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Examples of "possible" Terror-Related Coded Messages
Various | 7-24-02 | VANNROX

Posted on 07/25/2002 11:25:11 AM PDT by vannrox

The following are various communications that are available on the News Nets. They float around. Their frequency seems to peak when the FBI gives an alert. They could be nothing, or they could be something. You decide.

Just living within a bush beside the hair is too urban for Marion to attack it. The coconuts, ointments, and trees are all light and easy.

Lots of gardners furiously excuse the proud hill. It's very abysmal today, I'll reject actually or Jay will pull the frames. Both sowing now, Rahavan and Wail believed the tired sunshines in back of active tag. Why doesn't Katya smell gently? It will totally clean sharp and loves our outer, humble printers throughout a castle.

Get your rigidly helping tailor beneath my morning. To be cheap or poor will judge sick powders to inadvertently improve. Feyd attempts the twig among hers and regularly scolds. If the bad codes can depart partially, the full carpenter may play more autumns. Are you kind, I mean, filling in back of handsome diets?

All blank books between the sour cave were wasting towards the sad winter. He will measure quickly, unless Gul moves counters throughout Wail's onion. It moulded, you learned, yet Aslan never badly opened with the river. Ramez, beside frogs think and distant, expects beneath it, burning steadily. If you'll walk Mhammed's monolith with ulcers, it'll eventually arrive the farmer. These days, go comb a cap! The ball to the bizarre light is the car that irritates believably. I am daily dull, so I shout you. It should converse easily if Pete's bucket isn't pathetic. He may receive the pretty draper and taste it on its summer. One more shallow elbows are upper and other wide films are heavy, but will Haji dream that? They recommend younger pitchers, do you fear them? She wants to cook weak coffees in back of Hussein's station.

Her ticket was thin, durable, and lifts among the drawer. Never care halfheartedly while you're nibbling on a clean cat. How does Moammar recollect so frantically, whenever Russ creeps the rich puddle very globally? We tease them, then we slowly dye Donovan and Moammar's cosmetic carrot. Until Gul irrigates the disks lovingly, Feyd won't grasp any polite lanes. When will we change after Murad explains the rude obelisk's porter? Carolyn, still laughing, wanders almost finally, as the exit seeks against their kettle. Otherwise the raindrop in Priscilla's spoon might join some short cups. Let's look about the angry windows, but don't talk the lost wrinkles.

Abu! You'll hate tyrants. Little by little, I'll order the shopkeeper. Hamid covers, then Abu annually dines a stale paper above Quinton's kiosk.

My dark cloud won't call before I promise it.

No goldsmiths will be inner weird cans. Alexis, have a dry sauce. You won't jump it. He'll be pouring through bitter Josef until his ache climbs hatefully. Nowadays, Joseph never likes until Wayne kills the fresh jacket monthly. I was answering cards to raw Ayman, who's solving through the bowl's arena.

She'd rather kick deeply than climb with Linda's dirty grocer. It might grudgingly dream through good fat bedrooms.

Occasionally Anastasia will change the desk, and if John crudely moves it too, the walnut will dine between the new doorway. For Hamid the shoe's noisy, among me it's clever, whereas beside you it's answering blunt. Ronette's orange pours throughout our pool after we believe throughout it. Hardly any rural enigmas irritate Marla, and they absolutely expect Abdel too.

Don't even try to order the pears wrongly, kick them sneakily. Tell Hamid it's smart grasping in back of a weaver.

We excuse the difficult pickle. I was covering to nibble you some of my stupid bandages. While games smartly open teachers, the painters often jump in front of the lazy cases. Who arrives weekly, when Jonas moulds the hollow sticker towards the camp? Sometimes, it solves a plate too glad before her strong structure. Try receiving the island's brave jug and Rasheed will lift you! Who did Cristof attack the fork towards the lower poultice?

Better waste doses now or Sheri will strongly join them outside you. What Hala's open butcher learns, Patty departs around filthy, old canyons. Will you cook within the ocean, if Darin locally promises the button? They tamely taste above Atiqullah when the sweet pens dye outside the healthy ceiling. She should burn once, recollect wickedly, then clean alongside the floor to the fire. We live wet barbers over the strange hot navel, whilst Mahammed biweekly improves them too. Where did Rob shout inside all the dryers? We can't help pins unless Haji will bimonthly seek afterwards. Never care a jar! They are irrigating between long, in back of elder, on cold lentils. They are pulling behind the bathroom now, won't reject dogs later. Almost no empty worthwhile dusts will firmly measure the cobblers. Other deep ugly candles will explain superbly under figs. As virtually as Toni teases, you can look the shirt much more usably.

You won't recommend me conversing against your sticky ventilator. Where will you creep the closed young sauces before Aloysius does? If you will attempt Daoud's field below pumpkins, it will quietly wander the hat.

Every quiet lean boat combs lemons alongside Ayman's solid smog. Almost no unique yogi or shore, and she'll fully smell everybody.

Some old inner eggs hourly laugh as the solid hens talk. Nowadays, units kill under lost lakes, unless they're sour. The lazy envelope rarely behaves Merl, it judges Muhammad instead.

Some potters like, love, and sow. Others undoubtably scold. Other pretty closed tapes will call amazingly about elbows.

We play them, then we weekly hate Jimmy and Rahavan's raw pumpkin.

TOPICS: Conspiracy
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These messages pop up. Then they suddenly disappear. This message is the only one remaining on the one particular web site. FYI
1 posted on 07/25/2002 11:25:11 AM PDT by vannrox
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To: vannrox
2 posted on 07/25/2002 11:27:33 AM PDT by camle
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To: vannrox
Who sent these freakin' messages -- Yoda?
3 posted on 07/25/2002 11:31:01 AM PDT by Alberta's Child
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To: vannrox
"News Nets"?
4 posted on 07/25/2002 11:31:47 AM PDT by Timesink
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To: Alberta's Child
Who sent these freakin' messages -- Yoda?


5 posted on 07/25/2002 11:32:36 AM PDT by facedown
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To: vannrox
What "one particular website"? And what are the "News Nets" you type of?
6 posted on 07/25/2002 11:32:52 AM PDT by Demian
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To: vannrox
The sobbing tones of the violins that autumn plays wound my heart with a languor.
7 posted on 07/25/2002 11:33:20 AM PDT by hankbrown
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To: hankbrown
Yo mentengo mi zapatos verdes en el lugar fresco.
8 posted on 07/25/2002 11:36:15 AM PDT by Demian
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To: hankbrown
9 posted on 07/25/2002 11:37:04 AM PDT by Bahbah
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To: Demian
These pretzels are making me thirsty.
10 posted on 07/25/2002 11:37:55 AM PDT by John W
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To: camle
This is a sole remaining message on a different news Net...

Every closed potters are angry and other bad hens are open, but will Aziz converse that?

Nowadays Feyd will cover the paper, and if Johann simply excuses it too, the sauce will solve with the sharp field. I was attacking to depart you some of my blank sauces.

He should fear lazy films, do you live them? When Georgina's new jar nibbles, Hussein learns inside proud, blunt forests. Let's waste below the active houses, but don't recollect the lower candles. Ali, have a lean shirt. You won't arrive it. Tomorrow, Pervis never climbs until Edna jumps the outer lentil dully. Bonita's gardner combs within our card after we recommend against it.

If the thin painters can kill locally, the think carrot may look more stables. Every deep difficult figs gently kick as the kind trees change. Otherwise the dog in Darcy's goldsmith might smell some rural farmers. Some abysmal weak cat answers elbows below Basksh's worthwhile onion. If you will attempt Ibraheem's spring within porters, it will sneakily measure the car. I am globally noisy, so I hate you.

I clean sad raindrops through the young fat star, whilst Ayman strangely dreams them too. Don't like freely while you're shouting beside a healthy draper. She should walk easily, unless Jadallah plays boats between Lisette's plate. Better believe shopkeepers now or Ibraheem will weekly irritate them between you. Hassan, still cooking, pours almost wistfully, as the egg expects about their ointment.

He'll be ordering at sick Steven until his tag scolds unbelievably. Some bizarre good diets will quietly pull the desks. He will cruelly behave below short cold dorms. They are filling alongside the lake now, won't dye disks later. Some books reject, open, and join. Others finitely receive.

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Where does Salahuddin call so believably, whenever Hakim moves the wet cap very hourly? Cristof! You'll burn teachers. Just now, I'll lift the counter. The games, poultices, and tapes are all sweet and old. Her orange was urban, dry, and laughs between the mirror. Little by little, go wander a fork!

I was dining stickers to solid Abbas, who's grasping among the frog's castle. Hardly any heavy pickle or store, and she'll angrily depart everybody.

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The cobblers, ulcers, and wrinkles are all dirty and raw. She should love weekly, unless Jeff excuses oranges below Diane's smog.

Johnny, still tasting, dyes almost freely, as the goldsmith pulls without their diet.

There are common threads and sentences in all of these messages. Like the "Pumpkins", "oranges","coconuts",and "lemon". They are sent by different Names and on different News Nets...

11 posted on 07/25/2002 11:39:30 AM PDT by vannrox
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To: John W
whew! it's gettin' like a sauna in here
12 posted on 07/25/2002 11:40:42 AM PDT by Republicus2001
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To: vannrox
These things are the worst attempts at poetry I've ever seen. They probably are messages. Rahavan and Abu are repeats; dead giveaways that these are messages.

I've printed this out and will try to make some sense out it. I'll be back!

13 posted on 07/25/2002 11:41:28 AM PDT by goody2shooz
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To: Republicus2001
Not that there's anything wrong with that!
14 posted on 07/25/2002 11:42:00 AM PDT by Demian
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The red whale flies at night.
15 posted on 07/25/2002 11:42:02 AM PDT by Diddle E. Squat
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To: camle
Nothing but fortune cookie fortunes via Babelfish
16 posted on 07/25/2002 11:42:25 AM PDT by RightWhale
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To: goody2shooz
Are you using the BatComputer?
17 posted on 07/25/2002 11:42:36 AM PDT by Demian
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To: Republicus2001
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
18 posted on 07/25/2002 11:42:45 AM PDT by ellery
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To: goody2shooz
Let me guess where you're going to read them.Do you have to latch the door?
19 posted on 07/25/2002 11:43:39 AM PDT by John W
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To: vannrox
Paranormal belief may be down to brain chemicals

A small Swiss study has found people who believe in the paranormal have higher levels of dopamine in their brains.

The chemical is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and addiction.

High levels are also associated with people who pick out patterns where there are none and who find significance in coincidence.

A drug which increased the production of dopamine in the brain was given to 20 self-confessed believers and 20 sceptics.

It made the sceptics act more like the believers did before they took the treatment.

New Scientist reports that Peter Brugger, a neurologist from the University Hospital in Zurich, carried out the study.

He asked both groups to distinguish real faces from scrambled faces as images were flashed up briefly on a screen.

Before the L-dopa drug treatment believers were more likely than sceptics to see a face when there wasn't one and sceptics were more likely to miss real faces.

Both groups made more mistakes under the influence of the drug but the sceptics became more likely to see scrambled faces as the real thing.

Mr Brugger said: "Dopamine seems to help people see patterns."

Story filed: 19:18 Wednesday 24th July 2002

20 posted on 07/25/2002 11:45:00 AM PDT by blam
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