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To: Jehu
"Evolutionary Theory is hostile to the very core of Christian belief."

I'm kind of hesitant to believe that... imagine when God revealed the creation of man to moses. If he fast forwarded the process he would first see nothing, (although bacteria were present) and then he would see a man forming from the dust.

"You cannot impute original sin to the human race if we all descended from tribes of apes. No original parents, no sin in those parents (thus transmitted to all offspring). No orginal sin committed by the first parents?"

you also seem to support that being descended from apes means that a human could not have commited original sin, au contraire, no animal is bound under the law, but humans are. God told Adam not to eat of the fruit... if he told an ape, its not mentioned in the Bible.

"Then sin cannot be removed by the new head of the human race...Christ."

sure it can. is your faith so small that you put God in a box so that he is incapable of using evolution as a tool?

" Article of faith, but never the less you cannot smuggle the ideas of Evolution into true Christian faith."

I honestly do not believe we were descended from apes... but even if we were it does not matter. Jesus still died for my sins.

" Either we are damned under inescapable sin and in need of a Divine deliverer, or we can work it out ourselves."


"So far I see no evidence that humanity can work out how to bring peace to the Middle East, let alone deliver itself from greed, lust, hatred, wars, violence, matter how smart we think we have become. Smarter we get, the more lethal our weapons."

I realize this is non-sequiter to the topic, but is greed really that bad? I mean wanting to get ahead is what capitalism is centered around. I can see where hatred might be a problem. but are wars and violence necessarily bad? i mean God told Moses and the Hebrews to smash the city of Jericho... If you honestly believe god is omni-benevolent, then this couldn't have been wrong. And i think you're right about perversion. Thats definitely a bad thing.
124 posted on 12/03/2004 8:06:04 PM PST by conservative_crusader (Annuit Coeptis (He has smiled on our undertaking))
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To: conservative_crusader
You should look at the beginning of Darwinism, and its results. It is hostile to Christian faith. Primarily Darwinism does away with God as the creator, and substitutes entirely material processes. On the face of it that is a mathematical impossibility.

I think the evidence for the Big Bang is very good science. If it is true, all physical science cannot get past about 1 times 10 to the minus 43 seconds. Before then is a singularity in which all energy and time (all the dimensions of the universe existed). Cosmologists simply relate it as a singularity...another way of saying, "we don't have a clue where the universe came from."

As far as original is the problem: You have to understand the central Tenney of the need for, and Divine plan of redemption. Whether God can do anything is not my argument, of course He can, including work through any process we can imagine, and an infinite number we cannot imagine. What I argue is what He apparently has done, or limited Himself to do.

By Divine decree God has declared sin that came into the human race through one man (Adam) can be removed by another man (Christ). That is the REAL problem (beyond the scientific arguments) why Christians must examine revisionary claims, and what those claims ultimately mean to Christian faith.

Now either our faith is wrong and a fantasy, a construct of human thought and error. Or it is true, and a Spiritual and Physical reality. If true...then sin DID come into the earth through one man, and then can be (has been) removed by another man. It cannot have arisen from many sources (different tribes of apes).

Biblically we have a single set of parents (Adam and Eve) All the genetic code of the human race...all diversity, every human that ever lived was in the genes of Adam and Eve. They were the best that ever was, without fault or flaw.

All of us in some deep way were in the garden. We all would have failed, would have sinned, just like he did. God is justified in saying ALL have sinned in Adam. In a sense YOU are Adam...a mere shred of what he was, but in your DNA you were there, in spirit you were there.

We would have all made the decision to reject God for temporal pursuits. We all therefor must make the reverse decision to reject temporal pursuits for the eternal. The acceptance of Christ IS the adoption by a new parent. A process to be sure, but also something almost down to the level of DNA. (Think of communion...eating His flesh, Drinking his blood...a transfusion, so to speak).

You choose your new parent, something you can do in the eternal universe, not in the physical. Anyway for these reasons I believe evolution is NOT true. Slowly it will be shown by science itself, (as more and more) it is shown to not be credible. Think of the primitive times and conditions in which evolution was proposed. Hardly nothing was known of microscopic life, we did not know of the incredible complexity of even a single living cell. We knew nothing of DNA, of symbiotic life, of parasites, of the imaginable symphony needed for a living organism. Of the peculiar fitness of the earth for life, of the sheer wonder of the ecosystem. Evolution is a primitive scientific "philosophy," hanging on by a mere thread. Even now many of the scientists in other disciplines, (Even Nobel Prize winners) particularly the hard sciences of math and physics, say nothing about evolution, some even scoff, not too loudly yet, lest they face the scorn and retaliation of all the life science types...but it is over!
248 posted on 12/06/2004 7:20:31 AM PST by Jehu
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