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To: qaz123
LOL. You actually believed that DOD report, which was completely ridiculous. Why was all that information classified, if it was no big deal that our enemies had it?

Secondly, it wouldn't matter if the info is completely useless. If you steal and release classified information to our enemies (or anyone, for that matter), it's still espionage and treason. It should still by you an execution, or a lifetime imprisoned, at least.

You are a veteran, but you don't believe that those in our armed services shouldn't have to follow their COs orders, or follow the UCMJ, or any other laws? I'm pretty sure that would be the end of our military if anyone can just do what they please, including the release of vast amounts of classified information, just because they feel like it.

Anyone who doesn't believe that Manning Assange hijinks greatly damaged U.S. interests is being willfully blind. For example, how much valuable intel did we loose, because informants didn't trust us to keep information secret? Terrorists benefited greatly from Wikileaks. And by the way, Obama was an accomplice of Assaange and Manning, and sprung Manning from a well deserved jail cell. The far left cheered Assange, and they knew he was doing their work. Let's compare Assange/Manning to Snowden. There is a chance that Snbowden was a Russian spy all along. But if not, what Snowden did was completely different than Assange. Snowden disclosed a specific set of information for the benefit of the public. What he did was against the law, but it fit into the traditional whistle blower model.

What Assange did was completely different. He got as much classified information as possible and released it all. Tere was no release of info to benefit the public. Some of this diplomatic information could have or might have started wars. It damage the international affairs interested of the U.S. and many of out allies. It helped terrorists and dictators.

You are also ignoring one fact that media likes to cover up. Assange had his own objectives for doing this, but most likely he was backed by some foreign power, and they were just using him. I'm not sure if Manning knew that, but Assange almost certainly did. Most likely China, North Korea, Russia or some other country used this to disguise their espionage. I'm not trying to insult you, I just think you shouldn't believe everything the left wing media tells you. Nothing Assange did caused Hillary Clinton to lose the 2016 election. That is so much hogwash. I wouldn't be surprised if Assange had connections to Hillary.

24 posted on 11/26/2018 1:13:45 PM PST by nickcarraway
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To: nickcarraway

So, basically, everything you wrote is your personal opinion about how it all went down, was covered up, and people protected.

You could possibly be an intel guy that has access to the highest level’s of information about this country or you could just be a guy wearing a tin foil hat.

The military conducted an investigation? The results of the investigation found the release of information didn’t have any negative consequences, more or less. If you know different, than that would me you have a TS/SCI, TS/SA or Yankee clearance, that only few have and have access to the most sensitive files in the DoD. But, I do not think you have that access. I think you’re letting your personal feelings about something you know little about, and knee jerking a response to justify the fact that some people, like myself, don’t share your feelings about Assange. And since we’re not aligned with you, we’re wrong.

How much valuable intel did we loose because informants didn’t trust us? You tell me since you have such deep access. I’ve dealt with informants before, have you? Nothing but over emotional speculation on your part.

Terrorists benefited greatly from Wikileaks?.....How so? Please describe how they did that. More emotions, not fact.

obama was an accomplice? .... Again, more emotion built on personal feelings. However, I think obama did what he did with the he/she because of his hatred for all things American and he knew it would piss off, at least half of the country. Not because he was in league with them. What the he/she did was before obama’s time, but if obama was such a supporter, why didn’t he grant Assange asylum and grant him immunity for all of that?

In closing, I do not agree with everything that Assange has done. As I’ve stated. But, until proven otherwise, the DOD states that the information he received and disseminated from the he/she, didn’t do the damage that people stated initially. However, if he’s disseminating information about our government doing dirty sh*t against you, me and everyone else, then I support the guy.

28 posted on 11/26/2018 9:49:58 PM PST by qaz123
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