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FReeper vrs NFL War-Game
Vanity ^ | 01 October 2017 | Salvavida

Posted on 10/01/2017 7:07:53 PM PDT by Salvavida

I wanted to design a table-top war-game for the current fight against the NFL. But alas, I could not make it work in the interface that FR offers. It will not work without a collaboration chat applet and the ability to choose teams. More importantly, FR doesn’t operationally own the ground troops and capability. Without that….there is no game. I tried writing it with FR heavily influencing events, but that is just a bridge too far.

But to hasten the destruction of the NFL, I didn’t want to NOT post the war-game (like my double negative?). Some of the readers here have “wasta,” or they know people with "wasta." They own things, can move people across the chessboard, and are generally type-A warriors that can mount an insurrection with an empty beer can, half a cigarette, a bent clothes hanger, and last week’s lottery ticket.

So with those in mind- here is a very simplified version of a table-top war-game:

Wargaming is a tool used to highlight what your side needs to do in order to win, and what your adversary must do to win. It focuses your mind, and those minds of who you are leading. A “table top” war-game is done without entire staffs or troops. It is usually done by subject matter experts and principle officers, guided by a war-game designer.

In one corner, you have idiot NFL players and their enablers (BLM), mixed with liberal ideology. In the other corner, you have American patriots of the conservative persuasion. There are many in the middle, but I will not specifically address them. There are three possible outcomes: win, lose, or draw. If one side believes it will lose, it usually will seek a draw (sue for peace-compromise) in order to not lose. Losing means destruction. So yeah, it's hugh and series.

1. State the OBJECTIVES to win for each side. They can be re-stated if needed, or as the war-game progresses. Many military staffs have flubbed the basic objectives on how their adversary intends to win. But it is a TREMENDOUS advantage to get it right from the start. You will see why. Here is my attempt:

a. The Patriot objective is to destroy the counter culture that opposes Americanism, by destroying the NFL economically, and the false narratives in which the protests against the National Anthem is based.

(Green Bay, Wisconsin with no outside help, had the opportunity to deal a decisive, crushing blow in the cultural war simply by not showing up. Come on, people! Recognize opportunities and make them happen!! War is unkind to battle staffs that fail in this area.)

b. The NFL/BLM objective is to destroy traditional boundaries and social contracts that serve as the foundations defining Americans, by subverting the culture with liberal ideology, so that their cause receives substantial unmerited tribute in the form of preferential treatment, monetary payments, tax-payer funded programs, and/or political cover for their bad behavior; at the expense of their political adversaries. (the NFL is merely the platform that reared its ugly head- kneeling isn’t the final destination of liberalism).

2. Assumptions. You can screw everything else up, but not assumptions. Assumptions are simple, declarative statements about your forces, your enemy, and the terrain in which you will fight. There is no limit to the amount of assumptions you can make, but they have to all be on-point. Want to lose (or not win) a war? Then make a wrong assumption (see Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan). Your assumptions will drive your courses of action (COAs); see below. Here’s an example:


(1) will try to please both sides of the argument, (2) will try to interpret events divorced from reality, (3) will not deconstruct Kaperdick’s protest in honest critique, (4) will retain support of the MSM, (5) will make overtures for compromise; dissuade further protests, (6) will see this as a 1st Amendment issue (how Jeffersonian white of them)


(1) the protests are larger than the NFL- there is an undercurrent that opposes Americanism (this is a statement about the battle space), (2) the MSM will not cover their side honestly, (3) could fail unless local organization happens in ever-increasing levels, (4) conservative pundits and websites will join the fight, (5) must seize opportunities to expose truth, (6) the Silent Majority is decisive once mobilized and led.

I’ll say this one last time: you cannot screw up assumptions. I’ve seen war-games go sideways when the assumptions are wrong. Brainstorm and make sure you have them right. They are the framework of how you will fight.

3. Freepers choose one of two teams: Patriot (not to be confused with the worthless NFL team and its owner), or NFL side. It is common in DoD war-games to have more astute tacticians play the adversary, so as to make make the blue force (US) confront deeper thinkers on the red force (enemy). I’m not a deep thinker.

4. Each team states their strength (center of gravity) that they will use to win, and their biggest weakness in which they will need to mitigate. There can be more than on weakness if they are significant enough to risk losing. Here is my attempt:

NFL center of gravity:

- media and prominence in American culture

NFL weaknesses:

- their foundational argument is built on a lie (hands up, don't shoot), they avoid propositional truth

- they do not understand a significant customer base

Patriot center of gravity:

- American patriotism once ignited is resolute: If you piss us off, we will cross a frozen river in overcrowded, rickety wooden boats in the middle of the night, and we kill you in your sleep on Christmas Eve.

- patriots own truth; this is pitted against the NFL weakness.

Patriot weakness- The Silent Majority tends to be silent- lack numbers committed to opt out of NFL and counter-attack in an increasingly sustained fashion. We are an addictive society.

Each team can re-state if they feel the need.

5. List Courses of Actions (COAs). Lastly, each side analyzes inherent capabilities, then state what they intend accomplish, and how to do it. It helps to put them in order, but it’s not necessary. Each team will state their adversary’s most likely COAs, and their most dangerous COA. Examples:


NFL COA1 Extinguish the Fire (most dangerous COA)

- cease to kneel at NFL games and tone down rhetoric so as not to motivate patriots to mass forces and economic power; move to other venues to propagate their message.

- fire Goodell, scapegoat him; start new strategic message

- enforce NFL rulebook

- slash price of tickets, concessions, and parking to ensure no half-empty stadiums

- apologize for getting it wrong

NFL COA2 Conduct information warfare

- grant interviews to media social media to bring attention to their interpretation of the protests

- provide keynote speakers at rallies/events

- use proxy groups to highlight every police shooting involving white officer and black person

- reframe the argument in the media (the Alex Smith special)

- enlist Hollywood for support; someone will come out with a rap song, trust me

- challenge the goodness of America (Kaperdick and Arian Foster special)

- make repeated reconciliatory statements

- demonstrate half-measures to win back viewership; compromise (here's looking at you, Jerry Jones)

- re-write/gloss over history to fit their argument

Patriot COAs:

Patriot COA1 Attack NFL Economy

- cease all economic support

- continue to turn off NFL broadcasts

- write advertisers

- sign and support White House petition withdrawing federal tax exemption status to NFL (Get Some!)

Patriot COA2 Conduct Information War

- organize facts to destroy NFL/BLM arguments of social injustice

- burn NFL gear and post on social media

- produce original social media rhetoric charred remains of NFL gear back to NFL front office

- write to NFL, players

- pick targets and dismantle liberal arguments social media

- protest outside No Fans Left stadiums

Patriot COA 3 Expand and Mass Effort (most dangerous COA)

- organize locally in NFL markets

- share ideas to mass forces locally, tying into all conservative media. War is hell, this is Clausewitz 101

-organize local burnings and rifle range shoots that destroys NFL merchandise (Boston Tea Party-style)

Patriot COA 4 Adopt New Habits-Replace the NFL (I am not sure this is valid as a COA)

- go back to church on Sunday (Jesus is Lord, not the NFL)

- organize groups to support your local police and sheriff

- join local chapter OathKeepers

- focus on your spouse on Sunday

- support a wounded veteran in need, or widow

- partake in activities reinforcing Americanism

- support a new pro football league based on American values

- organize local events for those that opt-out (bowling, hockey, NASCAR, Bible study, anything)

6. Execution. COAs will change and develop because war is fluid. However, look back at centers of gravity and weaknesses. Restate them if need be. Think of ways to implement your COAs and to mitigate your opponents COAs.

a. NFL wins by masking their lies and capitalizing on apathy on the right by appearing to be larger than it is. It must propagate its lies repeatedly in the media, and make concessions only when it appears they are losing so that the public returns to apathy. It loses by being exposed by truth, suffering massive economic losses resulting in in-fighting and confusion, whereby the public turns away from the NFL (which in turn, kills the BLM argument).

b. Patriot wins by massing numbers in local NFL markets, in significant numbers in each NFL market, and uses the power of the purse and rhetoric to win in multiple COAs, overwhelming media and public opinion. The influence on youth and those in the middle cannot be overstated. It loses by failing to amass those numbers and mitigate apathy, which will set in over time.

Each team must continually mitigate weaknesses as they present themselves.

After comments/ideas have been received, save this to your hard drive and execute. Gives updates on your progress. To arms!!

TOPICS: Heated Discussion
KEYWORDS: blm; nfhell; nfl; nofansleft; protests; toolongdidntread; vanity; wargame
Hopefully some FReeper has an idea on how to use this draft war-game. I failed at a very basic ASSUMPTION (one can never fail at assumptions in war-games), but it may still have utility.
1 posted on 10/01/2017 7:07:54 PM PDT by Salvavida
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To: Salvavida

And yes, I’ll throw $25 in the kitty for something this long. :-)

2 posted on 10/01/2017 7:11:33 PM PDT by Salvavida (The Missouri citizen's militia sends its regards.)
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To: Salvavida
god luck finding anybody that wants to be the nfl
3 posted on 10/01/2017 7:13:12 PM PDT by Chode (You have all of the resources you are going to have. Abandon your illusions and plan accordingly.)
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To: Chode

Okay! you convinced me! I’ll do it!

I will immediately commit electronic seppuku and the game will be over.

4 posted on 10/01/2017 7:15:43 PM PDT by txnativegop (The political left, Mankinds intellectual hemlock)
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To: Chode

Yeah, that’d be a tough sale. But an enterprising commander could pull a General Van Riper, USMC, and blow the patriots up by creating a COA outside of a basic assumption.

5 posted on 10/01/2017 7:20:45 PM PDT by Salvavida (The Missouri citizen's militia sends its regards.)
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To: txnativegop

heh heh heh heh...

6 posted on 10/01/2017 8:04:36 PM PDT by Chode (You have all of the resources you are going to have. Abandon your illusions and plan accordingly.)
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To: Salvavida

This is some interesting thought.

Another game might a MAGA game where there are a host of opposing players and dirty tricks.

7 posted on 10/01/2017 8:07:07 PM PDT by poconopundit (CNN is... Corruption News Neglected)
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To: poconopundit
I think KC and Green Bay are the bellwether stadiums this year. It may be too much to ask, but if one could organize the American Legion, VFW, motorcycle clubs, and may have a shot at emptying a stadium.

Heck, the national VFW HQ is in KC. We need some more DJT tweets to tell people to opt-out getting insulted. The cool thing is, it is cyclical. The more DJT tweets about the NFL, the more players protest. :-)

8 posted on 10/01/2017 8:18:56 PM PDT by Salvavida (The Missouri citizen's militia sends its regards.)
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