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To: SunkenCiv
Did George Washington exist?

Ever hear of Gilbert Stuart? Maybe he didn't exist either? Who was Leif Erikson's Gilbert Stuart?

Ever go to the Natural Bridge in Virginia? There's initials carved in the rock there. Did Leif Erikson carve his initials anywhere?

the book is great big load of crap

And Gary Kasparov is an idiot, or a charlatan, or both?


107 posted on 03/30/2005 8:27:57 AM PST by ml/nj
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To: ml/nj

I'm not concerned with Kasparov, who is a chess player, or whether he believes Fomenko's load of crap. For a few years now I have been aware that he does believe it, and in a way that is a good thing, because the Arabs, who would normally lap up this Fomenko "New Chronology", rejected it because Kasparov is Jewish.

Paintings can't be faked? Paintings are never done of figures who never existed? Inscriptions exist for everyone who has ever lived *apart* from Leif Erickson?

Fomenko's need for Leif Erickson to not exist is the same as the motivating force behind the rest of Fomenko's load of crap -- the Varangians, who served as mercenaries in the armies of the Byzantine Empire -- an empire that Fomenko claims did exist, because it's part of what he regards as the roots of Russia and therefore all of Europe -- were among the many Scandinavians who wandered through during the Middle Ages. This also included the Rus, a Swedish group, which gave its name to Russia. According to Fomenko, the Russians are the successors to the Byzantines, and all other European history was fabricated based on the Byzantine succession etc.

Fomenko's astronomical "evidence" consists of his saying that there's repetition over long periods in the eclipse cycle, and therefore the Great Fomenko is justified in saying that ancient eclipses documented in surviving ancient accounts aren't ancient, but must have occurred during much later times.

He also claims that early English sources record the term "Years of Grace" which is really "Years of Greece", blah blah blah.

108 posted on 03/30/2005 9:22:08 AM PST by SunkenCiv (last updated my FreeRepublic profile on Friday, March 25, 2005.)
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To: ml/nj
View of Garry Kasparove
Mathematics of the Past

by Garry Kasparov
The monumental work The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, written by English historian and scholar Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), is a great source of detailed information on the history of the Roman Empire. Before commenting on this book, let me remark that I cannot imagine how - with their vast territories - the Romans did not use geographical maps, how they conducted trade without a banking system, and how the Roman army, on which the Empire rested, was unable to improve its weapons and military tactics during nine centuries of wars.

With the use of simple mathematics, it is possible to discover in ancient history several such dramatic contradictions, which historians don't seem to consider.
The Romans had no public school system, no postal system... they also didn't have fax machines. The Romans used maps, although very few examples are known to have survived, due to the fragility of the materials used. The Romans did improve weapons and tactics, but stuck with things that worked. Vespasian (the future emperor, at this time a general) used artillery during the conquest of Britain -- but it wasn't barrels, balls, and gunpowder. There are no "contradictions", and obviously no dramatic ones.

Kasparov builds a straw man argument (and there's much more straw on that page) to conclude that the Roman Empire as such never existed. I regard Tom Van Flandern as a very smart man, but he also insists that the "Face on Mars" is an artifact, when the fact is it isn't there at all -- it was an artifact, but only an artifact of the Viking orbiter camera's low resolution (the "Face" is only 30-some pixels in size). This results in Van Flandern's having to believe that NASA is trying to hide The Truth. Kasparov, like Van Flandern, didn't invent the respective foolishness and stupidity involved, merely lends his name to it. If he never repudiates the Fomenko nonsense, that will be his reputation in posterity.

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109 posted on 03/30/2005 9:39:34 AM PST by SunkenCiv (last updated my FreeRepublic profile on Friday, March 25, 2005.)
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