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To: justiceseeker93
Gilbert, the filmmaker, is almost completely correct on his assertions, with the major exception that Frank Marshall Davis is extremely unlikely to have been Barack Hussein Obama II's natural father.

FMD was certainly a Communist and an important mentor to the young BHO II. He may well have been intimate with Stanley Ann Dunham, consistent with the promiscuity and biracial relationships common within Communist cells in the United States in that era. But there is no substantial physical similarity between the two men to suggest that Davis was Obama II's biological father.

There is substantial physical similarity between Frank Davis and Barack Obama. Certainly more similarity between them than there is between Barack Obama II and Barack Obama Sr.

But I am not one to regard physical similarities as conclusive of paternity. Years ago I worked with a fellow who insisted on watching Maury Povitch, and I can't remember how many times people said a baby looked like someone, or didn't look like someone, all to find out that judging by looks is virtually always wrong.

No, it is the circumstances and opportunities that point more toward Frank Davis. For one, those naked pictures of Stanley Ann (And yes, it *IS* Stanley Ann because she has a crooked tooth in the same place as other pictures of Stanley Ann) were taken during the Christmas Season of 1960. It is apparently established that the pictures WERE taken in Frank Davis' house. (Something I was trying to establish myself, but it looks like Gilbert managed to accomplish this.)

I would argue that if a young girl was letting a man take naked pictures of her in 1960 (after she had supposedly met her Muslim boyfriend a couple of months earlier) she is likely having sex with him. Jack Cashill's book mentions that Frank Davis preferred young little white girls, and he was also a quite experienced nude photographer.

It is, and has always been, my argument that Daddy's best friend was diddling daddy's little girl, and when she got pregnant they had to hurry up and hunt for a patsy to take the fall, otherwise daddy might do something violent to his best friend. (Notwithstanding what Davis' wife might do if she found out as well.)

They would not be able to hide the fact that the child would be black. The only possible solution is to get some other black man to claim paternity. And that's what they did.

This scenario makes more sense than that she just happened to meet this Kenyan student in a Russian Language class, and then got herself pregnant very shortly thereafter. One doubts that her Muslim boyfriend would look approvingly on her posing for nude pictures in another man's house. (Or that she thought so little of him that she would do such a thing.) The fact that none of his friends remember her being with him indicates that the relationship was a complete sham.

Not conclusive, but a pretty consistent picture none the less.

80 posted on 04/26/2012 11:07:04 AM PDT by DiogenesLamp (Partus Sequitur Patrem)
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To: DiogenesLamp; All
I'm not doubting that Frank Marshall Davis may have engaged in sexual activity with the young Stanley Ann Dunham. But there were likely other black men who were intimate with her as well around that time. Communists, as I said, were much more into that kind of thing at the time than most other Americans; it was a common part of their lifestyle.

Another factor here: What would have been the advantage to the young Obama to claim the Kenyan as his natural father if in fact FMD was? Wouldn't he have been better off claiming Davis (unquestionably, an American citizen) as his father for legal reasons?

83 posted on 04/26/2012 11:41:14 AM PDT by justiceseeker93
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To: DiogenesLamp
The only possible solution is to get some other black man to claim paternity. And that's what they did

The problem with this scenario is that it ignores what is known about Obama Sr.

In the first place, Obama Sr. was a playboy who was always looking to get as much action as he could. This was noticed even by the U of H administrators.

Why do you find it so hard to believe that Obama Sr. nailed Stanley Ann?

It is completely consistent with everything known about him.

The idea that he would be recklessly screwing around and find himself with a baby he never intended from one of his conquests is completely consistent with his character.

The other problem with your story is the suggestion that Obama Sr. was the kind of person whom some locals could approach, slip him a few bills and he would agree to pretend to be the legal father of some woman's child.

We are talking about a guy who by all accounts had the highest self-conception of himself to the point of conceit. He thought of himself as the most brilliant person in the room superior to everyone else and he expected he would return to Kenya with tremendous academic accolades and be proclaimed a high leader.

It's true he was always seeking more scholarship money and had to work to earn more money to support himself during this temporary period at university before ultimately returning to Kenya in triumph.

But the idea that some locals in Hawaii could approach him and for a few bills he would legally pretend to be the father for the baby of some local girl as if he was some trash from the other side of the tracks who would do literally anything for a few bucks is nonsense. While he was not the brilliant God's gift to humanity he thought he was, nevertheless he was NOT such a stupid man that he would willingly get into a lifelong permanent entanglement just for a few bucks.

A permanent entanglement resulting from one of his reckless sexual conquests is believable; a permanent entanglement consciously done just for some bills to tide him over while he is at university is NOT believable.

I agree with your conclusion that if Davis was taking nude photos of Stanley Ann, then he was likely nailing her.

I find it strange that anyone would come up with such a complicated and bizarre scenario simply to avoid what seems obviously believable, that she was being nailed by BOTH the playboy Obama Sr. and by Davis.

86 posted on 04/26/2012 12:08:52 PM PDT by Meet the New Boss
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