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Dixie Chicks at a Crossroads (more detail on the F.U.T.K. t-shirt)
Washington Dispatch ^ | May 28, 2003 | CK Rairden

Posted on 05/28/2003 8:25:09 AM PDT by fightinJAG

Dixie Chicks at a Crossroads

Exclusive commentary by CK Rairden

May 28, 2003

The Dixie Chicks were doing so well. Lead singer Natalie Maines had finally shut up, and the country artists had been cheered on their American concert tour for their music. Then came the prestigious American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. The very mention of their name drew a chorus of boos from the crowd.

“Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas, lead singer Natalie Maines told a London audience in March. The Chicks took heat for that remark for weeks, so much so that they went on a ‘victim tour’ to attempt to garner sympathy from their fans. They cried on the ABC magazine show “Prime Time.” They sat for an interview that ran in the magazine Entertainment Weekly, and posed for an apparently heavily airbrushed nude cover shot with slogans transcribed all over their bods.

They claimed they were being harassed and threatened and released information that they would hire off duty police officers to protect them. The victim card was played then the Chicks then held their breath and opened their tour in Greenville, South Carolina.

It went well as those who paid to see the Chicks greeted the band with cheers and not jeers.

It continued that way for all of their tour dates. Folks who paid to see them generally cheered, the Chicks kept their mouths shut except to sing and their fans supported them.

Then came the prestigious Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. It started out poorly for the Chicks as hostess Reba McEntire joked about them in her open monologue twice to a howling response from their peers.

This crowd in Las Vegas seemed less forgiving as none of them paid to see the Chicks perform. At the mention of the Chicks name, boos scattered down from the crowd.

But it still wasn’t all that bad.

The big problem for the country music trio came when they were asked at the last moment to perform via satellite from Austin, Texas. Silence greeted the band in the Vegas auditorium as they were introduced. They played a tune that was broadcast on screen and as the camera zoomed in on lead singer and political commentator Natalie Maines you could see the letters F.U.T.K on her homemade t-shirt.

Most believe the T.K stands for Toby Keith, a country music superstar in his own right and singer of the very patriotic song “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” (The Angry American.) It doesn’t take much to figure out what the F.U. stood for.

The patriotic country music fans in Vegas didn’t like the vulgar statement.

Toby Keith wrote that song after 9/11 in honor of his late father and it became an anthem for music fans that believed America had to defend itself after the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers.

It was also a song that former POW Pfc. Patrick Miller sang to his captors while being held in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Toby Keith even met Miller at his homecoming parade in Valley Center, Kansas and struck up a duet of the tune with the private. He then gave Miller his guitar from that day. It was a nice gesture by Keith, and fans appreciated it across America.

So once again, with her petty message to Keith, Natalie Maines gave the appearance of being ungrateful and unpatriotic.

The Vegas crowd would soon let her know about it.

Their name was then mentioned for entertainer of the year and the boos were thunderous. Presenter Vince Gill tried to quiet the crowd, but to no avail. This entire ceremony was a celebration of music and patriotism, and the Chicks were still perceived to be the exact opposite of that.

The show saluted the armed forces several times, including a standing ovation for three freed POWs of the Iraq war who were invited on stage. Pfc. Miller was there along with Chief Warrant Officer Ronald Young Jr. from Fort Hood, Texas and Spc. Shoshana Johnson, from Fort Bliss, Texas.

Johnson was shown misty-eyed as Darryl Worley sang his patriotic anthem for the soldiers “Have You Forgotten?”

The crowd had no patience for the Dixie Chicks and their anti-war stance.

The Dixie Chicks lost the entertainer of the year award to none other than Toby Keith, which pleased the Vegas fans. In fact they failed to win any awards.

Launch YAHOO! caught up with host Reba McEntire and asked her if she thought the Chicks' helped themselves to win back any support of the fans or fellow performers who were not happy with Maines' unpatriotic comment. McEntire made her opinion clear, “(It) didn't sound like it. I announced it, and it was a pretty big negative response. It was very, very bad. I don't think it's over.”

Reba is right.

The Chicks have lost respect from many country fans, many country artists, and many people who had never heard of them. Maines’ vulgar t-shirt showed clearly that she learned very little from her statements, or doesn’t mind the loss of respect.

It will be amazing if Maines doesn’t once again slip up, make another foolish statement and cause her band grief from country music fans and her peers. These three women are very talented musicians, but they are losing quite a few would be fans with perceived anti-American antics. The Chicks are at a crossroads. They can make a stand and attempt to become a political and social force with their music, words and t-shirts to a select anti-American crowd. Or they can continue to be country superstars. If they choose the latter--time can heal this, if that’s what the Chicks want.

All they have to do is shut up and sing.

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To: Under the Radar
It is an issue for one reason only.

A good portion of America actually listens to 'entertainers', newsheads and 'the editing staff'. Look at the impact these freaks have on the society!

The majority of Americans are pack animals and follow the story line of 'Friends'.........These people vote!

Sure, not all of them, but enough of them. Why do you think the DNC works so hard to get out the vote? Most people will vote and think what they think is the majority opinion, what is shaped by ding dongs like Maines, Jennings and Couric.

We have an obligation to voice a loud dissenting opinion and show numbers in it.

We have to be heard, we have to do our part to point out the stupidity and the madness.

That is why I care. I want to shout from the roof tops that Maines is wrong and vulgar, then maybe we can discuss it with the sheeple and that will open up a thought process in those castrated minds..
101 posted on 05/28/2003 9:45:42 AM PDT by CyberCowboy777 (In those days... Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.)
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To: tame
I thought it made a lot of sense.
102 posted on 05/28/2003 9:45:56 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.)
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To: Flurry

How could I have FORGOTTEN that Natalie HAD QUESTIONS???

Stop the world, Natalie had questions.
103 posted on 05/28/2003 9:46:12 AM PDT by fightinJAG
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To: fightinJAG
Be a little more considerate in the future. I'm glad we straightened that out.
104 posted on 05/28/2003 9:48:32 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.)
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To: sarasota
I know a band called "GrooveLilly" that does it very well (minus the steel guitar and plus an electric fiddle), but I'm imagine they're the exception.

And they're still extremely "indie" at the moment.

105 posted on 05/28/2003 9:48:51 AM PDT by fightinJAG
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To: Under the Radar
Can you imagine someone releasing a light-hearted song like that about a man killing his wife?

I always wondered about that myself.... never got how Garth Brooks had an entire verse of "Thunder Rolls" censored from the air (and the CD as well), about a woman killing a cheating husband, and the DCs were allowed to push "Goodbye, Earl", where a wife's friend helps the wife kill the husband. Garth still sings the verse live:

She runs down the hallway, and through the bedroom door
Reaches for the pistol, hidden in the dresser drawer
Tells the woman in the mirror he won't do this again
Cause this is the last time she'll wonder where he's been....

The last thunder sound effect is replaced with the sound of a gunshot....
106 posted on 05/28/2003 9:49:02 AM PDT by SpinnerWebb
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To: homeschool mama
*vulgar* is an excellent term to describe Maines and those of her ilk.

That is only the beginning...what about crude, rude and lewd?

107 posted on 05/28/2003 9:49:33 AM PDT by Lady Eileen
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To: Joe Whitey
Call us stupid but watching celeb lefties dig a big hole and keep digging is a lot of fun.
108 posted on 05/28/2003 9:50:08 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.)
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To: Flurry
Made sense to me. ((shrug))
109 posted on 05/28/2003 9:50:50 AM PDT by fightinJAG
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To: Joe Whitey
I've never heard of this "Vichy Chicks".

Your post makes no sense.

I suggest you do a search for "Dixie Chicks" here on FR, read through the threads and get up to speed.

110 posted on 05/28/2003 9:50:56 AM PDT by hattend
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To: SpinnerWebb
Good point! I hadn't made that connection.
111 posted on 05/28/2003 9:51:13 AM PDT by Under the Radar
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To: SpinnerWebb
The girls thrive on controversy, starting with Goodbye Earl. It won them their fame. Let's hope their 15 minutes are over.
112 posted on 05/28/2003 9:51:19 AM PDT by sarasota
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To: Flurry
Another Flurry post I could call my own.
113 posted on 05/28/2003 9:51:21 AM PDT by fightinJAG
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To: SwinneySwitch; fightinJAG
114 posted on 05/28/2003 9:51:45 AM PDT by stratman1969 (Anti-Americanism is NOT dissent)
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To: fightinJAG
Where is the DC's management in all of this. Remember, they are the one's that went on the "rebuilding their image" tour. Did they now know of her t-shirt and did they not caution against it? Do they not care? What idiots...

Note to future country music stars...make sure potential management resume's do not include "former management of the Dixie Chicks" anywhere on them...
115 posted on 05/28/2003 9:52:59 AM PDT by grumple
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To: fightinJAG
Well, I'm not usually inclined toward the vulgar, but in this case I think I'll forego my normal, respectful prohibitions.

Accordingly, if I were Toby, I'd be inclined to respond to F.U.T.K. with a tee shirt of my own.

Maybe one bearing the acronym, B.O.L.P.P.I.W.

Whazzit mean?

Try, "Bend Over Little Porker and Perhaps I will."

116 posted on 05/28/2003 9:54:21 AM PDT by Coyote (the opposite of RIGHT is NOT's WRONG!)
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117 posted on 05/28/2003 9:54:27 AM PDT by EggsAckley ( Midnight at the Oasis)
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To: fightinJAG
Hey if a flute can be used in rock!

Fiddles are used as well as accordions and orchestras, rock really has no boundaries.

I believe Stevie Ray Vaughan had a Steel Guitar in the band and a Fiddle....I could be mistaken.
118 posted on 05/28/2003 9:54:32 AM PDT by CyberCowboy777 (In those days... Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.)
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Comment #119 Removed by Moderator

To: Flurry
Yes they need to be prying for a crossover career

They made their intentions abundantly clear when they headlined for the Lilith Fair. "Goodbye Earl" is an anthem about driving "rednecks" out of country music. Natalie Maines tried to become the self-appointed regulator of who is and who is not welcome in the "new" country music. She obviously overplayed her hand, but she is not working alone. There are big-money record company elements involved that are trying to hijack and redefine country music, complete with the same "political cleansing" of conservatism that exists at many levels in the movie industry. With the carpetbagging now taking place by the likes of Sheryl Crow, expect the attacks to continue.

120 posted on 05/28/2003 9:54:48 AM PDT by Orbiting_Rosie's_Head
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