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Q Anon: (5/17/18) FRiendly Freeper Collaboration ^ | 5/17/2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 05/17/2018 6:21:07 PM PDT by ransomnote

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

If you are new to Q Anon, the three links below provide overviews to help answer the questions, "Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?".

Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]>
Note: The above thread has been locked for disruptive comments, but post #1 includes a strong, concise Who/What/Where overview.

Q Anon: A Freeper's post re the "new Parallel Construct that Trump has created"

First post to “Q” ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

You can locate Q Anon threads by searching the key word "Qanon" using the search window in the upper right of Free Republic's forum page.

If you haven't seen it yet, President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as comments about the press, is located at the following link:

A helpful FReeper passed along the following Youtube link to a good source for concise reviewes of Q drops, Praying Medic:

Praying Medic also has a a Twitter account:

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting on various websites. Sometimes the Q drop websites come under cyber attack or stop updating. This week, I've been using the following link:

Q drops (i.e., posts) often use unfamiliar acronyms. Swordmaker maintains a list of acronymsto help FReepers understand Q drop text. The master list of acronyms is stored on Swordmaker's profile page. It's really great to have a convenient place to find definitions and explanations of terms used in the drops. Here is the link:

Within our threads, Swordmaker posts updates featuring the latest terms added to the lexicon - you can find his updates on threads by looking for this silver Q graphic:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

Here's a handy link for those who would like to read what people on Twitter are Tweeting about Q Anon:
Click to read what Tweeters are saying about Q Anon

For those who want a little uplifting video which outlines the big picture that we are now striving for, here's a video from 2016 in which candidate Donald Trump outlines what he wants for Americans and America and his promises if elected.
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

If you'd like to communicate your support for President Trump's efforts to "red-pill" Americans, you may want to use the link Hoosiermama posted which provides you with and email page - you can send the president an email. Here's the link:
Email support for President Trump

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To: Dawggie
I think your sarcasm may be closer to reality than you intended.

Soft pedaling stuff again. Must be old age catching up on me.

If I said what I was really thinking on that subject, I'd have to ZOT myself.

1,081 posted on 05/18/2018 7:06:45 PM PDT by Unrepentant VN Vet (...against all enemies, foreign or domestic...)
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To: hoosiermama
It has a name the Enola Gay but they were not allowed to mention it by name. It was just unclassified that their base had done the changes before he died. So it was always called THE PLANE in our home. We do not now or then see any humor in it.

My dad worked on the Enola Gay, Bockscar, and some of the chase planes for both missions. One of his crewmen forgot the ground rules they'd been told and picked up a rag in one of the chase planes that had flown through the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki and wiped his hands with it and years later developed tumors all over his hands. He lived on our block. . . he was retired on a medical from his civilian job with the Air Force at full pay the day he told his supervisors he had tumors on his hands.

The tumors turned out to be benign, but his hands were almost unusable for him. He lived to about 85 or so. . . the same as my dad.

My dad also worked on all of Jimmy Doolittle's B25s before the Tokyo Raid. . . and is even mentioned in the book "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," but not by name. He was the civilian crew chief that earned Lt. Ted Lawson's ire for over-revving his beloved Ruptured Duck's engines while it was tied down.

Dad had to rev those engines. He was charged with assuring those engines would operate at 115% of their rating smoothly because they needed them to accelerate to high speed to take off from the Hornet in a VERY short distance. If he couldn't get them to do that, the engine (which was already fairly new) was pulled and they'd put a new one in and tune that one to the nth degree. When told what the take-off load was supposed to be, fuel, bombs, and men, Dad didn't think even with 115% over spec would get them off the ground in the distance they told him the planes had to be in the air. He drove his crew to get every bit of extra power out of those engines.

My dad finally made the suggestion they put water injection systems in the carburetor system like they used in fighter planes to boost horsepower. It worked. Got the extra boost they needed. The water injection increased the surface area of the fuel to burn because it coated the water droplets. . . and the water droplets flashed over into very high pressure steam.

This water injection concept had come out of noticing that cars and planes had slightly better performance in higher humidity air. . . it beat the hell out of the engines though. It's not a good practice. But, then, they didn't think they were going to be using these engines for an extended time, and they'd only need to use the water injection during takeoff.

1,082 posted on 05/18/2018 7:08:31 PM PDT by Swordmaker (My pistol self-identifies as an iPad, so you must accept it in gun-free zones, you hoplaphobe bigot!)
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To: txhurl

Maybe Q is super busy out arresting perps.

When we don’t hear from Q, I assume that Q is super busy doing things that are more important than talking to us. Or maybe sleeping! I hope Q is stays well rested and healthy.

1,083 posted on 05/18/2018 7:09:36 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: StormFlag
Glenn Beck, the staunch Never-Trump radio host and founder of The Blaze, announced on Friday that he is supporting President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid.

Yeah, now that 95% of his audience has vaporized ...

1,084 posted on 05/18/2018 7:09:37 PM PDT by meadsjn
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To: smileyface

Cannot calm the telltale heart. The question will always be...what do they know?

1,085 posted on 05/18/2018 7:10:57 PM PDT by xone
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To: txhurl
Demons can be seen via and in their eyes?

Alright, come back to us now. You're freaking out.

1,086 posted on 05/18/2018 7:13:31 PM PDT by xone
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To: beef

That’s called the “trip code”.

It’s a means of identifying Q and preventing imposters from posting as Q. I assume it’s a hash code of whatever password Q uses to post to the 8ch board. If you don’t know the password which produces that hash, then you can’t post as Q.

It changes periodically to prevent crackers from cracking it. It also changes if there is some other need or reason. Recently Q posted the password in the clear (at least that is my understanding), which meant it needed to be changed immediately.

1,087 posted on 05/18/2018 7:14:26 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: AZLiberty

Indy car crash 2011
Flood 2012
3rd stop of EDC Electric Daisy Carnival with owl as theme/logo 2013
Two police officers ambushed and killed. 2014

1,088 posted on 05/18/2018 7:16:53 PM PDT by Duchess47 ("One day I will leave this world and dream myself to Reality" Crazy Horse)
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To: beef

What do you think the problem is? Are there others?

1,089 posted on 05/18/2018 7:17:18 PM PDT by Cats Pajamas (GO OGLE ogle - stare at in a lecherous manner.)
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To: bitt

Just getting started.

1,090 posted on 05/18/2018 7:17:43 PM PDT by xone
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To: humblegunner

Most respectfully, they are on the wrong thread. Have a nice day, month, year, life! Nuttin but luv fer ya’ll.

1,091 posted on 05/18/2018 7:19:10 PM PDT by Billyv ( Ephesians 6:11 for we battle not against flesh and blood...Pray for our leaders and nation!)
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To: txhurl
My bad....

MY Mind...:)

1,092 posted on 05/18/2018 7:19:53 PM PDT by Getsmart64
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To: Getsmart64

What rally would get me is knowing that many events were perpetrated by our deep state. What also stuns me is the sick practices of the leftist Luciferian cabal (i.e. walnut sauce & Androchrome).

1,093 posted on 05/18/2018 7:20:31 PM PDT by Lopeover ( The 2016 Election is about allegiance to the United States!)
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To: EMI_Guy

She seems to lurch back and forth between looking pretty good and looking like she’s on death’s doorstep. I thought she looked good during the debates. Well made up, etc. (Still evil, but not haggard or old beyond her years.)

Pre-2107 I assumed that whenever she disappeared for a while, that she was having plastic surgery. Now I’m wondering if there was something more nefarious going on. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same person.

Some have speculated about body doubles, but I also find it hard to believe that you could find someone who resembles her that closely except from a distance.

Her butt size seems to change drastically in too short a time to be the result of overeating or dieting.

And what’s up with the back brace or whatever the huge contraption is that she is trying to hide under her clothes lately?

Just my observations/opinions.

1,094 posted on 05/18/2018 7:20:37 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: reasonisfaith; Dartoid; bagster; NIKK; ransomnote; No_Doll_i; grey_whiskers
Ok. Dartoid found this. This it relevant to the Owl picture Guardian of the Pope posting.

The caption above it appears to read "Gregory XIII Pon(tifex) Opt(timus) Max(imus) in the Year VIII" In the center is a stylized owl with a dragon in its heart. There is a lot of symbolism here, and I will not get into all of it. It appears to be associated with one pope.

I do not know that this resolves the question of the guardian, but it is interesting. (Or I may have missed something that resolved it in the 600 posts I skipped over this evening...)

1,095 posted on 05/18/2018 7:20:59 PM PDT by Pete from Shawnee Mission
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To: smileyface

link for the report???

I wish we had it. It has just been released to FBI and others for review and comment. I don’t think congress gets a peek until the comments are added. The public won’t likely see an unredacted version, but we should see it eventually just like the one on McCabe.

If I have that wrong, hopefully someone will correct or fill in.

1,096 posted on 05/18/2018 7:22:17 PM PDT by StormFlag (May the Light shine and darkness remove, MAGA)
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To: aMorePerfectUnion

1,097 posted on 05/18/2018 7:24:34 PM PDT by txhurl (World War Q)
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To: bitt

told you

1,098 posted on 05/18/2018 7:25:00 PM PDT by xone
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To: Cboldt
I don't know either and I was not sneaking 9/11 crap. It came up. We actually took it off thread. So? I don't remember Quix at all. So I was either not a member then or not involved in it.
1,099 posted on 05/18/2018 7:25:11 PM PDT by defconw (To Q or not to Q!..... Of course I am going to Q!)
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To: Swordmaker

Hats off to your Dad! You must be proud!

Thanks for the stories.

1,100 posted on 05/18/2018 7:26:30 PM PDT by generally ( Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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