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Posted on 10/31/2005 6:33:28 PM PST by B4Ranch

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To: Valin

If five people get together, decide a rubber chicken is God and conclude that anyone who disagrees with them must die, that's conspiracy to murder.

The same holds true if it's five billion people and a rock.

51 posted on 11/01/2005 7:53:41 AM PST by Michael Goldsberry (an enemy of islam -- Joe Boucher; Leapfrog; Dr.Zoidberg; Lazamataz; ...)
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To: Leapfrog

The same holds true if it's five billion people and a rock.

You're absolutly correct. All true Blue Yankee Doodle Dandy Patriots KNOW that all Muslims live only to kill us infidels. well except for George Bush, Dick Cheney, Daniel Pipes, Richard Perle.....etc.

52 posted on 11/01/2005 8:13:07 AM PST by Valin (Purgamentum init, exit purgamentum)
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To: Alouette
I doubt that she meant it. She was probably being diplomatic. It doesn't stop me from puking, though.

"There must be a pony moderate Muslim in here somewhere!"

53 posted on 11/01/2005 8:32:10 AM PST by EveningStar
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To: Leapfrog; Admin Moderator
Blogger garbage.

Don Feder is a well known columnist. And this site does not look like a blog. I wonder why the article is in the blogger section.

54 posted on 11/01/2005 8:34:53 AM PST by EveningStar
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To: Jeff Gordon

Well put.

55 posted on 11/01/2005 9:21:09 AM PST by SunkenCiv (Down with Dhimmicrats! I last updated my FR profile on Sunday, August 14, 2005.)
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To: B4Ranch; Alouette
>>>>>>Upping the ante on Western Muslim mania, madam secretary promoted Islam from religion of peace to “religion of love and peace.”<<<<<

Muslims use ambiguity of English to spread the fallacy that islam is religion of peace. "Peace" in muzleem speak does not mean "absence of conflict" it means ABSOLUTE SUBMISSION. A tree is a perfect muslim because it submits absolutely to Allah's will.

Islam is religion of submission.

Now, when we know this, Condie's wisdom becomes evident - it is "religion of love and submission" or, in shorthand, "religion of S/M".

The truth has its ways of comming out.

56 posted on 11/01/2005 9:30:58 AM PST by DTA
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To: Convert from ECUSA

JMarkell's email comments about the latest additions of appeasement by the confused...

November 1 - When Evil is Called Good
So Prince Charles will come to America to tell us that we don't understand Islam and we don't even try. You talk about a man who has been out of touch with reality for decades in his own personal life and now is going to lecture the White House on the "religion of peace." He says only a few bad apples are causing the problem, but then why don't the many "good apples" demonstrate like crazy about their violent brothers? Instead, their silence is deafening.
Let's consider just a few items America has done to benefit Islam in this great country. We have had three, yes three Ramadan celebrations in 2005 sponsored by the White House or State Department. We now have a Koran sitting in the White House library. We are so mired in political correctness that the airlines can profile only two Middle East males per flight. If the third one has a bomb or weapon, well, that's too bad for all on board. The Middle Easterners are given the first consideration.

At the recent Ramadan gatherings in Washington, those sponsoring the events, including the president, suggested that Allah and Jehovah is the same God. It was said that Allah received a direct revelation from God in founding Islam. Which God or god? Whether this is political correctness or delusion is hard to say without quizzing those making such statements.

America continually bows to CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. In some aspects of American society--particularly the media--they seem to be in control. And while we have kicked out some Islamic fundraising groups, others are allowed to stay here and raise funds for jihad.

These things are the tip of the ice berg. As Paul Sperry said on my radio show last March 19, 2005 (posted to "radio archives") and based on his book: "Infiltration: How Muslims and Other Subversives are Penetrating America," their goal is Sharia (Islamic) Law in America and to occupy some of the highest offices in the land.

Would someone tell the Prince of Wales that Islam recently beheaded three innocent school children in Indonesia because they were Christians? Islam is committed to the destruction of Israel and most all Islamic nations cheered when Iran recently suggested a second Holocaust for the Jews. The don't seem to bat an eye at blowing up innocent people all over the world including Prince Charles' neck of the woods, London. They promise naive young Muslims "paradise" for doing so. Almost everywhere, including America, the media give them a pass, many just calling them "freedom fighters." Much of the Islamic world danced in the streets when our Twin Towers fell on 9/11. This is civilized society that needs a break?

To be frank, Prince Charles is defending a militant death cult religion who hopes to bring the entire world under Allah's submission.

When the Soviet Union said, "We will bury you," our government stood up to them and brought them down. In WWII the allies stood up against Hitler & Associates and gave them their just punishment. We didn't tell them nice things other than Neville Chamberlain who tried to appease them and failed.

But Islamofascists try the same today and we welcome them into our borders and change foreign and domestic policy to facilitate their desires. Fools in diplomatic dress cave to their wishes. I loathe America-bashing but I must be critical of policies that allow our most adverse enemy to gain ground and harm America.

Part of what is at play here is Prince Charles is trying to unite all religions of the world. He cannot do this unless he appeases and wins Islam over to his side and gets them to play his game.

America is pretty absent in the last days as it concerns Bible prophecy. I don't want America to have a tombstone, and worse yet, I don't want it to read, "We caved--they won." So why would we welcome foreign "dignitaries" to come to America, scold us, suggest we grant the enemy more tolerance, and risk our future? Probably because we are in the days spoken of in the Bible where good is called evil and evil is called good (Isaiah 5:20).

Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell

57 posted on 11/01/2005 9:32:04 AM PST by Esther Ruth (I have loved thee with an EVERLASTING LOVE, Jeremiah 31:3 Genesis 12:1-3)
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And I'm much too old to start bending over to grab my ankles now.

58 posted on 11/01/2005 9:35:04 AM PST by B4Ranch (No expiration date on the oath to protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic!)
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To: Jeff Gordon

LOL I doubt our administration calls Islam "the religion of peace" in private.

59 posted on 11/01/2005 9:36:34 AM PST by bonfire (dwindler)
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To: Esther Ruth

BAM! Amen, sister! Jan Markell is right on the money in her take on this!

60 posted on 11/01/2005 10:15:25 AM PST by Convert from ECUSA (Not a nickel, not a dime, no more money for Hamastine!)
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Comment #61 Removed by Moderator

Comment #62 Removed by Moderator

To: F15Eagle

Right you are, F15Eagle!

63 posted on 11/01/2005 12:32:16 PM PST by Convert from ECUSA (Not a nickel, not a dime, no more money for Hamastine!)
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To: B4Ranch

Good article. Dick Morris aside, who is trying to sell books and stay relevant, anyone who thinks Condi Rice is qualified to be president is living in a dream world. It's not going to happen.

64 posted on 11/01/2005 12:43:20 PM PST by ValenB4 ("Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets." - Isaac Asimov)
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To: EveningStar

It's in the Blogger section to hide it from thinking people.

65 posted on 11/01/2005 1:01:44 PM PST by Palladin (America! America! God shed His grace on Thee.)
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To: B4Ranch; SJackson

I'm very much with the "blogger garbage" (as someone phrased it) on this one. I'm on the side of Israel. All others are with the terrorists.

blog n. Web log. Web discussion board hosting personal thoughts and opinions of others. Personal diary of the web log owner or tenant.

news n. Called "hard news" by journalists, objective statements of facts on current events

opinion n. In journalism, informal essay with thesis containing writer's opinion. At best, with argument points logically substantiated after introduction containing thesis. Written with proper English.

And From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Hysteria \Hys*te"ri*a\, n. [NL.: cf. F. hyst['e]rie. See Hysteric.] (Med.)

A nervous affection, occurring almost exclusively in women, in which the emotional and reflex excitability is exaggerated, and the will power correspondingly diminished, so that the patient loses control over the emotions, becomes the victim of imaginary sensations, and often falls into paroxism or fits. [1913 Webster]

Note: The chief symptoms are convulsive, tossing movements of the limbs and head, uncontrollable crying and laughing, and a choking sensation as if a ball were lodged in the throat. The affection presents the most varied symptoms, often simulating those of the gravest diseases, but generally curable by mental treatment alone. Hysteric

[Manifests itself most densely in both women and men in humid, northern coastal, once Loyalist (to Britain, see American Revolution) areas--now Democrat states--where the affected live like rats (see Frank Sinatra) in and around large, dark cities (see _The Bostonians_, by Henry James. --Ed.]

66 posted on 11/02/2005 2:36:03 PM PST by familyop ("Let us try" sounds better, don't you think? "Essayons" is so...Latin.)
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To: familyop

I'd let it go in one ear and out the other, the State Dept not Feder. Hopefully their anti-Israel posturing is irrelevant, and if it's not the blame is GWB's, not Condi's.

67 posted on 11/02/2005 3:42:57 PM PST by SJackson (God isn`t dead. We just can`t talk to Him in the classroom anymore, R Reagan.)
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To: sit-rep

Yeah, I tracked it down
right after I got your bump.
Here's an FR thread . . .

68 posted on 11/05/2005 10:05:39 AM PST by theFIRMbss
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To: theFIRMbss

Ya, I seen another thread on this earlier but did not read comments, just the article, and did not put the two together... Some investigator I am aye??

69 posted on 11/05/2005 10:08:01 AM PST by sit-rep (If you acquire, hit it again to verify...)
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To: B4Ranch


70 posted on 11/06/2005 5:38:20 PM PST by Zionist Conspirator (Vehe'emin BeHaShem, vayachsheveha lo tzedaqah.)
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To: Extremely Extreme Extremist
I am waiting for the pro-Condi FReepers who believe that she's the 2nd coming.

Rice is a nincompoop, and I'm beginning to think Bush isn't much better. And it hurts to say that not only because of the Left's never-ending "chimp" remarks but because he came into the election with the most pro-Israel record of any US President and then promptly threw it in the trash can. Not that his courting of islam from the moment the planes hit was much of a confidence-builder.

71 posted on 11/06/2005 5:47:30 PM PST by Zionist Conspirator (Vehe'emin BeHaShem, vayachsheveha lo tzedaqah.)
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