involves, in their eyes, more than anything a civil rights cause … (Crump) has a passion for issues that have something to do with civil rights violations.”

47 posted on 03/30/2012 7:14:23 PM PDT by kcvl
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To: livius
Obama started all of this when he was running for President in '08. He gave that speech on race and threw his grandmother under the bus. Called her a "typical white person" because she was fearful of a black panhandler who had approached her for money while she was waiting at a bus stop. The sad part is that she wasn't fearful because he was black; she was fearful of having to wait at that bus stop again; afraid that she'd be accosted again by that same guy. According to Obama's own book, his grandmother had given the guy a dollar, but he demanded more, and she said that if the bus hadn't come, she was afraid he would have hit her. The poor lady was labeled a racist by her grandson, despite the fact that she would have been fearful under the circumstances, whether the guy was white or black.

Then there was the Louis Gates incident, when Obama decided to tell the world that the "police acted stupidly." Now it's the Trayvon Martin case, and Obama says that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. Through his words and actions, he fans the flames of racial tension every chance he gets.

Unfortunately this isn't the first time the left has used the race card to gain political traction. Remember the James Byrd, Jr. ad that the NAACP ran during Bush's first Presidential campaign? It was narrated by Byrd's daughter who insinuated that the election of Bush would be like reliving the dragging death of her father all over again. It was, I believe, the main reason that Bush would never accept an invitation to speak at the NAACP convention.

48 posted on 03/30/2012 7:57:01 PM PDT by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway...John Wayne)
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To: patriot08

49 posted on 03/30/2012 8:49:46 PM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet - Mater tua caligas gerit ;-{)
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To: kcvl

50 posted on 03/30/2012 10:03:11 PM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet - Mater tua caligas gerit ;-{)
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To: Oceander

51 posted on 03/30/2012 10:05:31 PM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet - Mater tua caligas gerit ;-{)
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