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To: XeniaSt

A course in truth will tell you that the Theory of Evolution is all science. The TOE is one of the most magnificent Theories ever discovered. It explains how life changes as the Earth changes over millions of years.

It is science, because there are mountains of scientific data collected over 150 years that all fits into the Theory.

A hypothesis is a testable idea. Scientists do not set out to “prove” hypotheses, but to test them. Often multiple hypotheses are posed to explain phenomena and the goal of research is to eliminate the incorrect ones. Hypotheses come and go by the thousands, but theories often remain to be tested and modified for decades or centuries. In science, theories are never hunches or guesses and to describe evolution as “just a theory” is inappropriate.

“Do you believe in evolution?” is a question often asked of biology teachers by their puzzled students. The answer is, “No, I accept the fact that the Earth is very old and life has changed over billions of years because that is what the evidence tells us.” Science is not about belief—it is about making inferences based on evidence

22 posted on 12/01/2004 2:25:59 PM PST by shubi (Peace through superior firepower.)
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Evolutionary Theory is hostile to the very core of Christian belief. You cannot impute original sin to the human race if we all descended from tribes of apes. No original parents, no sin in those parents (thus transmitted to all offspring). No orginal sin committed by the first parents? Then sin cannot be removed by the new head of the human race...Christ. Article of faith, but never the less you cannot smuggle the ideas of Evolution into true Christian faith. Your faith becomes worthless. Either we are damned under inescapable sin and in need of a Divine deliverer, or we can work it out ourselves. So far I see no evidence that humanity can work out how to bring peace to the Middle East, let alone deliver itself from greed, lust, hatred, wars, violence, matter how smart we think we have become. Smarter we get, the more lethal our weapons.
23 posted on 12/01/2004 2:43:50 PM PST by Jehu
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To: shubi
You do not understand what science is.

You are confused by the religion of the evil one.

What science is :

Someone builds a hypothetical construct.

Collects some data ; proposes a theory.

Runs an empirical experiment for the length of time of the construct.( 15 billion years )

Runs the experiment a second time for the length of time of the construct. ( 15 billion years )

Documents the experiment.

Another investigator constructs the identical experiment.

Runs the experiment a third time for the length of time of the construct. ( 15 billion years )

Publishes and you now have a theory.

Are any of your scientists 50 billion years old ?

I think not !

They are practicing religion not science.


Trust G-d, not man.

His willing bondslave


25 posted on 12/01/2004 3:25:25 PM PST by Uri’el-2012 (Y'shua == YHvH is my Salvation (Psalm 118-14))
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