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No Escape
Varied ^ | 10/03/04 | Varied

Posted on 10/03/2004 6:06:03 PM PDT by JustPiper

Welcome to NoE

An estimated 2,830 people died or are missing in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. Ninety-eight percent of those victims were at work, and the youngest was only 2 ½ years old. One in six - 494 - are reportedly either foreigners or Americans with dual citizenship, hailing from more than 90 countries. In the attack on the Pentagon, 189 were killed, and in a field in Pennsylvania, another 45 died when their plane plummeted to earth due to the efforts of a small group of heroes who wanted to avert another crash into a building full of people.

They had No Escape!!!

Whether they were in New York, Virginia or Pennsylvania, the victims and heroes of September 11 represented the diversity that is America and the world. All will be missed. None will be forgotten.

They had No Escape!!!

They had No Escape!!!

We believe everyone of you are our Nation's watch committee. We have learned this after nearly a year at Threat Matrix :Uncovering the Truth Since November 3, 2003-Threads One thru Nineteen

To me there has never been a finer group of caring Patriot's on the web, from every walk of life and of our home- who after so many years is finally seeing results for all the thousand's of Freeper's hard work! We are being listened to. We are being heard!

So, please help. Keep an eye out for any links of organizations that may be related to terrorists and post your findings here. We will be around for a long time and we want the terrorists and jihadists to know this:

Wherever YOU are hiding we will find you- YOU will have No Escape!

Whatever rock your hiding under, we will remove it and YOU will have No Escape!

Whatever cave you are dwelling in, we will find you and YOU will have No Escape!

And whatever hidey hole you crawl out of, YOU will have No Escape!

Remember this, we too have a "Network", our resolve is no less determined than your's, except we have more resources and hundreds of us are working very hard to stay one step ahead of YOU. Where we are not, our brave men and women of the military are. Where our military is not, our Law Enforcement agents will find you. The border agents are waiting for you when you attempt to slither across our border's. Our special ops are, oops your bad, waiting around that corner you peer from. Our federal agents are armed with much more sophisticated equipment than you can ever acquire. And remember when all else fails, look up, something will be waiting to befall you! We have a saying in our country too and it is: "God does not like Ugly! And no one has more evil and ugly in their soulless
beings than you.

You are hereby put on notice, no matter how many city blocks, desert sands we must dig through, we will find every last one of you and he who laughs last does laugh best. You are outnumbered and God is on our side! WE will show No Mercy!

September 11, 2001 Victims
American Liberty Partnership

How best to honor them?
How best to carry on?

What the three of us are doing is not unique. The inspiration has been Terrorist Hunter's, analyist's and experts before us. This blog will be unique in the sense, that the three of us will not rest and
this is our way to...

Never Forget!

I could not do this alone, I want to acknowledge I would be lost without my sisters MamaDearest and Oorang, for without their many hours of hard work NoE would not be possible. We will go far my friends! And DrymansWife who is completely irreplaceable in a very important research project and who with her and "Dryman" we would be much further back. Also the Dryman's have hosted almost every picture you see here.

Our blog will contain our findings (well, not all of them ~smile), there are 'sensitive' things we are working on that will only be revealed if we know we can and at times our summations/analysis.

TOPICS: History; Local News; Miscellaneous; Reference; Religion; Society
KEYWORDS: islam; islamconferences; islamconventions; islamorganizations; noescape; sleuthing; terroristhunting; terrormoney
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To: spyone; MamaDearest; Oorang; All

Thanks spyone for posting this:

Ex UN-Oil-for-Food inspector criticizes Volker Panel

This bothers me for Volker said that the UN is covering up for Kofi, cannot find any story on this though

Saddam invested one million dollars in Paul Martin-owned Cordex

701 posted on 04/25/2005 1:12:09 PM PDT by JustPiper (NoE your Enemy !!!)
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Arafat's Nun, and the Clinton Connection

Bank's link to terror a dilemma for U.S.
Storied financial institution faces scrutiny over transactions, yet is recognized as an economic pillar in Middle East,1,4637881.story?coll=bal-business-headlines

Terrorists profit from counterfeits

Ghost creditors haunt DepEd-ARMM

702 posted on 04/25/2005 1:16:39 PM PDT by JustPiper (NoE your Enemy !!!)
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Syria joins UN treaty against terror funding

BANGKOK: Syria, accused by the United States of being a sponsor of terrorism, has formally acceded to a UN treaty designed to cut off funding for terrorist activities, UN officials said on Sunday.

703 posted on 04/25/2005 1:18:09 PM PDT by JustPiper (NoE your Enemy !!!)
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To: JustPiper
Canadian Muslim News

Bank's link to terrorism a dilemma for US

704 posted on 04/25/2005 9:32:28 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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Trial of Sami Al-Arian May Impact Both Political Camps in Washington

Al-Arian Defense Targets Evidence

TAMPA - A co-defendant of Sami Al-Arian is asking a judge to bar prosecutors from using evidence of killings by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

705 posted on 04/27/2005 2:14:06 PM PDT by JustPiper (Not allowed to "Think"-The Hades with Profiling!)
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To: All

An Economic 9-11?
An interesting story appeared briefly a few days ago. Two men were arrested with three trillion (with a "t") in fake US Federal Reserve Negotiable Certificates, sometimes called "bearer bonds". What is interesting about the story is how the US Mainstream media pretty much ignored the whole thing. Considering the non-stop coverage given the Michael Jackson molestation trial, the avoidence of a story of a three trillion dollar crime called attention to itself.

Details of the story are sketchy. Acting on a tip, Philippine police arrested two men in the process of paying for a shipment of some iron boxes to Zurich. Upon opening the boxes, police discovered what was first reported to be Federal Reserve notes, then later corrected to "certificates", totaling three trillion dollars. The two arrested men were released on bail, warrants issued for two other men involved in the crime... and there the story ends.


Three trillion dollars, even in fake money, should be a huge story. And, for much of the foreign press, it has been. But here in the US, the story is over before it has begun.

So, what was such a huge amount of counterfeit money intended for in Zurich? Normally, currency counterfeiters sell their product through a large distributed chain of passers, who will pay some fraction of the face value of the currency, then spend it in stores, etc. But counterfeit beaerer bonds headed for Zurich strongly suggest the destination was a bank.

So, what happens when three trillion shows up all at one time? At the very least, three trillion dollars worth of paper dumped into the US economy at one time would trigger a sudden inflationary spiral; the usual result of too much cash chasing too few goods and services. Three trillion dollars in bonds presented for redemption through the banks in Zurich could trigger a run on the Federal Reserve itself, as even the Federal Reserve does not keep that kind of cash or even gold reserves at hand. Since the bonds were fakes, the ultimate mastermind could care less if the "money" was lost, and anyone willing to "lose" three trillion dollars in just the right way could bring down the entire US stock market.

George Bush and his neocons need a "terrorist" attack to justify the invasion of Iran, and a staged economic terrorist attack, executed from behind the anonymity of the Swiss Banks would be ideal. Blame for the crash of the US eocnomy could be shifted onto a scapegoat such as Iran, and off of the Congress that has borrowed this nation into ruin over the decades. The infamous FEMA Executive Orders, the means by which the nation can be turned into a legal dictatorship, include an economic crisis among the list of conditions under which the President can suspend the Constitution.

Three trillion in fake Federal Reserve Certificates could do huge damage to the nation, yet the mainstream media that screams "terrorism" everytime a taxicab backfires in Bahgdad has totally buried this story.


Two guilty of $2.5 trillion swindle

By Chris Summers
BBC News Online

Two men have been found guilty of conspiracy to defraud in a case related to fake US government bonds worth $2.5 trillion.

Agents seize fake US treasury notes

This is an interesting site...

706 posted on 04/27/2005 9:28:49 PM PDT by DAVEY CROCKETT (Character exalts Liberty and Freedom, Righteous exalts a Nation.)
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"The Interpreter" for a Corrupt UN

By Debbie Schlussel | April 27, 2005

Given strong White House ties to Islamists Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, and White House visits, at their instruction, by Islamic Jihad founder and leader Sami al-Arian, that would have been a lot more believable than this propaganda piece for pere and frere Annan.

707 posted on 04/28/2005 7:29:17 PM PDT by JustPiper (Not allowed to "Think"-The Hades with Profiling!)
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To: all4one

Thank you very for posting this A41 !!!

708 posted on 04/28/2005 7:31:15 PM PDT by JustPiper (Not allowed to "Think"-The Hades with Profiling!)
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To: Velveeta

Your a doll thank you V!

709 posted on 04/28/2005 7:31:58 PM PDT by JustPiper (Not allowed to "Think"-The Hades with Profiling!)
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Davey- A huge bump!

710 posted on 04/28/2005 7:33:12 PM PDT by JustPiper (Not allowed to "Think"-The Hades with Profiling!)
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To: JustPiper
Foreign workers coming to an American cruise ship near you
711 posted on 04/28/2005 10:06:24 PM PDT by MamaDearest (Gas Hogs - favorite non-edible pork of ME nations)
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To: JustPiper

You're most welcome. :-)

712 posted on 04/29/2005 7:24:02 AM PDT by Velveeta
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To: JustPiper
3M closing plant in Minnesota - opening plant in Juarez
713 posted on 04/29/2005 5:34:07 PM PDT by MamaDearest
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To: All

Al-Arian's Attorneys Seek to Upcoming Trial Out of State

714 posted on 05/04/2005 12:21:00 PM PDT by JustPiper (Not allowed to "Think"-The Hades with Profiling!)
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To: JustPiper
Very interesting...

American born son of Ethan Allen furniture tycoon was killed fighting Jihad in Afghanistan

Imam of FL terrorist mosque to host 'Extraordinary Conference' with Public Defender Howard Finkelstein & former Mayor Olivieri

715 posted on 05/08/2005 7:45:24 PM PDT by Oorang ( I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts; Do You Want Fries With That?)
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To: JustPiper

Terror ties at a Middle Eastern bank?
FBI investigates Arab Bank for allegedly supporting suicide bombers and doing business with suspected terrorists; bank denies charges

By Lisa Myers & the NBC Investigative Unit
Updated: 9:27 a.m. ET May 11, 2005

AMMAN, Jordan - August 2001: A suicide bomber hits the Sbarro pizza parlor in Jerusalem, killing 15 people, including an American — Shoshana Greenbaum, a pregnant schoolteacher.

The Palestinian bomber's name was Izz Ad-Din Al-Masri. His parents told NBC News that soon after the bombing a group that helps families of suicide bombers told them they'd be compensated for their son's "sacrifice."

"They told me to go to the Arab Bank and open an account, and you will receive a salary," says the bomber's father, Shuhail Ahmed Al-Masri.

He says almost immediately, he began receiving $140 a month. And after the Israelis leveled his house, he says he was told to go to the bank and pick up more money — $6,000.

Al-Masri's father says he was told to open an account at the Arab Bank branch in the West Bank settlement of Jenin. There, he says he's received money almost every month for the last three years. The branch, plastered with posters eulogizing suicide bombers, isn't the only one allegedly paying bombers' families. An ad in a Palestinian newspaper told dozens of martyrs' families to pick up money at the nearest branchof the Arab Bank.

"Those types of payments are aiding and abetting terrorism," says Jimmy Gurule, a former official at the U.S. Treasury Department who was in charge of cutting off money to terrorists.

The FBI tells NBC News that it's now conducting a criminal investigation into the Arab Bank's alleged movement of funds for suspected terrorists. The investigation was triggered after U.S. regulators examined Arab Bank operations in New York City on Madison Avenue. U.S. officials tell NBC News that regulators found that the bank had 40 to 60 suspected terrorists and groups as customers. They were allegedly associated with al-Qaida, Hamas and Hezbollah. Officials say all had accounts with the bank or had moved money through the New York office.

"I'm not aware of another situation involving a bank operating in the U.S. that has conducted itself in such a manner," says Gurule.

The Arab Bank, headquartered in Jordan, turned down repeated requests for an interview, so NBC visited bank headquarters in Amman. And only got as far as the lobby.

Lisa Myers: Does the bank support terrorism?

Omar Al-Sheik, Arab Bank official: Of course not.

Myers: Does the bank believe it's proper to move money to help terrorists?

Omar Al-Sheik: Of course not.

In a statement, the Arab Bank denies ever knowingly doing business with terrorists. And officials insist the bank has never moved money for anyone officially designated a terrorist by the U.S. government.

However, NBC News provided the bank with documents showing it dealt with three Hamas terror groups even after they were blacklisted by the United States. It's against the law for banks in the United States to handle transactions for terrorists on the blacklist.

The bank says the three transactions still were legal because they occurred outside the United States but that in the future it will honor the U.S. blacklist worldwide.

As for suicide bombers, the Arab Bank strongly denies ever knowingly handling payments for bombers' families. Their statement reads, in part: "Arab Bank considers suicide bombings an abominable human act."

Then what about that ad telling bombers' families to collect money at the Arab Bank? The bank says it didn't place the ad.

After NBC News provided account numbers for the Al-Masri family, the bank froze the account, which the bank claims was opened before the bombing.

Shoshana Greenbaum's father, who moved to Israel after her death, is now suing the bank.

"This organization, if allowed to continue with a mere slap on the wrist, would be sending a message that it's perfectly all right to support terrorism," says Alan Hayman.

The bank, which Israeli officials call "the Grand Central Station of terrorist financing," has been forced to shut down much of its U.S. operation but remains a dominant player in the Middle East.

© 2005


716 posted on 05/11/2005 8:37:14 AM PDT by Donna Lee Nardo
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To: JustPiper


717 posted on 02/12/2006 12:24:27 PM PST by Coleus (RU-486 Kills babies and their mothers, Bush can stop this as Clinton started it through exec. order)
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To: Coleus

You found me, months since we've followed this blog, but TM is always ever going, thanks for the BTTT Cole!

718 posted on 02/14/2006 3:39:07 PM PST by JustPiper (what news IS news stays silent- Ask MSM!)
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To: JustPiper
Be Ever Vigilant!

719 posted on 04/09/2006 2:58:35 PM PDT by blackie (Be Well~Be Armed~Be Safe~Molon Labe!)
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To: JustPiper

We are especially interested in watching Muslim training camps and associated activity patterns:

I will be checking this blog daily.

720 posted on 12/31/2009 8:42:00 PM PST by Candor7 ((The effective weapons Against Fascism are ridicule, derision , truth (.Member NRA))
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