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"They actually have a working plan."

I don't doubt they do.

"As far as population, it would have to under 1.5 million. They looked at many other factors such as amount spent on political campaigns, freedom orientated populace and other variables."

Won't matter.
If the "FSP" worked, it'd be destroyed by the "powers-that-be" who're for a lack of better description, some absolutely evil, freedom-hating, power-hungry SOBs.

"At first I thought this was a pipe dream, but the more I look at it and the further it progresses, the more it seems not only workable, but a good idea."

I'd agree it's a fabulous idea; but, while it may not be a "pipe dream" it is nonetheless, a dream. -IMO-

"This is not succession by any means..."

But it wouldn't take long after that many like-minded people were thrown together, with a federal leviathon sure to usurp their will?
Succession would be precisely what would be attempted as an end result; make no mistake about that, either.
(I mean, there's another FSP thread started & the "constitutional scholars" -- both 'Pubbie & Libertarian -- have already gathered to commence their word games; the corruption of this idea has already begun, my friend. ~Already.)

"...and they're not looking for separatists or violent types in any way."

Oh yea?
If this ever were implimented -- in any existing state -- one wouldn't have long to wait before that's all there'd be.
That is: one wouldn't be there to begin with unless they were "seperatist" minded & once after they'd gone that far & the fed leviathon were to inevidably screw with 'em??
They may not have been violent upon arrival but would sure in the hell become violent, afterwards.

"This is a legal and viable idea."

But, "viable"?
Highly unlikely.

The idea's a wonderful thought though; make no mistake about it.
The evil bastards, I'm afraid, have taken such an attempt into account in their *plan* I gotta believe; and, I'm sure have some kind of contingency plan at the ready.
I'd bet you dollars to donuts the worms are wondering why no one's done something like this by now, already.

Now in my daydreams?
I envision taking back what was once ours to begin with; while, rounding-up the evil bastards responsible for having took it away?
To be summarily hung with a short piece of rope from the limb of a sour apple tree.

...that's what I've been dreaming about.

55 posted on 11/03/2002 1:41:52 AM PST by Landru
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To: Mudboy Slim
I see you were at the Yale thread, eh?

Check out this guy's article.
I thought it simply superb.

...maybe you will enjoy it, too.

56 posted on 11/03/2002 1:44:22 AM PST by Landru
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To: Landru
If the "FSP" worked, it'd be destroyedby the "powers that be" who're for a lack of better description, some absolutely evil,freedom-hating,power-hungry SOBs.

I agree that they'll try, but some creative annoyances and interruptions might distract them sufficiently to get the job done, though the initial FSP presentations of how the process might take place have been simplistic and Pollyannish to date.

But the example has been set by former US congressman Davy Crockett, who left his Tennesse home and farm- where too many of his loved ones were buried- and set off to build a new one in Texas. His parting words as he left Tennessee from the river town of Memphis remain valid for today's FSP porcupiners, as well.

Though I'm following the FSP activities with interest, I don't believe in putting all my eggs in one basket either. And as for the greedy and hateful power-brokers trying to forestall such dreams, I have lost fights before. But not when the other guy's pants were on fire.


67 posted on 11/03/2002 12:06:45 PM PST by archy
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