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School Supply Lists (Vanity)

Posted on 07/28/2013 3:45:35 AM PDT by MacMattico

I'm in NY and my daughter's schools just recently put out their "school supply lists" -- what students have to have for each class and supplies they "share" like tissues, whiteboard markers, colored pencils. My kids are in high school and Jr High.

It cost me $206 for school supplies! And we spend about $17,000 per year per student in this district! Wayyy over taxed!! My parents couldn't have afforded this for 4 kids.

I told the Superintendent this was ridiculous. She tried to steer me to a "charity" group that could help me get the supply's. I said I'm not in need of charity, I think you're wasting our money! She told me not to worry, when school starts they'll have some free supply give-a-ways! How dense! I don't need your $$, I need you to stop wasting money that isn't yours!

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To: RightField

There is more than just the sharing of supplies going on. The schools are training the children to think of redistribution of wealth as normal. It’s a not so subtle way to teach them that the interests of the state supersede individual freedoms.

And...It is killing the natural instinct of compassion and gratitude that God intends that his children have for one another!!!! ( It makes me sick to think of the damage that socialist-entitlement schooling does to the hearts, minds, and souls of innocent little children.)

God will NOT save this nation! Why should He?

1) Abortion.
Millions can show up to buy a chicken sandwich but can’t figure out a way to shut down abortion? Really?

2) Christians and Conservatives send their children into GODLESS and SOCIALIST schools! In many counties and even whole STATES, the entire godless and socialist system of child indoctrination ( and its accompanying taxation) would shut down instantly if Christians and conservatives simply removed their precious children!

101 posted on 07/28/2013 7:06:21 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: MacMattico

Have you considered the cost of socialist-entitlement school clothing.

The saving in school clothing alone MORE than paid for any curriculum I bought for our homeschool.

102 posted on 07/28/2013 7:08:15 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: OldMissileer
My son was told he had to have a graphing calculator for his Trigonometry and Calculus classes. The teachers never taught them how to graph the equations. I had to sit down at home and show my son how to graph it on paper. He told me he understood the subjects better by using graph paper than letting the calculator do the work for him.

There is a word for this: “Afterschooling”! And...I bet the school was more than happy to take full credit for your hard work and that of your son.

The **only** academically successful children I have ever met were either homeschooled or **afterschooled**. In fact, when I quizzed these kids and their parents I found that there was NO DIFFERENCE in the home habits and **at the kitchen table** time spent by either the home or institutionally schooled children.

So?...If both the acacdemically successful homeschoolers and institutionalized children are spend the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME **IN THE HOME** doing school stuff, then maybe we are spending $17,000/per child on a government program that is completely doing NOTHING! Maybe all that academic success is entirely due to the work done IN THE HOME by the child and parents.

103 posted on 07/28/2013 7:14:49 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: bk1000

Actually, I think gum chewing is a good has a physical release effect and also lends to fulfilling our chewing necessity/desire. Might solve the childhood obesity problem.

104 posted on 07/28/2013 7:17:21 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: MacMattico

The regular pencils, glue and paper cost pennies but once you’re in HS, you need more expensive items like scientific calculators.

What you’re spending today compared to prices your parents paid are probably not that different considering what a dollar was worth then and now. Back when hand held calculators first came out, my science class all had to get one the second semester to that was everyone’s big Christmas present from their parents because of the cost.

As to the waste, I’m with you there. I’ve witnessed teachers throwing out brand new supplies by the arm load at the end of every year.

105 posted on 07/28/2013 7:17:21 AM PDT by bgill (This reply was mined before it was posted.)
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To: MacMattico

It was about $120 for school supplies for my daughter this year, haven’t shopped for my son yet. A large portion of that was supplies like cleaning wipes, kleenex and hand sanitizer, not items she would use herself like paper and pencils.
Schools are supplementing their custodial budget on the backs of parents.

106 posted on 07/28/2013 7:18:16 AM PDT by tbw2
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To: MacMattico

A piece of scotch tape or a green crayon on a white folder would have worked.

107 posted on 07/28/2013 7:24:03 AM PDT by bgill (This reply was mined before it was posted.)
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To: bgill
As to the waste, I’m with you there. I’ve witnessed teachers throwing out brand new supplies by the arm load at the end of every year.

I want to teach in one of these schools where they can afford to throw out new supplies. That's crazy.

At the end of the school year, I dig through the garbage cans to salvage supplies that the kids throw out when they clean out their lockers. The kids actually catch on, and they ask me if I want anything before they dump it.

Paper doesn't go bad over the summer... I especially salvage quad paper, which I use to teach graphing and charting. It's cheap at the beginning of school, but much more expensive later in the year.

For the record, my 8th grade math supply list includes pencils, quad paper, a three ring binder, and a cardboard-bound composition book, which are for students' individual use. I recommend a TI-84 graphing calculator which should take kids all the way through high school and into college. If a kid doesn't have one... no problem. I still teach the old fashioned way... graphing by hand. The calculator is a convenience for use when a student knows how to do the work without one.

I'm hesitant to mention it here, but I also require students to have a Satanic Bible, so we can worship the devil during class changes.

108 posted on 07/28/2013 7:31:44 AM PDT by TontoKowalski
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To: HarleyD

Please pardon me while I refrain from breaking down in tears.

109 posted on 07/28/2013 7:32:19 AM PDT by tomkat
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To: MacMattico

Does that sound like a system that really cares if a kid is hungry?

Why are you cooperating with this evil? Why would you allow your children to be exposed to this evil?

Hopefully, you are beginning to realize from the many comments from Freepers, that such an evil system can NOT be reformed because government schooling is godless socialism and socialism can never be reformed. It must be eliminated.

110 posted on 07/28/2013 7:32:36 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: TontoKowalski

I’m hesitant to mention it here, but I also require students to have a Satanic Bible, so we can worship the devil during class changes.

By law, your class is godlessly secular. When there is a God vacuum, Satan has an opportunity to rush in.

If you are sneaking in a God-centered worldview, then you are teaching the children that those who believe in God are sneaky.

There is NO possible way to resolve the conundrum between having either a godless or God-centered worldview in a classroom. There will be one or the other and **neither** is religiously neutral in content or consequences for the child and our continuing freedom as a nation,

111 posted on 07/28/2013 7:39:39 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: tbw2

Why are you cooperating? And...If they take it out on your child, why are you letting you child be abused?

112 posted on 07/28/2013 7:41:06 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: HarleyD

Thank you for this perspective. I have many teachers in my family and I know many others who have taught my kids, and your story rings true. Congrats on your wife’s retirement.

113 posted on 07/28/2013 7:42:51 AM PDT by HoosierDammit (St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us!)
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To: Sacajaweau
About the same time you took yours out of public school, my parents took me out of Catholic school and put me in public school. Smartest thing they ever did. The nuns were horrid creatures who shouldn't have been allowed around children. I was sick one day in 1st grade and the sister wouldn't let me go to the restroom. I threw up all over my desk and she made me sit in it the rest of the day. Three days later when I came back to school, the vomit was still there and I was made to clean it up while getting yelled at for making a mess.

Want to talk about combining everyone’s school supplies? I had to wear corrective shoes so my parents sweated shelling out $$$ for and driving everywhere to find some that fit the required school uniform. Well, one day, the nun told us to put all our shoes in a pile and find ours. Of course, I never did get mine back and my parent couldn't afford to buy new ones.

A few years later, my parents wanted to try another Catholic school so I took their entrance exam. My score was high enough but they turned me down because I had entered the name of the local public school instead of the private school for the name of your school question. Someone in the exam room had asked the sister what that question meant and she told us all to write the school we were attending. IOW, she lied or someone did. I suspect they were only giving the admission exams for the money.

One year, at Ash Wednesday, the priest got mad because so many kids had bangs which were interfering with him putting ashes on our foreheads so he ran his finger down their noses. Another priest hollered at us that we had sinned because we went with a friend on his church's (Baptist?) hayride.

Yes, the smartest thing my parents did was take me out of Catholic school and I thank that nun for lying about the exam question.


114 posted on 07/28/2013 7:54:58 AM PDT by bgill (This reply was mined before it was posted.)
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To: PubliusMM
Yes! it **IS** the parent's fault!

In many counties, and even whole states, the government's godless socialist-entitlement schools exist because Christians and conservatives send their children into them. If they simply removed their children the entire socialist-entitlement system of compulsory schooling would utterly collapse along with the taxes that support it.

And....No child would be left behind. Americans have proven, repeatedly, that they are the most generous and compassion people since the dawn of humanity. Does anyone seriously believe that any child in this nation would be left without access to a good education?

Socialism and its waste can not be reformed and government owned, run, and compulsory schooling is the very definition of a socialist-entitlement, single-payer, and compulsory-use program. When in the history of humankind has it been possible to reform socialism? It is evil. It destroys the natural compassion and gratitude that God intends for His sons and daughters to have one to another.

115 posted on 07/28/2013 8:00:16 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: wintertime
I really don't want to get into a protracted discussion, since a previous one with you wasn't been productive for either of us.

My job is to teach math to young people. I try my hardest to do that while demonstrating a paternal-type love for my students. I encourage them to work hard in all their academic endeavors, to be kind to classmates and courteous to the people they see in our school, to dream beyond their mostly meager circumstances. If questioned about my spiritual beliefs, I refer them to their parent(s) for religious instruction and guidance, as that is where that discussion needs to take place.

I don't "sneak" anything in. The kids know I pray every morning during our moment of silence. I try to be a good male role model, because so many of my students don't have one, but formal religious instruction is not my job. Those are family concerns.

Do people in other professions use their position over subordinates to preach? Is it expected? Is a plumber a godless man if he fails to testify to the power of Christ before he fixes a leaky pipe?

116 posted on 07/28/2013 8:01:55 AM PDT by TontoKowalski
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To: MacMattico
Two anecdotes: We have a HS intern working in our office for a few weeks. She tells me that her school no longer makes hot lunches--everything is cold. So maybe it's a sandwich or some other thing but no pizza slice, no spaghetti, no chicken a'la king, etc., like what I enjoyed growing up. But there are more free lunches floating around than ever before, as well as free breakfasts and lunches over the summer. What a waste.

The school district where I live re-negotiated teachers' contracts before Gov. Walker (R-WI) signed off on Act 10, which did away with unions negotiating over pay. Gov. Walker warned that districts might be short on money if they didn't let the law take effect before they re-negotiated. There's more money in the state treasury, but my district took the biggest hit in state aid, losing more than half-a-million dollars this year. Teachers are angry (still) but they were warned.

117 posted on 07/28/2013 8:05:20 AM PDT by rabidralph (Gray State Movie)
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To: TontoKowalski

A plumber is not working on the hearts, minds, and souls of children. The last I checked, my household or business plumbing did not have eternal souls. is impossible to provide an education that doesn’t influence the hearts, minds, and souls of children. A religiously neutral education is impossible!!!!

When teachers agree to teach children they **are** agreeing to influence the direction that the hearts, minds, and souls of children will take. It is impossible not to do otherwise. There are NO religiously neutral subjects, There are no religiously neutral schools. It is impossible.

Your classroom, that by law is godless in its worldview, is NOT religiously neutral in content or consequences for the children or our nation.

118 posted on 07/28/2013 8:09:55 AM PDT by wintertime
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To: wintertime

Depends on how many decimal points of accuracy you want, and which functions. :) I have these books on my shelf, as they were part of every mechanical engineer’s tools of the trade decades ago. Once the slide rule was superceded by the electronic calculator there was no more need for books of tables.

119 posted on 07/28/2013 8:13:00 AM PDT by dinodino
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To: beaversmom
Signed my son up for high school on Friday. You should have seen the look on the face of the lady that asked me if we needed a free/reduced lunch form when I told her that we didn’t. She had to do a double take and look up at me to see what kind of alien creature was standing before her.

Big giveaway for school supplies in August for this area. Free breakfasts. Free lunches. Free school supplies. Some people don’t have to pay for anything any more.

It's almost as if they are trying to condition the students into an entitlement mentality!


120 posted on 07/28/2013 8:14:08 AM PDT by Disambiguator
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