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"The Free Press, Where?" or "Who really Won the debate?"
10/01/04 | Johnny Henry

Posted on 10/01/2004 2:02:56 AM PDT by Johnnyboy2000

Many in the mainstream news media declared John Kerry the winner of last night's Presidential Debate before the candidiates had even walked off the floor, demonstrating once again that the American people cannot get a fair assessment from the people who purport to uphold the First Ammendment of our Constitution. MSNBC's coverage was perhaps the most biased of all the major Networks and cable news outlets.

Within ten seconds of the debate's conclusion Andrea Mitchell declared a decisive victory for Kerry. Then Ron Reagan gleefully mocked the President with the same intellectually-dishonest, mean-spirited tone that has come to define him. In fact, 4 of the 5 analysts on the network's panel declared that Kerry was the clear-cut winner of this debate, as if anyone who suggests otherwise should be committed to a mental institution. Americans deserve to have a press that accurately reflects the diversity of opinions in this country. It is ludicrous that MSNBC could not have one analyst who would take the position that Bush won this debate, considering that the man's policies are supported by more than half of the American public. The people who think Kerry clearly won are the people who agree with Kerry's policies. The people who think Bush clearly won are the people who agree Bush's policies.

Prior to the debate all of the talking heads on MSNBC were consistently saying that Kerry had to state a clear position on Iraq in order to win this debate. Two hours later the same people were declaring Kerry the clear winner despite the fact thathis position on Iraq only got more confusing. Nobody knows what John Kerry's position on Iraq is. His position on Iraq changed as the President attacked it's weakness. When pressed by Leher about what he would do differently if he were elected President, Kerry declared he would hold a summit. That's all? A summit. The Bush Administration will be attending two summits in the coming months and have attended numerous summits over the past three years, so Kerry can just drop out of the race now because his plan for Iraq has already been implemented.

Kerry says the invasion of a Iraq was a mistake but removing Hussein was good. John Kerry is the only person in the world who doesn't realize that the invasion of Iraq and the removal of Hussein are the same thing. Kerry must either state that Hussein should have been left in power, or that he should have been removed from power. There is no alternative third answer. Kerry's assertion that international sanctions and the "No Fly Zone" could have brought Hussein's regime down demonstrate an ignorance of 12 years worth of sanctions, inspections, and empty threats all of which were flagrantly disobeyed by Sadaam Hussein. Kerry's opinion also demonstrates an ignorance of the fact that many of America's so-called allies at the U.N. had been lobbying to lift the sanctions on Iraq, while they were also illegally selling Hussein weapons and other materials at the expense of the Iraqi people.

The media also fails to ask why Senator Kerry didn't speak up in March of 2002 as American soldiers crossed into Iraq. If he felt that Bush did not properly use the Congressional Resolution vote that was the time to make his argument. The entire world knew the invasion was inevitable in the day leading up to hostilities. Kerry had an oppurtunity to speak up then and prevent what he has caleed a collosal mistake. Why didn't he save America from this mistake he foresaw? Doesn't he have the conviction to stand up for what he believes. Kerry claims his vote was not a vote for war. If that is true then why did he not call for Bush's impeachment the day he invaded Iraq? It is afterall an impeachable offense for a President to take the country to war without Congressional approval. It seems like Kerry's support of this has risen and fallen with the polls. Kerry's position on Iraq was no more coherent last night than it has ever been.

President Bush on the other hand shot down every point Kerry made. He used Kerry's own statements in a way that mocked Kerry. Bush made Americans wonder how can Kerry create alliances to join us in what he has called blunder. Bush cited pro-war Kerry quote's that sounded like endorsements of President Bush. Bush cited Kerry anti-war Kerry quotes that sounded like excerpts from a Michael Moore propaganda film. Bush appeared as the man the American people have come to know. It was predictable that the media would attempt to do do a political hit on Bush following this debate in a last second effort to defeat him. After all the press despises George W. Bush and will do anything to bring him down. It is the resposibility of Americans to formulate their own opinions about the leadership of President Bush.

KEYWORDS: bush; debates; firstdebate; kerry; mediabias; misleading

1 posted on 10/01/2004 2:02:57 AM PDT by Johnnyboy2000
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To: Howlin; Admin Moderator; Johnnyboy2000

My hair is starting to hurt.
Where's the blog category?

2 posted on 10/01/2004 2:07:01 AM PDT by onyx (JohnKerry deserves to be the last casualty of the Vietnam War.)
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To: onyx
Where's the blog category?


3 posted on 10/01/2004 2:09:59 AM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (Real gun control is - all shots inside the ten ring)
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To: Johnnyboy2000
Post your blogging stuff in the Blogging category. If you can figure out a blog, you can figure out this site.
4 posted on 10/01/2004 2:11:19 AM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (Real gun control is - all shots inside the ten ring)
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To: Johnnyboy2000
"President Bush on the other hand shot down every point Kerry made"

This true. Bush actually score many points. The most significant of which was nailing Kerry on the statement that a US preemptive strike would have to meet the "global" test. Bush was smart to catch that one and capitalize on it.
Still the night goes to Kerry on style. And style does seem to matter, two terms of president Clinton proves that.
5 posted on 10/01/2004 2:11:20 AM PDT by Read2Know
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To: Johnnyboy2000

You are suppose to label your own stuff as OPINIONS and/or VANIITES.

Articles without links are pulled.

6 posted on 10/01/2004 2:12:45 AM PDT by Howlin (What's the Font Spacing, Kenneth?)
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To: Read2Know

This article doesn't have a valid link, nor is it labeled a vanity.

Don't feed the trolls by responding to them, please.

7 posted on 10/01/2004 2:13:20 AM PDT by Howlin (What's the Font Spacing, Kenneth?)
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To: Johnnyboy2000

8 posted on 10/01/2004 2:15:47 AM PDT by MEG33 (John Kerry has been AWOL on issues of national security for two decades)
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To: Howlin

Better yet, why don't these trolls just do like the rest of us do, respond to other threads instead of pushing valid news stories off the sidebar with this stuff.

9 posted on 10/01/2004 2:15:59 AM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (Real gun control is - all shots inside the ten ring)
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To: Admin Moderator

Somethin' smells in denmark!!!

10 posted on 10/01/2004 2:21:21 AM PDT by shield (The Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Century Reveal God!!!! by Dr. H. Ross, Astrophysicist)
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To: Johnnyboy2000
Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I believe the people will shut out what most of what the talking heads are trying to tell us as to who won the debate. I think the people will take the time to digest what was said and make up their own mind on who was more honest. GWB will come out on the top of their list. john kerry was disingenuous to say the least. He is an outright liar, with an ego the size of Texas, and Texas loves GWB, he will prevail.
11 posted on 10/01/2004 2:24:33 AM PDT by red in brea
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To: Johnnyboy2000

Whether or not the MSM's judgment was prewritten, the truth is that Frenchy showed up better in the debate. W came across as plaintive and unconfident. Where was the Bush that treated Algore with gentle disdain? For those whe know the arguments and positions and who already understand how the known W will handle the war and who know Fn's inability to hold a consistent position and who know that his instincts and beliefs are all wrong, w "won" the debate because we know he is the better mn. To those determining their support based on the debate and who haven't heretofore been paying attention, and there are a couple of those out there, Kerry came across as confident and sure of his knowledge and his answers. W came across as weak and plaintive. Fortunately the facts are much more visible now than they were a few years ago.

12 posted on 10/01/2004 4:07:50 AM PDT by ThanhPhero (Ong la nguoi di hanh huong den La Vang)
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To: ThanhPhero

Kerry quotes from debate. All were made in about a thre minute period.

Leher: Are Americans dying for a mistake in Iraq?

Kerry: No. I did vote to give authority because, I thought Saddam Hussein was a threat, and I accepted that intelligence.....(quoting from former intelligence czar)"invading Iraq....would make as much sense as invading Mexico after Pearl Harbor."

Kerry: Osama bin Laden uses Iraq as a tool to create terrorists.

13 posted on 10/01/2004 5:16:48 AM PDT by Johnnyboy2000
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To: MEG33; Johnnyboy2000

Not to mention

from the Boss, himself.

14 posted on 10/01/2004 5:31:58 AM PDT by Watery Tart (Andropov said, wisely, "Now all we have to do is to keep the Vietnam-era anti-Americanism alive.)
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To: Watery Tart

15 posted on 10/01/2004 12:32:41 PM PDT by Johnnyboy2000
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To: red in brea

French Kerry lost the debates. The MSM is winning the post debate debate. People better step up for Bush.

16 posted on 10/04/2004 2:31:24 PM PDT by Johnnyboy2000
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