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To: A CA Guy

you left out racial demographics and I ain’t buying that bullshit anymore

it is precisely the big part of the issue

every damned minority except Cubans vote either anti white or anti Christian

it is just how it dress it up how you like

we let it happen

cause folks were scared to be called bigot or racist

and some still are apparently

all of this crap was northern liberal whites who have infected VA and NC and FL


Jews...only down 4 points but aside from media and Hollywood they are irrelevant vote wise

oh yes...Catholics too...51% even though Obama pissed on their boots for 4 years

yes...latinos...5% more this time

yes...Orientals....way more this time...9% I think...what pricks...why are they oppressed...I don’t know any poor ones

what is happening is we are becoming a non white and non Christian nation and the interlopers have grievances that we have indulged and they vote against us as a rule...and they have the numbers now due to numbnuts white women in mandals up north

Dixie whites, Pioneer West and Indiana are simply not enough

I do not think a more conservative would have done better

GOP turnout was up around 5-6 points

Our nation is being taken from us because weak people were afraid to address a clear and present danger because of the color of that danger

and now those same folks will claim we must become more brown to win...and to do that...we go left...there is no question

these non white immigrants are not some sepia commerical...they want to get paid and after 20 years even a majority are on govt assiatance...forget illegals which is likely worse

yes...single stupid moms raising fatherless kids are alos a big dependency bloc...great

only bright side is young whites under 30 actually voted 51% Romney...that surprised me

I want you folks to understand that down South here in my county where we voted 74% for Romney and my homestate that voted 87% that we don;t have riff raff whites like ya’ll do

we know what is at stake...cause we live it every day surrounded by that 97% Dem voting Amish community and know what it feels like when they rule the chicken roost

out of the 2-300 people in my social circle I know maybe 5 that would admit voting Obama

all you white freepers out there in Blue States looking down yer noses at us and calling us bigots

you need yer own come to Jesus meeting and figure out what time it is

it is the accomodating and excusing and self flagellating crap you have indulged in for decades that has brought us here

this damned fear to confront anything minority has paralyzed our ability to fight Islam, illegitimacy, urban crime, voter fraud, welfare ...everything

what a bitch

soft people some of ya’ll are and one day a price gonna be paid..likely by my kids..Southern stock

for your weakness

I have seen this here for 12 years...never knew conservatives could be so weak and self condemning

I am sick of it...if I see another Rubio/West 2016 banner I will shoot my fancy monitor

Rubio is as white as I am to these non white latinos from the Sonora or Dominican Republic you damned fools

are you so daft?

no wonder we lose...

44 posted on 11/07/2012 1:21:13 AM PST by wardaddy (wanna know how my kin felt during Reconstruction in Mississippi, you fixin to find out firsthand)
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To: wardaddy

Blacks voted for race and government hand outs. The rest are voting government handouts.

You are focusing in on race too much.

46 posted on 11/07/2012 1:23:51 AM PST by A CA Guy ( God Bless America, God bless and keep safe our fighting men and women.)
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To: wardaddy

Bump! Just a damn big ol’ bump to that.

56 posted on 11/07/2012 1:34:29 AM PST by Jagdgewehr (It will take blood...lot's of blood.)
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