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DUBOB 11- more tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast...
various links and websites | 01-31-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 01/31/2003 5:07:21 PM PST by backhoe

At the request of members, I am restarting those "Tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast"-- the stories and issues that the press and media either ignore, won't even talk about, or will mention once and forevermore claim "it's old news..."

Naturally, some will be stories which interest me, or things I think we all need to be aware of.

I am experimenting with a minor change in presentation- when I can, I will cut to


with a keyword or two and see what kind of links to "mainstream" stories I can find in contrast to what we see here and on other sites.

May I remind you of a couple of points to bear in mind?
Each link usually has many other links within- follow them all to get "the rest of the story."
Don't forget the "open multiple browsers" trick with control-n -- this allows you to hold your place with one, and use the others to follow links, run searches, etc.

Rather than go back and rehash old links, I'll give you links to the original posts here:

-DUBOB 10- the *best of* the Dark Underbelly Series--

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DUBOB IV- yet more Tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast-

DUBOB III -- "Tales from the Dark Underbelly of the Beast"

DUBOB 2-- more tales from The Dark Underbelly of the Beast-- thread II

-The Dark Underbelly of the Beast- Stories the Media won't Discuss...--

KEYWORDS: americans4prosperity; davidharsanyi; dubob; kochbrothers; lamestreammedia; oldmedia; thetruth
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To: All

Federal Law Makes Obama Responsible for Stopping Oil Spill and Cleanup

It's day 51 in the Gulf Oil Disaster and oil continues to gush from the "cap" British Petroleum placed to stop the leak. (Here's the live feed of the camera at the leak site.) BP now says that "virtually all" of the leak may be stopped in the next few days. Obama has timed another visit to the region. No doubt to claim credit.

Yet, over the last weeks Obama and his left wing allies have been desperate to point fingers at Bush, Cheney, BP, Halliburton, Transocean and in at least one case "tea baggers."

So, perhaps it's time to have a little reminder about what Obama's responsibilities are. The Clean Water Act Section 311 - Oil and Hazardous Substances Liability grants the president broad powers and also responsibility to stop any discharge of oil and to direct any cleanup. The president's powers and responsibilities are referenced 47 times in the brief document.

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 further strengthened the President's powers and responsibility. The Bureau of Land Management offers this analysis:

The OPA amended §311to mandate the President to take action to ensure “effective and immediate removal of a discharge, and mitigation or prevention of a substantial threat of a discharge, of oil or a hazardous substance.”
The purpose of the amendment was to remove some of the latitude towards private cleanup efforts by the discharger and assure that the job gets done right. It's the primary responsibility of the President to see that the leak is stopped and that any cleanup is swift and effective. The President has sole responsibility for developing and implementing emergency plans to address a spill. Yet, we have already seen how the Obama Administration failed to implement long standing disaster plans by delaying a burnoff of oil and other measures.


While oil spills, Obama picnics with Congress (but not on a gulf beach)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- Kommander ZerØ's "_Residency" is a laughable mixture of:

And "Movin' On Up!"

Unfortunately, for all of us,

"The Recoveryless Recovery..."

A Town Fights Oil on Their Own

Is this why media has been hiding the oils spill damage?

Video of Divers in the Oil Slick (This is a Must See, trust me on this)

Narrative of Struggle and Jihad in Statements By Islamist Participants in Gaza Flotilla

For Many, Recovery Means Lower Expectations

20 More Signs Of A Full-On Economic Collapse

The June 8 elections: A verdict on incumbents, unions, and Democrats (Michael Barone)

Who's afraid of Barack Obama? Nobody


( Yes, he actually can fly jet fighters... )

Versus this:

God help us all...

Obama issuing memos of all sorts ( Memos to Federal Agencies for what???)

The Alien in the White House

Repeal The Seventeenth Amendment? Yep- tried it, didn't work as expected...

In a related note, reader Donald Kochan sends this paper on how the 17th Amendment affected the Supreme Court’s willingness to overturn state laws. And some old thoughts of mine on Senate reform.

Goo-Goo Genocidaires: The Blood Is Dripping From Their Hands. “Of all the mass murderers, genocidaires and enablers of the twentieth century, one group of collaborators does not get its fair share of condemnation and moral loathing. Unfortunately Americans have never really come to terms with the terrible things they did, we have never really named and shamed them, and we have never diagnosed and exposed the bad ideas that led to some of America’s most fateful and costly blunders. Until we do, our society is at risk of repeating these errors. The people I have in mind are the ‘goo-goo genocidaires,’ the willfully blind reformers, civil society activists, clergy, students and others whose foolishness and ignorance was a necessary condition for tens of millions of deaths in the last hundred years. Unreflective, self-righteous ‘activists’ thought that to espouse peace was the same thing as to create or safeguard it. As a result, tens of millions died.”

Immigrant youths riot in Sweden, burning down school ('Little Mogadishu')

Can Black Americans Afford Obama?

The Gig Economy --- "Welcome to the age of Gigonomics" (2009)

(Video) Sarah Palin On Fox: Obama Incompetence, Exec Experience & Elections + Karl Rove On Sarah


Overnight Open Thread


Good evening all M&Ms.
Also don't forget about the job bank at the AoSHQ yahoo group.

Lost Video: The US Navy of 1915

Here's a restored 11 minute clip from a long believed to be lost 1915 documentary on the US Navy. It was commissioned by Secretary of the Navy, Joseph Daniels, who believed that the newly invented technology of motion pictures would convince isolationists of the importance of building a strong American navy. The filmmakers were allowed full access to the ships and captured sailors in their day to day activities. All copies of the documentary were thought to have been lost until this fragment was discovered in Australia.

Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to embed it so you'll have to click on the picture and watch it on their site. Maybe one of the morons can put me some knowledge here.

Continue reading

Posted by Maetenloch at 10:27 PM New Comments Thingy

Traffic Camera Victim ‘Pays Back’ Police Dept.

Dramatic CCTV Footage Shows Moment Haiti Quake Hit Palace (Video on Website)

12,441 posted on 06/09/2010 1:13:36 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
THE GROWING POWER of government unions. Yep, because "you just can't pay too much in taxes..."
IS OBAMA at a tipping point? Hurricane Katrina. Hostage crisis. Tet Offensive...

This Was The Moment When The Rise Of The Oceans Began To Slow

...and a nation began to emerge from stupor.

More Americans - 69 per cent - are unhappy about the U.S. president’s administration's response to the BP disaster than disapproved of George Bush's botched handling of Hurricane Katrina five years ago, according to a poll.

Related - The Alien In The White House.

h/t K Shaidle

Posted by Kate at 8:58 AM| Comments (27)
"Check out that Alien in the White House piece. The writer perfectly captures that creepy sense of detachment exhibited by obozo."
"...yes, that is a great article. And now notice what Obama is doing. True to form, he's trotting out 'racism' to deflect popular disapproval and criticism of his failure to deal with the BP oil spill."
"I think Obama exhibits this detachment for two reasons.

First, he most definitely was not raised as an American; his mother was a socialist anti-American; his father not merely absent but from another country, Kenya; his stepfather from Indonesia. Obama has no relation to the USA.

Second, he's a clinical narcissist and is unable to feel empathy with anyone because his psychological need is to control and dominate people, not collaborate and share with them.

Most people aren't aware of exactly how deeply psychologically damaged Obama is, and are trying to excuse his lack of empathy by defining him as a 'cerebral intellectual'. But Obama isn't an intellectual; there's no evidence ever of him being a researcher, analyst, debater, author, of anything theoretical or intellectual. He's written nothing, he's unable to explain even the policies and programs put forward for him to sell by the radical socialists who run him.

Then, people try to excuse him by defining themselves as 'the problem'; and Obama is always ready to define the American people as guilty of something, whether it be racism, ignorance, bias, greed. He's accused Americans of these characteristics repeatedly already - and it's a neat tactic of causal offloading.

The real problem is Obama. I suspect that Obama will retreat more and more into his virtual world, attend more and more parties, play more golf, and appear 'in anger' at various events..while the Democratic Party splits in two."

"When Obama talks about "kicking ass" and "putting a boot to BP's neck", he alienates the only people who can actually help him. In so doing, he shows himself to be a demagogue who has no concept of his proper role in this affair and who places popular perception above the long-term interests of the nation."

 The Alien in the White House: The distance between the president and the people is beginning to be revealed. “A great part of America now understands that this president’s sense of identification lies elsewhere, and is in profound ways unlike theirs. He is hard put to sound convincingly like the leader of the nation, because he is, at heart and by instinct, the voice mainly of his ideological class. He is the alien in the White House, a matter having nothing to do with delusions about his birthplace cherished by the demented fringe.”
READ the typically rude but insightful comments at ACE here: Posted by Ace at 03:19 PM New Comments Thingy
102 "Mr. Obama may not hold all, or the more extreme, of these views."

Oh, puh-leeez. He is the most extreme of the extremists. How could he not be? He had a wacko commie father who walked out; a wacko mother who abandoned him; a wacko grandfather who left him to the tender mercies of a commie America-hating pedophile; his formative years from age 2 to age 10 were spent in Muslim Indonesia at a wacko, violent time in its history; he went to college and hung out with all the leftist wackos; he teamed up with a nasty, spiteful, cop-killing, Pentagon-bombing spoiled little commie brat, Bill Ayers, to channel Annenberg money to a bunch of commie indoctrination programs in Chicago; he did "community organizing" (euphemism for harassment/intimidation/thuggery) with a commie organization founded by a guy who dedicated his most famous book to Lucifer, aka Satan; he was buddies with Yasser Arafat's former spokesman; and he bought the presidency with money from a mentally deranged billionaire who's doing his best to institute a single global government.

Oh, but Obama doesn't necessarily hold the most extreme views! No, not at all! How could he?

Two articles separated by the Atlantic Ocean deal with the subject of the previous post. That dealt with the question of whether one point of view was constantly trying to dominate the other by manipulating perception. Now  Dorothy Rabinowitz at the WSJ in her editorial “The Alien in the White House” notices that the incumbent seems to represent a wholly different nation from the one that is ‘out there’.  It’s like there’s another species in the Oval Office. She’s finds him speaking speaking a strange language and worshiping strange idols she never thought would never be on the public mainstream altar. Rabinowitz writes: “A great part of America now understands that this president’s sense of identification lies elsewhere, and is in profound ways unlike theirs.” Like Cortez upon a peak in Darien, she can’t quite believe what she sees. Rabinowitz describes her feeling of alienation:


(57) Comments

" It simply seems impossible for a man to be president who is so ignorant of the foundational principles of the country. Obama is the most wholly ignorant individual to ever hold this much power since Roman times. Economics, science, how car insurance works, the door back into the Oval Office… all of these things are beyond his comprehension. "

"I cannot believe that someone this fundamentally economically illiterate is President of the United States ……….. but, when I consider that he has been a public-sector sucker-upper of taxes and foundation sucker-upper of donated money his whole life, and has been surrounded by same (and continues this pattern into his administration, where just a whopping 8% of his executive cabinet & czars have private sector experience), the vastness of his economic ignorance makes sense. No less appalling, mind you, but it makes sense."

Who’s Afraid Of Barack Obama? Nobody.

LEADERSHIP? ( Uhhh... for that you need a leader, not a TelePrompter Reader... )

Three days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch government offered to help.

It was willing to provide ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and it proposed a plan for building sand barriers to protect sensitive marshlands.

The response from the Obama administration and BP, which are coordinating the cleanup: “The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’” said Geert Visser, consul general for the Netherlands in Houston.

They’re reconsidering that now. . .

BP: In bed with the government, and politicians, all along. “BP was a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a lobby dedicated to passing a cap-and-trade bill....

 Media Matters (To Itself): What Helen Thomas’s career has to do with the FTC’s push to reinvent journalism. “The problem with government’s fealty to the myths that establishment journalism has created for itself isn’t just the expense—it’s that it inevitably produces feedback loops. A government that props up the media inevitably leads to a media that props up the government. Despite being cloaked in the language of preservation, the real gap that these proposals fill isn’t in news coverage, but in the cozy linkage between government and media.”
The June 8 elections: A verdict on incumbents, unions, and Democrats. “Blanche Lincoln’s (narrow) victory leaves the unions’ strategy in ruins.
Just too precious for words [Darleen Click]

It was “Super Tuesday for Women” but don’t expect Vagina Warriors to applaud because GOP women are, natch, inauthentic. So’s that [Uncle] Tim Scott who won the primary going away from Paul Thurmon. Heh.

What’s really important for VWers is continuing the Left dogma that non-leftists just loves them some starving chilluns

Of course, I know that this mindless assholery goes straight back to the built-in conservative assumption that the only thing that children need is a parent with a penis and his sidekick servant called “wife”. In Wingnut Land, children don’t need food, shelter, education, or health care. They just need a heterosexual couple to raise them. The result is a worldview that makes child-hating assholery inevitable.

Again we are faced with the mindless, hate-inspired view that the worst place for children to be is raised by their biological parents in marriage. Naw, Mandy wants to seal her misandry by citing the snort-worthy “study” that purports to show Lesbians are better parents than straights. ‘Course she doesn’t point to that direct article because this little factoid might be, um, inconvenient

Several lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocacy groups, such as the Gill Foundation and the Lesbian Health Fund from the Gay Lesbian Medical Association, funded the study.

Yep, and studies showing cigarettes aren’t bad for you funded by tobacco growers are just as legit.

Common sense is, that all other things being equal, the ideal place for children is in a biological two-parent family. This does not mean that other configurations cannot be successful, but it is harder to achieve. Single moms can, individually, raise good sons, but prisons are still filled disproportionately with fatherless males.

But common sense isn’t in the Left’s lexicon and their ideology holds that the most important relationship any individual should have is with an all-nurturing Nanny Government — headed, of course, by such enlightened people as Marcotte and ilk. Successful straight, married couples and their families stand in their way so, natch, make sure to destroy at will.

DON’T SLEEP LONGER, sleep smarter.
A TEN CENT blood-type test. “The cheap, portable, paper-based test could improve medical treatments in the developing world.”

12,442 posted on 06/10/2010 2:01:07 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All

Wake Up American (Inspiration to Vote Video)

If there are people in your family or circle of friends who don't understand why they must get out and vote in November, this video should provide them the inspiration to do so. It is a quality production and will save you the time and trouble of explaining it all.

President party boy

I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- Kommander ZerØ's "_Residency" is a laughable mixture of:

And "Movin' On Up!"


( Yes, he actually can fly jet fighters... )

Versus this:

God help us all...

Unfortunately, for all of us,

Settling for Less… And For What?

Why, Less of less- of course-- and it costs more, to boot- it's the Oblamer Way...

Recovery? What Recovery?

Bearing in mind I'm the guy who dubbed this current scam ( "the recovery" )

"The Recoveryless Recovery?"

All I know is what I see in my city... 20-25% of people with no jobs... the first billion-dollar "condo conversion" we ever had in foreclosure... the biggest Realtor shuttered and shut, while a competitor touts "Foreclosure Bus Tours!"

Between one fourth and one third of businesses standing empty, with "first month's rent free!" crossed out and "two months FREE!" under it...

Franz Kafka and Phillip K. Dick could not have collaborated on a storyline and come up with anything as surreal as what I am seeing here.

6 posted on Thursday, June 10, 2010 6:27:21 AM by backhoe

Hawaii elections clerk: Obama birth not here

(STORM) Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement

Hezbollah, Hamas Raise Money for ‘Terrorist Activities’ From Drug Trade in South America....

At the Crash Site In Smolensk, Who Did the Russians Shoot at?

Rumors of a Coup

Da guy is way behind the times. Can't believe someone doesn't realize that the country has already been 'couped'.

Nancy Pelosi was asked if the Healthcare bill was constitutional. She said, “You’re kidding, right?” The Democrats and their media sycophants could care less about the Constitution.

The author may be right in his conclusion, but he too quickly dismisses some possibilities that cause some of us concern. He lacks imagination.

Where is Our Contract with America?

Rabbi Who Recorded Helen Thomas' Comments Says He's Gotten 25k Hate E-Mails (Video)

Robert Welch's 1958 predictions about the U.S.-Video

The faces of hate

Barack Obama's Total Eclipse for America (O the Great Deliverer)


Bachmann to Obama: Man Up!

This is my favorite clip of her. It is about her outrage over the government taking over General Motors and how only the politically connected dealers were being allowed to stay open.

Bush gave Deep Water Horizon 6 citations for safety violations- Obama gave it Awards.

And Bush gave warning after warning about the housing market and Fannie and Freddie and the Rats just sat on their butts saying “ain’t broke ain’t broke ain’t broke.”

Until they could no longer hide that it was, in fact, broken. Then they sat on their butts saying “Bush’s fault Bush’s fault Bush’s fault.”

"The rig's on fire! I told you this was gonna happen!"

EDITORIAL: Kagan's threat to gun owners

Years of Internal BP Probes Warned That Neglect Could Lead to Accidents

CNN Blames White People For Obama's Slow Action On Oil Spill

Andy Stern, A Member of Obama’s Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Capitolism Has Failed America

Stupid is as stupid does. Tell me, Mr. Stern, if capitalism is a failure, then why is that in any planned socialist/marxist economy, a free-market capitalist economy - popularly known as the blackmarket - inevitably springs up, but that in all of recorded history, a planned socialist/marxist market has never spontaneously arisen in any free-market capitalist economy?

18 posted on Wednesday, June 09, 2010 7:13:49 PM by Oceander

400 drunken-driving convictions in D.C. based on flawed test, official says


Momma Bear Rescues Cub From Tree (Video)

Man Kills Self With Homemade Guillotine

Warning to Britain as almost half of Belgium's euthanasia nurses admit to killing without consent

I’ll never forget a snippet from an article I read in the WSJ at least fifteen years ago ( paraphrasing ):

“ Holland and Belgium, the very old, and the very sick fear being sent to a hospital because they are afraid of being euthanized against their will...”

This is a very old evil.

Make your own UAV spy device on the cheap


12,443 posted on 06/10/2010 5:16:29 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All

The Spill, The Scandal and the President (long but excellent)

This article goes on for 8 pages but is really really good.

Full of details and dates all of them damning to Obama officials in the DOI, BP, NOAA, coast guard, DHS, and White House.

President Tar Balls rode by and no one cared

Busing in his own prop-people is his modus operandi.

He doesn't have the support of the locals where he goes for photos ops - he knows it - and buses in his close-camera shot people.

And you just let this clown posse control your health-

Stasi-Style Doctors On The Way( RomneyCare Alert )


Hawaii elections clerk: Obama not born here

Michael Barone: The Transformative Power of Rick Santelli's Rant

Rick Santelli’s Rant

Think Tough Gun Laws Keep Europeans Safe? Think Again...

'A New Way of Being on the Planet'(Obama's "transcendence")

During the feverish excitement of the 2008 campaign, a columnist for the online San Francisco Chronicle, Mark Morford, took it upon himself to educate anti-Obama naysayers with "dysfunctional karmic antennae." They had been asking him: "What the hell's the big deal about Obama?"

The question looks prescient these days, but Morford's karmic antennae at the time picked up something different. Obama -- Morford had been told by "spiritually advanced people I know (not coweringly religious, mind you, but deeply spiritual)" -- was a "Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or health care plans or whatnot, but who can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet, of relating and connecting and engaging with this bizarre earthly experiment."

The karmic antennae of Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of Oprah's favorite meditation teachers, also picked this up. Kabat-Zinn pronounced Obama America's "first mindful president."

Obama, of course, had encouraged this talk with his stump speeches about "we are the ones we have been waiting for" and his campaign slogan ending in a preposition -- "Change you can believe in."

This ludicrous rhetoric and the expectations it inspired have caught up with him, as he looks more and more hackish, dishonest, and feeble by the day -- more a lightweight than a "Lightworker," less "mindful" than mindless. Most politicians spend the bulk of their mental time figuring out how to dodge and weave through a crisis, but one would think such a fabled figure could bring a little bit more imagination and sharpness to the exercise.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Obama Poses For Photos With Abbas… But Banned Cameras With Netanyahu

ACORN employees tell FBI of deliberate election fraud, according to new documents

The Hollywood Hypocrites – All But Invisible During Obama’s Oil Spill

Andrea Tantaros makes a great point here. During Katrina, a disaster that occurred during Bush's watch, celebrities were falling all over themselves to get on camera to "help" the victims.

12,444 posted on 06/10/2010 1:39:31 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
UH OH: Rolling Stone: Deepwater Blew, Obama Knew.

Hollywood Hypocrites And The Oil Spill.

Oblamer Falls Headfirst Into The Hypocrisy Trap. “Obama says he’s sick and tired of the Washington blame game, but still can’t resist doling out piles of blame himself. His compulsive, reflexive finger-pointing at Republicans, George W. Bush and vague villains on the right is not only unbecoming, it also reinforces the gathering public verdict that Obama is a weakling. Victims do not make good leaders.”

 American Nero: Obama parties on while reporters ask the tough question: Where should he vacation? “If the president is acting like an emperor, he surely has been encouraged to do so by the obeisance of media figures like Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, who a year ago, when his magazine was still in business, described Obama as ’sort of God.’ Which raises an age-old question: Can God make a rock so big he can’t lift it, and when is he going to use it to plug the damn hole?”

BP: In bed with the government, and politicians, all along. “BP was a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a lobby dedicated to passing a cap-and-trade bill.


THE ROAD TO SERFDOM as a comic book. I’ve linked this before, but it’s not as if it’s gotten less relevant . . .  SOLD OUT OF HAYEK: “I just got off the phone with Stephanie Hlywak of the U. of Chicago Press and it’s official — the U. of Chicago Press is SOLD OUT of copies of Friedrich Hayek’s classic The Road to Serfdom after selling over 13,000 copies in less than 24 hours, after the broadcast of Glenn Beck’s show on Hayek and his timeless book.”

SHOCKER: ACORN employees tell FBI of deliberate election fraud, according to new documents.

Don Surber: There’s more to the Helen Thomas case — American liberals once opposed anti-Semitism.

Related: Rabbi Who Taped Helen Thomas Is Inundated With Hate Mail and Death Threats.

WHY HAS YOUTUBE REMOVED THE VIDEO of anti-Tea Party violence in North Carolina? It’s not there anymore, claiming a terms-of-use violation. I’m skeptical . . .

I GUESS THERE MUST STILL BE PEOPLE WITH JOBS HE HASN’T ALIENATED: Obama Puts Mortgage Interest Deduction On Chopping Block. And how’s this going to impact the housing bust?

UPDATE: Related: How To Kill A Recovery.

CARBON COPS: The EPA’s Assault on Your Freedom & Thursday’s Big Vote in the Senate.

For Kicks: The New Obama Music Video

June 10, 2010 07:01 AM by Doug Powers

Team of ass-kicking experts fully assembled. Let’s do this!


Sheriff: Illegals May Get Gulf Spill Work

June 10th, 2010

From an outraged (at the sheriff) Associated Press:

La. sheriff fears illegal immigrants help cleanup

June 9, 2010

NEW ORLEANS — A sheriff in suburban New Orleans has asked federal authorities to investigate reports that illegal immigrants are working on the Gulf oil spill cleanup effort.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack A. Stephens said Wednesday that he asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement weeks ago to look into the reports.

Stephens says he wants to protect the community from "criminal elements" and not "people who want to earn an honest buck."

By definition illegal aliens cannot “earn an honest buck” in this country....ICE spokesman Brian Hale says the agency has conducted training on hiring requirements and performed work authorization checks, all of which were valid...

...And, of course, we believe them.

"photo says it all: “gubiment” workers, the new way to prosperity,Hail to the chief, Obamy. But why do we have to carry these empty plastic bags around? What? Only $15 bucks an hour?"
Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, June 10, 2010, 3:12 PM

Jobs?….. Who Needs Jobs?
The Democrats in the US Senate just rejected a bid to stop the radical Obama Administration from further strangling manufacturing and business in the United States.

The vote was 53-47.
53 Democrats rejected a bid by Republicans to block the new restrictions on American manufacturing!
The AP reported:

The Senate has rejected a bid to stop the Obama administration from imposing regulations on greenhouse gases, giving a boost to President Barack Obama as he pursues broader clean energy legislation.

Senators turned back a resolution that would have rescinded the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Supporters of the measure, mostly Republicans, argued that the EPA had usurped the authority of Congress to set climate policy and that the EPA regulations would increase energy costs and kill jobs.

But the White House, which threatened to veto the measure, said depriving the EPA of its ability to regulate carbon and other greenhouse emissions would result in greater dependence on oil and more pollution.

The unemployment rate is at a horrendous 9.7%.
Democrats want it to go higher.

12,445 posted on 06/11/2010 12:53:40 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
In the "Gee, Duh!" ( Or is that Duh!1? ) Dept:

Britons Wake Up To Realisation That Obama Is An Opportunistic, Vain Politician

American Nero - Obama parties on while reporters ask the tough question: Where should he vacation?

Uncovered: Obama's mystery college years; Tied to Ayers' group, extremist groups operating on campus

A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?

Wrong question- the right one is "what was wrong with America for putting this fraudster & con artist in to the White House?"

Video Goes Viral: "The BP Coffee Spill"

The Entertainment Industry Doesn't Give a Damn About Me (the Oil Spill)

W.H. summons BP brass to face Obama (Palin shames Obama into meeting with BP CEO)

Gov. Palin’s statement on the oil spill disaster will be viewed, in years to come, as ‘historic’


12,446 posted on 06/11/2010 2:50:28 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All

Slacker in Chief schedule for the day...(only half day work today, time to call out Loafer Barry)

Ominous Signs--Obama, Democrat Assault on Citizens Kicks Up Into High Gear (Videos Included)

...this is the week that in the future revolutionaries will look back to as the pivotal turning point at which radicals made their concerted move to fundamentally change our system of government from top to bottom

It's a little late, since we already did that on January 20, 2009, when we abandoned our constitutional republic and the concept of the rule of law...

So, controlling you health ( Life & death... ) wasn't quite enough?

Senators propose granting president emergency Internet power

After Teen's Death, Is an Intifadeh Coming to the U.S.-Mexican Border? (Blood Pressure Warning)

Is Cuba Smuggling Terrorists into the U.S. through Mexico and Arizona?

No... they are sending them directly to the white house...

Pelosi: We'll stop blaming Bush when his problems go away  God, what a revolting "woman..."


Retail Sales Fall Unexpectedly


Bernanke Is Wrong! Double-Dip Recession Looming, Forecaster David Levy Says

The Stunning Crash And Burn Of Las Vegas

In recent decades, Las Vegas has become a symbol for the over-the-top affluence and decadence of America. But now it is a microcosm of the economic nightmare that has gripped the entire nation.  Read more at ...

The coming shakedown

prepare for a time when a $100 bill will be worth more as toilet paper and toilet paper will be worth more than a $100 bill.

Bureaucracy, EPA & Napolitano stop US from “keeping up with the Joneses” on oil spill clean up

Bomb The Oil Leak (Plug The Damn Hole Alert)

Panel commissioned by Barney Frank recommends nearly $1T in defense cuts

Wooo-hooo! More Bucks for MidNite Basketball!
"...the time-honored Orwellian-Alinsky tactic of redefining language to advance an agenda. Ever notice how when 'Rats spend (throw away) taxpayer money on useless and failed social programs, it's called "investing"? When 'Pubs spend, it's "wasteful spending"."

Sources: Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week

Obama hates Israel, I dont know why this is such a shock. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with his entire life...

BP oil spill: Is Barack Obama the man for a crisis?

Har, har, har-dee har har...

Oldest Calif. one-room school closing

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To: All

Barbara Boxer: Greatest Threat to National Security is… Carbon Dioxide

June 11, 2010 04:01 PM by Doug Powers

"Another reason why putting a moratorium on Congress itself might be a really good idea. A 10 year moratorium. Two years on, 10 years off. That would be about right. With a civic and mental/intelligence evaluation before the pol is allowed to be seated."

"Don’t miss what this C02 deal is really about. Its about the purchase and sale of “carbon credits” that producers of “fossil fuel” energy (gas, electric, oil) companies will be forced to buy when they exceed the “cap” the government artificially assesses. They will become the new derivatives market and make billionaires out of many of the liberal elite who will (they hope) control the market."

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, June 11, 2010, 11:40 PM

CNN reported tonight (CNN?) that President Obama skipped the Memorial Service for the 11 workers who died in the Deepwater Horizon explosion because he was attending a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer.

According his official schedule, President Obama did not attend the May 25 memorial service in Jackson, Mississippi for the workers who died in the Deepwater Horizon explosion because he was en route to a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-California, in San Francisco.

At Thursday’s White House briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked why Obama did not attend the service. The president’s spokesman answered, “I’d have to look at the schedule. I don’t know the answer.”

CNN examined the president’s schedule for that day, and according to it, the president left the White House at 2:55 p.m. EST en route to Andrews Air Force Base for the cross-country flight to the San Francisco fundraiser.

INDEED: “After eight years of tarring the Bush administration as utterly ineffectual and to blame for natural disasters, job losses, and tarnishing America’s image abroad, Democrats’ former arguments about ‘competency’ are now coming back to haunt them.”
“SMART DIPLOMACY?” “When Obama continually refers to BP as ‘British Petroleum’, which is no longer its formal name, he is saying something revealing about himself, and his Anglophobic spite will come as no surprise to those who have followed his career, and read his memoir Dreams From my Father. He seems to have made up the part about his father being tortured by the British in Kenya, but there’s no question that Obama nurses a disdain for and even dislike of this country.”
GERARD VAN DER LEUN on Sarah Palin’s breasts: “I am, however, amused by the frothing search on the left for whether or not Sarah Palin’s pair has grown. Seems to me what the left should be asking is not if Sarah Palin’s pair has grown, but when their president plans to grow a pair.”
ALLEN: Uh, no one told me about Maine boom company. The country’s in the very best of hands.

Is Obama placing the welfare of unions above the Gulf Coast clean up?  ( Uhh, why not? He puts his welfare above the nation's... )

This is so insane, I don't want to believe it. Part of me thinks it has to be a mistake. No way would Barack Obama go as far as to place his loyalty to unions above cleaning up the oil in the Gulf Coast, right? Dead birds, sea turtles, dolphins, crustaceans, and other marine life are washing up on Louisiana's coast along with clumps of thick, sticky, orange, and gooey oil. Miles and miles of coastal Louisiana marshlands are at risk of being destroyed forever. Yet Obama has refused to lift the Jones Act, which would allow foreign ships to assist us in laying boom and skimming oil. Why? Some say he wants to appease the unions. Robert Gibbs confirmed in yesterday's press briefing that the Jones Act is still in effect because the situation hasn't warranted lifting it. He said the United States has all the help it needs right now.

President Obama is impeding clean-up efforts in the Gulf by kowtowing to unions and members of the American maritime industry, critics have charged in recent days. At issue is the president's refusal to waive the Jones Act, a century-old law that effectively bars foreign-owned ships from moving between U.S. ports, a necessary component of participating in the cleanup effort.

When asked why President Obama hasn't waived the Jones Act -- which President Bush put on hold to facilitate Katrina rescue efforts -- White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said a suspension wasn't necessary.

But Sen. Bill Nelson, Florida Democrat, and others say the act is keeping boats from getting on the water to lay boom and skim oil.

The man in charge, Admiral Thad Allen, said, "If we have a reason to consider a waiver of the Jones Act, we certainly will do that...None has been presented to me."

Well, color me unsurprised. No one told him about the boom manufacturer in Maine, either.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, June 11, 2010, 10:01 AM

We saw these radicals withhold and manipulate information during the health care debate… Now we find out they’re doing the same thing with the nation’s energy supply…
Team Obama fudged a report to support their drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico.

A group of oil drilling experts claimed that the Obama Administration misrepresented their views in order to put a hold on drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.
FOX News reported:

The seven experts who advised President Obama on how to deal with offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon explosion are accusing his administration of misrepresenting their views to make it appear that they supported a six-month drilling moratorium — something they actually oppose.

The experts, recommended by the National Academy of Engineering, say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar modified their report last month, after they signed it, to include two paragraphs calling for the moratorium on existing drilling and new permits.

Salazar’s report to Obama said a panel of seven experts “peer reviewed” his recommendations, which included a six-month moratorium on permits for new wells being drilled using floating rigs and an immediate halt to drilling operations.

“None of us actually reviewed the memorandum as it is in the report,” oil expert Ken Arnold told Fox
News. “What was in the report at the time it was reviewed was quite a bit different in its impact to what there is now. So we wanted to distance ourselves from that recommendation.”

Salazar apologized to those experts Thursday.

Obama’s oil drilling moratorium will cost this country tens of thousands of jobs and may take years to recover from.

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To: All
Appointment with The Apocalypse- Aren't you glad Komrade ZerØ is "in chagh!" and "ruling" you now?

-Everything you ever needed to know about Kommander ZerØ-The Obama Files, from New Zeal-

Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Clear Skies To Attack Iranian Nuclear Sites

From Here To Extermination


Democrats' Wild Ride

Doesn't mean a thing- a week is an eternity in politics, now, and a Black Swan ( see above ) will fly over soon...

Is A Military Coup Likely in Obama’s Amerika?

Presidential Memorandum--Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate

Obama to POLITICO: GOP shares the blame for spill

Yes, the man is cracking up...

This job, too, is beneath Obama[THE UNSTOPPABLE GUSH]

Steyn writes:
“There are millions of people like Barack Obama, the eternal students of a vast lethargic transnational campus for whom global compassion and the multicultural pose are merely the modish gloss on a cult of radical grandiose narcissism. As someone once said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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Obama Turned Down Oil Skimming Ships From The Dutch Government

Never let a crisis...

Obama Blocking Oil Skimmers!

COMPETENCE: BREAKING: Coast Guard Head Was Informed of Maine Oil Boom on 5/21. Yesterday, He Claimed He Didn’t Know.
ANOTHER SALAZAR SCREWUP: I’m beginning to lose confidence in these people.
Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, June 12, 2010, 9:02 AM

“I can’t swim down and plug the hole… I can’t suck it up with a straw.”  ( “Yes WE can” turned into “No I can’t”.)

President Obama whines to reporters, “I can’t suck it upwith a straw.”

VIDEO AT LINK of Fearless Leeder...

Umm… Nobody’s asking you to, Barack.

But, maybe you could order more oil boom like the miles of boom waiting in a Maine warehouese? Maybe you could drop or expedite the regulations that is holding up the cleanup? Maybe you could accept assistance from foreign nations who offer to help? Maybe you could make clear who’s in charge? Maybe you could act like it’s an a emergency instead of going on vacation while America loses 18 of its southern beaches for generations? Maybe you could act like a leader and quit whining and blaming others?

ER, RIGHT: Obama: GOP to blame for spill, because if I had tried to prevent it, which I didn’t, they would have stopped me. Right. It’s got nothing to do with Obama receiving record contributions from BP, and regulators . . . coincidentally . . . cutting BP a lot of slack. But if he were a Republican, it would be all about that.
THE DAILY CALLER LOOKS AT who’s behind Obama’s “Media Reform” Policy. These efforts are unAmerican. They should be stopped, and those behind them punished to the point that no politician dares go there again.

New Video Reveals Disastrous Options Awaiting the U.S. – “Federal Spending by the Numbers”

Obama May Want to Fix Your State, Too

Politico: Environmentalists give Barack Obama a pass on oil spill (Never let a serious crisis ...)

“In some ways the media coverage is doing a lot of the work for the environmental groups,” Nisbet said. “They have a perfect narrative going right now….The lower profile is working for them.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Nesenoff Flooded With Death Threats For Helen Thomas Video (racist Arabs & "regular" Nazis)

Is it NOW time for Britain to release a Kenyan birth certificate? Should one exist... (Vanity)

Multibillion Dollar Supermarket Chains Secretly Finance Anti-Walmart Astroturf

Videos--Why Would Obama Lie About Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn?

BP Blowout Is About Human, Not System, Failure - Samson Oil & Gas President Op Ed in WSJ

In the "Just Arrgh!" Dept?
The comments section is X-rated, but damn if is isn't funny in places:

Whores Say The Funniest Things


Before you watch the clip, recall the standard sitcom joke you've heard a thousand times, which basically consists of a character swearing up and down to be innocent of some allegation, only to follow it up with a parenthetical admission that confirms the charge.

The old:

"I did not take the cookies from the cookie jar. Now, did I look at the cookie jar? Sure. Did I think about taking the cookies? Of course. Did I actually take the cookies from the cookie jar? Again: yes. But I did not take the cookies from the cookie jar."

It's a hack joke, but, as they say, it's a classic for a reason.

The whore proves her chops as a comedian beginning at 1:20.

VIDEO ( of the tart impeaching herself ) at the link...

Ed Morrissey discusses this seriously, which I guess proves he's a lot more disciplined than I am.

Oh, here's my take:

You know how bad it looks when a wife stands by a cheating husband at a press conference?

It looks worse when the genders are reversed. A lot worse. To the point where I pretty much want to give her a pass for adultery -- with this schmuck as her husband, who can blame her?

Oh, I just caught this: Watch the husband's head turn, and his grim expression, as she admits that maybe there was some slight genital-exposure. But just a smidge.

Hooo Boy: The Chicken just said "Free at last, free at last, Thank God A'Mighty, I'm Free at last."

According to court papers obtained by WHAM 13, Corona told police at the time of her arrest, "I know what I did was inappropriate and I apologize, but you'd understand if you knew what my life was like."

She told officers her husband is "transgender," and that the two "never had sex."

Posted by Ace at 02:52 PM New Comments Thingy

World War II bomber 'Swamp Ghost' returns to US

WASP pilots who crewed a B-17E named Pistol Packin' Mama

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To: All
Say it Loud
Say it Proud:
Oblamer is tanking:
CRATERING ON everything the public cares about.
SO MUCH FOR THAT PROMISE ABOUT KEEPING YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE: ObamaCare will kill 51% of companies’ health plans. “Internal White House documents reveal that 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage by 2013 due to ObamaCare. That numbers soars to 66% for small-business employers.”  All of Oblamer's promises have expiration dates.
No exceptions. Ever.
What A Difference A Year Makes. Yeah, the magic’s gone away.
BUT OF COURSE: POLITICO: Environmentalists give Barack Obama a pass on oil spill. Environmentalists, like feminists, are just another arm of the Democratic establishment: “running dogs” to be loosed or reined in as politics require. It is thus unnecessary to pay attention to what they say, since it’s just politics anyway.
In the "what a shameless whore" Dept?

Obama to Tea Partiers: See! The Gulf Disaster is What Smaller Government Will Get You

June 12, 2010 11:29 AM by Doug Powers

When you’re stuck in quicksand — or even a vat of thick oil for that matter — the first pointer in the survival manual is not to flail. President Obama hasn’t read that manual:

The president also implied that anti-big government types such as tea party activists were being hypocritical on the issue.

“Some of the same folks who have been hollering and saying ‘do something’ are the same folks who, just two or three months ago, were suggesting that government needs to stop doing so much,” Obama said. “Some of the same people who are saying the president needs to show leadership and solve this problem are some of the same folks who, just a few months ago, were saying this guy is trying to engineer a takeover of our society through the federal government that is going to restrict our freedoms.”

Is the president saying that he didn’t react quickly because he was trying to placate Tea Party activists, thus blaming them for the slow response? Obama almost makes it sound like he let the Gulf die to make a point against those who are for smaller, more responsible government, doesn’t he?

Besides, the whole argument is bogus, desperate, and perhaps eventually counterproductive for Obama.

Dan Riehl:

Patently false. If the Tea Party mentality held sway, we’d be drilling in ANWR and closer to the shore in shallower water, so this disaster would never have happened. He’s opening the door for even more attacks over how government overreach creates problem like this.

On top of that, it was Obama who was talking about more drilling just before the rig explosion. Is he now saying that was a bad idea, he simply pushed for pure politics? Americans are smart enough to know there’s a big difference between how the government reacts in a major disaster, or a war, versus how it encroaches into their lives more and more on any given day.

‘Nuff said.52 Comments

"Fearless Leader wouldn’t be in such a pickle were it not for everyone else. If we could just get out of his way, he could proceed to his quest of being America’s first God-President. But alas..."

Great. The Ken Salazar’s order for a moratorium on gulf drilling was based on a recommendation from the National Academy of Engineering. Problem is that the 7 members of that panel recommended AGAINST shutting down drilling.

What makes these boobs believe that they can get away with such a lie?  Salazar’s lie is a felony.  Law – what fascist ever bothered with the law?

MARK STEYN on shaped news vs. the real world.  "The politico-media class in the Netherlands as elsewhere has ruled that discussion of the Islamization of Europe is not part of respectable people's conversation and so they talk about mortgages - and prosecute those who, like Wilders, decline to submit to such shriveled bounds of public discourse."

But Glenn Beck Is The Crazy One

After Glenn Beck’s recommendation, the demand for [The Road to Serfdom] has exceeded our current inventory. A large reprint is due early next week and the availability dates on the retail web sites will change. This is an unusual circumstance for the Press but The Road to Serfdom is a perennial best seller for us so there is no danger of this book being out of stock for long. The book is selling very strongly on Amazon’s Kindle e-book site where it will never go out of stock. It’s safe to say, though, that we have sold roughly a half-a-year’s worth of copies in the last two days.


Posted by Kate at 12:29 AM| Comments (22)

The fruits of illegal immigration in California

by savage ( 73 Comments › )
Filed under Multiculturalism, illegals at June 12th, 2010 - 10:30 am

This is from an email floating around lately. I live in California and I can attest to the fact it’s true. In fact, I used to work in South Gate.

From a California school teacher – - -

“As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of.

I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels.

Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens , Huntington Park , etc., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools.

Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I say free breakfast, I’m not talking a glass of milk and a roll — but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten.

I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell phones. The school also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids.

I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything; my budget was already substantial. I ended up buying new computers for the computer learning center, half of which, one month later, have been carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America …

I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students, here in the country less than 3 months, who raised so much hell with the female teachers, calling them “Putas” (whores) and throwing things, that the teachers were in tears.

Free medical, free education, free food, free day care etc., etc, etc. Is it any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to demand rights, privileges and entitlements?

To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants contribute to our society because they LIKE their gardener and housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE costs.

Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical costs, more crime, lower standards of education in our schools, overcrowding, new diseases. For me, I’ll pay more for tomatoes.

Americans, We need to wake up.

It does, however, have everything to do with culture: It involves an American third-world culture that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant and dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses to assimilate, and an American culture that has become so weak and worried about “political correctness” that we don’t have the will to do anything about it.

If this makes your blood boil, as it did mine, forward this to everyone you know.

CHEAP LABOR? Isn’t that what the whole immigration issue is about?

Business doesn’t want to pay a decent wage.

Consumers don’t want expensive produce.

Government will tell you Americans don’t want the jobs.

But the bottom line is cheap labor. The phrase “cheap labor” is a myth, a farce, and a lie. There is no such thing as “cheap labor.”

Take, for example, an illegal with a wife and five children. He takes a job for $5.00 or 6.00/hour. At that wage, with six dependents, he pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if he files an Income Tax Return, he gets an “earned income credit” of up to $3,200 free.

He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent.

He qualifies for food stamps.

He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care.

His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school.

He requires bilingual teachers and books.

He qualifies for relief from high energy bills.

If they are, or become, aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for SSI. If qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicaid. All of this is at (our) taxpayer’s expense.

He doesn’t worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowners insurance.

Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed material.

He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour in benefits.

Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6.00/hour left after paying their bills and his.

Cheap labor? YEAH RIGHT!


THIS is why I support Arizona’s SB1070, cause of bullshit like this.

hat tip to Arch at GCP


Greene Victory Raises Red Flags; E-Votes Look Sketchy?


It seemed pretty obvious to everyone in 2000 who bothered to think about it that electronic voting machines would be less, not more, reliable than traditional paper-ballot machines.

But of course we all had to "do something," because Gore lost, and we know that can't be right.

So we did what we always do: We spent a lot of money to make things worse.

Quoting Politico:

In Lancaster County, Rawl won absentee ballots over Greene by a staggering 84 percent to 16 percent margin; but Greene easily led among Election Day voters by 17 percentage points.

In Spartanburg County, Ludwig said there are 25 precincts in which Greene received more votes than were actually cast and 50 other precincts where votes appeared to be missing from the final count.

"In only two of 88 precincts, do the number of votes Greene got plus the number we got equal the total cast," Ludwig said.

Thanks to MacRadDoc, who affirms it's true that SC uses electronic voting machines.

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Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, June 12, 2010, 11:05 PM

The Federal Aviation Administration banned flights over the GULF OF MEXICO OIL SPILL AND AFFECTED COASTLINE this week.

After all, all of those flights might lead to nasty photos and more bad press for President Whiner.

Director Blue has an update.

Obama’s average approval rating dropped to 47% this week.

Ace is back Chaz fired his first shot of the day across Ace's bow.  I scrolled through the comments up to about 1:15 PM Central time, and found that Nekama was posting (!!!)
Looking for Nekamas troll hammer over at Urban Dictionary....found this.
Read all about it here: Posted by Ace at 04:27 PM New Comments Thingy

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To: All

If ignorance is bliss, this is one happy White House

Leaderless leadership

Much like his

Recoveryless Recovery...

I sure “Hope” you like all that “change” you voted for, Ø-Merica...


Administration: 51% Of Companies’ Health Plans Won’t Pass Muster

Internal White House documents reveal that 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage by 2013 due to ObamaCare. That numbers soars to 66% for small-business employers.

The documents — product of a joint project of the Labor Department, the Health and Human Services Department and the IRS — examine the effects new regulations would have on existing, or “grandfathered,” employer-based health care plans.

Draft copies of the documents were reportedly leaked to House Republicans earlier in the week. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., posted them on his Web site Friday afternoon. (View the full report here.)

According to the report, by 2013 51% of all employers — 66% of small employers (3-99 employees) and 45% of large employers — would have to relinquish current coverage. In a worst-case scenario, 69% of firms would lose their grandfathered status.

This could pose a serious threat to President Obama’s claim that if you like your coverage, you’d get to keep it.

Check out IBD's full story (here) at and in Monday’s print edition.

Read more at ...

A History Of Obama’s Violent Rhetoric

0bama the "Uniter" ...

Obama To Supporters: "Argue With Friend and Neighbors Get In Their Face!" video

Obama Mocks Fox, "Teabaggers" video

Obama Mocks Republican 'Armageddon' Rhetoric (Again) video

Obama: Police Acted 'stupidly' in Scholar Arrest video

Obama On GOP Running On Repeal: 'Go For It' video

NRA: Barack Obama - "bitter gun owners" video

President Obama, No One in Arizona is Laughing video

Obama, during his private pep talk to Democrats, ... asked, “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.” - Nov. 7, 2009

A President who mocks and taunts Americans, who incites his followers to be confrontational, is troublesome.

Obama's anti-social tendencies were apparent before he became president.

I'm Barack Obama and I approve these anti-social behaviors

You Brits are gonna pay [Obama and the BP Oil Spill]


Harry Reid's Real Estate Investing Plan (Reid's Unethical, Corrupt Land Deals Flashback)

Dozens of Teenage Girls Have Had Three Abortions or More [More Than 1000 on Fifth Termination!]

Isn't "progress" wonderful? What do they tell the kids they did not abort? "You had a few other brothers & sisters, but... "

Academia-Gate: Peter Dreier, ACORN, Revisionism, ‘Cry Wolf,’and Academic Whores Targets Conservative Blog as 'Hate' Site

Breakfast with Nancy: One Hour. Five Grand.

Chaos, Anarchy To Reign If Paterson Shuts Down NY (Monday Could Be Doomsday...)

I have a wild idea- rein in government...

Obama is merely an inhabitant of the United States.

Obama to Tea Partiers: See! The Gulf Disaster is What Smaller Government Will Get You

Alabama beaches filled with waves of oil

Mayor Accused of Racism After Tossing Bottlecap Near Black City Councilman (video)

For Neda

Around the same time Neda was dying for freedom, here is what Hussein was doing...

12,452 posted on 06/13/2010 1:57:38 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
MAUREEN DOWD ON OBAMA AND THE PRESS: “The former constitutional lawyer now in the White House understands that the press has a role in the democracy. But he is an elitist, too, as well as thin-skinned and controlling. . . . Like many Democrats, he thinks the press is supposed to be on his side.” Well, to be fair, you can see where he’d get that idea. But Dowd adds, “It hurts Obama to be a crybaby about it, and to blame the press and the ‘old Washington game’ for his own communication failures.” Ouch. The problem is, they’re not just communication failures. They’re personality failures.
DAVID WARREN: “We learned a simple thing this week: that the BP clean-up effort in the Gulf of Mexico is hampered by the Jones Act. This is a piece of 1920s protectionist legislation, that requires all vessels working in U.S. waters to be American-built, and American-crewed.
 Obama’s True Gulf Goof.
THE PRESS AND OBAMA: Where’s That Lovin’ Feeling? “In just a year and a half, the president has squandered the nearly universal support of the mainstream press by his incompetent handling of the BP oil spill. . . .
  Obama Whaling Repeal.....Revealed: Japan’s bribes on whaling
Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, June 13, 2010, 6:39 AM

Barack Obama’s oil drilling moratorium will cost tens of thousands of American jobs.
But, not everyone will suffer.
Oil companies are planning on moving their rigs from the Gulf of Mexico to South America off the coast of Brazil where the government is more friendly to energy corporations.
Reuters reported, via Free Republic:

Brazil could benefit from the BP Gulf of Mexico spill as a U.S. moratorium on offshore drilling boosts available rigs for the country’s deep water oil exploration program.

Even as an ecological catastrophe makes the future of U.S. offshore drilling less certain, Brazil is plowing ahead with a $220 billion five-year plan to tap oil fields even deeper than BP’s (BP.L) ill-fated Gulf well, which is still leaking crude.

With an estimated 35 rigs idled in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil is already receiving inquiries from companies looking to move their rigs here, where vast discoveries in recent years may soon turn the country into a major crude exporter.

“What is bad for some may be good for others,” said Fernando Martins, Latin America Vice President for GE Oil and Gas, which provides services to drillers in Brazil.

“Since operators are shutting down at least temporarily in the U.S. Gulf, some companies are planning to move their rigs to Brazil now,” he said, without offering details.

By the way… The Obama Administration fudged their report to push for the oil drilling ban.

Barack Obama urged the Democratic Congress to pass his new tax on oil companies yesterday.

Banana Republic?


No-Fly Zone Over Gulf So Obi One Can Go Swimming

Oh wait

Late Wednesday night, the FAA created a "no-fly zone" over a large area in the Gulf in order to, uhm, secure the safety of cleanup workers or something.[Read the rest]
Also, a commenter there stated there's a gag order on the CIS data for this incident. He has been following the Deepwater Horizen incident timeline.


h/t Kenneth Solomon

Another tidbit that makes one go hmmm, Gregroy Sullivan @ Pajamas Media notes Coast Guard Head Was Informed of Maine Oil Boom on 5/21. Yesterday, He Claimed He Didn’t Know

A letter signed by both Maine senators — with the four Gulf State governors copied — informed Admiral Allen of Packgen's boom weeks ago. Allen told ABC yesterday that he hadn't heard this information. [Read article to see the letter, along with a photo of miles of Packgen boom sitting in storage..]
Never let a good crisis go to waste ~Saul Alinsky~
By Allahakchew aka SH at 05:28 PM |
HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Is a college degree still worth it?: As U.S. employment patterns evolve, a diploma is no longer a guarantee of a better job and higher pay.

12,453 posted on 06/13/2010 12:12:31 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All

Beaches turn black in Baldwin County as oily waves roll in

Obama’s Boss Sees Silver Lining in BP Spill

Reuters is reporting that Brazil stands to benefit from the BP oil spill catastrophe as the US moratorium makes more rigs available for other countries.

Even as an ecological catastrophe makes the future of U.S. offshore drilling less certain, Brazil is plowing ahead with a $220 billion five-year plan to tap oil fields even deeper than BP’s (BP.L) ill-fated Gulf well, which is still leaking crude.

It’s estimated that thirty five rigs are now sitting idle in the Gulf of Mexico. Brazil is already getting inquiries from companies wanting to move their rigs there. Brazil’s state oil company, Petrobras already produces about a fourth of the world’s deep water oil . . .

Soros Fund Management, LLC holds a stake in Petrobras of approximately $900 million as of December 31, 2009 . . .

Soros also owns quite a lot of real estate in Brazil. Soros’ Adecoagro, which invests in renewable energy, owns or leases about 840,000 acres of farmland in Argentina . . .

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

CNN: When Does The Statute Of Limitations Run Out On Blaming Bush?

Congress meddless with the economic controls, not the president. The Dems have owned the economy's ups and downs since 2006.

Housing prices since 2006:

National debt since 2006

The Obama Agenda: The Fall of America Through Orchestrated Crisis

Ethics Rules "Byte" Obama White House (Violations of Presidential Records Act and Ethics Rules)

Fuel America with Terrorist-Tarred Oil Instead of Drilling Our Own, Baby?

Nude enviro-whackos ride bikes to protest oil — ‘more ass, less gas!' (video)


Looking for Backhoe -

Hawaiian elections official willing to swear in court president not born in Honolulu

The more people realize what a fraud Obama is, even the ‘Court’ of public opinion is turning against the Expendable Obama

Obama's Jihad: Jakarta to the Whitehouse (disturbing book title change)

How many Americans know that when Obama had his bloviating screed "The Audacity of Hope" was translated into Indonesian - the title went from "The Audacity of Hope" to "Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse". The man is dishonest about his Islamic leanings. Check this our from An American expat Living in Indonesia:


Jihad: From Jakarta To The Whitehouse

Read it all .......most disturbing.

8,941 posted on Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama bumper sticker 

legal plunder

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When I was six, my Dad built a boat for me-- 10 feet long, 4 feet in beam. You'd call it rowboat, but we called it a "bat-tow" ( darned if I can spell it correctly, or even locate the proper spelling ) with oarlocks and a bench midships. The transom was reinforced for an outboard motor, but I wasn't entrusted with one of those 'till a few years later.

I would collect soft drink bottles on the beach, and when I had 25 of them, load the boat and row to the pier in the Village. Yes, we are talking about being at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean.

Climb a vertical wood ladder- no guard cage, no rails, no nothin' for safety- about a twenty-foot climb-- and haul my booty to the deck. The tourists were always impressed by the little white-haired, nut-brown ( yes, my black friends often told me I "passed," I was so dark... ) beach boy.

From there to the Community Market, to redeem the bottles for reuse at the Coke plant on the mainland.

Then, to Ward's drugstore. where 25 cents would buy me one hot dog and a coke for lunch.

Then, row back home...
Just an old Keyboard Cowboy...gating back out, into Cyberspace and the -Dreamtime--

Mr. Greenhut, I'm not letting it go. And nothing you write ( however clumsily and prejudicially you set it up ) is going to convince me otherwise.

It's one thing to be tolerant, to look the other way- and quite another to be forced to agree to, and even cheerlead for something you don't support.

Marriage and the family are the basic building blocks of society, even predating history- and you want us to agree to standing it on its head.

No sale- and I'll oppose it no matter what you write, or what abominations of law you get corrupt judges to agree to.

Enough is enough with this nonsense.

I'm just an old Cyber Cowboy ( and construction man, and business man, and gun dealer and wrecker driver, and a few other things you could glean if you hunted far enough... ) who followed Terri's case back when nobody cared:
The war for Terri Schiavo's life- some links
Various FR links | 10-18-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Then, when it became a cause celeb. I shifted in to high gear, and pseudo-blogged it, in all its sad, sorry, sordid detail:
Useless Eaters vs The Death Cult
various FR links & stories | 03-29-05 | the heavy equipment guy

While I have never encountered a more divisive issue ( people I formerly regarded as allies and friends did not merely disagree with me, they stalked me across the internet, and to this day, hate me for standing up for Terri... )

I still stand by what I said, as it was breaking:

"She was killed for being an inconvenient woman, and for money."

And yes, I will remember...

As my old cyber-pal from long-dead boards, ALOHA RONNIE, likes to say:


( The heavy equipment guy )

Gating out

In to Cyberspace

And The Dreamtime...


12,454 posted on 06/13/2010 3:57:17 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
Miss Emily has died [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]

Her & Cole, the love of her life ( and vice versa ) recently:

12,455 posted on 06/14/2010 3:00:30 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
More sad news...
12,456 posted on 06/15/2010 1:00:12 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
I simply do not know if I have the heart to continue doing these compilations of links and graphics.

Miss Emily was my heart...

"Heart of my heart" meant friends were dearer then

Too bad we had to part

I know a tear would glisten If once more I could listen

To the gang that sang "Heart of my heart"


Deep Horizon Well System May Collapse (Worst Disaster In Our Lifetimes)

 The Oil Drum ^ | 6/13/2010 | The Oil Drum

"Never let a crisis go to waste...".

55% Of Americans Say 'Revolution' If Obama Somehow Gets New UN Gun Ban Treaty Ratified In the U.S.

The new United Nations Treaty is being designed to disarm all citizens of every nation on Earth. The treaty will give all governments a free hand to do as they please. It is making headway in Washington D.C. and it is feared that President Obama may very well try to use the treaty to consolidate his power in America. The treaty specifics are now being negotiated and Obama has given the OK For the U.S. to be a part of the negotiations.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Obama Gives Back Major Strip of AZ to Mexico

Here’s one more problem that’s too difficult for fearless leader to face.

Efforts to Repel Gulf Oil Spill Are Described as Chaotic

12,457 posted on 06/16/2010 1:20:30 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: All
Miss Emily has died [ 1 ... 7, 8, 9 ]

Recently, Miss emily said about Cole, the Golden Retriever puppy we got to replace Taffy-girl:

"He makes me smile more than anything I ever had!"

Goodnight, my Heart...

12,458 posted on 06/16/2010 12:48:59 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into America's Twilight...)
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To: backhoe

Oh, Good god!

I’m so sorry Backhoe!

Jeez. Do you have family around you?

*Big FReeper HUGS*

12,459 posted on 06/16/2010 4:22:26 PM PDT by fanfan (Why did they bury Barry's past?)
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To: backhoe; jimrob; JustAmy; Kathy in Alaska; Cindy

Have any of you seen Backhoe’s post at 12455?

He’s lost his wife, Miss Emily. 2 days ago.

I FReepmailed him as soon as I noticed the post this afternoon, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

There is a link to his thread on Free Dominion at 12458.

12,460 posted on 06/16/2010 5:00:38 PM PDT by fanfan (Why did they bury Barry's past?)
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