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HISTORY - Time line [some] Important dates in radical ISLAM VS WORLD

Posted on 08/04/2007 8:32:38 PM PDT by Posting

HISTORY - Time line [some] Important dates in radical ISLAM VS WORLD

1263 - 1328

The 'Godfather of Islamic Fundamentalism'

Who is the True Godfather of Islamic Fundamentalism? His name is Ibn Taymiyyah, or Taq ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah, and he lived from 1263 to 1328. His name by birth was Ahmad ibn Abdul-Halim ibn Abdas-Salaam. This individual could be considered as the real godfather of fundamentalism. Maududi borrowed extensively from Taymiyyah's writings. id=1194248



[The Bahmani sultans & genocide on Indians]

The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter. The Bahmani sultans (1347 -1480) in central India made it a rule to kill 100,000 captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions. The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in 1564 left the capital plus large areas of Karnataka depopulated. And so on.
According to some calculations, the Indian (subcontinent) population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate).
http://www.da Muslim genocide of hindus in India


3. Regions. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World HistoryIn either 1810 or 1818 (the exact date is uncertain), he led a jihad against the Muslim chiefs in Masina; later the jihad expanded to include the Bambara. ...
http://www.bartleby. com/67/1510.html 



Jihad - Sudan, Egypt THE FIRST JIHAD: Khartoum, and the Dawn of Militant ...In 1880, he raised the banner of holy war, and thousands of warriors flocked .... The Mahdi's army crushed forces dispatched from British Egypt... Khartoum-Militant-Islam/dp/1932033548

Sudan the Mahdiyah, 1884-98, To defend this waterway, Britain sought a greater role in Egyptian affairs. ... Even after the Mahdi proclaimed a jihad, or holy war, against the Turkiyah... mahdiyah,-1884-98.html



'Armenian Genocide' [1.5 Million non Muslims massacred]

Armenian Genocide - Many Armenian Genocide Monuments have been built around the world since, as well as smaller plaques and dedications. The Turkish government has in the past ... ?title=Armenian_Genocide

Armenian National Institute: the 1915 Armenian GenocideAffirmation of the 1915 Armenian Genocide committed by Ottoman Turkey, featuring photos, documents, maps, chronology, resolutions, bibliographies and ...



Massive Arab immigration & settling in "Palestine" Israel - the historic land of the Jews (while the British did put restrictions only on Jewish immigration), which is the main root of today's Arabs so called "Palestinians" [later on, this fact will be ignored by many and a myth of "native" & "indigenous" Arabs will emerge...]

The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 - Middle East Quarterly.

Substantial Immigration of Arab Migrant workers into Western ...Yet, no record of substantial Arab immigration was recorded in Palestine by the .... Churchill's recognition of massive Arab immigration into Palestine...

(Illegal Arab immigration into "Palestine" - part of Oslo. Anyone who has been following these posts, should recognize the theme of illegal Arab immigration. ...

The Arabs in PalestineIn fact, the permanent Arab population increased 120 percent between 1922 and 1947.
This rapid growth was a result of several factors. One was immigration from neighboring states — constituting 37 percent of the total immigration to pre-state Israel — by Arabs who wanted to take advantage of the higher standard of living the Jews had made possible. The Arab population also grew because of the improved living conditions created by the Jews as they drained malarial swamps and brought improved sanitation and health care to the region. Thus, for example, the Muslim infant mortality rate fell from 201 per thousand in 1925 to 94 per thousand in 1945 and life expectancy rose from 37 years in 1926 to 49 in 1943. 



the 'Muslim Brotherhood' - founded

In 1928, Hassan al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood, a rigidly conservative and highly secretive Egyptian-based organization dedicated to resurrecting a Muslim empire. According to al-Banna, “[i]t is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” Al-Banna also gave the group the motto it still uses today: “God is our purpose, the Prophet our leader, the Quran our constitution, jihad our way and dying for God our supreme objective.” The 9/11 Commission Report describes the Brotherhood’s influence on Osama bin Laden, stating that “Bin Laden relies heavily on the Egyptian writer Sayyid Qutb.” Qutb is one of the most influential, early Brotherhood theoreticians. The 9/11 Commission Report also describes the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman: “In speeches and writings, the sightless Rahman, often called the “Blind Sheikh,” preached the message of Sayyid Qutb’s Milestones, characterizing the United States as the oppressor of Muslims worldwide and asserting that it was their religious duty to fight against God’s enemies. An FBI informant learned of a plan to bomb major New York landmarks, including  the Holland and Lincoln tunnels. Disrupting this “landmarks plot,” the FBI in June 1993 arrested Rahman and various confederates.” he_counterterrorism_blog/2005/08/the_muslim_brot.html

Danger: Tariq Ramadan is coming to the USFor starters, he is the grandson of Hassan Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist terrorist organization born in Egypt in 1928. ... article_id=3523

The Muslim Brotherhood "Project" by ...Since its formation, the Muslim Brotherhood has advocated the use of terrorism as a means of advancing its agenda of global Islamic domination. ... ?ID=22415

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egyptian Brethren appear in courtSenior Muslim brotherhood figure Khayrat al-Shatir ... Defendants pleaded not guilty to charges including terrorism and money laundering and the trial was ...

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Analysis: THE ROOTS OF JIHAD IN EGYPT:
The origins of Bin Laden's concept of jihad can be traced back to two early 20th century figures, who started powerful Islamic revivalist movements in response to colonialism and its aftermath.
Pakistan and Egypt - both Muslim countries with a strong intellectual tradition - produced the movements and ideology that would transform the concept of jihad in the modern world.
In Egypt, Hassan al-Banna's Muslim Brotherhood and in Pakistan, Syed Abul Ala Maududi's Jamaat Islami sought to restore the Islamic ideal of the union of religion and state.
They blamed the western idea of the separation of religion and politics for the decline of Muslim societies.
This, they believed, could only be corrected through a return to Islam in its traditional form, in which society was governed by a strict code of Islamic law.
Al-Banna and Maudoudi breathed new life into the concept of jihad as a holy war to end the foreign occupation of Muslim lands.

In the 1950s Sayed Qutb, a prominent member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, took the arguments of al-Banna and Maududi a stage further.
For Qutb, all non-Muslims were infidels - even the so-called "people of the book", the Christians and Jews - and he predicted an eventual clash of civilisations between Islam and the west.
Qutb was executed by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1966.
According to Dr Azzam Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London, Qutb's writings in response to Nasser's persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood, "acquired wide acceptance throughout the Arab world, especially after his execution and more so following the defeat of the Arabs in the 1967 war with Israel".
Qutb and Maududi inspired a whole generation of Islamists, including Ayatollah Khomeini, who developed a Persian version of their works in the 1970s.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Russia names 'terrorist' groupsRussia names 17 groups it regards as "terrorist organisations", ... The list also includes: the Muslim Brotherhood...

Muslim Brotherhood (1) -- ADL Terrorist Symbol Database, Terrorist groups use symbols that express their goals and violent ideologies. By examining the distinct symbols used by terrorists... 1.asp

The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe - Middle East Quarterly. the Muslim Brotherhood's ultimate goal may not be simply "to help Muslims be the best citizens they can be," but rather to extend Islamic law throughout Europe and the United States.
http://www.meforum.or g/article/687

Hamas, Gaza and Muslim Brotherhood's project -cont
Initially Hamas claimed to be involved with "charities", and as it was opposed to Yasser Arafat's PLO, it gained some support from Israel.
http://www idcategory=35&idSub=185&idArticle=10400

Al-Qaeda & the Muslim Brotherhood: United by Strategy, Divided by ...For the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam cannot be separated from governance or .... He clarifies his position by claiming that terrorism is not a criminal act, ... le.php?articleid=2369939 

The Battle within Syria: An Interview with Muslim Brotherhood Leader Ali Bayanouni ... p?articleid=2369769

The Muslim Brotherhood's Propaganda OffensiveIndeed, the U.S.-designated terrorist organization Hamas, which is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, took over the Palestinian Authority in ... e_muslim_brotherhoods_propag.html

Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt They start to perform terrorist attacks inside Egypt. — December: The Muslim Brotherhood is banned by the authorities. .

The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11, This led to the assassination of Sadat, by members of Islamic Jihad, an offshoot group of the Muslim Brotherhood, on October 6, 1981. ...

The Muslim Brotherhood, also called Muslim Brethren (Arabic: ????? ??????? ???????? jamiat al-Ikhwan al-muslimun, literally Society of Muslim Brothers) is an Islamic organization with a political approach to Islam. It was founded in 1928 by Hassan al Banna in Egypt after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
The Muslim Brotherhood opposes secular tendencies of Islamic nations and wants return to the precepts of the Qur'an, and rejection of Western influences. They also reject extreme Sufism. They organize events from prayer meetings to sport clubs for socializing.
The organization's motto is as follows: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope”
An important aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology is the sanctioning of Jihad such as the 2004 fatwa issued by Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi making it a religious obligation of Muslims to abduct and kill U.S. citizens in Iraq. sm/muslimbrotherhood.html

Family Security Matters, The Muslim Brotherhood's Long- Standing War On The West.
The Muslim Brotherhood, which from 1948 until the 1970s engaged in assassinations and terrorism in Egypt, has indoctrinated many who went on to commit acts of terror. id=1040982

The muslim brotherhood in france[2] Increasingly, the Muslim Brotherhood is making France their ..... Islam in France, International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, May 10, 2004
http://www.inthenationalintere 202005/September2005Feder.html



The '1929 Hebron Massacre' [upon innocent [mostly non-Zionist religious Jews by Arab Muslims in Israel/"palestine", long before that "occupation" was ever invented]

The Hebron Massacre of 1929, Historical account of the ethnic fighting that led to the expulsion of the Jewish people from their second-holiest city. tml

Have it clearly!: The Hebron massacre 1929 by Arabs - (another) important milestone, Arab propaganda machine would want you to ignore massacre-1929-by-arabs-another.html

Palestine Arab Riots 1929
On the afternoon of Friday, August 23, 1929 Jerusalem Arabs came to Hebron with false reports of Jews murdering Arabs during the rioting there...
http:// p

Tarpat-1929 Riots and Massacre id=170

Eyewitness to History - Hebron, August 1929, The Hebron Pogrom of August 1929. submitted by Shlomo Hersh ... The Arabs spoke openly, shamelessly, and fearlessly of the massacre of the Jews

Hebron Massacre - 1929 - A History of Zionism and Israel.


June 1941

The 'FARHUD' pogrom on Jews in Iraq, inspired by the Mufti

The Farhud, the Mufti inspired Krystallnacht in Iraq, 1941, The Farhud took place Sunday and Monday, June 1st and 2nd 1941 ...

Babylonian Talmud, Farhud, Farhud - Historical background, Farhud - The Golden Square coup, Farhud - June 1-2 1941, Farhud - Aftermath. Read more here: » Farhud: Encyclopedia ...
http: //

FARHUD - Sephardic Holocaust Project, That day in 1941, on the Jewish festival of Shavuot, the sight of Jews ... The Farhud was the beginning of the end of 2600 years of Jewish life in Iraq. ... ml - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

The Iraq coup of Raschid Ali in 1941, the Mufti Husseini and the ...The Iraq coup of Raschid Ali in 1941, the Mufti Husseini and the Farhud (Farhoud) - the role of the Palestinian Grand Mufti, Haj Amin El Husseini* ...

The Sorry State of The ChronicleIt belittles the 1941 Farhud, the bloody massacre of Jews in Iraq in 1941 by calling it : anti- Jewish riots, which continued off and on until the founding ...
htt p://


November 21, 1941

Arab Muslim leader the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Hussein [of 'Palestine'] meets with Adolph Hitler

Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Hussein, Who was the Grand Mufti, Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini? Grand Mufti with Hitler. Grand Mufti with Hitler. Muhammed Amin al-Husseini.

The Mufti and the FuhrerIn November 1941, the Mufti met with Hitler, who told him the Jews were his foremost enemy. The Nazi dictator rebuffed the Mufti's requests...

In November of 1941, the Mufti met face to face with Hitler, who promised that as soon as he finished off Europe, Nazi brigades would cross the Caucasus...

HITLER AND THE PALESTINIAN ARABS On November 21, 1941, the Mufti met with Adolph Hitler and recorded the following in his diary: The Mufti said : "The Arabs are Germany´s natural friends.

Hitler's Arab Allies, On November 21, 1941 the Mufti met with Hitler and recorded the following in his diary: "The Arabs are Germany's natural friends. ... 

WorldNetDaily: Arafat's Hitler-loving role model, For the mufti, the meeting with Hitler... The mufti also met with SS leader Heinrich Himler and Foreign Minister Joachim...

Tell The Children The Truth - German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini: ... He met Hitler, Ribbentrop and other Nazi leaders on various occasions... 



Arab Muslim leader the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Hussein [of 'Palestine'] heads the infamous Nazi brutal brigade the SS in Yugoslavia, compiled of Muslim Bosnians and carries out atrocities against Serb Christians & against Jews.

Bosnian Moslems recruited the Nazi SS by Yasser Arafat's 'Uncle' To show gratitude towards his hosts, in 1943 the Mufti travelled several times to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS...

Turning the West Bank into another "Bosnia", Bosnian Moslems recruited by the Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al Husseini (Arafat's 'Uncle'1) to serve in the ranks of the German Waffen-SS. ...

Haj Amin El Husseini (Hussayni)- Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj ...Mufti - Nazism: Haj Amin el Husseini reviewing soldiers of his Hansar SS Division ... of Bosnia's Jews and destroyed numerous Serbian churches and villages. ...

http://The Handzar Division lives on in Bosnia....This SS division was called Handzar, which means Scimitar, the curved sword of the .... Bosnian volunteer hanging a picture of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. ...

Bosnian MuslimsBosnian Muslims of Hanjar SS division study anti-Semitic literature (page 161). ... The Grand Mufti's last "Sieg Heil!" as he leaves the Muslim SS division ...

Himmler's Bosnian Division "Much was expected from the visit," one SS officer recalled. "The Mufti was to play a key role in the formation of the Bosnian Division. ...

The Role of Muslim SS divisions in Yugoslavia's HolocaustPresident of Bosnia "recruited" for the SS Handschar Division. Grand Mufti of Jerusalem organises recruitment to Bosnia's SS division ...

Bosnian Muslim War Crimes: World War II | Carl Savich | Columns ...There were approximately 20000 Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS troops in these two SS ... Bosnian Muslim Mufti prays for Nazi forces and endorses genocide against ... 




1) State of Israel Reinstated by the UN and rejected by intolerance of 'Arab racsim & Islamic Jihad'.

2) The expulsion, ethnic cleansing & confiscation of proprty of [during time, mounted to] 850,000 Jews in Arab Muslim countries.

3) The evacutaion of Arabs by their leaders & creating the "Arab 'Palestinian' refugees" phenomenon [the blaming game begins].

What happened to the Jewish RefugeesThroughout Arab lands, 1948 Jewish populations have been decreased to next to nothing. To where did these Jewish refugees vanish? ... ees_jews_what.php

JIMENA - Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North AfricaJIMENA's Regina Bublil Waldman in Washington. Congressional Human Rights Caucus hears testimony on Jewish refugees from Arab countries...

American Sephardi Federation > Sources > Jewish Refugees from Arab ...Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries The expulsion and exodus of over 850000 Jews from Arab countries is among the most significant yet little known ... sources/jewish_refugees.asp

American Thinker: Recognition for the Silent Jewish Refugees, The July 19, 2007 congressional hearing on Jewish refugees has an immediate, practical goal of providing US legislators with preliminary information before ... nition_for_the_silent_jew.html

The Jewish Refugees 1948-1972 In effect, then, a vertible exchange of populations took place between Arab and Jewish refugees. Though, while the Jewish refugees became full Israeli ...

AJR: Welcome to The Association of Jewish RefugeesRepresents former German Jewish refugees and survivors of the Nazi Holocaust, London based, providing a claims office, monthly magazine for members.


The evacutaion of Arabs by their leaders & creating the "Arab 'Palestinian' refugees" phenomenon

Arab Refugees from Israel, The role of Arab leaders in urging the Arab population to leave is ... Bishop of Galilee told the Beirut newspaper, Sada al­Janub (August 16, 1948): ... gees_arabs_why.php

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Conflict - Google Books Resultby Mitchell Geoffrey Bard - 2002 - History - 504 pages
Arab Leaders Provoke Exodus A plethora of evidence exists demonstrating that Palestinians were encouraged to leave their homes to make way for the invading . id=VCPvHOWwUDAC&pg=PA158&lpg=PA158&dq =arab+leaders+told+palestinians+to+leave+1948+evacuate& source=web&ots=5347lmlDRM&sig=mHKUtMUb6JtnoO xjAwx0xL2IVpc..
The Big Arab Lie by David Meir-Levi, Appendix: Quotes confirming that Arab leaders told Arabs to flee: .... of Palestine to evacuate it (Palestine) and leave for the bordering Arab countries. ... ID=18072 -

That Arab Leaders Urged Palestinians to Leave ... "The mass evacuation, prompted partly by fear, partly by order of Arab leaders, left the Arab quarter ... bleaderstellPalestinianstoFleein1948.pdf+arab+leaders+told+pales tinians+to+leave+1948+evacuate&hl=en&ct=clnk& cd=7&gl=us yers/ArableaderstellPalestinianstoFleein1948.pdf [PDF]

United Jerusalem - - P.M.W. -- 5/30/2006 Arab leaders told us to flee Israel in 1948 (PMW) Palestinian Media Watch) ... that in 1948 the Arab District Officer ordered all Arabs to leave Palestine id=749166

Were the Palestinians Expelled? They were then told explicitly not to sign, but rather to evacuate. ... "local Mufti-dominated Arab leaders urge all Arabs [to] leave [the] city....

Arab Israeli Conflict Quotes ON APRIL 23, 1948 Jamal Husseini, acting chairman of the Palestine Arab Higher ... of Palestine to evacuate it and leave for the bordering Arab countries . ...
http: // 

A collection of historical quotations relating to the Arab refugeesBrotherly advice was given to the Arabs of Palestine to leave their land, ... of Palestine to evacuate it and leave for the bordering Arab countries . ...

A TIME TO SPEAK" The Arab States . . . encouraged the Palestinians to leave their homes ....
"Let it be known and appreciated that, in demanding the restoration of the refugees to Palestine, the Arabs intend that they shall return as the masters of the homeland, and not as slaves.  More explicitly, they intend to annihilate the state of Israel." -- Muhammad Salah ed-Din, Foreign Minister of Egypt, 1951
"Since 1948, Arab leaders . . . . have used the Palestine people for selfish political purposes. This is ridiculous and, I could say, even criminal." -- King Hussein of Jordan, 1960
http://www.israel.n et/timetospeak/9.htm

THE GREAT REFUGEE SCAM by Shmuel KatzOne of the famous American newspapermen of the time, Kenneth Bilby, who had covered Palestine for years, explained the Arab leaders' rationale for the ...

Palestinian Columnist Admits Arab Leaders ...Palestinian Columnist Admits Arab Leaders Responsible For The Flight Of ... They told us: The Jews attacked our region and it is better to evacuate...



[The mass killings in Bangladesh]

Chronology :: Genocide in Bangladesh 1971 The mass killings in Bangladesh in 1971 vie with the annihilation of the Soviet ... Muslims to Pakistan -- though large minorities remained in each country. ... bangladesh-1971.html 



Munich Massacre [the massacre of Israeli athletes by Arab Muslim 'Palestinians']

Israeli 1972 Olympic Team Murdered in MunichAt 4:30AM on September 5, 1972, five Arab terrorists wearing track suits climbed the six and 1/2 foot fence surrounding the Olympic Village in Munich, ...
h ttp:// Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's Deadly Response: Books: Aaron J. Klein by Aaron J. Klein. Back-Olympics-Massacre-Response/dp/1400064279

BBC SPORT | Olympics 2004 | History | Munich 1972A terrorist attack on the Israeli team in Munich left 11 athletes, five terrorists and one policeman dead. 055154.stm

The Munich MassacreAn account of the murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. html 

Munich September 5, 1972 ::Israeli athletes taken as hostages during Olympic games in Munich September 5, 1972. Complete description of the events that led to the massacre of the ... 

Munich 1972: Massacre at Munich - 50 Years of Olympic Broadcasting ...The murder of 11 Israeli athletes wounds the Olympic dream. -7332/sports/olympics_cbc/

May 1974

Ma'alot, "Palestinians" hijack kids, they kill [total of] 27 and injure 134

TARGET: ISRAELI CHILDREN* In May 1974, Palestinian terrorists attacked a bus with students from Safed, who were on tour to Ma’alot, killing 22 children. ...

15 May 1974  27 killed, 134 injured in attack on Ma'alot; terrorists killed 2 people in initial attack and took 90 children hostage; most casualties were inflicted by the terrorists during a rescue attempt in which 20 children and 1 soldier were killed (along with all three terrorists)

Ma'alot massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A total of 26 Israeli children were killed and more than 60 people were wounded in what became known as the Maalot Massacre[1]. ...'alot_massacre

Steven Plaut on Israel & Maalot Massacre on National Review OnlineLabor leaders even invited several of the leaders of the PDFLP, the organization that massacred the Maalot children, to move to the West Bank and ... ent-plaut050902.asp

The Maalot school massacre [Archive] - Israel ForumYet for me, the most disturbing of his exploits was the Maalot school massacer - where 25 school children were murdered in cold blood in 1974. ... -7249.html

Ma’alot After hjiking a whole day, the children slept on the floor of a school in Ma’alot. A guard was posted outside but during the night he was overpowered and ...

BBC ON THIS DAY | 15 | 1974: Teenagers die in Israeli school attac kUp to seven children were injured, nine critically, after Israeli troops stormed the building in an attempt to free the youngsters in Ma'alot, ... ates/stories/may/15/newsid_4307000/4307545.stm



'Damour Massacre',  The massacre of Christians in Lebanon by Syrian & Muslim 'Palestinians' [that brought the reprisal by Arab Christians against 'Palestinians' at the camps of 'Sabra Shatila' in 1982]

hobeika_damourIn January of 1976, the destruction of Damour, a town of some 25000 was completed by the PLO ... Photos of Damour Massacre Supplied by Lebanese Sources ...
h ttp://

Damour's Massacre Slideshow, Damour's Massacre. Back to Pictures Directory :: Syrian Crimes Slideshow :: War in Ashrafieh Slideshow :: Bashir's Assasination Slideshow :: Home ... ics-slideshow.html

Lebanese Forces : Historical Fact: The Massacre and Destruction of ...Historical Fact: The Massacre and Destruction of Damour. Damour lay across the Sidon - Beirut highway about 20 km south of Beirut...
h ttp://

Yasir Arafat´s Planned Christian Genocide[See Photographs below]. by Professor M. Kahl. [Is Arafat supportive of Christians ?] The Massacre and Destruction of Damour. Photos of the Damour Massacre ...
http://www.chretiens-et- 5D=3532

unforgotten massacre damourUnforgotten Massacre: Damour. January 20, 1976. Signs of the times ... Eventually, they escaped by sea in small rowing boats. Damour Massacre in Pictures ...

Lebanon - Islamists "Palestinians" massacre of Christians in Damour that brought Christian Arabs killing "Palestinians" in Sabra Shatila

Damour Lebanon, The Massacre and Destruction of Damour. Arafat and the PLO plunged Lebanon into "massacres, rape, mutilation, rampages of looting and killings. ...
http://www.falangist. com/damour.htm

Lebanon and Syria, The leader of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, Elie Hobeika, had had his fiancée raped and murdered by the Palestinians in the Damour massacre of Christians ...



The attack by Iranian Islamic 'Hezbollah' terrorists organizatiuon on US forces in Lebanon

frontline: target america: terrorist attacks on americans, 1979 -1988Four months after the Marine barracks bombing, U.S. Marines were ordered to start pulling out of Lebanon. Dec. 12, 1983, Bombing of the U.S. Embassy in ... c/cron.html

Beirut Barracks Attack Remembered, Oct. 23, 1983 Suicide Bombing ...A truck full of explosives ripped through the Marine barracks on October 23rd, 1983, killing 241 U.S. Marines, sailors and soldiers. ... n579638.shtml 


F-117A: Lebanon 1983, This page is about the scheduled Lebanon 1983 F-117A deployment. ... in Southern Lebanon in response to the destruction of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. ...
http://www.f- - Iran responsible for 1983 Marine barracks bombing, judge ...WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Iran is responsible for the 1983 suicide bombing of a U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, that killed 241 American servicemen, ... - 20 years later, Lebanon bombing haunts - Oct. 23, 2003CNN's Brent Sadler looks back at the 1983 bombing of U.S. Marine barracks in ... BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -- Twenty years ago the United States had its first ... nniv.ap/ 

Terrorist Bombing Of The Marine Barracks, Beirut, Lebanon, Marine Barracks Bombing. ... Lebanon in 1983 was laid to rest. Twenty-one out of 220 Marines killed were buried in Arlington National Cemetery. ...

BBC NEWS | Americas | Iran 'liable' for Beirut bomb, A US federal judge finds Iran liable for the 1983 bombing of a US marine barracks in ... of a US barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, which left 241 marines dead. ...



Bombing of Cafe 'La Belle' in Germany

Faith Freedom International :: View topic - Long list of Islamic ...April 1986: Libyans and Palestinians plant a bomb at 'La Belle' .... The next day, GIA guerillas bomb a cafe in Algiers, killing three and injuring 70. ... t=7028

American Victims of Mideast Terrorist Attacks April 5, 1986, West Berlin, Germany. An explosion at the "La Belle" nightclub in Berlin, ..... September 9, 2003: Homicide bombing at a cafe in Jerusalem. ... ms.html

1997 Global Terrorism: Africa Overview... La Belle discotheque bombing in West Berlin in April 1986; and the four off-duty US Embassy Marine guards killed in a cafe in El Salvador in June 1985. ...



Genocide & ethnic cleansing in Kashmir

400,000 Kashmiri Pandits, constituting 99% of the total population of Hindus living in Muslim majority area of the Kashmir Valley, were forcibly pushed out of the Valley by Muslim terrorists, trained in Pakistan, since the end of 1989. They have been forced to live the life of exiles in their own country, outside their homeland, by unleashing a systematic campaign of terror, murder, loot and arson. Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits has reached its climax with Muslim terrorism succeeding in 'CLEANSING' the valley of this ancient ethno-religious community. With the completion of 11th year of their forced exile, this peace loving, culturally rich community with a history of more than 5000 years, is fighting a grim battle to save itself from becoming extinct as a distinct race and culture.  http://www.kashmiri-  


December 1988

Libyan Islamic Terrorists attack plane 259 killed

PAN AM 103 December 21, 1988. The terrorist bombing that claimed the lives of 259


Library, Pan Am 103

A Scottish judicial commission said on Thursday that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred when a former Libyan intelligence agent was convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988, and that an appeal should be granted to consider newly discovered evidence.  


1991 - 1992

 [beginning of civil war led by Islamists, resulting in 100,000 -150,000 killed in Algeria]

The Algerian Civil War was an armed conflict between the Algerian government and various Islamist rebel groups which began in 1991. It is estimated to have cost between 150,000 and 200,000 lives.

Algerian Insurgency, Govenrment officials estimate that more than 100000 Algerians died during ... Extremist self-proclaimed Islamists have issued public threats against all ... 90s.htm

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Call for Islamist releases, Algerian Islamists urge President Bouteflika to release its leaders as an ... About 100000 people are said to have been killed in Algeria since 1992, ...

NPR : U.N. Team Probes Algeria Violence... reporting on the violence that has claimed an estimated 100000 lives... storyId=1000479

Algeria :: Civil war: the Islamists versus the army ...Algeria, Civil war: the Islamists versus the army: Relations between the Islamists ... the lives of some 100000 civilians and numerous political figures... 220556/Algeria




Islamic bombing of NY [First WTC attack]

CNS - February 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center in New York CityThe February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City marked the beginning of an ugly new phase of terrorism involving the indiscriminate ...
http://cns.miis. edu/pubs/reports/wtc93.htm

9-11 Research: The 1993 Bombing, The 1993 Bombing. The First Attack on the World Trade Center. On Friday, February 26, 1993, at 12:18 PM, a large explosion ripped through the public parking

THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMB: Who is Ramzi Yousef? And Why It Matters ..... In January 1993, Yousef and Salameh moved into another Jersey City apartment ...

The Joint Terrorism Task Force: The World Trade Center BombingOn Friday, February 26, 1993, a massive explosion occurred in the public parking ... This suspect, the mastermind behind the bombing, was sentenced... /learn/jttf/wtcb_jttf.asp - New York remembers 1993 WTC victims - Feb. 26, 2003The 10th anniversary of the 1993 bombing on Wednesday refocused attention on the 1993 victims' families... 

BBC ON THIS DAY | 26 | 1993: World Trade Center bomb terrorises ...A suspected car bomb explodes underneath the World Trade Center in New York killing at least five people. i/dates/stories/february/26/newsid_2516000/2516469.stm



Bombing at Khobar Towers - Khobar Towers indictments returned - June 22, 2001, CNN's Kelli Arena reports on the indictments in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers (June 21) sp;

CNN - FBI seeks to question Saudi about Khobar Towers bombing

OpinionJournal - Featured Article On June 25, 1996, Iran again attacked America at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, exploding a huge truck bomb that devastated Khobar Towers and murdered 19.... ml?id=110003518

9/11 Panel Links Al Qaeda, Iran ( 9/11 Panel Links Al Qaeda, Iran Bin Laden May Have Part in Khobar Towers, Report Says. dyn/articles/A6581-2004Jun25.html



Bombing of US embassies in Africa

Bombings in Kenya and Tanzaniaand Dar es Salaam, Tanzania -- August 7, 1998.

Trial of Defendants in 1998 Bombing of U.S. Embassies - PromotionTrial of Defendants in 1998 Bombing of U.S. Embassies An Attempt to Purchase Uranium: Testimony of Prosecution Witness. AUTHOR: Jamal Ahmed Al-Fadl.

Employees killed, severely injured in 1998 embassy bombing

Inside the plot of the 1998 bombingAccording to a 3000-word FBI report on the bombing seen by The Standard, Osama bin Laden dispatched key members of Al Qaeda to East Africa... news/news.php?articleid=1143956441

Japan Today - News - Pakistan captures man linked to 1998 bombing ...Pakistan captures man linked to 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies.



The bombing of USS Cole

Attack on USS Cole - US Department of State, On October 12, 2000, a small boat exploded alongside the USS Cole killing 17 sailors, wounding 39 others, and leaving extensive damages. ... m/uss_cole.html

USS Cole bombing, Event Profile of USS Cole bombing. ... RDX and TNT with two bombers on board rammed the USS Cole port amidships while it was refueling in Aden harbor, ... _bombing.htm - Yemeni pair charged in USS Cole bombing - May. 15, 2003, A federal grand jury Thursday indicted two men with helping the al Qaeda terrorist group plan the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, a move US officials ... charges/index.html - US - U.S. official sees similarities between USS Cole ...WASHINGTON --A senior U.S. counterintelligence official says that investigators working on the USS Cole bombing case see similarities between the deadly blast and the explosions at two U.S. embassies in East Africa in 1998.

Reuters AlertNet - Sudan to appeal verdict in USS Cole bombing caseSudan to appeal verdict in USS Cole bombing case ... sailors who were killed when al Qaeda militants bombed the USS Cole, which was docked in Yemen in 2000. ...
ht tp://

Pentagon: Suspected Mastermind of USS Cole Bombing Confesses , Waleed Mohammed Bin Attash, long suspected of planning the bombing of the USS Cole, ...
http: //,2933,259620,00.html

Rewards for Justice USSCole page in English - USSColeOn October 12, 2000, terrorists in a boat attacked the USS Cole in the harbor at Aden, Yemen. The attack killed 17 sailors and wounded over 30 others. ... m?page=USSCole

2 Sentenced to Die for USS Cole Attack ( court in Yemen sentenced two men to death and four others to prison terms Wednesday for their roles in the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in October 2000 ... dyn/articles/A58874-2004Sep29.html 


October 2000

Lynch in Ramallah

Arab 'Palestinian' masses with their 'official' police brutally murder innocent unarmed Israelis that lost their way into Arab areas... then mutilate their bodies, bragging waving with body-parts in the public square.

Coverage of Oct 12 Lynch in Ramallah by Italian TV Station RAI Coverage of the October 12 Lynch in Ramallah by Italian TV Station. The Government Press Office today (Wednesday), 18.10.2000

ISA and IDF arrest two more participants in 12.10.2000 Ramallah Lynch.recently arrested two Ramallah-area residents suspected of active involvement in the 12.10.2000 lynch of two IDF reservists at the ramallah police station. ...

Arabs Lynch Jews at Ramallah. What Else Is New! Arabs are cruel and heartless butchers of Jews. For example, the Lynching at Ramallah.

Ramallah lynch suspect arrested - Israel News, YnetnewsTEL AVIV - The Shin Bet announced Tuesday it had apprehended another suspect in the Ramallah 2000 lynch incident, where two IDF reserve soldiers were ...,7340,L-3055674,00.html

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Lynch mob's brutal attack"Another horrific escalation on the streets of Ramallah real 56k. Friday, 13 October, 2000, 00:18 GMT. Lynch mob's brutal attack ... 


June 2001

"Palestinian" Islamists massacre scores of Israeli youth in a club

TARGET: ISRAELI CHILDREN, THE DOLPHINARIUM MASSACRE, TEL AVIV. Fifteen young men and women murdered at the entrance to a popular Tel Aviv discotheque ...

Tel-Aviv suicide bombing at the Dolphin disco - 1-Jun-2001, 21 people were killed and 120 were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a disco near Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium along the seafront promenade ...
http://www.israel- 20suicide%20bombing%20at%20the%20Dolphin%20disco%20- %201-

Bomb horror hits Tel Aviv disco, TEL AVIV (June 4) - Twenty Israelis were killed and over 90 others were wounded ... teenagers waiting in line outside a disco near Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium ...

Pesach Massacre Averted: Hamas Mass Murder Car was in Tel Aviv ...The would-be suicide terrorist was able to drive the car into Tel Aviv ... massacre of 21 young Israelis outside the Dolphinarium discotheque in June 2001. ... 

Michael Cherney Mikhail Chernoy Foundation - Israel Terrorism Victims"Dolphi" Massacre. Dolphinarium: Terror Targets the Young book ... The Hebrew edition of the book was presented on May 30 in Tel Aviv. ... e.php?CurrLang=english&DRC=Dolphi


August 2001

The massacre at the pizzeria in Jerusalem

Suicide bombing at the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem - 9-Aug- 2001 "I deplore and strongly condemn the terrorist bombing in downtown Jerusalem today...
http://www.israel- 20bombing%20at%20the%20Sbarro%20pizzeria%20in% 20Jerusale

'The street was covered with blood and bodies: the dead and the ...Describing the carnage following a suicide bombing in a Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, which Hamas claimed....,2763,534748,00.html  

The Events of 9th August: The PressMinistry of Foreign Affairs Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Suicide bombing at the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem (Includes names and photographs of all ...

YouTube - Sbarro Pizzeria Bombing v=qJrWtVYofA4

Worst terrorist attacks in Israel, 9 Aug 2001, 15 killed (including 7 children, 1 American, and 1 Brazilian), 130 injured in suicide bombing at Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem ...


September 11, 2001

The Islamic Jihad attacks on 3,000 innocent people in the US

September 11 - News Archives, Images of the 9- 11-2001 attack on New York's World Trade Center...
http://www.september1 - Videos, Photographs, Petitions, Polls, Audios And ...September 11, 911, WTC, World Trade Center, Attack On America, Terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Patriotism, Afghanistan, Taliban.

The September 11 Digital ArchiveUses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the history of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania and the public ...

Shattered 9/11/2001Photographs of the WTC attack aftermath by award-winning photojournalist James Nachtwey.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 VICTIMS, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 VICTIMS. This site is dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 tragedy. on-line since 9/11/2001, 11.05 am. ...



Plot to attack London in 2001

[long befotre the 'Iraq war' excuse].

Al-Qaeda note suggests 'attack on London' Sunday, 16 December, 2001

Bin Laden in plot to bomb City | Special reports | The Observer, Chilling plans for a devastating bomb attack on the City of London have been discovered .... Al-Qaeda 16.12.2001: Bin Laden plot to bomb London discovered ...,,619630,00.html 



March 2002 - 'Passover massacre' at Israeli hotel kills 19 - March 27 ...A suicide bomber killed at least 19 people and injured 172 at a popular seaside hotel Wednesday, the start of the Jewish religious holiday of Passover.

Passover suicide bombing at Park Hotel in Netanya - 27-Mar- 2002A year later, on April 14, the four Palestinian Hamas terrorists who planned the Park Hotel Passover massacre in Netanya were sentenced to 29 life terms... 002/3/Passover%20suicide%20bombing%20at%20Park% 20Hotel%20in%20Netanya

Passover Massacre Israel Arab Terrorism PASSOVER MASSACRE. The mutilated bodies of murdered Israel men, women and children, who minutes earlier were celebrating a Passover dinner... ml

Jerusalem Perspective Weblog:Passover Massacre, This latest terror atrocity.....

Passover Massacre. by Naomi Ragen (April 26, 2002).. olumn%20Archive/PassoverMassacre.htm

FREADOM: Remembering the 2002 Passover Massacre ng-2002-passover-massacre.html

israelinsider: Views: To the families of the Passover massacre victims


October 2002

Massacre of Australian youth in Bali by Islamists

Bali Nightclub Bombing, Bali Nightclub Bombing. On October 12, 2002 a car bomb exploded outside the Sari ... Cleric Bashir was tried for treason over a series of church bombings in ...

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | The Bali bombing suspects Indonesian police have detained more than 30 people in connection with the 2002 Bali bombing. pacific/2385323.stm

BBC ON THIS DAY | 7 | 2003: Bali bomber smiles at guilty verdict 2003: Bali bomber smiles at guilty verdict. A court in Indonesia has convicted and sentenced to death a 41-year-old mechanic for his part in the bombing...
http;// 3910000/3910569.stm 

Cleric linked to Bali bombing faces re-arrestIndonesia vows to re-arrest Muslim cleric believed connected to Bali bombing when ... leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, a group blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings.  

Who was Behind the 2002 Bali Bomb Attack? The following text was first published by Global Research in the months following the October 2002 Bali Bombing. context=viewArticle&code=CHO20051014&articleId=108 1 Specials, The Bali bombings killed 202 people -- most of them young Australians -- and injured more than 300. Dozens of victims were burned beyond recognition or ...
http://asia.cnn.c om/SPECIALS/2002/bali/

BBC NEWS | In Depth | BaliBBC News Online collects news, analysis and features from the terror attack in Bali on 12 October, 2002. KEY STORIES. Bali bombing Bali death toll set at ... ali/default.stm

Remember Bali: Bali 12.10.2002 Memorial Site - Indo.Com202 people died on 12 Oct 2002, in the worst incident ever to occur in the peaceful land of Bali. The bomb set off in front of popular local clubs of Sari ... 21002/

2002 Bali Bombing Suspect Arrested2002 Bali Bombing Suspect ArrestedIndonesian police arrested the alleged leader of the Southeast Asian terror group blamed for the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202 people.

The Trial of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir: A Test for Indonesia... arrest, denying the existence of JI or al-Qaeda cells in their country – that is, until Indonesia was targeted in the Bali bombing of October 2002... p?articleid=2368802


August 2003

Another bombing of a bus in Jerusalem

Suicide bombing of No. 2 Egged bus in Jerusalem August 19, 2003 ... News reports:. 18 killed, over 110 hurt in Jerusalem bus bomb - Ha'aretz, Aug 20, 2003 ...
http://www.israel- 20bombing%20of%20No%202%20Egged%20bus%20in% 20Jerusalem%20-%201

The Jerusalem bus 2 massacre was a suicide bombing committed by a Palestinian in a crowded bus in Jerusalem, Israel, on August 19, 2003, which killed 23 ...
htt p://

August 2003 Military NewsWhite House Condemns Bus Bombing in Jerusalem Washington File 19 Aug 2003 -- The White House has condemned a suicide bombing August 19 in Jerusalem and ... 2003/08/08-19_index.htm

TERRORIST BOMBING IN JERUSALEM. 22 August 2003 ... a bomb on a crowded bus in Jerusalem, killing at least twenty people, including five Americans. ... -08-22-1-1.cfm

Radio National Breakfast - 21 August 2003 - Jerusalem Bombing ...Just hours after the blast in Baghdad, news came through of yet another atrocity in Jerusalem. The suicide bombing of a bus killed at least 20 people.



Hostage crisis in Russian theater

The Moscow theater hostage crisis was the seizure of a crowded Moscow theatre on October 23 ..... Terrorism takes front stage — Russia’s theatre siege. SBS. ... - Timeline: Terrorism in Russia - Feb. 6, 2004 About 120 hostages and 50 rebels were killed in Moscow theater siege of 2002. ... series of terrorist attacks in Russia that have killed hundreds of people. ... 

Moscow Hostage Crisis Demands Greater U.S.-Russia Security CooperationThe hostage crisis in Moscow by Chechen Islamist extremists raised concerns ... Expand anti-terrorism and security cooperation with Russia and countries in ...

Hostage crisis in Russia act of terrorism: India-India-The Times ...Hostage crisis in Russia act of terrorism: India ... the ‘‘terrorist act’’ in which hundreds were taken hostage in a Moscow theatre on Wednesday night, ...

Russian forces storm theatre, end hostage crisisRussian forces storm theatre, end hostage crisis .... reports that the suspected ringleader of the deadly 1985 terrorist bombing confessed to Indian police. ... 


March 2004

Madrid Bombing

Online NewsHour: Madrid Bombing -- March 11, 2004, Ray Suarez RAY SUAREZ: For more now on today's bombings in Madrid, we get two views. Michael Radu is co-chairman of the Center on Terrorism june04/madrid_3-11.html

Madrid bomb death toll lowered to 190 - World News -, Four more suspects were charged Monday in connection with the bombings of the Madrid subway system last week. Meanwhile, the death toll was lowered to 190 ...

Bombing in Madrid... htm News - Madrid bombing SPAIN marked the third anniversary of Madrid's train bombings yesterday with the unveiling of a 30ft glass monument in honour of the 191 victims. ... - Spain issues bomb arrest warrants - Apr 1, 2004, MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- A Spanish National Court judge has issued international arrest warrants for six suspects in the Madrid train bombings... 3/31/spain.bombings/index.html News - International - Police arrest 12 'linked' to ...SPANISH police yesterday arrested 12 people in connection with last year’s Madrid train bombings. Six Moroccans, three Syrians, one Egyptian, ... id=348502005

Police arrest Moroccan wanted over Madrid bombings..

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Madrid bombing suspects .
http:/ /


September 2004

The siege & massacre of Russian kids in Beslan by Islamists

OpinionJournal - Featured Article1 in Beslan stood yesterday at 335, more than one-tenth the number who died in ... And so the children of Beslan join the ranks of other victims of Islamic ...
http:/ id=110005577 

New Video Of Beslan School Terror s/main668127.shtml

Hope for Beslan - Welcome PageCanadian-based non-for-profit charity to help survivors of the Beslan (Russia) school siege of September 1-3, 2004.

Terror at Beslan by John GiduckThe complete and accurate story of the Beslan School Siege that occurred in ... Terror at Beslan highlights the lessons America’s school system can learn ...
http://www.terroratbeslan.c om/

NewsFromRussia.Com Beslan children’s drawings exhibition opens in ...Beslan children’s drawings exhibition opens in Berlin.

NPR : Remembering the 'Children of Beslan', A new documentary views the tragedy of the Beslan school siege through the eyes of child survivors. The school's violent takeover by Chechen separatists.... storyId=4826372

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Beslan children still tormented, Child survivors of the Beslan school siege tell the BBC of their frustration and desire for revenge.
http:/ /

Gateway Pundit: Beslan Children Recall Their Horror in CourtChildren of the Beslan Massacre from a year ago sobbed in court as they recounted the horrific abuse they endured last year when terrorists took siege... horror-in.html


7 July 2005

Islamic Bombing of London Transportation System - Special Reports - London TerrorFor hundreds of thousands of people commuting into London, the morning of July 7, 2005 began just like any other. But at the peak of the rush hour, ...
ww - 29k - Cached - Similar pages - Investigators pick through London carnage - Jul 8, 2005, LONDON, England (CNN) -- As Friday dawns in London, investigators are picking through the carnage created by a coordinated bomb attack.... - 50k

BBC NEWS | In Depth | london explosions A badly-injured bomb survivor and her rescuers are reunited · A damaged Tube train Reliving the horror Haunting memories of the 7 July London bomb attacks ... n_explosions/default.stm


July 2006

Major attack in India, 200 killed

July 11, 2006: A series of seven bomb blasts on Mumbai trains killed over 200 commuters and left hundreds injured. Lashkar e Toiba (LeT) & Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) nexus blamed for the synchronized blasts. ity_target_major_terr.php

Mumbai death toll tops 200 | Special reports | Guardian UnlimitedIn this section. Doctor in bombing quiz flies home to India ... At least 200 people were killed in the bombings that ripped through packed commuter trains ...
h ttp://,,1818564,00.html - - Mumbai blasts that killed around 200 people India ...Mumbai blasts that killed around 200 people India finally decides to roll back ... were killed and hundreds more injured in Mumbai serial bomb explosions ...

July 2006 Security News Mumbai Train Bombings Cast Pall Over India-Pakistan Peace Process VOA...  Mumbai blasts on trains, which had killed some 200 people. ... 06/07/index.html


(A few highlighted dates on Arab Muslims terror attacks on Israel:

1 June 2001 genocide bombing of a Tel Aviv discotheque, murdering 21 people, and wounding 120;

9 August 2001 genocide bombing of a Jerusalem restaurant, murdering 15 people, and wounding 130;

1 December 2001 double genocide bombing on Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall in Jerusalem, murdering 11 people, and wounding 188;

2 December 2001 genocide bombing of a #16 bus in Haifa, murdering 15 people, and wounding 40;

9 March 2002 genocide bombing of a Jerusalem cafe, murdering 11 people, and wounding 54;

27 March 2002 genocide bombing of a Netanya hotel on first night of Passover, murdering 30 people, and wounding 140;

18 June 2002 genocide bombing of a #32A bus in Jerusalem, murdering 19 people, and wounding 74;

4 August 2002 genocide bombing of #361 bus at Meron junction, murdering nine people, and wounding 50;

21 November 2002 genocide bombing of a #20 bus in Jerusalem, murdering 11 people, and wounding 50;

5 March 2003 genocide bombing of a #37 bus in Haifa, murdering 17 people, and wounding 53;

18 May 2003 genocide bombing of a #6 bus in Jerusalem, murdering 7 people, and wounding 20;

11 June 2003 genocide bombing of #14A bus in Jerusalem, murdering 11 people, and wounding over 100;

19 August 2003 genocide bombing of a #2 bus in Jerusalem, murdering 23 people, and wounding over 130;

9 September 2003 genocide bombing of a Jerusalem cafe, murdering seven people, and wounding 70;

29 January 2004 genocide bombing of a #19 bus in Jerusalem, murdering 11 people, and wounding 44. )


Chronological List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks, 1968 - 2004



June 5 - U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy murdered by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan, in Los Angeles, which causes further terrorist attacks, as Arab terrorist groups demanded his release.


Feb. 18 - Boeing 707 attacked at Zurich, Switzerland, killing the pilot and 3 passengers.

Aug. 29 - TWA 707 hijacked from Rome to Damascus, released with only wounded.

Nov. 27- EL AL office in Athens, Greece attacked. Innocent bystanders killed.


Feb. 21 - Swiss airliner blown up over Switzerland, killing all 47 people on board.

Feb. 23 - PLO terrorists open fire on a busload of Christian pilgrims killing 1 and wounding 2 Americans.

April 21- Bomb explodes aboard a Philippines airliner. All 36 aboard are killed.

Sept. 6 - “Skyjack Sunday” in Jordan. 3 planes (TWA, Swissair, Pan Am) en route to the U.S. hijacked, 400+ hostages, planes blown up in Jordan, Governments agreed to PFLP’s demands, released terrorists from jails and hostages released.

Sept. 14 - The PFLP hijacked TWA flight to Ammon, 4 Americans injured.

Nov. 28 - Jordanian prime minister Tal killed by terrorists at the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

Dec. - Jordanian ambassador to London, England is shot by hit squad.


Jan. 26 - Bomb explodes on a Yugoslav plane killing all but one passenger.

May 30 - Ben Gurion Airport, Israel attack killed 26, and wounded 78 U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico.

Sept. 5 - Palestinian terrorists seize 11 athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, 9 hostages and 5 terrorists killed, plus David Berger from Cleveland.


March 2 - Khartoum, Sudan. Cleo Noel, Jr., U.S. ambassador, and George C. Moore, U.S. diplomat, were held hostage and then killed by terrorists at the U.S. Embassy.

Aug. 5 - Suicide squad attacks Athens airport, Greece, killing 3 civilians and injuring 55.

Dec. 17 - Bomb explodes at Pan Am office at Rome, Italy killing 32 and injuring 50+. The terrorists take 7 Italian policemen hostage and hijack an aircraft to Athens, Greece, killing one of them.


March 1 - Diplomats taken hostage from Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, 2 that are killed are Americans.

April 11 - Kiryat Shmona Massacre at an apartment building killing 18 people, 9 were children.

Sept. 8 - Athens, Greece. TWA Flight 841 exploded from bomb in cargo hold, all 88 passengers killed, including 32-year-old Steven Lowe, an American citizen.

Nov. 23 - British DC-10 hijacked at Dubai, UAE, flown to Tunisia where a German passenger was killed.


Jan. 19 - Arab terrorists attack Orly airport, Paris, France, seizing 10 hostages from a bathroom. French provided the terrorists with a plane to fly them to safety in Baghdad, Iraq.

Sept. 30 - Hungarian airplane explodes killing all 64 persons on board.

Dec. 21 - Carlos “The Jackal” holds 11 oil ministers and 59 civilians hostage during the OPEC meeting in Vienna, Austria. Flew to Algeria, got $300,000,000 in ransom money, Carlos and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists escape.


Jan. 1 - 82 innocent travelers are killed aboard a Lebanese plane.

June 27 - Air France airliner hijacked, forced to fly to Uganda. Some 258 passengers and crew are held hostage. 3 passengers killed. July 4th, Israeli commandos rescue the remaining hostages.

Aug. 11 - Terrorists attack Istanbul airport, Turkey, killing 4 civilians (1 from U.S.) and injuring 20.

Dec. 4 - Terrorists occupied the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands, 1 official killed.

Dec. 14 - Passenger train hijacked and passengers were kept hostage, 3 were killed.


Jan. 1 - F.E. Melov U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, and Robert O.Waring, the U.S. economic counselor, kidnapped and later killed in Beirut.

Oct. 13 - Palestinian terrorists hijack a Lufthansa Flight 181 Boeing 737 and order it to fly around a number of Middle East destinations for four days, pilot is killed by the terrorists, 90 hostages rescued.


March 11 - Gail Rubin, niece of U.S. Senator Ribicoff, among 38 people shot to death by terrorists on a beach near Tel Aviv.

June 2 - A bomb kills 2 people at the CHOGM meeting in Sydney Australia.


July 29 - Terrorist bombs two railway stations in Madrid, kills 7.

Nov. 4 - Terrorists seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took 66 American diplomats hostage. 13 freed, but the remaining 53 were held until their release on January 20, 1981 - 444 days - at the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan.


April 30 - Terrorists took over the Iranian Embassy in London, holding 26 hostages, 2 of whom died on May 5th after being tortured. Much of the embassy was destroyed by fire.

April 19 - 13 people killed, 177 injured in a terrorist attack in Davao Philippines.

May 13 - Pope John Paul II seriously wounded in assassination attempt in Rome, Italy, by terrorist Mehmet Ali Agca.

Oct. 6 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat machine gunned dead by Islamic Jihad in Cairo for working for peace. 7 others killed, 28 wounded. The assassins are later executed.


Beginning of the 8 years of terrorism in Lebanon.

July 19 - David Dodge, President of the American University in Beirut kidnapped, spends one year in captivity.

Aug. 19 - Two American citizens, Anne Van Zanten and Grace Cutler, were killed along with 6 others when the PLO bombed a Kosher restaurant in Paris, France.

Sept. 14 - Lebanon’s President Gemayel and 26 others assassinated by a massive car bomb in Beirut.


Mar. 16 - 5 Marines wounded in hand grenade attack on Beirut International Airport.

April 18 - CIA’s Middle East Director, and 83 others are killed, 120 injured in truck bomb on the US Embassy in Lebanon.

Sept. 29 - Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, explodes killing all 166 aboard.

Oct. 23 - Simultaneous suicide truck bombs in Lebanon: 1st crashed into lobby of US Marine Corps Headquarters, 241 Marines dead, 82 seriously injured - and 2nd was French compounds killing 58 paratroopers.

Dec. 12 - US Embassy in Kuwait targeted to destroy the building with a truck bomb, attack foiled by guards and the device killed 5 people and injured 80.


Jan. 18 - Malcolm Kerr, President of the American University of Beirut, was killed by two Hizballah gunmen.

Mar. 8 - Rev. Weir and wife kidnapped in Lebanon and held for 16 months.

Mar. 9 - Car bomb kills 80 (22 Americans) and wounds more than 200 civilians when it drove past the checkpoint at the U.S. Embassy in Awkar.

Mar. 16 - Hizballah kidnapped, tortured and killed William Buckley, an officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.

Apr. 12 - Hizballah bombed restaurant adjacent to US Air Force base in Torregon Spain, 18 servicemen killed and 83 Americans wounded.

Sept. 20- US embassy in the Beirut is bombed - 2 servicemen and 23 employees are killed, 21 Americans injured including the U.S. and British Ambassadors. 50+ Lebanese were injured.

Dec. 4 - Terrorists hijacked Kuwait Airlines Flight 221 and demanded the release from Kuwaiti jails of some members, serving sentences for attacks on French and American targets. 2 Americans murdered.


March 16 - US journalist Terry Anderson kidnapped in Lebanon, finally released in Dec. 1991 - 6 years later.

April 5 - Bomb explodes outside Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut killing 80 people.

April 12 - Bombing of U.S. soldier’s favorite restaurant in Madrid, killing 18 and injuring 82.

June 14 - TWA Boeing 727 Flight 847 hijacked en route to Rome, 8 crew and 145 passengers were held for 17 days, U.S. Navy diver was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the hostages were released after the US pressured to release 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

Sept. 30 - Four Soviet diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon, 1 killed but other three released unharmed after a relative of the terrorist leader’s was kidnapped and killed by the Soviet KGB.

Oct. 7 - Terrorists seize the Italian cruise liner, Achille Lauro, during a cruise in the Mediterranean, taking more than 700 people hostage for 3 days. Disabled U.S. citizen, Leon Klinghoffer, was murdered in front of other hostages by throwing him in the ocean, before the Egyptian Government offered the terrorists safe haven in return for the hostages’ freedom.

Nov. 23 - 98 passengers and crew of an Egyptair Flight 648 are held hostage by Palestinian terrorists in Malta. 5 passengers shot, 2 died, later 57 additional passengers killed when the terrorists set off explosives in the aircraft.

Dec. 27 - Suicide grenade and gun attacks in passenger terminals at Rome and Vienna, Italy airports results in 16 people being killed plus 5 Americans and more than 100 civilians injured.


March 30-April 2nd - A bomb exploded on a TWA flight 840 from Rome as it approached Athens airport. The attack killed 4 U.S. citizens who were sucked through a hole made by the blast, 1 infant, and 9 injured, although the plane safely landed.

April 6 - An explosion at the “La Belle” nightclub in Berlin, U.S. soldiers’ hang-out, was bombed, killing 3 and injuring 230 people, including 79 U.S. soldiers.

Sept. 5 - Pan Am Boeing 747 Flight 73 en route to Frankfurt and on to New York hijacked by Palestinian terrorists, with 379 passengers, including 89 Americans, 22 hostages killed, 127 wounded.

Sept. 9 - Hezballah kidnapped Frank Reed, President of American University in Beirut, and held for 44 months, and Joseph Cicippio, and Edward Tracy who were each held for 5 years.

Sept. 17 - A 10-month series of terrorist bomb attacks in France begins. One bomb in Paris kills 5 and injures 52.


A car bomb exploded outside the back gate of the U.S. Embassy in Rome and rockets were fired at the compound from across the street. One passerby was injured in the attacks.


Feb. 5 - US Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Higgens, Chief of the U.N. Truce Force kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah.

March 16 - 4000+ Kurdish civilian bodies found after Saddam Hussein ordered nerve gas attack (weapon of mass destruction) in northern Iraq, after they revolted against his rule from Baghdad. 1.5 million relocated, 200,000 disappeared.

April 5 - 122 held hostage after a Kuwaiti Boeing 747 was hijacked and diverted to Iran, then Cyprus. Kuwait refused requests by hijackers to release 17 convicted terrorists. After 15 days the hijackers were granted asylum in Algeria and released their hostages.

June 26 - US Naval Attache killed in Athens, Greece.

Dec. 21 - Pan Am Flight 103 - Boeing 747 from London to New York, blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb. All 259 passengers and 11 on the ground were killed, including 35 Syracuse University students and many U.S. military personnel.


June 12 - A bomb exploded aboard an unoccupied boat used by U.S. consular staff.

Sept. 19 - 171 passengers killed when French UTA flight 772 explodes in mid-air over Niger.

October 11 - Izmir, Turkey. A bomb went off outside a U.S. military PX.


Feb. - Attack of tour bus in Egypt killing 11.

Feb. 7 - Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, U.S. civilian contractor shot as he was getting into his car.

Oct. 28 - Ankara, Turkey. Victor Marwick, an American soldier serving at the Turkish-American base, Tuslog, was killed and his wife wounded in a car bomb attack.

Oct. 28 - Two car bombings killed a U.S. Air Force Sergeant and severely wounded an Egyptian diplomat in Istanbul.

Nov. 8 - Bomb destroyed part of the American University in Beirut, killing 1 and wounding 12.


March 17 - Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, destroyed by bomb killing 29, injuring 60.

Hotel in Yemen bombed and U.S. servicemen killed, Operation Restore Hope.


Jan. 25, Virginia, U.S.A. A Pakistani terrorist opened fire with AK-47 on CIA employees standing outside the building. Two agents, Frank Darling and Bennett Lansing, were killed and 3 others wounded.

Feb. 26 - World Trade Center in New York badly damaged by a massive bomb by Islamic terrorists. The van bomb was planted in an underground garage and left 6 people dead and 1042 injured and almost � billion dollars in damage.

Feb. 26 - A bomb exploded inside a cafe in downtown Cairo killing 3, 18 wounded, 2 U.S. citizens.

July 5 - In 8 separate incidents, 19 Western tourists traveling in southeastern Turkey were kidnapped, including U.S. citizen Starger, after weeks in captivity, they were released.

Oct - Killing of U. S. soldiers in Somalia.


July 18 - 86 civilians killed and 300 wounded in bomb attack on Jewish social centre in Buneos Aires, Argentina.

July 26 - Israeli Embassy in London is car-bombed, wounding 20.

Air France Flight 8969 is hijacked to crash the plane in Paris but didn’t succeed.
A small bomb explodes on board Philippine Airlines flight 434, killing a Japanese businessman.


Jan. 22 - Islamic Jihad militants blow themselves up amid a group of soldiers near Netanya, killing 21. Operation Bojinka is discovered on a laptop in a Manila, Philippines apartment, in which Osama bin Laden was planning to blow up 12 planes as they flew to the U.S., plus kill the Pope.

March 8 - Attack on US Diplomats in Pakistan.

April 9 - Islamic Jihad suicide bomber attacks military convoy in Gaza, killing 7 soldiers and an American tourist.

May 5 - Five foreign oil workers murdered by Islamic GIA terrorists in Algeria.

June 26 - Assassination attempt made against Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak by Islamic radicals who ambushed his motorcade.

July 4 - Six tourists, including two U.S. citizens taken hostage in Kashmir, India. Terrorists demanded the release of Muslim militants held in Indian prisons. On Aug. 13 the decapitated body of the Norwegian hostage was found with a note stating that the other hostages also would be killed if the group’s demands were not met. They were not and all other hostages were killed in 1996 by the terrorists.

July 25 - Islamic terrorists explode bomb in metro station in Paris, France, killing 7 people and injuring 84.

Nov. 13 - Car bomb exploded at US Army Office of the Program Manager for Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization, in Saudi Arabia, killing seven, five of them U.S. citizens, and wounding nearly a hundred.

Nov. 19 - Islamic radicals plant bomb in Egyptian embassy in Pakistan killing 17.

Dec. 11 - 15 concurrent car bombings in Algiers kill 15 civilians and over 200 injured.


Feb. 11 - Terrorists explode car bomb in Algiers killing 17. The following month, 2 more killed in another bomb and 10 are killed in a train ambush in western Algeria.

Feb. 25 - A suicide bomber blew up a commuter bus in Jerusalem, killing 26, including 3 U.S. citizens, and injuring 80 others, among them another two U.S. citizens.

April 19 - Eighteen Greek tourists were gunned down near the historic Pyramids in Egypt by Islamic terrorists aiming to destroy the country’s tourist industry.

May - Osama bin Laden unites the Islamic Fundamentalists worldwide in their Jihad against Jews and Western Gentiles, such as al-Qaeda, Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, Hamas, Mujahideen, using the Taliban’s organization to help fund the operations.

June 25 - Terrorists explode a truck bomb next to a USAF Khobar Towers housing facility at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and 515 injured including 240 U.S. personnel.

Islamic terrorists attack tourists in Luxor, Egypt, killing 71 people, most of them vacationers.

Aug. 26 - Sudan Airways A310 Airbus airliner hijacked en route to Jordan and diverted to England. British authorities negotiate with hijackers who release all the 13 crew and 180 passengers unharmed.

Dec. 3 - A bomb exploded aboard a Paris subway train, killing four and injuring 86 persons, including a U.S. citizen.

A terrorist opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State Building in New York City, killing a Danish national and wounding visitors from the US, Argentina, Switzerland and France before turning the gun on himself.

Dec. 23 - A car bomb in the Algerian capital, Algiers, kills three and injures 70 people in cafe near the port. Again a week later, a car bomb kills 28 people and injures 35 people. 3rd car bomb in the past two weeks, killing additional 13 people and injuring more than 250.


Jan. 2 - Major cities worldwide and U.S. get letter bombs with Egyptian postmarks at newspaper bureaus in DC, New York, London, Riyadh, S.A., and Leavenworth, KN. Experts defused all but the 1 in London, injuring 2.

Jan. 7 to 21st - Islamic terrorist rampage during these 14 days with car bombs and beheadings in Algiers, total of 238 dead, 139 wounded.

Feb. 23 - Palestinian gunman opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State building in New York, killing 1 and wounding over a dozen visitors before turning the gun on himself.

March 7 - Two killed in bus bomb attack in Beijing, China.

April - Terrorists behead innocent civilians this whole month with a total of 272 murdered and over 100 injured. Knives, axes and chainsaws were used and many of the bodies were burned while still alive.

Sept. 18- 9 German tourists killed when Muslims fire bombed bus in Cairo, Egypt.

Nov. 12 - 2 Terrorists shot to death 4 U.S. auditors of a Texas petroleum company and their driver at a Sheraton Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan.

Nov. 17 - 58 western tourists killed and 30 injured in gun attack at historic monuments in southern Egypt. 6 of the Islamic terrorists are killed in shoot out with police.


Jan. 15 - U.S. Embassy bombing in Peru.

Feb. 23 (Published) - A Statement signed by many Islamic Jihad Leaders from most Muslim countries, first by Sheikh Osamah Bin-Ladin: “…In compliance with God’s order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims:
The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies–civilians and military–is an individual duty for every Muslim who can, in any country in which it is possible… We — with Allah’s help — call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded, to comply with Allah’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. Unless you go forth, Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place.”

Aug. 7 - Simultaneous bombs in US Embassies in Kenya, and Tanzania, heavily damaged by massive attacks. In the Nairobi attack 292 people were killed, including 12 Americans, and 5,000 injured. 10 people were killed and 86 injured in Tanzania incident for a total of 302 dead, 5086 injured within an hour.

Aug. 25 - 3 people killed and 25 injured in bomb attack on Planet Hollywood restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dec. 28 - 16 Western tourists kidnapped, 12 Britons, 2 U.S. citizens, and 2 Australians on the main road to Aden, Yemen. Four victims were killed during a rescue attempt the next day.


Aug. 31 to Sept. 22nd - Russian apartment bombings kill almost 300 and injured 100.

Oct. 31 - EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed off the U.S. coast of Massachusetts, killing all 217 people on board, including 100 Americans.

Nov. 12 - Six rockets were fired at the U.S. and U.N. offices in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dec. - Millennium terror plots foiled as customs agents arrest a man smuggling in explosives. Plan to attack Los Angeles airport and other sites intercepted by CIA. Also Jordanian authorities foil a plot to bomb US tourists in Jordan, pick up 28 suspects.

Indian Airlines Flight 814, en route to Delhi, India is hijacked, 1 passenger is killed. After negotiations with the Taliban, the hostages are released.


The last of the 2000 millennium attack plots fails, as the boat meant to bomb USS The Sullivans sinks.

Oct. 12 - A suicide boat exploded next to the U.S.S. Cole (guided-missile destroyer), blowing a hole 40 feet in diameter, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 39.


Feb. 5 - A bomb blast in Moscow’s Byelorusskaya subway station injures 15 people.

March 28 - Bombing at bus stop in Yemen. U.S. citizens injured including a 15 year old boy from NY.

Aug. 9 - Bombing at Sbarro’s pizzeria, killed 15 and wounded over 90, 2 of which were U.S. citizens.

Sept. 11 - 4 U.S. jetliners hijacked and forced to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon like missiles, and 1 crashed in Pennsylvania on the way to the Capital Building in D.C. In all, 266 people perished in the four planes, 2602 people were killed on the ground, plus 343 firefighters, and 184 people at the Pentagon. Almost 5000 injured, 500 rescue workers now have respiratory ailments. 7 buildings collapsed in NY and 23 damaged, plus 4 subway stations.

Paris embassy terrorist attack plot foiled

Oct. 27 - Darya Khanah bombed

Dec. 13 - Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament.

Dec. 22 - Richard Reid, attempting to destroy American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, is subdued by passengers and flight attendants before he could detonate his shoe bomb.


Jan. 27 - A Palestinian woman triggered a massive explosion in Jerusalem killing 1 Israeli and injuring more than 150, including American Mark Sokolow, his wife, and both teenage daughters. Sokolow had survived the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, escaping from his law office on the 38th floor of the South Tower before it collapsed.

Feb. 16 - Bombing in Karnei Shomron, in a group of teenage girls from the U.S. 2 killed, 4 wounded.

Singapore embassies terrorist attack plot foiled

March 24 - 20 people die and 93 injured in 3 bomb attacks on Russian towns near the border of Chechnya.

April - Explosion at most historic synagogue in Tunisia left 21 dead, most are German tourists.

May 9 - A bomb exploded in Dagestan kills 42 people and injures 130 during Victory Day festivities.

French oil tanker Limburg bombing off Yemen

Kidnapping and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl

Oct. 12 - Bali car bombing of holidaymakers in a nightclub kills 202 Australian citizens.

Zamboanga bombings in the Philippines<

Oct. 19 - Car bomb explodes at McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow, killing 1 person and wounding 5.

Oct. 23 - Moscow theater hostage crisis begins; 120 hostages and 40 terrorists killed in rescue 3 days later.

Nov. - Kenyan hotel suicide bombing kills 16 safari tourists.
Marines attacked / murdered in Kuwait


May 10- Suicide bombers killed 36 (10 U.S. citizens), at housing compounds for westerners in Riyadh, S.A. Many wounded.

May 12 - attack outside U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing 12.

May 14 - 16 die in a suicide bombing at a religious festival in southeastern Chechnya.

May - 4 bombs killed 33 tourists (8 U.S. citizens) in Casablanca, Morocco.

July 5 - 15 people die and 40 are injured in bomb attacks at a rock festival in Moscow.

Aug. 1 - An explosion at the Russian hospital in North Ossetia kills 50 people and injures 76.

Aug. - Suicide car bomb killed 12 and injured over 150 at Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sept. 3- A bomb on a passenger train in southern Russia kills 7 people and injures 90.

Oct. 15 - Bombing of US diplomatic convoy in the Gaza Strip: 3 U.S. citizens killed.

Nov. - Explosions rocked a Riyadh, S.A. housing compound, killing 17.

Nov. - Truck bombs detonated at London bank and British consulate in Istanbul kills 26, injures 22.

Dec. 5 - Suicide bombers kill 46 people in an attack on a train in southern Russia.

Dec. 9 - A blast in the center of Moscow kills 6 people and wounds at least 11.

Bombings of United States expatriate housing compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kill 26 and injure 160.

Attacks in Casablanca, Morocco leaves 41 dead. The attack involved 12 bombers and 5 targets. The targets were “Western and Jewish”.

Istanbul Bombings: Within five days, truck bombs go off at two synagogues, the British Consulate, and the HSBC Bank in Istanbul, Turkey


109 Kurds are killed in 2 suicide bombings in Arbil, Iraq

Feb. 6 - Bomb on Moscow subway kills 41.

Feb. 27 - Superferry 14 is bombed in the Philippines by Abu Sayyaf, killing 116.

March 11 - 10 Simultaneous bombings of busiest rush hour commuter trains in Madrid, Spain kills 202 people and injures more than 1,400.

April 21 - Bombing of a security building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills 5.

May 29 - Al-Khobar massacres–Islamic terrorists kill 22 people and one American at an oil compound in Saudi Arabia.

June 8 - Robert Jacobs, a US defense contractor employee is assassinated at his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

June 11 - Terrorists kidnap and execute Paul Johnson, Jr. in Riyadh.

Aug. 24 - Russian airplane bombings kill 90.

Aug. 31 - A blast near a subway station entrance in northern Moscow, caused by a suicide bomber, kills 10 people and injures 33.

Sept. 1 - 3 - Beslan school hostage crisis in North Ossetia, Russia results in over 330 dead.

Sept. 9 - Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia was bombed, killing 9 people.

Oct. 7 - 3 car bombs explode in the Sinai Peninsula hotel, killing 32 and wounding 114, most of them tourists.

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1 posted on 08/04/2007 8:32:51 PM PDT by Posting
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To: Posting
Holy mackarel!

This "summary" buys totally into the islamic propaganda:

Nothing evil and brutal came out of islam before their (brief) "golden age??!!?"

Almost half of islamic history is left out; Arguably the most brutal and uglier half.

Just saying.

2 posted on 08/04/2007 9:00:33 PM PDT by Publius6961 (MSM: Israelis are killed by rockets; Lebanese are killed by Israelis.)
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To: Publius6961
The page wouldn't be sufficient to list all Islamic atrocities, I just highlighted a few...

Sure we should know about Muhammad's led massacres [including the one] in 'Madina', and all later on Islamic 'campaigns by the sword'.

3 posted on 08/06/2007 11:21:55 AM PDT by Posting (Beware of Islamization of some Arab "Christians")
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